Scam! Is a Scam: Do Not Pay Them, Here's Why

Updated on February 16, 2018
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Melanie was born and raised in New Buffalo, Michigan (a jaunt from Chicago) and has been living in the Midwest ever since!


Do not use

Joining Getting Hooked By a Free Trial

I have heard of Usenet services in the past but wasn't sure what it was. I found a website called and they had a free trial via PayPal, so I joined. Once I was a member of the site, I got to look around more and decided it really wasn't what I was looking for. Rating

1 star for

Cancelling Service

Their cancellation policy looked very difficult and there was a bit of Engrish on their website. I should have noticed these things before I signed up, but PayPal is known for protecting their buyers and I was under a free trial. However, I was able to cancel during the free trial.

Nothing happened after that. I didn't get charged and didn't hear from Usenet until they "suspended" my account, which was expected. To me, that was a confirmation that it was mutually understood that the deal was off. My account was inactive, therefore they were no longer rendering service past my free trial period. Logical.

Email from Saying Account Suspended

Threatening Invoices, Bills, and "Collections"

Fast forward about a month or two and I get a bill in the mail. The letter came all the way from Europe and wanted something like €100. When I first got the letter, I thought, "Yep, this is definitely a scam."

Later, I started getting emails from another company called Tesch Inkasso, a foreign collections agency, I presume. They wanted €99 for the "contract" ( and I'm using the term contract roughly since that's the word they're using, but I don't recall any contract.) In addition, they wanted:

  • Interest
  • Dunning cost (I had to look up this word, it's something like a collections agency fee.)
  • Damages in the form of a business fee
  • Damages for mailing me a letter

Everything totaled €164.46. Furthermore, they cited that if I wanted to pay via PayPal, they would "have to charge handling fees in the amount of €15.00, making the total amount €179.46." Nice try deterring users for opting for Paypal, but I dare not give them credit card details!

Plus, didn't they suspend my account since I didn't pay after the free trial? Customer Service

I contacted Usenet and they responded,

"After an extensive database search we must unfortunately report that we have been unable to find a valid cancelation for account ########.

We will however gladly perform additional searches if you can assist us by providing further information:

After you canceled your account did you receive a cancelation confirmation by e-mail?
-If you did, can you please send us a copy?

How did you deliver your cancelation notice (support form request, e-mail or post)?
- If you used our support form or contacted us via e-mail did you use a different e-mail address and/or customer account number from the one listed above?

Thank you for your assistance and continued patience as we work to resolve this matter.

Once we have proof of your timely cancelation, your contract can be terminated and the membership fee credited to your account."

Oh. Okay, so my account wasn't cancelled even though I cancelled the subscription via PayPal? And they suspended my account?

I responded to the email, but I got:

"+++ This is an autoresponder - please do not reply to this email! +++"

Followed by,

"Stopping payment is not a termination. According to the terms and conditions it is irrelevant if you have used the provided contractually agreed services, because they have provided their service without limitation. We kindly ask you to settle your debt until 6th January 2017 to avoid further reminder cost."

How were the services provided without limitation if they suspended my account due to me cancelling the free trial via Paypal?

Lessons & Closure

To close, it's clear that is a scam. They demand money for service they did not provide after a free trial that I canceled. They use bully tactics to attempt to get people to pay.

I've searched the Internet and found many other people dismayed by their business practices. Unfortunately, some people fell for the scam and did pay up out of fear.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with, know that these are not legal business practices and do not pay them. I'm glad I don't keep a super tidy inbox, so I still have my account suspension notice.

Currently, I am working with PayPal to get this remedied. I'm hoping that with my evidence, PayPal will stop working with If you've found yourself in a similar situation, contact PayPal or your credit card company. Provide evidence and protect yourself from predatory business practices.

And no matter what, do not fall for their bullying. Do not pay them. And, of course, share this article to spread the word.

What if You've Been Scammed?

If is sending you threatening messages after non-payment, do not pay them. They operate solely by scare tactics. This is illegal. What is doing is illegal. Don't let them bully you into paying for a service you canceled.

