Scams & Fraud


Are Postal Mail-Holds Used for Fraud?

Making time-honored postal processes more convenient for customers has also facilitated business for identity thieves. Letter carrier Mel Carriere describes how online mail-holds are being used for mail fraud, and how easily he was able to set up a so-called "verified" account.


"Brushing": The Scam You Need to Know About

The "brushing" scam is a deceptive sales practice that uses the Internet and the US mail system in order to boost a company's positive online reviews. Have you been an unwitting victim of "brushing?" If you've received a cheap item in the mail that you never ordered, you may have been "brushed."


Identity Theft: Can I Prevent It?

Accounts of identity theft have grown more and more hair-raising in recent years. As a victim of this type of fraud, I explore the current situation and look at measures that the ordinary person can take to guard against identity theft.


The Apple iTunes 866-712-7753 Scam

If you see it "APL*ITUNES.COM/BILL 866-712-7753 CA" on your charge card invoice, you may have been compromised. This charge isn't actually coming from Apple, and the phone number listed along with it just goes to a recording. Learn what's going on and what you can do about it.


Signs of Mold Removal Fraud

Mold removal scams put a stain on a legitimate industry. These scams do worse than steal money, they are also health-related fraud. True water damage and mold removal professionals will always put their customers first.