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University of Phoenix Fraud! Huge Scam!

Updated on October 20, 2016

Thinking about attending a 4-year online college? Think again. The University of Phoenix Online is a huge for-profit diploma mill. This online college operates to take your money and teach you nothing. I know this for a fact because I attended their Bachelors of Science in Information Technology program, I graduated with a conceited 3.9 grade point average, and almost a year after graduating from their program, I am still unemployed. I didn't learn anything in their program, only type papers all day long, and I have a huge $50,000.00 debt in student loans that I have to pay back.

A former employee of the University of Phoenix Online claims this fraudulent business is there first and foremost only for the money. You can read his entire claim published 5/31/2009 here:

So, if education doesn't matter, why allow for any college or university to remain in operation if money is the first and only issue? Why isn't the Department of Education shutting down this huge scam?

I've done tons of online research and at web site "", I've read about students getting easy A's and I mean easy. Former students claimed receiving an A for turning in work late but they still got an A as in 100%. Other students on this web site claimed they got 98% because they failed to turn in a bibliography or works cited page. Well, isn't it called plagiarism if you don't turn in a bibliography page?

I was particularly interested in the section about the University of Phoenix awards ceremony. The sales people, the enrollment counselors, got 70% of the awards, the academic counselors got 20%, and the financial aid counselors got the remaining 10%. Well why would a financial aid counselor get an award? For what? Financial aid counselor of the year?

We need to shut down this diploma mill now!

I'm glad I attended the University of Phoenix Online because my 2 years there has proven that this college is indeed a huge scam!

A Few Obvious Signs of this Diploma Mill in Operation:

1. They enroll anyone and everyone meaning if you can't get accepted at any 2 year or 4 year college, they will accept you, even if you failed your S.A.T. exam.

2. You don't have to take any SAT or other scholastic achievement college entrance examinations to enroll.

3. You don't have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) to enroll in graduate level study.

4. The majority of colleges and universities in the U.S.A. state that if you have been out of college for 10 years, all of your college credits that you have earned become expired, meaning, you have to start all over again, as a freshman with 0 college credits. University of Phoenix Online will still accept your college credits even if you've been out of school for 20 years.

5. They will take life experiences as college credit.

6. They enroll people with extremely bad English grammar and writing skills.

7. They say that they'll train you and teach you job skills like how professionals do it in the real world and they don't.

8. Classes are an easy 5 weeks of typing papers and relying on the person with the most knowledge to pass the learning team.

9. Classes are taught by facilitators, not instructors or teachers.

10. You will get some nasty instructors that won't answer any of your telephone calls or emails until the class is over. I can prove it with my Windows Networking instructor, Mr. Paul Rouk because he finally contacted me 2 weeks after the class was over! As a teacher, shouldn't you be passionate about helping your students succeed and become over-achievers? I would help my students succeed in every possible way, not ignore their telephone calls or email messages, wait 2 weeks until the class is finished, and then offer the student help. What if the student failed the class and had to repeat it again? What if the student had to repeat the same class with the same instructor?

11. The academic and financial aid counselors will be there for you saying even though you're not learning anything, once you get your bachelors degree, you'll be able to get a better job in your field of study. They're telling you this and being nice to you so they can get paid but what they should be telling you is that once you graduate, you'll have a "worthless" degree in your hands. Once you graduate, you'll be unemployed and wish you attended your local state university. I graduated a year ago in July 2008 and I'm still unemployed. I've read complaints about former students who graduated 3 years ago and are still not working in their field because they were improperly and inadequately trained.

12. Many employers don't acknowledge resumes with the University of Phoenix credential.

13. They only care about your money, not the education you receive.

14. Cheating and plagiarism is widepread at the University of Phoenix Online. Online students constantly cheat on their individual and learning team assignements, as well as, plagiarize on their writing assignments. The University of Phoenix deletes all of its online classroom correspondence so that this information cannot be investigated by the United States Department of Education.

15. No information about faculty. You cannot call up a faculty member and inquire about the program of study you're interested in, what students really learn, and what companies former students are currently working for. Their faculty hold college degrees if not from diploma mill, University of Phoenix, then from other diploma mills.

16. No information about its graduates. Only 2% of students complete their programs of study. Eventually, this statistic adds to the student loan default rate because graduates cannot get hired in their field of study with their University of Phoenix degee.

Call 866-766-0766 today and ask an enrollment counselor what companies in the past have hired its graduates and they won't give you a name of one company. So, why attend if you cannot get hired with the poor quality of education offered by the University of Phoenix?

Basically, they'll do anything to get your foot in the door. I've heard scandals that they have enrolled students who don't hold valid high school diplomas or a G.E.D. and that is a serious offense, because in order to qualify for financial aid such as Pell grants or subsidized Stafford loans, you need a valid high school diploma or G.E.D.

