The Best Places to Live in Northern Virginia for a Family

Welcome to Virginia!
Welcome to Virginia! | Source

Moving To Northern Virginia

My family and I moved to Virginia from the Midwest a year ago.

We have two preschoolers, so we were looking for an affordable, family-friendly area that was close to my husbands work.

We were told that the D.C. area had awful traffic repeatedly and they were right. We also found that homes costs around three times the amount of homes in the Midwest.

Living in Virginia, we found that there is so much to do in the area. We are close to Washington D.C., beaches and the mountains.

There are 3 counties in Northern Virginia: Loudon County, Fairfax County and Prince William County. We also have the City of Manassas and the City of Fairfax which are their own entities.

I was very excited to find that there is not just one Smithsonian Museum, but a whole network of them. It's great, free and educational fun for the family!

Fairfax County

Fairfax is the largest county.

It lies inside and outside the Capital Beltway which makes it very close to D.C.

The metro goes out to the Vienna/Fairfax area from D.C.

They have just completed building a new extension of the metro out to Reston.

Fairfax county is a desired location for the high-income population.

It is also very expensive! You might be able to get a townhouse for $500,000.

The schools are great. They have tons of shopping, restaurants and fun things to do, but it comes with a high price tag!

Loudon County

Loudon county is the richest county in the United States.

It has great schools and is very family friendly, but it is also very expensive.

The Dulles airport is located in Loudon county.

Ashburn is beautiful and family-friendly, but very expensive.

Sterling is a little less expensive, but you have to watch the areas because you can go from neighborhood to neighborhood and see a huge difference.

Leesburg is the furthest from D.C. and a little more affordable and they also have a huge outlet mall.

Prince William County

Prince William county is around 20 miles from the closest Metro station in Vienna. It is the least expensive of the three counties.

This is where I live. Rt 66 is the main artery that brings Prince William residents to the D.C. area.

Most people told me to avoid the Manassas area when looking for a place to live because of the school ratings and the crime rate.

Bristow, Gainesville and Haymarket are very, family-friendly.

Haymarket is more like country, but it is closest to the mountains.

Bristow is like a large neighborhood with a few grocery-anchored plazas.

Gainesville is affordable and has tons of shopping. They have a huge shopping plaza, BJ's, Wegmans, tons of preschools and they will be building a movie theater there too.

Gainesville is the fastest growing when choosing between Gainesville, Bristow and Haymarket.

Bristow is the closest to D.C. of the three.

Northern Virginia Is Full Of History!

Prince WIlliam County Historical Marker
Prince WIlliam County Historical Marker | Source

Where To Live?

I have found that the traffic is horrendous around here. Yesterday, it took me 2 hours to get to the metro station from my house which is 20 miles away.

On the way back, it only took 30 minutes. You never know what is going to happen when you get on the road.

Route 66, which goes through Prince William County, Fairfax county and into D.C. gets very congested.

Rush hour lasts around 3 hours in the A.M. and 3 hours in the P.M. Rt 66 usually turns into a parking lot during rush hour.

You have to decide if you want a short commute and a larger mortgage or a smaller mortgage and a longer commute.

We moved to Prince William county to have a smaller mortgage. We are 22 miles from my husbands work and it takes him anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours to get to work.

Most of the people who live in Prince William county work near D.C. and do the drive. The homes with the highest value are along the metro line.

The closer it is to a metro station, the more the home will be worth.

One tip that my real estate agent taught me was to look at the cars in the neighborhood's that you are considering looking at.

If the cars are nice and well taken care of, it will be a family-friendly area. If the cars are falling apart, it will most likely not be as safe.

