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How and Why to Move to Vermont

A stand-up comedian and freelance writer, Regi Brittain loves life and wants to help you enjoy it. He has lived in Vermont and other states.

Burlington, Vermont's beloved Church Street shopping district.

Burlington, Vermont's beloved Church Street shopping district.

Why Vermont?

In 1990, I began thinking I might one day move to Vermont. I love mountains and snow, after all. In 2009, the love of my life and I finally made it happen.

Here, I offer reasons and advice that can help you relocate to The Green Mountain State.

Vermont’s Highlights

In 1791, Vermont was the 14th state admitted to the union. It’s a great place for folks who love the outdoors. There are taller mountains and more lakes in other locales, but most Vermonters are wired to get outside. Additionally, in 2018, the state’s population was less than 70 people per square mile. Take the most-populous county, Chittenden, out of the mix to appreciate the human density of most of this bucolic state.

Beauty in Every Season

You can enjoy Vermont's lushness during summer while high atop the state’s highest point, Mount Mansfield, a 4,393-foot mountain that you can scale without climbing gear. During winter, on the east side of the mountain, you will find the trails of one of North America’s top ski resorts, Stowe.

Jay Peak Ski Resort, one snowy place!

Jay Peak Ski Resort, one snowy place!

The Food

At the end of active days, Vermonters recharge with locally grown and crafted sustenance. You’ll find everything from hard cider to gourmet popcorn lovingly made by the state’s food artisans. Most famously, Vermont is known for maple syrup, cheeses, and craft beer.

The Arts

Importantly, Vermont also has thriving arts niches. These niches are spread across several communities around the state, and they are rather accessible for newcomers who want to attend or participate in them. Indeed, Vermont’s welcoming and supportive arts atmosphere encouraged me to finally pursue my stand-up comedy ambitions, beginning in 2011. So, if you see me perform and you don’t like my jokes, blame Vermont for starting me down the wrong track.

Lake Champlain, aside Burlington's bay, facing New York's shore.

Lake Champlain, aside Burlington's bay, facing New York's shore.

How to Get Your Foot in the Door in Vermont

So, you’re one of those “get a job there before I move there” people. You could stick to your industry, but if it’s hard to get a job in your specialty in Vermont, then I have some advice.

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Delivery Jobs

If you have a car and you like to drive and find addresses, you can easily find a food delivery job in Vermont’s more-populous places, such as Burlington, South Burlington, and Rutland. I drove for a South Burlington restaurant that also served Burlington, Winooski, and the Saint Michael’s campus in Colchester, and it was a great way to make enough for bills and rent while I got established in the community.

Delivery jobs, as well as driving for Uber or Lyft in the area, give you the side benefit of quickly learning your way around your new Vermont city.

University of Vermont, in Burlington

University of Vermont, in Burlington

Writing Jobs

If you do not want to drive for a living, I have another idea—writing for money. You can take care of your “right now” financial needs by writing for and similar sites. Textbroker has an application process that requires a work sample for evaluation, but I made it, so surely you can, too!

Once you’re accepted to Textbroker, and especially if you receive a four-star rating, you can find plenty of work there. The amount you’ll make at Textbroker will depend largely upon your ability to grind out good content for several hours every day, but writing for Textbroker can enable you to move to Vermont with work already in hand.

Fall colors, classically Vermont.

Fall colors, classically Vermont.

Reasons to Move to Vermont

  • Vermonters are accepting, affable people.
  • The most-populated Vermont locales are full of people born in other states (and countries), so you will easily fit in.
  • This small yet great state has a range of industries in which you could land and wonderful colleges like the University of Vermont and historic Middlebury College, as well as a robust community college offering.
  • To the north, Vermont borders Quebec, where one easily arrives at Montreal, the province’s international, cosmopolitan gem.
  • Also, you can ski, snowboard, or snowshoe in the morning, and take on more pastimes at night than I could reasonably list, once you move to the state and know where to look.
Vermont has googobs of cows!

Vermont has googobs of cows!

Find Your New Vermont Address

Where in Vermont will you most likely live? Montpelier is a lovely state capital. Burlington is very welcoming, and it’s the state’s most diverse place. Rutland will put you mere miles from the busy slopes of Killington, which sometimes starts its winter season in October and sometimes ends it in June.

Once you determine your target locale, I imagine that you will use one or more of the popular housing-finding websites or apps. Also, add local online, indie papers to your mix. Burlington’s Seven Days has great classifieds that cover Chittenden County listings. Middlebury’s Addison Independent is very helpful. For house or apartment hunting in eastern Vermont’s Upper Valley region, see The Valley News.

Now that you know the how and why of moving to Vermont, I hope you will take action and become a Vermonter soon. After all, we'll be neighbors!

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