If you've paid by PayPal, contact them and very professionally explain what has happened. The more people who contact PayPal, the better!

© 2016 Melanie Shebel


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    • profile image

      J.S. 3 weeks ago

      Tried to get me but i just never replied after reading this and they haven't sent me a letter in over a year. Maybe they gave up lol :)

    • profile image

      Irma 3 weeks ago

      I have never heard of this company, I live in the United States, I am not even entirely familiar with euros and I was sent a bill. I do not even have a Paypal account.

    • profile image

      Matan 2 months ago

      I had the same experience.

    • profile image

      rosk 2 months ago

      I've had the same experience - signing up for free software but stopped when they wanted credit card details. Now they keep demanding money.

      They don't seem to offer a facility to cancel the account which makes it seem all the more suspect.

      Even though they have no right to demand any money from me, it still causes me unnecessary stress to keep getting these demands from them

    • profile image

      yikes 3 months ago

      Im a student and I was just looking for books to buy online for cheap. Once I signed up for the trial period I realized that it was too sketchy because first of all they were advertising that they have access to books etc. but after my sign up it was showing that they were a high speed company offering 600Gb.

      I tried cancelling my account through the phone number they have provided which doesnt work. and 2 months later they've sent me a letter saying I owe them $104 euro. All they did was provided me with a username and password, now my account is blocked. What should I do ? I've never even used their services, not even once.

    • profile image

      nah 3 months ago

      I never even signed up for the website and they're saying I owe them money!

    • profile image

      Fisz 3 months ago

      I am currently in the same position and I'm just wondering whether the letters will eventually stop?

    • profile image

      Dave 211 4 months ago

      Ten month ago I had same problem as everyone else, even had a collection agency knocking on my door, but after a lot of hassle I managed to prove to the agency with my paperwork which I keep, to all online transactions (luckily) in regards to my cancellation.

      Would you believe yesterday Usenet had the audacity to send me an Email offering me a special WINTER deal on their product! WHAT! they obviously kept my Email address from our first encounter, no hesitation, DELETE, DELETE. Their red label is a warning.

    • profile image

      laura 4 months ago

      I signed up to try getting a textbook but immediately lost the password for the account. I freaked out for a bit before realizing i could cancel the payment from paypal. I did that (and I have proof i cancelled the payment early) but I didn't think to tell them DIRECTLY I was cancelling the account...

      they sent me a letter saying i have to pay 94 euro otherwise they will send the information to a credit agency working in Canada... How do i REACT to this?

    • profile image

      Vanessa 4 months ago

      I am from Malaysia and still a student ... I signed up was because I wanted to download a pdf book for my study and after signing up they didn't even send a notification to remind either to cancel the subscription or continue during the trial period... Then this morning I literally jumped out of bed because I received a message stating that my card has been charged with 99USD or RM434.13 I was so devastated to see that... my God I don't even know how to respond I feel like crying because that's my mum's hard earn money and I am still a student and all I wanted is to download a PDF book but feels like I was scammed ... This is getting serious as a lot of countries are being scam and this is definitely a fraudulent transactions... I hope people will not be scam after reading this

    • profile image

      Joe Majury 4 months ago

      I’ve had problems with them as well.

      I empty my email “trash” daily, so I too do not have proof of cancellation, so I sent them the following email, and have heard nothing since, and I don’t expect to.

      “ I have attached 3 documents to this email, which also includes my reply towards this payment.

      I am NOT the sort of person who buys something and doesn't pay for it, I am also not a trouble maker, or someone who looks forward to confrontation.

      I am a Retired Police Officer, so I am used to Court appearances and the threat of further action does not intimidate me in any way.

      you must also not forget that I can take Usenet to court if they continue to harass me over this payment.

      Payment for a product that I cancelled 4 days into a 28 day trial period.

      Any future correspondence will be handed over to my Solicitor, along with my email of cancellation, and if it comes to it, as I said, I shall instruct him to counterclaim on my behalf “

      Don’t let these bully boys intimidate you into paying.