Northern Virginia

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AnnRandolph profile image

AnnRandolph 4 years ago

I used to live in Bristow about 15 years ago and thought I was moving to the country. Unfortunately within 3 years we were in the middle of a traffic congestion. We then moved out to Amissville which is between Warrenton and Culpeper and we are so much happier. Luckily, my husband is retired now so the commute doesn't matter anymore. Good luck and welcome to the area!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 4 years ago from Indiana Author

Thanks! I live in Bristow! What a small world! I see new neighborhoods being built here constantly. My kids were going to preschool in Gainesville (the next town over), but I couldn't stand the traffic (Linton Hall and Lee Highway) so I switched to a closer one this year.

AnnRandolph profile image

AnnRandolph 4 years ago

When I lived on Linton Hall Rd back in 1998-2000 I lived in Braemar in the first group of houses built. Linton Hall was a country road with a farm center on it and not much else. Other developments quickly started building so we sold and moved out past Warrenton. I still have several friends that live in Bristow so I'm up there all the time. I do miss the shopping available in Gainesville. At any rate, your description of the area is right on. Excellent hub!

Alyssa Nichol profile image

Alyssa Nichol 3 years ago from Ohio

My husband is getting a job in D.C and we are moving to Virginia from Ohio. Your hub was filled with valuable information! Thank you so much for sharing! Now I am off to do some house hunting! :)

caseymel profile image

caseymel 3 years ago from Indiana Author

Are you moving to Northern Virginia? If you are, I could answer any questions you have about the area. We moved here 2 years ago and love it!

I was born and raised in the Cleveland/Akron area and still have tons of family back there! Where in Ohio are you? It's a small world! (-;

CraftytotheCore profile image

CraftytotheCore 3 years ago

This is such good information. We have relatives in Virginia. I looked at houses in MA once which was quite accommodating to families with children. I wanted to move there but houses were too expensive.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 3 years ago from Indiana Author

The whole East Coast is so expensive. It is so beautiful here and there is so much to do though.

cityconfused 2 years ago

I am moving from MA to VA becoz my husband's job is moving to Washington D.C.

There is lot of info in this related to the traffic and commute time, which is very useful. I have other factors which needs consideration. Like, schools, jobs in the area.

We both are working and have kids 9 and 2.

Which will be the good cities where I can find good schools, less commute for my hubby and IT jobs nearby?

Thanks for the insight and help.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

Fairfax is a very nice area with great schools and a metro station. It is expensive though.

Brey 2 years ago

I am a single young professional looking to move to the east coast from Iowa (born and raised). I am just beginning my Masters Degree (MPA) and plan to intern and hopefully find a government job in DC. I want to be near DC but don't want to spend all my money on housing. I have good friends in Maryland but I don't want to be any further north than VA because I am very over ridiculous winters. I am not moving until next fall (2015) to give myself plenty of time to save and research. Your article is very helpful.

So since I only have myself to worry about, when you say Manassas has a high crime rate could you please elaborate? I ask this because when I looked up population and such, it seemed to be decent sounding. Although I must admit that I really don't prefer to live anywhere the population isn't at least 60k. I currently live alone in a suburb and hope to do the same upon moving but not so sure with some of the outrageous prices I am seeing for a one bedroom apartment. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks much :)

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

I hear about a lot of drug busts in Manassas. Also, the fugitive of the week usually is from either Manassas or Woodbridge. The new subdivisions along 28 in Manassas look nice though. The prices of homes are lower than most of the other DC suburbs. I hope this helps! Good Luck!

taycay2 2 years ago

This is just the hub I needed! My family and I are moving to NOVA here soon and I am in desperate need of help! The job of course has to be in Arlington which we most definitely are not willing to pay for the housing there. We have elementary school aged kiddos so we want an affordable, low crime, great school area (the whole package!) I know that the commute is going to be rough but I will be working only three days a week so I am willing to go out a bit farther. I was actually looking at Woodbridge until I saw your comment, is there anything south of Arlington that is decent or are we best to go West? We were even looking in the Winchester, Front Royal areas? Any insider info would be awesome!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

