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Relocation Guide to Low-Rent Toledo, Ohio

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Toledo, Ohio, has some of the lowest rental rates in the United States.

Toledo, Ohio, has some of the lowest rental rates in the United States.

Toledo, Ohio: The City of Affordable Rent

According to a study completed by CNBC, Toledo, Ohio, was the city in the United States with the lowest rental rates in 2017. It has consistently ranked near the top in other lists of U.S. cities with the most affordable rent.

In case you're planning to investigate relocating to Toledo to take advantage of some of the lower rental rates and the affordable housing opportunities that Toledo offers, this article might be helpful for you.

Where Is Toledo, Ohio, Located?

Toledo is the county seat of Lucas County, Ohio. Toledo is in the northwest part of Ohio, at the western end of Lake Erie, and it borders the state of Michigan.

It gets cold in Toledo, so that's one thing you have to consider if relocating to Toledo is something you are investigating.

A Short Drive to 7 Large Metropolitan Areas

One interesting fact about Toledo is that it is within 250 miles by road of seven huge metropolitan cities in the United States. Those cities include Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Chicago.

So, basically, what that means is that if you move to Toledo, you are within a short 6-hour drive of seven cities that have 2 million people. If you get bored with the activities in Toledo, there are literally hundreds of thousands of other activities within arm's reach.


According to the 2010 census, the population of Toledo was 287,208. That makes it the 71st largest city in the United States, and it's the 4th most populated city in the state of Ohio.

The Toledo metropolitan area has a population of 651,429, and that makes it the sixth largest metropolitan area in the state of Ohio. It includes the counties of Fulton, Lucas, and Wood. Toledo Metro has strong ties to the Metropolitan Detroit area, and it's part of what is called the Great Lakes Megalopolis.

What’s the Weather Like?

I hinted at it a little bit above but let's go ahead and get into the climate of the area. Toledo has four distinct seasons, which is huge for some people because they really enjoy experiencing the change in seasons.

The spring months tend to be the wettest time of the year. The summers are very warm and humid. In July, you have an average temperature of 74° and an average high temperature of around 90°.

The winters are cold and snowy, with a January mean temperature of around 25 degrees. November and December get very cloudy, which is something to take seriously into account if you are like me and your moods are greatly affected by the weather.

Some of the more popular neighborhoods in Metropolitan Toledo are Five Points, downtown, Harvard Terrace, Library Village, Old Orchard, Old West End, Ottawa, Point Place, the Warehouse District, and Westmoreland.

Crime Statistics

As far as crime goes, Toledo, Ohio was ranked 89 on the list of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S.

One thing to note that's a little bit unusual for the Toledo area is that it has been identified as the fourth largest recruitment site for human trafficking in the United States.

Where Are the Jobs?

Now let's take a look at the economy and the best Industries to get a job in Toledo. The automotive industry used to be king of the hill in Toledo. Jeep, for much of the twentieth century, was the largest employer, but that's not true anymore.

Major Industries

Healthcare: Today, healthcare is the city's biggest industry. The biggest employer contributing to the prominence of healthcare in the area is the University of Toledo.

Glass Manufacturing: Toledo is also known as Glass City because it has a long history of glass manufacturing. If you have glass industry experience, this might be of special interest to you.

Green Jobs: And finally, the green industry is pretty big up in the Toledo metropolitan area. The city saw growth in green jobs related to solar energy, so that might be of interest if you have experience therein.

Major Employers

The metropolitan area contains four Fortune 500 companies: Dana Holding Corporation, Owens Corning, the Andersons, and Owens Illinois. HCR ManorCare, Seagate, and the Fifth Third Bank are also located in the city.

Recreation in the City

The Fine Arts

When it comes to the Fine Arts, you got the Stranahan Theater, the Toledo Opera, The Valentine Theater Downtown, the Collingwood Arts Center, and the Toledo Museum of Art.

For Sports Fans

If you are a sports fan for auto racing, you've got the Toledo Speedway. In baseball, you have the Toledo Mud Hens, which is Minor League Baseball's oldest team. For golf, you've got the Inverness Club, best known for hosting major PGA events.

If you're a hockey fan, the Toledo Walleyes is the hockey team up there, and the city actually has a deep affinity for hockey.

In women's sports in particular, the Toledo Reign are a women's full-contact tackle football team in the Women's Football Alliance, and the Glass City Rollers are a popular women's roller derby team in the area.

Parks and Recreation

When it comes to parks and recreation, we've got the Toledo Zoo, the National Museum of the Great Lakes, 5he R.A Stranahan Arboretum, and Tony Packo's Cafe, which features hundreds of hot dog buns signed by celebrities.

The Toledo Metroparks system includes over 10,000 acres of land and features the University Parks bicycle trail and the Toledo Botanical Gardens.

There's the Imagination Station downtown, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, the University Bike and Walking Trail (which goes from the University of Toledo to Sylvania, Ohio), and finally, there is the Hollywood Casino Toledo which opened in 2012.


When it comes to opportunities for higher education, you have the University of Toledo, the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, Davis College, Mercy College of Ohio, Owens Community College, Toledo Academy of Beauty, and Toledo Professional Skills Institute.

For primary and secondary schools, you've got the Toledo Public School which operates public schools within most of the city limits. Then there's the Washington local school district that is in Northern Toledo.

There are Roman Catholic schools, plenty of charter schools and plenty of private schools overall, serving all faiths as well as non-secular private schools.

Getting Around the City


There are three major interstate highways that run through Toledo. Interstate 75 travels North and South, and it provides a direct route to Detroit and Cincinnati. The Ohio Turnpike runs east and west on I-80 and I-90; the turnpike serves Toledo and connects Toledo to Chicago in the west and Cleveland in the east.

Additionally, there are two auxiliary interstate highways in the area. Interstate 475 is a 20-mile bypass that begins in Perrysburg and ends in West Toledo. It meets I-75 at both ends, and then Interstate 280 connects the Ohio Turnpike to I-75.


The two major bridges Include the veterans' Glass City Skyway, the most expensive ODOT project ever to be completed. Then there’s the Anthony Wayne Bridge, which is a suspension bridge that has adorned the Toledo Skyline for more than 70 years. It’s known locally as the High-Level Bridge.

Public Transportation

Local bus services are provided by the Toledo area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA). Toledo Area Paratransit Services (TARPS) provides transportation services for the disabled. The city no longer has a rail system.

Mass Transit

Intercity bus service is provided, of course, by Greyhound, which shares a station with Amtrak and Megabus. Megabus provides daily trips to Ann Arbor, MI; Chicago, Il; Cleveland, Oh; Detroit, MI and Pittsburgh, PA.

Local airports include the Toledo Express Airport, the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, and the Toledo Executive Airport.

For More Information

If Toledo, Ohio, is a place you can see yourself living in to take advantage of all it has to offer, the very next place you should visit is the City of Toledo's Official Homepage.

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