    • profile image

      Denis 4 months ago

      Same story here. Since I could not easily find an easy way to cancel this FREE TRIAL! on their fraud website, I canceled my Paypal subscription BEFORE the trial period ended. Then they started sending me emails, then letters asking me to transfer money to their bank account (yea right sure I'm an idiot!) for the amount of 110.00 EURO (Bank name: Hypovereinsbank Regensburg) and finally they threatened me to send my case to a local (I live in Canada) collection agency. And guess what, these low-life scam worms actually DID just that. Months later a local collection company sent me a letter claiming the money I apparently owed these thieves otherwise they threatened me to damage my credit score. They even called me but I ignored their calls. After a few months they gave up.

      SO, people PLEASE, PLEASE, DO--NOT, I repeat DO NOT give in to these scammers, thieves, fraud assholes. They will use all sort of bully tactics just to scare you into sending money into their bank account. THIS IS FRAUD. In fact I was hoping that this collection company here would send me a subpoena so I could go to court to expose these fraudulent scammers. But of course they will NEVER have the balls to show themselves. At the end, I just feel stupid enough to have even tried to use their crappy fraud services even for a few minutes. I should have known better. BUT at the very least they didn't get a cent from me but inversely, they spent money on stamps and collection agency fees I guess. For that I am proud. However, I am still pissed at international laws for letting these thieves get away with frauding people worldwide for SO MANY years. Any lawyers out-there, here is your chance to go after a worldwide SCAM. I'm here to support you and a future collective action against these worms.

    • profile image

      Patrick Koning 5 months ago

      I felt into this trap as well. I got the free trial, and they asked me to pay 1 euro through iDeal, because I don't have a credit card and my paypal account is empty. Now 14 days later, I never received a message that my trial period was over and they never asked me if I wanted to continue the subscription. So I went into my account and pushed the cancel button several times, even with the statement I never got a message about the trial period ending. It even says that the amount of 84 euro's was already paid, while that amount has not been taken from my bankaccount. I am kind of worried that they will try a debt collection on my bank account. Al though I am not sure whether an iDeal transfer would give them the right to do so. I have changed all my personal information on the website, even changed the email address and my home address. But I am not sure whether they keep the original address or not. I live in the Netherlands and someone in this article stated that I have nothings to worry about since he was from the Netherlands too and gave the advise to get them stuffed and don't pay. I hope they send the reminder bills to the other address I input into my information. Sadly enough it's not possible to enter a separate IBAN into ABN-Amro to block any debt collection. This can only be done if the collection has occurred and you reverse your money, only then you can block them. Well, I don't trust these guys so I keep as little money on my account as possible, then I will just buy more groceries than usual, but with no money on my account.

      It would be very useful if everybody here who dealt with them, tell later on how it ended. Did anybody face a lawsuit? Did anybody got a debt collector at their house? Has anybodies bank account been blocked? That sort of stuff. Oh man, I wish I never had done this. This is an eye opener, before I do anything like this again, first Google on it to see if any scam is related to it.

    • profile image

      Paul Graysom 5 months ago

      Just fell into this trap too November 2017. They took money without authorization from my account, and then when I canceled they came after me with collections.

      Please people, don't even sign up for a free trial. It's a pure scam.

    • profile image

      Jim 5 months ago

      The *SAME* exact thing happened to me. I am not sure what to think other than they are messing with the wrong person. They will *NEVER* get a cent out of me because I cancelled purposefully, emailed, and their services did not work as promised. I'm ignoring the demands and let them try to sue me in the United States in my county which has 1 judge (Which is where they will have to sue me). Credit card company already says that I am fine, so no worries there. but this is DEFINITELY without a doubt a scam trying to get you to pay money and if you pay I have no doubt they will try to make you continue to pay. ignore it.

    • profile image

      Higgins Troyard 6 months ago

      Same thing. I found their email when I

      was traveling in China and I did not pay attention to their email. I lost my wallet when I was transferring to China in Incheon Airport and I locked all my credit cards immediately. Now they send me an email telling me that me that they have informed a debt collecting agency to rob 150 euros? I have never heard of them and they are collecting transactions disapproved by the bank?

    • profile image

      michel 6 months ago

      should i pay or not they say i have to pay 104 euro.