For affordability and good schools, I would choose places like Chantilly, Centreville, Bristow or Gainesville. We were in Bristow and it took us about 45 minutes to get to Fairfax alone and Arlington is a little bit further than that (that was on a good day). We thought about Winchester or Front Royal before we moved to Virginia and we were glad we chose not to move there. They would most likely be a two hour commute or so each way. The traffic is awful out there and it never stops. One time, it took me 20 minutes to get to the corner in my car. I could still see the building I left 20 minutes before! Try to get as close as monetarily possible (and good schools).

taycay2 2 years ago

What are your thoughts about moving into west Virginia? We were looking into Charles town and Harper's ferry also, looks liKe they have great schools! It's that commute any better?? Thank you for your insight I really appreciate it!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

We thought about those places too, but came to find out that the commute would be at least two hours each way. I wouldn't go past Leesburg if you go in that direction.

taycay2 2 years ago

okay great! and you had originally said when you first were looking you were told to stay away from Manassas, do you still feel that way? is that the same for Manassas Park? I am liking the looks of Bristow and Haymarket!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

Manassas and Manassas Park aren't too bad, price wise, But the schools are not as good and the crime is a bit higher. Bristow, Gainesville and Haymarket are excellent choices. Great schools, close to amenities and Rt 66 and reasonable home prices. If you are planning on staying long-term, definitely check out or .org to get the ratings on the public schools. We ended up in a brand-new townhouse in Bristow and love it!

taycay2 2 years ago

thank you for your feedback! We leave from Colorado next week so I really appreciate your insiders opinion!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

No problem taycay2! Good Luck and if you have any other questions, let me know. I would be happy to try to answer them!

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

Great article! It covers a lot of ground. Your spouse might want to see if he can adjust his work hours. Sometimes 30 minutes earlier can make a big difference. Naturally if there is an accident on the road all bets are off.

taycay2 2 years ago

We have been looking all over the last week and are now in stafford. We are heading out to go check out the bristow area today. Can you tell me how hwy 94 is during the day? I have heard horror stories about it but when are the worst hours of the day? I will need to be to work in arlington at 7.. Thanks!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

Hi Robert! My husband was able to adjust his time and go in early and it did make a huge difference. His problem is getting out of work before rush hour begins again. He usually waits until 7pm to leave work so the roads aren't as busy. He almost gets home at the same time whether he leaves during rush hour or leaves at 7, but at least if he leaves at seven, he doesn't have to sit in traffic for so long.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

Hi taycay2! I am not as familiar with 94 as I am with 66, but I hear it is also a nightmare. Everywhere in the Northern Virginia is usually bumper to bumper and slow going from around 6:30am to 9 am and then again from 4pm to 7pm. A lot of people have pretty flexible schedules and work is usually able to work with people's schedules because of the traffic. If you start driving to work at 6am, it will not be too bad (for Northern Virginias standards). You will be leaving when the traffic is just starting to really build up.

kellyw 2 years ago

Very helpfully hub, but I still have a few questions. We are a family of 5 looking to move from So. California to the nova area. 3 kids-preschool, elementary school and middle school. My husband will be working in Manassas. We would like a sizable house in the country with acreage, and possibly water access OR a nice neighborhood where the kids can walk to school and friends houses. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 years ago from Indiana Author

kellyw, look around the Nokesville/Warrenton area. It is not far from Manassas, the home prices are reasonable and you could find acreage. The farther you get from 69, the more rural and less expensive it will be. A few famous people own ranches in Warrenton to "get away from it all".