Lastly, the University of Phoenix has lost several legal battles and paid one settlement of more than $250 million dollars for de-frauding investors. The University of Phoenix lost another legal battle to former employees who claimed they were discriminated against because they were not affiliated with the Mormon religion. The University of Phoenix ended up paying 9 million dollars to those former employees. Google "University of Phoenix lawsuit lawsuit legal battle" and you'll find more cases.

We need to stop this online college scam now! We need to bring down this 2-billion-dollar company now!


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    • profile image

      Chuck 7 weeks ago

      I just finished my last class for the University and I can say that my experience is completely different from what everyone seems to be explaining. I have not only used the knowledge I have gained in the Bachelors of Science in Information Technology in my current job but it has also helped me gain a lot of ground with the senior analysts. I have created websites, configured virtual networking environments, wrote programs, and configured servers through their virtual labs. I have landed a pretty good job due to my progress through the program and am looking at a pay raise when I am finished with my degree. The only time I was misled was when I was told I could get Microsoft Office for free since I was a student. Not sure why everyone is pissed, I found the courses to be challenging and full of knowledge. I will say that some classes do have facilitators but most of them had instructors who were very responsive with questions and feedback.

    • profile image

      Melissa 2 months ago

      Worst decision I ever made was signing up with them. Two years waisted and dealing with their websites crashing that are mandatory to watch and test from. Videos froze and not short ones like hours long videos and when they froze.. you had to start over.. which made my final assignment minutes late and bcz of that I was removed from uop and charged $18,000+ now I don't get my tax check, which helps me pull through from year to year. Thank you UOP for absolutely nothing! Never recommend this school to anyone.

    • profile image

      Pin 2 months ago

      I've noticed that numerous people complained about not getting jobs with their Uopx degrees. I'm curious about that because the people I know were about to find jobs with their Uopx. Maybe it's your area, or maybe it's the people in the comments that toss the degrees in the garbage when they see UOPX on the application. I know a person that took three years to find a job with her Compass careers degree, and a coworker that took 7 years to get a job with her Southeastern University degree.

    • profile image

      Allison Mancuso 2 months ago

      Said I had a loan. I didn't credit ruined.I am a single mom, I got sick at the the end of school had to take a break, I had cancer, and they scammed me, disgusting.

    • profile image

      SMS 4 months ago

      (2010 degree graduate) I was mislead from the very beginning by the enrollment counselor regarding loans. I did not want any loans but was instructed signing up for them was part of the enrollment application. I kept telling her I didn't want any loans because I could not afford them later. She told me I had nothing to worry about and would even have extra money for books. After a week or so later, I started receiving loan documents stating my loan amounts. WTF! I tried to call and speak with the counselor and always got her voice mail with no returned call. Suddenly, she was no longer employed with UOP. I called and spoke with someone regarding the loans and was called a liar. The women told me I only had two options: 1.)I could take the loan money and spend it however I wanted or 2) I could use it for school but I COULD NOT return or revoke the loans!! What a joke!

    • profile image

      AssdownFaceUP 6 months ago

      I did the prior learning portfolio and it cost me $500 in CASH to get the credits! I got huge disbursements every 12-16 weeks it was great for my addiction. My financial adviser was a joke, way to many people calling me giving conflicting information that caused some irreparable harm. I was even extorted once delaying my graduation date. Academic integrity is not a baseline standard across the board lacking in unified conformity amongst faculty making those instructors upholding it complete tools.

    • profile image

      Rebecca Moses 6 months ago

      Will there be a class action lawsuit againts this diploma mill college? I want to be notified if that comes up. I figured since this college had actual campuses that it was legitimite. I stopped attending when told by several employers that my degree would not be taken seriously. I got out before I finished and got myself way in debt. But still almost $14,000 in debt in student loans. I had no idea, and feel like I completely wasted my time and didn't learn a darn thing.

    • profile image

      KR2009 UNFORTUNATE MBA 7 months ago

      I see that some of you say it is best not to put UOP on your resume did anyone get a job after doing this. I am in so much debt that it equals my house pay off note.

    • profile image

      Patience 7 months ago

      I have been attending this school for a year now and feel as though I have learned absolutely nothing in the field of study that I am going for. The classes that I have taken are all a spin off of the others resulting in complete nonsense. I have taken one or two ethics classes, a ethics law class, three different management communication type classes all of it being the same material.I am very unsatisfied with the material that I am learning and am thinking about changing schools but am upset that I have wasted a year of my life on this nonsense.

    • profile image

      amy 8 months ago

      Has a lawsuit been filed for misrepresentation?

