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Sample Complaint Letters to a Landlord About Rent Increases

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A letter to your landlord allows a chance for your voice to be heard.

A letter to your landlord allows a chance for your voice to be heard.

The Downsides to Rental Life

Rental life offers many perks. You aren't responsible for repairs, don't have to pay property taxes, and are not committed to a long-term mortgage.

Unfortunately, rental life has many downsides as well. The landlord can choose to raise your rent for next year unexpectedly. However, you have a voice. And your voice can help persuade a landlord to make changes.

If you've recently learned that your rent will be increasing, consider writing a letter to your landlord. By kindly and considerately sharing your thoughts, your landlord might reconsider the rent increase or offer you a one-time discount. Your letter will likely be ignored, but it is worth a try.

Below are some sample letters to help you write your own letter. If possible, type the letter. Write the letter in business letter format.

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Sample Landlord Letter Regarding Apartment Rent Increase

Dear Mr. Darborough,

I am the tenant for apartment #143b in the Wild Oaks Apartment Complex. I signed my lease in August of 2017. I have resided here for about ten months.

Overall, I am very pleased with my housing choice. This apartment has been perfect for me. I am a graduate student, and I love that it is in a quiet area and convenient to school and shopping. I am also happy with the maintenance, and I love that you respond immediately to repairs. I really like the on-site gym and enjoy exercising there. The pool is also an excellent feature. You own a beautiful property!

However, I am upset with the news of the upcoming rent increase. I do understand, Mr. Darborough, that apartment life can be expensive. However, I would like you to please kindly reconsider the rent increase.

I have checked with other similar apartment complexes, and they are not planning a rent increase within the next year. This makes the Wild Oaks Apartment Complex the most expensive one in about a five-mile radius. These complexes, such as the Canyon View Apartment Complex and the Southern Meadows Village, offer similar amenities.

Please consider matching the price of comparable properties. If you do so, I will be able to renew my lease. If that is not possible, I would like you to consider providing me with a discount of 1/2 off my September rent. If I were to move out, you would lose a few weeks' worth of rent, as well as have to pay for carpet cleaning. Therefore, I consider that to be a win-win situation.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at (343) 234-3432. You can also reach me at I look forward to hearing from you soon! Have a great day!


Mia Sanchez

Sample Landlord Letter Regarding Townhouse Rent Increase

Dear Mrs. Killeen,

My family and I reside in unit 54b in the Twin Oak Townhouse Village. We signed our lease almost two years ago, in May of 2016. Our plan was to live here for four years while my husband completed his residency.

The townhome has been perfect for our family. It is convenient to the bus route, it's a great size, and we love the immaculate condition it came in. In addition, we have become friends with some of our neighbors.

Unfortunately, we are not happy with the news of the rent increase. While we do understand that property taxes are going up, as well as the cost of upkeep, we feel that the increase is too steep. Please consider lowering the increase to $50.

The reason why we ask is that there are similar properties in the area that rent for less than the Twin Oak Townhouses. In fact, one rents for less but offers a gym, which this complex does not have.

If you reconsider the rent increase, my family and I will be able to renew our lease. However, if you do not, more than likely, we will have no choice but to relocate. I feel that our neighbors would also be more likely to stay as well.

Thank you for reconsidering your rent increase. Please do not hesitate to reach me if you have any questions. My number is (342) 433-4343. Have a great day!


Julie Wooly

Give It a Shot

Writing a letter takes some effort, careful thinking, and research. Even if nothing comes from writing and mailing your letter, you will at least know that you did everything possible to change the matter. Good luck!

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