msclaylaw 23 months ago

Hi caseymel, I have been thinking to move our family of 5 to NoVa for some time now. We currently live in NC and it is a tough decision but I think a needed one. I am hoping to land a job for my husband there by June. We do have 3 kids who are in elementary, middle and high school and it scares me to switch because they are well adjusted here. So, I have heard over and over again that Northern VA is a melting pot and great for mixed race families. Do you think this is true? It is not horrible in NC but I hear NoVa is the best place for a family like mine. I am looking for the very best place to raise biracial children and the area there that will not be outrageously expensive. We thought of moving to California or Seattle but all of our family is in NC for the most part. They are coming from great charter schools and I read that the public schools there in NoVa are really good. We stayed in Fairfax for a week last March to get an idea of what it would be like to be there. It was very culturally diverse for sure, especially when we rode up to Tyson's Corner mall. I have read so many blogs about this topic, I am a little confused. Some say to go on the MD side even over to Columbia MD area. We live in the country now on 2 acres and I am kind of hoping to find an outskirt area that works so the kids can still have some land to play on. I realize this may be a difficult task, which is why we have not moved yet. So, from living in the area, which area would you say might have more mixed race families and also, possibly affordability? Thanks for any feedback!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 23 months ago from Indiana Author

Hi msclaylaw,

Mixed families have no problems here. Everyone is from everywhere and is a little bit of every nationality. It truly is a melting pot. You will not have a problem at all.

I have not lived in Maryland, but I do have experience with Virginia. If you want acreage, you may want to try places like Warrenton, Burke or the old area of Bristow (all in Virginia). They are affordable, have acreage and are slightly under an hour from D.C.

msclaylaw 23 months ago

Thanks! Have you heard any information about Stafford or Fredericksburg? I am going to definitely going to look at Warrenton, Burke and Bristow. I am a Realtor in NC and hope to get my license in VA if we move. I hope to find my husband a job outside of DC to avoid all the traffic somewhat, however still reside in NoVa area where the vibe is the same as the closer areas.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 23 months ago from Indiana Author

Stafford and Fredericksburg are nice and more affordable than anything you can get closer to D.C. There are many jobs in the Fredericksburg and Woodbridge area. The only drawback is that they will take longer to get to D.C. when you do want to go there. 95 gets backed up very easily and getting through the Woodbridge area would be a pain. There is a large military base in Quantico nearby.

K.D. 21 months ago

Having lived here for 10 years, I find it interesting that speaking about Prince William County only encompassed I-66, Bristow, and Haymarket. There is another side which is Woodbridge and Dumfries and I-95 south.

momof2 20 months ago

We live in Gainesville and I love it here. People are nice, still feels a little country with the back roads, great schools, and great preschools. There are ways around 66 if there is traffic, I go to GMU and take back roads because I know that it's more reliable. My husband works all over Northern VA and it can be bad but it's near a major city, you can't avoid the traffic. I would look at Gainesville/Haymarket and if you look at Bristow make sure you look at the high school they'll go to, it's split in half. Some go to patriot and some go to stonewall in manassas. Gainesville houses/townhouses can run anywhere from millions to 250,000.

runmom 19 months ago

Very insightful. My family and I are planning a move to the DC area within the next couple years. We do have some time between now and then to careful consider where we end up. One of the main things we are looking for is great schools. We have a 12 and 16 yr old so we would be looking at high schools. We are moving from NC where housing/cost of living is very affordable but the schools are not so great. We have lots of family scattered in the DC area including Fairfax, Alexandria, and even Germantown, Md. What are your recommendations for affordable areas close to family that have great schools in safe neighborhoods that will not be a huge shock to this North Carolinians bank account? We will be moving and paying for college all at the same time! Walking districts are great as we will have driving teens and the thought of DC traffic terrifies me. Any help would be appreciated. This is overwhelming for me as it is our first move.