    • profile image

      Willie 9 months ago

      I attended the university of phoenix in 2009 as a Doctoral Student. I did not receive need help from my mentor. The only input she gave was to stay focussed. Each time I sent her my proposal for review she stated that it was good. Reviewers sent the proposal back to me for changes. Each time I made the suggested changes a different reviewer would request more changes. This has gone on for two years. I requested a different mentor and my academic advisor would tell me to keep the one I had for fear of not obtaining a new mentor. After six years of hard work the money ran out and now I owe upwards of 127.000 dollars. My salary will not allow me to make monthly payments of 1300 dollars. I am in deferment status and fear that I may become homeless. My suggestion to others is to not attend this school. They only want to get as much money from you as possible.

    • profile image

      Picasso11 9 months ago

      Unfortunately, I know someone whom actually paid for a Masters Degree in Web Design from this scam fest of a facility - And NEVER constructed a website in 3 years of schooling - I'm not calling it a "college"....Because it isn't!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      reneevh 24 months ago

      I'd like to sigh up for the law suit.09 graduate.

    • profile image

      reneevh 24 months ago

      Can we get our student loans forgiven if we can't find a job and didn't learn anything, because of the fast pace. University of Phoenix let you graduate, whether you learn or not, they just wanted the money. Classaction please..

    • profile image

      Cheri Fancher 2 years ago

      I have debt of over $44K from attending classes from UOP. I too was not able to gat a job in Criminal Justice, my first program attended.... not from any of the others either. I would like to be involved in this suite against UOP.

    • profile image

      Carie 3 years ago

      I too have been totally ripped off and misled by this "school". Because of this I am now $116,000 in debt, no job and because I am about maxed out I can't go back to a real university who actually places you in decent well paid jobs because I am ineligible for any federal aid and because of no job certainly cannot pay for it out of pocket. I believe there does need to be a class action lawsuit to shut this lowlife lying scumbag fake university down. I had a 3.9 GPA plus a 1250 SAT score in high school, I didn't need to attend this school. All I needed was guidance from counselors and parents of which I didn't receive. Here I am almost 40 with no job and a massive debt I can never possibly re-pay. I want my money refunded to the government so I can take another course of study at a real school who will actually help me find employment!!! UOP needs to be shut down and all loans from them forgiven so those of us who had the misfortune of attending can better ourselves.

    • profile image

      Jeff 3 years ago

      Feel free to sign me up to the lawsuit. Phoenix is an industry leader in greed and all they want is to crush your dreams, not help you in rising like a phoenix. No one will ever hire you based on your phoenix degree. No one...

    • profile image

      venita humphrey 3 years ago

      I too have been ripped off by uop. I graduated in 2009 still not job and a bunch of loans to pay off. I've called and called and heard nothing back from them. If you are thinking about this school. PLEASE think again.

    • profile image

      Cory 3 years ago

      University of Phoenix scam. Tell Congress to forgive UOP student loan debt and shut this school down by signing my petition below. Please share with anyone that will listen.

    • shaundonohue profile image

      shaundonohue 3 years ago

      I too would love to be a part of this law suite. UOP steals money, their commercials lie. no job assistance.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      A BIG SCAM. Do not attend. Totally worthless.

    • profile image

      dawn 3 years ago

      I am interested in the suit!

    • profile image

      lacy bybee 3 years ago

      Hello. When I graduated. High school in 2009...I attended university online of phoenix. ..for my associates degree in Graphic design. When I took my first class....I was told my financial aid would cover not everything. So I then had to inquire and get my dad to cosign a $4000 student loan so I could FINISH it...they mentioned that every class would be an additional 4000 or so. I would love to be part of this lawsuit. I got out of this school at two months. Please get a hold of me at 714-318-3507 or

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      ucdsteve 3 years ago

      I found no respect in the business world with an MBA from UoP. Before you earn it you will be required to do more work and pay more in tuition then at other universities for a degree that for me has been worthless. The reasons are many. The caliber of the student body extremely low because of open enrollment anyone can attend UoP, and as you will see, most of them could not get accepted anywhere else, so you will be forced to carry those students through the program in the Learning Team environment. UoP does not employee professors or licensed teachers only facilitators who do no teaching only facilitate the class according to a predetermined curriculum. Everything you learn, you will learn on your own, and those who not want to learn anything and just want a degree, they can get that here, which is why I have found their degrees are not respected in the business community. That has been my experience.

