Ten Things I Won’t Miss About Colorado When I Leave

Updated on April 22, 2017
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Bye-bye, Colorado!
Bye-bye, Colorado! | Source

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Colorado since I moved here over ten years ago. Recently, though, I’ve been focusing on the hate part because….I’m leaving Colorado. I suppose I feel the need to justify my departure to help soothe the pain for the things I’ll miss about this beautiful state.

So here are the ten top things I won’t miss about Colorado:

1. The Icy Roads

Auto repair shops are always in business in Colorado. As are auto insurance companies. They make a ton of money off of the many auto collisions as a result of the very poor winter driving conditions here. Black ice on hilly roads are a recipe for disaster. Even if you know how to drive in these conditions, you're at the mercy of many drivers who don't. Local news reporters seem to brag -with a smile- about the many auto accidents that occur throughout the city when it snows. This has been perplexing me since I moved here. I still haven’t figured it out.

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2. Sun Glare

The high altitude here makes this a common occurrence. It’s pretty scary when you’re on your way to work in the morning and suddenly can’t see the car in front of you because of sun glare. If this happens on icy roads, it’s a double whammy. But it’s not uncommon in Colorado, and there’s really no way around it. Polarized sunglasses can help some. The best thing to do is to make it a habit to leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you and to slow down or pull over when you're sun blinded – if you have any visibility, that is. Good luck.

It can be hard to sleep in Colorado without a humidifier.
It can be hard to sleep in Colorado without a humidifier. | Source

3. The Dryness

Dry skin, dry hair, dry eyes, dry lips, dry nails, and dry nose which causes nose bleeds. You really have to go the extra mile to keep yourself hydrated in Colorado. Because of the dry climate, many people need a humidifier to help them sleep at night. Oh, I won't miss the humidifier. I used to have a sore back just from filling the darn thing every night before going to bed. There’s a way around this, actually. Some people connect a humidifier to their HVAC system. It’s still a pain in the buttocks if you ask me.

4. Dogs Off Leash

Everyone has a dog in Colorado. And they really like to have them off leash outdoors. You have to be on guard constantly when you walk your pup, especially if you have a smaller breed. I adopted a shelter mutt who was terrified of dogs. After extensive training, he was able to conquer his fear…until dogs off leash started running right at us while we're out on walks. Each time this happens, it’s a huge setback in all the gains my little guy has made in getting along with other canines. Yet it happens regularly in public areas where by law in Colorado, owners are supposed to keep their dogs on leash. Well, they don't.

I honestly don't care if I never see another tamale again in my life.
I honestly don't care if I never see another tamale again in my life. | Source

5. Mexican Food

Before moving to Colorado, I was impartial to Mexican food. When I moved here, I immediately noticed it was everywhere and more than likely the food of choice when eating out with friends or coworkers. As they say, you acquire a taste for it whether you want to or not, because it's so much a part of the Colorado culture. I went from tolerating it to liking it to loving it to being sick of it. Let’s just say I miss a good New York style pizza and Philly cheesesteak.

6. Lack of Ethnic Diversity

Everyone is white in Colorado. Well, almost. Thank God for the Mexican population to keep things in balance. Not really. Caucasians and Mexicans are the predominant races out here. I miss black people. I miss Asian people. I actually get excited when I see somebody other than white or Mexican in a grocery store. I want to hug them. Living here, it’s easy to forget there are races in our world other than Caucasian and Mexican.

Weed. It's everywhere in Colorado.
Weed. It's everywhere in Colorado. | Source

7. Weed

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, which means people smoke it a lot. Many out-of-staters have moved here for it. There are actually cannabis shops all over the state where cookies and other food items containing marijuana are sold. The problem is children and pets get a hold of them and end up in the emergency room. Also, people drive high on weed and there’s really no way to avoid them. Welcome to progressive Colorado.

Got tattoos?
Got tattoos? | Source

8. Tattoos

Living in Colorado, I’ve almost forgotten what skin looks like on people. There are tattoo shops all over town and everyone has tattoos of every design imaginable. Even people you don’t think have them surprise you when they roll up their sleeves. Nothing wrong with tattoos, you say. Yep, nothing. I just miss seeing skin on people, that's all.

9. Bad Haircuts

I used to find good hair stylists by asking people with great haircuts for referrals. That worked for me before I moved to Colorado. Be ready to wait a long time here before you find someone with a really good cut. Unless you live in Denver where people are more hair conscious. Generally. the farther you are from Denver, the harder it is to find a good stylist. No doubt the bipolar Colorado climate and crazy strong winds have a lot to do with it. Most people just throw the hat on. Or don't.

Be prepared for a few or more hail dents on your vehicle when you live in Colorado.
Be prepared for a few or more hail dents on your vehicle when you live in Colorado. | Source

10. Hail Storms

They happen sporadically, in any season, and the hail can be the size of golf balls. One summer I had over two thousand dollars of hail damage on my car after two hail storms within a few weeks of one another. It’s a good thing to have a garage in Colorado or at least a carport which will offer more protection than nothing. Even so, you never know when a hail storm will hit you. It could be while you’re on the highway or while your vehicle is parked at work. You definitely also want good auto insurance out here to address the damage when your car gets dinged by hail.

So there, I’ve said it. Those are the ten things I won’t miss about Colorado when I leave. Of course, there are plenty of things I will miss, but that's for another article. These are the things I definitely won't miss about living in Colorado. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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