CrazyCollegeMom profile image

CrazyCollegeMom 19 months ago from Gainesville VA

@runmom and others ... I moved to Gainesville 10 years ago from Massachusetts. We landed here because the homes prices were more affordable the further west we went. And, we were very concerned with schools, I did a lot of research. Since we have lived here we have seen an explosion of new development including 8 new schools built right within Gainesville and surrounding Haymarket and Bristow. We have also watched the monumental VDOT I-66/Linton Hall road construction project develop and it is nearing completion. It has really opened up traffic and will improve it even more once done. We have also now have a plethora of new retail development including the upscale Virginia Gateway shopping center with movie theater, a Wegmans supermarket (yeah!), many diverse restaurants, the beautiful Hylton Performing Arts Center and more. What's nice about this area vs. Fairfax and Loudoun County is it's more affordable, has everything you need, and we're closer to points west which is uncrowded for trips to wineries, 'Hunt Country", Skyline Drive, etc. And, the schools are great. My experience with the schools - volunteering and living here - prompted me to start a personal Blog with CrazyCollegeMom. My daughters had a great experience in Battlefield High School and Patriot High School. Both are now attending UVA. I can go on and on but if you are interested in more information about this area, I work on a community blog, Haymarket Homeowner too with all kinds of information. I know this site is not for promoting other sites so just feel free to contact me if you want more information.

JT 19 months ago

My family & I are returning to the DC area after being away for over 12 years. I've visited a few times, but not lived there. While we lived in Dumfries the last go around, we're certain we want to live closer to DC. And there in lines the challenge. We shop schools which is generally a good indicator about the neighborhood. We've found some very affordable rentals within our budget, but the schools are rated low using some of the websites like great The job is taking me near the Pentagon so Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale and Springfield are all ideal. And the schools are at least 7s. Fairfax is another option, but too far west or south and the commute turns into a nightmare. I know we'll eventually find something, but any assistance would be great. To our credit, we know the area. 25 mins max for a commute, 5 min drive to rail and family friendly community.

Tomas 18 months ago

Thank you so much, because of your information, we moved to Gainesville and we love it.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 16 months ago from Indiana Author

I am so glad I was able to help! Gainesville is a wonderful place. Nice schools and homes, access to the freeway and close to a Wegmans.

Maike 14 months ago

If you're looking for a very family friendly area with not much traffic, check out the are around Thurgood Marshall E.S. in Prince William County. Technically we're considered Manassas, but we live mid-county, so more the Independent Hill area. The school is outstanding, and so is the Middle School (Benton). Plus, a brand new highschool with competition pool is scheduled to open in the Fall 2016. We LOVE living here! We have all three schools within 5 minutes from our home, little traffic, plenty of grocery stores within 5-10 minutes from our house, and many mature trees. Good luck!

Mopoke2 11 months ago

Hello! We're moving to the area for a new job in the fairlakes area in Fairfax. I've been interested in Gainesville for the house affordability and schools. Google maps says that a best case drive in to Fairfax is about 20 minutes. How big is that swing in rush hour to that area? And how does that compare to living somewhere like Ashburn? Thanks!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 11 months ago from Indiana Author

Hi Mopoke2, Fairfax is a nice area, but very expensive. Anywhere in Northern Virginia, you will find that traffic practically comes to a standstill during rush hour (which last a few hours). During rush hour(s), multiply your driving time by 4 or 5 and that's how long it will take you to get anywhere. During rush hour, it could take you over an hour to go from Gainesville to Fairfax. Ashburn would only be better if you used the toll roads, but that could get expensive. Ashburn is a very nice area though. Reston wouldn't be a bad commute, but it would be expensive. Most people who have flexible schedules plan their workday around rush hour and go in before rush hour starts and leave early or go in after rush hour and leave late to decrease commute time.

asadad 4 months ago

We are moving to NOVA in the next a few months and I am going crazy trying to figure out where to live. I have small children, and do not want to keep moving them from place to place. We have been searching google maps, and everything says 48 mins with traffic, is that completely inaccurate? Is it really two hours of commute if you live 30 minutes away? The new job is close to Tysons corner, and everything is ridiculously expensive. I am feeling very overwhelmed, so if you would please help me out with answering these questions that would help a lot. I loved your post and was considering Gainesville, but a two hour commute would just not work. Thank you.