    • profile image

      Owen 6 months ago

      I started up the free trial, it was so long ago I can't even remember why. It wasn't what I was looking for so I tried to cancel it. When the site messed me around I gave up and left it

      Now today in the mail I get an invoice demanding 89,14 EUR (euros I think. I'm in England so that confused me) which includes an 6,00EUR reminder fee

      What do I do about this?

    • profile image

      Mel Gregory 6 months ago

      These people have sent a bill to my son, a child, saying he has an unpaid account.

      I've messaged them, as I refuse to pay stating that I know this is a scam as my son doesn't even own a computer plus he is a child. They are now asking me to send a copy of his identification. I'm also refusing to do this as I don't know who is the other end.

      I will keep you updated

    • profile image

      Kennedy Afriyie 6 months ago

      I find myself in the similar situation. I cancelled free trial period on the same day my account was created. I never used the service but I have charged $100 and has been deducted from my Visa accounts.

    • profile image

      John A S 6 months ago

      Just fell for this one in September. Like an idiot I did a paypal payment,and then checked the reviews for this so-called company! As soon as I saw the reviews I cancelled the paypal payment which was within five minutes of making it so it never went through. Unfortunately usenet.dl now had my details and have been pestering me ever since. I had just started getting tetchy with them when I saw this site. Many thanks for the re-assurance. I will contact Paypal.

    • profile image

      Howard C. 6 months ago

      I got the short version of the same treatment. They came in through the side door, attached to an add that said I "was the lucky winner.". Next thing I knew they were charging my bank, and there was absolutely no way to cancel before the end of their convenient "Trial" period. They also don't answer their phone because, no matter what time of the day or night you call, you've done it wrong. They're not open.

      Their charge went to 'pending' within a day.

      However! Not screwed yet. Canceled everything at the bank, and will not buge no matter what.

      When is the FCC going to do something about these kind'v guys? Just go get'em, and hang'em high. Thanks.


    • profile image

      Joe Majury 6 months ago

      I got the same letter today demanding £164.46 for a service which I had cancelled just 4 days into the 28 day free trial.

      almost the exact scenario as yourself. I have told them to go and get stuffed and f I get any more mail regarding this, I will charge them £100 an hour for dealing with, and after that I will be handing all my correspondence to my Solicitor, along with my copy of my cancellation email.

      I'm an ex-cop, so threats of Legal action don't scare me.

      It seems to be one big con.

      I did wonder at the time why they needed my CC details for a free trial, now I know. When I cancelled, I also told my CC company not to make any payments to Usenet.

    • profile image

      Nathan 6 months ago

      Glad I read this. Was about to sign up but after reading through the cancellation policy, it seemed sketchy.

    • profile image

      Sam 6 months ago

      Just got scammed. I wish I saw this before I signed up for the free trail. What should I do now? They sent a bill for $105 CA. I would never sign up for anything over $10 , not sure where they are getting these numbers from.

    • profile image

      Rob 6 months ago

      Have had this exact same scenario, almost word for word. So glad I found this article - I was alsmost on the verge of paying 140 euros for 'services ' after I cancelled the trial by stopping PayPal payments and got demands from third party collector Tesch Inkasso to pay up. Good to know this advice is out there!

    • profile image

      Mervin Butts 7 months ago

      I find myself in the same problem that you identified. I don't know how got my home address, as I did niot request this service. This definitely is a scam. Thanks for your heads up and info.

    • profile image

      LarriiThaGentleman 7 months ago

      O OK cause I wasn't gonna pay them in the first place, Thank You for letting me know it was all a scam.

    • profile image

      Valentin Mitroi 8 months ago

      I'm in the same situation, cancelled free trial period on the same day my account was created. Never used the service.

    • profile image

      Robert Newton 8 months ago

      I have been receiving the same letters and e-mails. In fact I NEVER had a "free Trial" or signed up with them. I don't have or never had any interest in their news service!

    • profile image

      8 months ago

      @FSyou can contact paypal to get your money back from those scmmers.

