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Updated on October 28, 2016
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Where is Bristow, Virginia?


Bristow, in northern Virginia, is a suburb of Washington DC. Bristow is located in Prince William County between Nokesville, Manassas and Gainesville.

Many people move to Bristow, because it is a great place to raise a family, it's a reasonable commute to and from Washington, D.C. and homes are more affordable than in neighborhoods closer to D.C.

It takes about a half an hour by car to get to the nearest Metro station, which is the Orange Line Metro in Vienna/Fairfax. They are also building a new Metro Station close to Dulles Airport, so we will have two choices of Metro Stations within a half an hour of Bristow by the end of the year!

We are about four hours from Virginia Beach, 45 minutes to an hour from Washington D.C., and 45 minutes from the mountains! The views are beautiful. I have lived all over the United States (military), but I have never seen an area more beautiful than Northern Virginia!


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Bristow, Virginia

Relocating To Northern Virginia? You Need to Watch This!

What Is Bristow, Virginia Like?

Bristow has tons of family friendly neighborhoods, two supermarkets, several elementary schools, and a great feel to it. You will see people jogging, riding their bikes and going for walks all over Bristow. There are twalking paths and parks to keep you healthy.

Bristow is a great place to raise a family. Homes are affordable and still within a reasonable commute to D.C. Crime is lower. You will have access to shops, restaurants, movie theaters and outdoor attractions.

Jiffy Lube Live is an outdoor concert venue on Wellington Road in Bristow. I have never had a problem with noise from the concerts and I only live a mile from there!

There are outdoor activities for kids, like soccer, T-ball, and softball. I can bring my kids to four playgrounds, tons of fields, three swimming pools, or take then on bike paths through the woods, on trails, or sledding in the snow without having to hop in the car! Bristow is a very active area!

We have highly-rated schools which you could look up on GreatSchools.com. It will show you the rankings of each school and parent reviews!


Summers are hot, but not very humid. Perfect for the many outdoor swimming pools around Bristow.

Winters are mild. It has only snowed a few times since I have lived here and the snow always was gone within a few days. Be warned, if snow falls, schools will be closed.

Spring and fall are beautiful around Bristow. The abundance of trees and plants going through their fall and spring cycles makes it that much more beautiful.

During warm weather seasons, it normally rains every week or two which helps to keep the grass green and the trees and flowers healthy.

Real Estate

Bristow has everything from town homes to McMansions. I would say that there is an equal number of town homes and single-family homes, with perhaps more of the latter.

Most homes in Bristow are newer (15 years old or less). You could buy a town house for anywhere from the upper $200,000's to the upper $300,000's. Single family homes cost anywhere from $350,000 to $700,000 with the average costing around $500,000.

The farther you get from either the Metro Stations or Washington D.C., the less your house will cost. Bristow is just far enough to have an affordable home with a decent commute. A lot of people that live in Bristow work in or near Washington D.C.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living In Bristow, Virginia
Healthy Living In Bristow, Virginia | Source

There are tons of trails, bike paths and parks in Bristow. It's a great place for an active family! Most neighborhoods have outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, tot lots, trails, open areas, hills for sledding in the winter.

When I first moved here from the Midwest, I was surprised by the number of healthy people here. Everywhere I looked I saw people walking, jogging, biking or just having fun outside!


There are two shopping plazas in Bristow, Virginia, one close to Nokesville and the other closer to Gainesville.

One of the shopping plazas has a Harris Teeter (great grocery store for couponers!) with tons of small restaurants, doctors' offices, banks, a Tae Kwon Do school, a veterinarian, small fast food restaurants, pet stores and a daycare.

The other shopping plaza has a Safeway grocery store, an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt shop, a veterinarian, small fast food restaurants, a Tae Kwon Do School, an alternations shop, a dentist, salons, banks, an Arby's, and a Kindercare daycare.

Both plazas are very family and neighborhood oriented.

The rest of Bristow is made of neighborhoods.