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 4 months ago

I don't think there is a practical way to get around the traffic or the high prices. Are you looking for a house or an apartment?

Cesar Morales profile image

Cesar Morales 4 months ago

@Caseymel Great information in this post and in the comment thread. I may also be working in Alexandria soon and so I'm starting my research into the area. Do you have any different advice for choosing a family/wallet friendly area to live considering the commuting/traffic situation in relation to Alexandria? I would also like to find areas where my Mexican-American family will live as comfortably as we did in the diversity of Southern California.

We are hoping to find a larger house/townhouse preferably with a decent yard or at least walking distance to parks/preserves. Also, we have preschool/elementary age children so distance to good schools matters.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 4 months ago from Indiana Author

Asadad, Tysons corner is a very busy and expensive area. During rush hour(s), multiply your commute by 3. We worked twenty miles from our house. Some days it would take 40 minutes, some days it would take 2 hours. If you will have a flexible schedule, try leaving your house before rush hour and then leave your work before or after rush hour. With a flexible schedule, you could live further out where homes are less expensive. For the most part, Fairfax county is the most expensive, Loudon county is less expensive and Prince William area is the least expensive. Good luck!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 4 months ago from Indiana Author

Cesar Morales, it sounds like Mannassas or Manassas Park would be perfect for you. There is a large Mexican-American population and the homes are less expensive. Manassas Park is closer to Alexandria. The Manassas Battlefield is huge and full of history and walking trails. Good Luck!

Lorie Anderson 3 months ago

What a great source of information. We are relocating from Oahu in six weeks, my husband was transferred to Reston, Va. We have been looking for a home between Reston and Fort Belvoir, because he is retired military. My kids have particular medical needs and we have gotten great referrals from Tripler AMC to the hospital there. I am so frustrated because it seems when I find a house that I really like, the schools are awful. I have three children and need to find an area with a good elementary, good middle and good high school. Any advice would be appreciated, but I will have to say that this information along with everyone's comments has been super helpful already! Mahalo for taking the time and providing the info.

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 3 months ago

There is the Fairfax Health Center, which is in Fairfax, so you don't have to go to Ft. Belvoir for your basic health care needs. In Sterling, Virginia they have River Bend Middle School, Potomac Falls High School, and Algonkian Elementary school right next to each other. Good luck.

Lorie Anderson 3 months ago

Thank you so much. I will look into that area.

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 3 months ago

You're welcome. Enjoy your time in Northern Virginia.

mjking2001 3 months ago

Hi there. Thanks for posting this informative post and all the great comments. I've read through them all. I wondered if you might have some advice for my particular situation. We are possibly relocating to the area from Colorado with a job transfer for my husband. I work from home and homeschool so the main focus on where we live will be my husband's commute. He would be taking the train over driving. We definitely cannot afford the higher priced areas AT ALL, but I'm wondering what areas you might suggest for someone not focused on schools, but strictly commute to downtown DC, near the mall, and time frame there? We would definitely prefer to live more rural, but again, I would like to keep his commute as low as we can afford house pricing wise. We will also be renting only as we probably will not be in the area over a few years. Any advice/info you can share will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 3 months ago

You may want to check a metro map. Fair warning the metro system in the DC metro area has many problems. They have been working at fixing the problems recently.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 3 months ago from Indiana Author

mjking2001, I would look around the Friendship Heights or Georgetown area. While everything in D.C. is expensive, you might find an affordable rental in one of those areas and they are close to Downtown D.C.!

Kim Hamrick 3 months ago

Hi. I may accept job with labcorp at 8505 arlington blvd, Fairfax. I had interview at alexandria going in was not bad but going out, traffic was horrible! This would be my first time to area and looking for a nice, safe easy commute to job area to live in. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 3 months ago

That area is not as bad as Alexandria. The Route 50 traffic is still heavy. There is housing along Route 50. You may want to consider looking west rather than east. There is also Route 29 Lee Highway, the same west rule applies. Good luck with housing and the job.