    • profile image

      FS 8 months ago

      I'm in the same situation, cancelled free trial period on the same day my account was created. Never used the service.

      Now they have withdrawn €99 from my PayPal and told me that I also had to call them to cacel. Is there i chance I'll have the money back?

    • profile image

      U9K 8 months ago

      Oh yeah, and I have a Paypal account that isn't connected to a credit card (I don't own one). It always has a € 0,- balance. When I pay something with Paypal it get's taken from my normal bank account a day later or so. BUT only if I bought something and therefore approved it.


      So those Usenet bastards can't do anything

    • profile image

      U9K 8 months ago

      I fell for the same scam too. It all started in July 2016. Same as everyone; Tried to cancel, didn't work, R. Weirdmann started sending me e-mails that I needed to pay about € 151,- Fast forward to the present time. The last e-mail I got from them is december 2016. They gave up.

      Just DO NOT PAY. Don't get scared, I live in the Netherlands and they can't do shit to get you. Don't worry!


    • profile image

      Zakiyyah 8 months ago

      Usernet are CON-ARTISTS & scam innocent people for money. I Do not ever remember registering for and then they sent me a bill for 11 euros. I requested an invoice with banking details are I didn't mind paying the little money to get rid of them nagging & politely asked them to remove my details and unsubscribe me which they did not respond to. 10 months later they are getting credit collectors to run after me for 110 euros...THEY ARE SCAMMERS!

    • profile image

      Iz 8 months ago

      Just got scammed. Like many others, I wanted to download a book that is useful for my study. After realizing that this is a scam, I immediately proceeded to cancellation. But cancellation can only be completed through phone. Damn. I wrote to them via their Contact Form. Hopefully I get a reply. If not I might have to terminate my credit card. That's the only solution I can think of right now.

    • profile image

      Ev 8 months ago

      I am being scammed by usenet. They have gone from trying to extort money from pay pal ($25) to the latest email of $86.51. BIG SCAM and there is no way that I'm paying. I reported it to ACCC and will call NSW fair trading next if I get another email. Will see! There are so many scammers out their. Just do not tolerate garbage. Scummy scammers!

    • profile image

      Anam 9 months ago

      Please tell me what you did, I'm receiving the same letters in the post now! Even though I cancelled my payments through paypal

    • profile image

      Kiki 9 months ago

      I also fell for the scam.. :(

      I subscribe for free trial as they advertised a book that I really wanted to download. Then actually, it wasn't there. SO I tried to cancel my account but couldn't find a way to cancel except to call them. So I cancel my account through paypal in the same day I subscribe for the service.

      thought my free trial has been canceled automatically, a month after that I received email from them. Second mail, threatening me to pay some amount of money. After that I receive an emmail from debt collection company to settle the bill. Just to end all problem and disconnect myself from them, I paid the bill. The women from deb collection company promised to finalise my account and close it fully for me so they won't charge me more in the future.

      Still I got another email from her to pay some more amount of money. GOSH! I hope she is wrong and not in the same boat with usenet to scam me more.

    • profile image

      David Li 9 months ago

      hey - just looking for some help here - paid with a dead prepaid visa card - got my letter in the mail - but the issue is i didn't use paypal - how should I resolve this?

    • profile image

      Richard - Canada 9 months ago

      Just got my first of the scam letters . . . which will be ignored

      Thanks for all the posts it was pretty obvious to be a scam

    • profile image

      TKay 9 months ago

      Hello All!

      I have the same story as basically all of you. I have been receiving emails and letters for about 3 months now saying I owe this company money and if I do not pay they are going to proceed with legal action. I have been ignoring all letters and emails from them and am not paying them a dime but I'm just curious to know if the emails and letters have eventually stopped for anyone?

    • profile image

      Dave211 9 months ago

      Hi! Nina, and all, - I received two emails from them, and three from a collection agency with threats, but I tend to be a hoarder with any minor business emails like this one, and on request from the collection agency I sent them a copy of the cancellation acknowledgement from and PayPal whereby I received a reply saying the collection agency had stopped proceedings.

      Bottom line hang in there and don't pay, be brave, and always save short term any future paperwork in regards to anything you may acquire on-line. good luck.