Attractions in and Around Bristow, Virginia

Picture Of Potomac Mills Mall Food Court
Picture Of Potomac Mills Mall Food Court | Source

There are so many things to do in this area. Outdoor activities, shopping and sight-seeing are just a few of the things you could do.

If you are into history and the outdoors, Manassas Battlefield is about 10 minutes from Bristow. There are tons of beautiful trails with educational plaques and statues along the way. The Manassas Battlefield has a nice museum and guided tours if you would like to learn more about the battle.

You could also go into Washington DC by car or Metro and see the Smithsonian museums on the Mall. My kids and I love the Natural History Museum! The museum of National Archives (also on the Mall in DC) was really neat too! We saw the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and other historical documents there.

If you want to stay closer to Bristow, Manassas has affordable shopping, restaurants, a movie theater and everything else you can imagine. Old Town Manassas is a great place to take a stroll, with small shops and quaint restaurants.

If you are looking for more upscale shopping close to Bristow, go to Gainesville. They have a huge assortment of shops and restaurants and they are still building. The new movie theater will be open in Gainesville later this year! Gainesville also has a Wegman's grocery store. If you have never been in a Wegman's you have to see it. It is unlike any other grocery store you have ever been in.

If you like outlet malls, we have two HUGE ones within an hour drive of Bristow, with stores and restaurants. One, an indoor mall, is Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge. The other, an outdoor mall, is the Leesburg Outlet Mall in Leesburg.

Manassas Battlefield Is a Short Drive Away

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    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana

      I would recommend Gainesville, Bristow and Nokesville. Centreville and Chantilly are nice too. Bristow and Nokesville are mostly neighborhoods. Gainesville has a lot of shops and neighborhoods. You can find more room in Nokesville for your money, but it is further from shops. Bristow has a Safeway grocery store and a plaza. They also have a Super Target and a few restaurants. Gainesville has the most to offer and is closest to the freeway. The only problem with Gainesville is that it is being built up quickly and there is tons of traffic. You could find a home in all of these areas in your price range. Townhouse can be found in these areas in the $300K range. Gainesville, Nokesville and Bristow are more affordable than Chantilly or Centreville, but they are also further from D.C. I am not sure what the style of home is called, but there are homes that are smaller with smaller yards and the garages behind the house. You can get these homes for almost the same price as townhomes, but they are datached. Let me know if you have any more questions!

    • profile image

      koshea 2 years ago

      relocating to Northern VA in the fall. My husband and I are early fifties kids are all in there 20s 2 out of 4 are coming with us. Not ready to move into retirement community. Husbands Job will be in Chantilly. Looking out towards Gainesville. Would like a nice community. Price range 400-550 thousand... any recommendations?

    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 3 years ago from Indiana

      We just moved from there 5 months ago. Now we live in Indiana. They say a rolling stone does not collect moss and we have never stayed anywhere long enough to collect moss. Hopefully we will here though. I loved it out there in the DC area, except for the cost of living and the traffic. It would get really hot there during the summer, but a lot of neighborhoods made up for it by installing pools.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Is this where you live? I was in D.C. in 1997...only time...loved the area but the August heat was a killer. I don't know how people live with that...anyway, nice sales job here...it looks like a nice community.

    • caseymel profile image

      caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana

      Thanks ytsenoh! Bristow is a wonderful place to raise a family near D.C.

    • ytsenoh profile image

      Cathy 4 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

      Casey, this is a good hub, especially for the information you provide for anyone who is potentially looking to relocate to Bristow, or needing to. It's good information to know for someone who's looking for a place not in D.C., but for a convenient place nearby. Covering the subjects of shopping and other attractions was a good idea to include. Thumbs up.

    • ytsenoh profile image

      Cathy 4 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

      Casey, this is a good hub, especially for the information you provide for anyone who is potentially looking to relocate to Bristow, or needing to. It's good information to know for someone who's looking for a place not in D.C., but for a convenient place nearby. Covering the subjects of shopping and other attractions was a good idea to include. Thumbs up.