Lynn 2 months ago

I recently accepted a position in Farifax County. I am moving from the midwest and the realize the cost of housing is more then what I am used to. I learned much from your blog. I am not looking to spend much on a home, due to it will be a transition for my family. Kids are grown, so schools are not a concern, but want to live in a safe community. I am looking at a variety of different communities. How far is Fort Royal from Fairfax? I am open to drive an hour to work. Thanks

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 2 months ago

It's at least an hour drive with no traffic. On a work day there will be heavy traffic at least part of the way going and coming. You may want to get online directions during the times you would be going to and from work. That will give you an idea of the commute. Enjoy your stay.

Sam 2 months ago

We are looking at places around PWC and Fairfax county however, we live in a joint family and need bigger space. if the prices are good, the schools are bad and if the schools are good, the prices kill you here. My question is when zillow shows schhol rating of 5-7, does that mean its horrible school? we are new to the country and dont know much about school system. thanks for the help

Deepesh 2 months ago


Could you please help me to decide. Actually I am getting an offer from Freddie, McLean location and not able to think which place I should move which is not so expensive. Currently I am living in Harrisburg with my wife and 2 years old son. I only work in my house so wife will be at home and may be after a year my son can join kids care school.. So please recommend me some good locations near by markets and all. We are Indians and if you can tell us some places where we can find some more Indians will be good for my wife in her free time..

Thanks a lot for your help !

Deepesh Gupta

Robert Sacchi profile image

Robert Sacchi 2 months ago

There are many Indians in the Ashburn area, but it tends to be expensive here. They are building and do have some smaller houses and condos so you may want to at least give it a look.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 2 months ago from Indiana Author

Sam, is a great source for finding more in-depth information on different schools.

Michael 6 weeks ago


Great post...very informative!! Can you please help to give me some suggestions in areas to live in NOVA. I recently accepted a job position in Alexandria- off of Duke Street. I'm looking to rent with my family at the moment but not looking for anything too pricey. We will later decide to buy if we love the area. I don't mind the commute to be about 25 mins to the job in Alexandria. Also looking for great schools. Would love an area that is diverse and things to do with small kids. Thank you.

caseymel profile image

caseymel 6 weeks ago from Indiana Author

Hi Michael,

Falls Church, Lorton, Vienna, Kingstowne, Mount Vernon, Mt Zephyr and Springfield would be close by and have good schools.

Laura 6 weeks ago


My family and I are relocating from Columbia, SC. Everything in Columbia is very inexpensive. My husband is a pilot and will be based at the Dulles airport. We are looking for a 1-2 hour communte. We visited Winchester and were not blown away. Also looked online at Berryville and now considering WV. We have 2 kids in elementary school. Looking to spend 250-350k and looks like Loudon County is out of the question. Any insight would be very much appreciated! Thank you for your post and your time!

caseymel profile image

caseymel 6 weeks ago from Indiana Author

Hi Laura! Town homes are a bit cheaper than single family homes. A lot of people live in them. We had a roomy, brand-new townhouse in Bristow for the low 300k's. Bristow and Gainesville both have great schools. It took me 30 minutes to drive to the Dulles airport when it was not rush-hour(s).

Shawn 6 weeks ago

There are great affordable condos and town homes in Virginia! is a great resource

caseymel profile image

caseymel 5 weeks ago from Indiana Author

Thanks for the link Shawn! You can find D.R. Horton communities in the Northern Virginia area.

steffeney 4 weeks ago

hi i have 3 grown now and one teen a six yr old grand son 7 pets i need to rent was looking in to fairfax va but after reading i need to find a reasonable rent price for a house thanks

caseymel profile image

caseymel 4 weeks ago from Indiana Author

Steffeney, Manassas Park, Manassas and Prince William County are nearby and less expensive.

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