    • profile image

      Nina 10 months ago

      I have a question for everyone who was scammed? Have you received one letter or more? I could handle just one, but more...

    • profile image

      Craig Smith 10 months ago

      I don't want to get letters about billing so I changed my address. Will this stop them?

    • profile image

      Hydro 10 months ago

      Hello, I got scammed and I'm frightened. I used my PayPal and later cancelled my trial through PayPal as the site was useless. I then logged into my account and completely changed my address and name. I didn't change my email as I wanted to see if I'd get a cancellation email. I also sent an email to usenet and got a reply saying there's a high number of enquiries and it'd talk a while which is a bullshit excuse. Am I still safe?

    • profile image

      Mike McAllister 10 months ago

      It just happened to me today. I got a collection notice from TeschInkAsso. I'm not going to pay. I'm interested in knowing if anyone in the US has actually been taken to court or had the debt transferred to a US collection agency. Or are these guys just blowing smoke trying to see how much they can extort from unknowing victims. I am also going to contact Paypal to add my name to the list.

    • profile image

      ityphoons 10 months ago

      if its not paypal? I use my card. please help me i just signup and realizing this. Im from the philippines and i did not contact them through calling because its very expensive here in my cointry, so I use their online supprt form. but they are not replying. helpme. I signed up because i wanted to download a pdf of a book that was advertised by their website to study for an major exam. i only came there for the free trial package, im very poor i cant afford the billing. My mother works hard for the money that is in my account. I have total anxiety right now i cant handle it, I cant study! this situation is all im thinking right now. please help me!! :(.

    • profile image

      Tino 10 months ago

      Just happened to me a few days ago. They send me a mail saying that the free trial was expired, so therefore my account was "suspended".After, they asked me for a payment. However, I didn't want to subscribe, so I cancel it through PayPal.

      Therefore, they have send a mail to me today saying that they haven't received my cancellation; and asked me to pay it anyway.

      What should I do next to avoid paying to those scammers?

    • profile image

      Mill 10 months ago

      Yep; cancelled through Paypal's subscription services: so glad there was an option for that. Thanks for the detailed explanation and solution for those who chose to use Paypal. Kudos!

    • profile image

      olu 10 months ago

      seems there are many more people who have had or are having the same experience . that been said i keep getting emails from them and there supposed collection agency . anyone knows how to put a final stop to them and stop all the annoying emails.

    • profile image

      Pritesh shah 10 months ago

      Same here....Today , 64 Rs is deducted from my credit card by ...i got message on mobile .... Yesterday , i started free trial , what should i do to cancel this subscription and get back money.....

    • profile image

      Edd 10 months ago

      Ok so I wrote to usenet customer support, asking to cancel my contract. They confirmed, that my contract has been canceled. I hope its gonna be good.

    • melbel profile image

      Melanie Shebel 10 months ago from Midwest USA

      Cancel it with your credit card company.

    • profile image

      Edd 10 months ago

      Damn! I have the same problem. What should I do?? I put my card details not paypal!

    • profile image

      Julie 11 months ago

      My son received a bill from them and he has never used it. They have on it that he has a pasted due amount for 12/5/2017. How is that possible its only 6/27/2017. At the bottom of the invoice it has Yours faithfully. I dont know about anyone else but i have ever seen a business put that on a bill. I know this is one that will not get paid.

    • profile image

      Rachel 11 months ago

      They have tried to get €146 from me and sent letters to my home address. PayPal refunded and they won't be getting a penny

    • profile image

      Ziana 11 months ago

      I received an invoice in the mail, and I'd never even heard of until I received this invoice. I don't have an account with them, I've never signed up for anything, or used any of their services. I sent them a lengthy paragraph telling them so via their contact form. I also let them know not to expect a payment from me.

