Low-Cost Extended-Stay Hotels

Updated on March 7, 2018
Basic Weekly Hotel (extended stay)
Basic Weekly Hotel (extended stay)

Weekly hotels might be the answer to your housing situation if you have low income and you do not have the money to get your own apartment, or if you have an eviction dogging your credit and your apartment applications are being constantly denied.

Expensive Moving Costs

Moving into an apartment can be expensive. Even if you can find affordable housing, you still might have to come up with a high security deposit, the first month’s rent, and non-refundable apartment application fees and administration fees—don’t you just love that whole “administration fee” nonsense that many apartment complexes charge?

Evictions on Your Credit

Not having all of the cash up front is a hurdle in itself. But there can be an even bigger one: many people do not know that it can be extremely difficult to get approved for an apartment if you have an eviction on your credit.

Evictions stay on your credit history for a period of seven years, and any time another apartment complex pulls your application, they will be able to view that negative mark.

Most complexes will flat out refuse to rent to you because, as far as they are concerned, you did not pay your rent to a previous landlord, so there is a high risk that you might do the same thing to them.

You might be in a situation where you have been evicted, but you have learned your lesson... and you will never let it happen to you again. But, unfortunately, you now have bad credit and you have to roll with the punches.

There are alternatives, including looking for an affordable extended stay hotel. For more alternatives for people who have an eviction on their credit, check out this article.

Criminal History

Another reason you may not be able to get an apartment is if you have a criminal background. Many apartment complexes will also check your criminal history. If you have a negative mark against you, the complex might refuse to rent to you.

We all know that the justice system is supposed to rehabilitate those who have committed a crime, but most of us also know that the justice system’s rehabilitation process does not work that well.You cannot really blame an apartment complex for refusing to rent to you if you have a criminal background ... but, you still need to be able to find safe and decent housing.

Weekly Hotels to the Rescue

Whatever your reason for not being able to secure an apartment in your name, a weekly hotel might be a good idea until you can get yourself together.

You might be tempted to hit the roommate section on Craigslist.What you need to know is that it can be awkward and unsafe living with someone that you do not really know.

You can also forget about crashing at a friend or family member’s house, because you can very quickly wear out your welcome, and you do not want to cramp someone else’s style…

Weekly hotels, sometimes referred to as extended stay hotels or apartment hotels, are usually more desirable than getting a roommate or crashing with family and friends, because you can have your privacy, you will not be a burden to anyone, and there is nothing better than having your “own place” to crash after a long day at work.

There is somewhat of a trick to finding weekly housing.You will need to find an extended stay hotel that is well maintained enough so that you will want to stay, and affordable enough so that you actually can stay; the video above displays a good example:

Upscale Extended Stay Hotel
Upscale Extended Stay Hotel

The Low-Down on Weekly Hotel Costs

Just as almost anything else in life, the more money you pay, the more attractive your surroundings will be.

You need to know that there are weekly stay hotels in the seediest locations that will run you between $99 to $120 a week, and then there are gorgeous extended stay hotels that might cost you between $325 to $425 a week.

Of course, there are those hotels that will cost you far less and far more, but I have not included those in this list.

Weekly Hotel Pros

  • No Credit Checks
  • No Leases
  • Utilities Included
  • No Utility Deposits
  • Low Move-In Costs
  • Not a Good Environment for Kids

The extended stay hotels on the following list usually offer affordable rates and decent lodging. There are exceptions to the rule, so you have to go and check out your nearest location for yourself:

If you live in an extended stay hotel, you are technically considered to be homeless in many states. Therefore, you might be able to qualify for low income assistance programs where you can get financial assistance to move into your own apartment if you can find one.

Good Luck to you.

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        Looking for a cheap motel for a week

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        Me and my husband need a place to stay and we stay in galveston tx and we trying to see where can we go tomorrow. Because we getting put out of our apartment and I get ssi and he works but he cut grass and he can do any kind of work

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        You're welcome! I hope it all works out for them...

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        I am trying to assist a family member and finding the information is very hard but a few minutes of reading your article and clinking the links have provided a wealth of information for me to give to them. Thank you.

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        Lisa 4 years ago

        Very good information. I will add also another category who may need an extended stay hotel. Those on unemployment who need a place to stay but can't find because one because they can't show proof of employment. Try renting an apartment without a job. This could be the answer .

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        To TaJuanna Jenkins - If you actually read the article instead of just skimming it you will see a long list of names and a link to their websites.

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        Im sorry to tell you but this information is totally crap. We need actual names and numbers of the programs or complexes that will rent to us, not just an article to read.

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        Very useful. I can see this as a viable option when I sell my place. It will take me some time to find a new one to buy.

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