    • profile image

      Jack 11 months ago

      Today's victim a child below the age of 18 was going to stupidly pay £10 or €19 thanks to this I can go to the cinema tomorrow

    • profile image

      Sam 12 months ago

      Next victim here. I got a letter yesterday asking me to pay 23 euros or be transferred to a collection agency. They couldn't charge my Paypal account since I have no bank info linked to it. I wasn't bothered, since I had received several emails from them saying my account was blocked - I thought: no payment, account blocked so... deal off. They expect me to accept to pay even though my account was blocked and I never used the service. I'm contacting the police and a lawyer to hear what they have to say about this. is not seeing a dime from me.

    • profile image

      Cursel 12 months ago

      Hello from Washington State USA

      I too have gotten these scam debt collection letters on seemingly official looking documents. The Usenet letterhead states they are based out of Italy, the debt collection agency is based out of Germany, Usenet uses a Netherlands extension on their domain. That alone raises serious questions.

      They target worldwide. They threaten you legally and threaten to go after your credit history. This is actually extortion and the last time I checked extortion was still illegal here and most other places I assume as well.

      This scam company is very well organized and smart. They use online contracts that are very hard to get out of as their legal basis for payment due. They use international addresses to make it harder to pin them down. They send out professsional looking invoices and collection letters. They know that a percentage will pay without a fight and this is their market.

      I have written the Washington State Attorney Generals office with supporting documents and they have actually written Usenet. They are still waiting to hear back from the fake debt collection site but did get some sort of response from Usenet.

      So here is the situation. You are being extorted for money. They will use threats against you for payment. This is illegal. You need to write and talk to your local agency responsible for handling these issues. If you do nothing they will keep doing this to you and others. So dont do nothing do something that will contribute to stopping this.

    • profile image

      UmOkay 12 months ago

      Hi all,

      I can't believe that I'm also trapped in this kind of thing! I signed up for the free trial hoping to find a download for an old game but I can't even cancel the account. Thing is though, I linked the account to an old gift card (that holds a few cents) and not through Paypal... I have also sent them many of those 'inquiry' messages through their site and through email too. I really hope I can get a reply back saying that they cancelled my subscription...?

      Do you guys think they can still somehow charge me or report me even though my account is linked to some old gift card? Someone please help...! Thanks.

    • profile image

      diogenes 12 months ago

      To John Doe below. Paypal will commence an action if you rteport any company you are not happy with. You have to ask them to do this, of course. If they agree with your side, they will back charge the "scammer," and get your money back; advice you and keep the money in your Paypal account for you to use or have them transfer into your bank. At least, that is what I have done on three occasions. Good luck! Bob

    • profile image

      John doe 12 months ago

      I have a problem. I was also scammed, yet I never even recall signing up. So, I always thought that the emails they sent were spam and deleted everything. Since I don't have the termination email, what do I do?

    • profile image

      Dave211 14 months ago

      Thanks Melanie, for your post, Just a repeat of everyone else problem, I signed up for the 14 day free trial then abruptly cancelled out after about 3 hours trying to sort out the in's and out's of their messy program, but after cancelling out, two weeks later I find that they had taken out the initial payment from my PayPal account, so I put a block on their services via the PayPal office. They then informed me that I had signed up for two lots of their program,(don't recall that) and had only cancelled one?? why would anyone sign up for two of the same thing the same day then only cancel one?? I sent them an email stating that I was not interested or would I ever be using their services at any time, and that when something is cancelled it means cancelled, (to which they never responded) I have just received a reminder three months later of an outstanding amount of Eur110.00 but they can go jump in the lake, as I have all PayPal and the original cancellation emails from them, which I am keeping to one side, their shoddy book keeping records should show this already, so good luck with that one. I wont be paying them a dime.

    • profile image

      Nik 15 months ago

      Same thing for me, I got charge for 110$ my payment was canceled trough Paypal, am I safe then?

    • profile image

      lee 15 months ago

      im korean same situation

      I do not speak English so I have a lot of errors to solve the problem.

      I am into Google translation...

      i dont know what to do

      i removed paypal card But can not this be solved by this?

    • profile image

      remy 15 months ago

      same situation. I think we should all contact the fbi, or maybe interpol. This is an international fraud scheme

    • profile image

      Rachel 15 months ago

      I am in exactly the same situation described. I believe I was hacked and never signed up an account. I contacted PayPal then refunded the money. sent me a letter in the mail wanting money so I tried to call the number. It was international and wouldn't go through so I email them. Long story short, it's been 5 months and they are still hassling me. How do I get proof it is a scam? I want to know that I can't be taken to collections in the U.S. over this mess or even my wages garnished or some other strange situation.

    • profile image

      Same issue 15 months ago

      I cancelled my subscription like last year, it took over 3 months till they send a letter to my house telling me I didn't cancel my subscription, now I am not sure if I should pay just for the sake of getting them off my back but there is no reason why they cant provide a cancel button on the site for people to cancel, or just remove the charge from my account given I only tried the service for 2 days it was awful I uninstalled and cancel within like 2 days of trying...

      I don't have copies of the original Email I sent them because it was months ago to cancel it and I have over 7000 emails, but I do have the cancel on record with PayPal which clearly shows 2 days I cancel and my account was suspended too so they lose nothing I would lose nothing...

      Regardless of a Terms & Conditions there is no way to prove where I sent them information or not I am actually thinking about destroying my account and filling it up with blank information

    • profile image

      Skhan 16 months ago

      Hi Melanie

      I am getting the same emails and letters from them. What should I do?

    • profile image

      Emily 16 months ago

      Thank you for this review. My situation is very similar. Actually I don't even know if I signed up for the free trial or if just got my info, but somehow I ended up with not one, but two paypal billing agreements with them. I cancelled both billing agreements within less than 3o minutes, and went on my merry way thinking that all was fine and dandy.

      But of course, no way. I didn't go through all the proper cancellation channels for! Then I didn't hear from them again until this week when they sent me two nasty-grams telling me that I owe them 173 Euros for each of the two accounts. I took screen shots that showed when I cancelled the billing agreements through PayPal and sent them as proof to the collections company by email.

      Very quickly they sent me back an email that said my proof only showed that I refused to pay them, not that I cancelled my accounts with them. It went on to say that the terms and services I signed gave specific instructions about how to terminate accounts, and that since I had not followed those specific instructions, I did indeed owe them the money .

      Now I am still scratching my head wondering why on earth I ever signed up for a free trial with them, or even if I ever did. I don't remember ever hearing about them before seeing the two billing agreements on PayPal. And what am I supposed to do about their harassing letters?

      They are not a website or a company that anyone should go near AT ALL!!

    • profile image

      Handel 16 months ago

      Thank you Melanie for this excellent post. I find myself in virtually the same situation as described by your article. I recently, and foolishly, gave a chance without first googling. Well, that is a lesson learned. I have not yet received the payment harassment notices that you write about, but no doubt they are coming. appears to be a foreign-based (outside USA), scam operation.

      One serious concern is that they can do harm to a person’s good credit rating through false allegations of non-payment. Would anyone out there know about this? Have you considered filing a lawsuit in return, asking for a cease and desist regarding unwarranted payment demands?

      If enough potential “scam-ees” banded together, perhaps file a joint lawsuit against these vile scammers? I note that have been sued by several major media companies for copyright infringement. This ragtag outfit apparently lives in this cesspool of conflict and deception. It is their element.

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 17 months ago from Mississauga, ON

      Thanks for letting your readers and followers know. I hate those scam and collection tactics based on fear factor. I am glad you didn't fall for this fraud.

      I wish you a merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very happy new year in advance.

    • UnnamedHarald profile image

      David Hunt 17 months ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

      It can be very unnerving to have undeserved threats of increasing costs. I commend you on your perseverance and cool under fire. Personally, I never sign up for "free" trials that require payment information up front (PayPal account, credit card info, etc) no matter who is offering it. It is in the interest of even "legitimate" businesses to make cancellation difficult. Great article.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 17 months ago from UK and Mexico

      Well done. There is so much of this disgusting scamming going on on the Internet. You have to look ten times at each button you press to make sure you are not being dragged in further to one scheme or another. Adding automatic renewal to many services when you have not requested same is one glaring problem. I agree that Paypal, a great service, needs to become more proactive regarding these unsavoury tactics and perhaps make it easier to use their site to seek remedy.


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