    • profile image

      ALien 3 years ago

    • profile image

      Olivier Eaton 4 years ago from Detroit, MI

      I am so interested in the class action lawsuit:

      Olivier Eaton

      971 Continental

      Detroit, MI 48215

    • profile image

      Olivier Eaton 4 years ago from Detroit, MI


      I am so interested in being involved in this class action suit. I was taken advantage of as a student. I enrolled in the campus in Southfield MI. My first class, was a portfolio class. I had to pay $150.00 out of my pocket for this class. Came to class everyday, passed the class barely. Because of the restraints they put on this class. I worked hard in this class and the instructors were nasty to the students. One of the teachers included: ( I will find out her name). Her attitude were nasty and unprofessional. I made it to the next class. I was working on my assignment in the computer lab. I pick-up a virus from the computer lab at the school. I informed Dr. Lumumba of this problem. He gave (4) days to do this paper. I turned the paper in (3) days, never received any points for my paper. I received a D from the class. I had to retake the class and wait till Winter Semester to re-take the class. I passed the class from an excellent professor named: D. Napier

      She made feel like a student and I got my money's worth. She wanted to know about me as a student. That made want to continue on. By the way I passed her class with a high (B). Now I want to go to another school. I received a refund check paid for my supplies & the retake of the class. I called FASA and asked a question concerning this situation. I was told that I must pay that monies back towards my student loans. U of Phoenix is trying to get almost $6,000 out of me to pay them and I must pay $6,000 towards my National Direct Loan. That sounds like a serious scam to me. My transcripts are blocked because I wanted to attend another reputable University. This bill collector called Capstone Collections has been blowing up my phone, calling my neighbors houses on the block. I need help!!!!!!

      Please include me in this lawsuit:

      Olivier Eaton

      971 Continental

      Detroit, MI 48215

    • profile image

      Steven Fowler 4 years ago

      Well I just recently got away from the University of Phoenix. I paid what I owed and got out. My discrepancy was with the whole use of the anti plagiarism software. No matter what I wrote in my own words, I was constantly being accused of plagiarism and failed after having completed 6 classes already with no issues. I tried to appeal, but that was no good, so I found an online school that doesn't use that kind of software, when I spoke to my adviser, she tried to make me feel guilty for leaving the school.......I told her to get bent and dropped out and am now attending a local community college for half the price and better education. So I encourage you to GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN. University of Phoenix was a big waste of time and money.

    • profile image

      Allie 4 years ago

      I am an unfortunate graduate of University of Phoenix and have been trying to get certified as a teacher in my home state. I was told by my department of edcation case worker that the program I took was a "generic" program. The adviser at the school I went to for my B.S. who assisted me with some of my struggles said that no schools in my state consider the University of Phoenix as a quality school. As well I was told that to get certified I would have to continue my education completing a Post Baccalaureate to complete my certification in my home state. I paid thousands of dollars for a worthless degree and now my son may have to move from the one home he has ever known.

      Although I is nice to vent here, it is not enough. I contacted my local newspaper and the gentleman I spoke with said he would investigate it further for me. If we ALL contact or local newspapers and news stations if noting else we can get the information out there so that this doesn't have to continue t reek financial havic on any more people. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!!!!

    • profile image

      jazz 4 years ago

      DO NOT GIVE GI BILL, they will ABUSE IT!

    • profile image

      Smallville 4 years ago

      I do not Know if any of you have seen or remember those"I am a Phoenix "commercials well I called Phoenix to see if they could name any company that hired any UoP graduates the man on the phone said "no" which leads me to believe those were just actors, and they claim to have "teamed up"with big companies "all I can say they are not granting these companies full disclosure concerning how they conduct business.

      I also would like add if any counsellor's are reading these complain ts to join in with a lawsuit against this diploma mill.

      I also would like to join any and all lawsuits against this so called school. my # 917-769- 1747

    • profile image

      Rochelle Culbreath 4 years ago

      I am in how do I join the lawsuit?

    • profile image

      leesaps 4 years ago

      My fellow x or current students: We have all been pushed or scammed at UOP AXIA or UOP so why do we not all work together to get something done besides talking?

      I don't know who has to start a class action law suit. Do individuals find a class action attorney to start it for us? I've asked lawyers; they either say they don't handle it or don't respond to my questions.

      Surely someone can help us fight back. All I want is this off my credit, which, I did not know about it until I tried to refinance my house and I was shocked with over 20 thousand in debt to UOP. I also want the money paid back by UOP to the lender (Wells Fargo & the government) and my credit back to good standing as before the student loan thing.

      People have asked how this happened. Axia told me I had to fill out papers for the loan but I was poverty level and had a dependent and my grants would cover the cost. The school then pressured and pressured and harassed me to get a BS degree . The school even enrolled me and charged me for being late but after severe protest they took that charge off. I threatened them to take it to court; they caved in and took me off enrollment to the class. They told me."There is no need for that, we'll remove you from class enrollment". You never even have the same assistant for long.

      Let us all stick together to fight them for what is right. I will try again and all who have written in about being scammed contact your Attorney General of your state first. Us can do more than I.


    • profile image

      student 4 years ago

      I am not a college student at the university of phoenix. I am a high school student. But after high school I was planning to go to the university of phoenix. Now that I stumbled across this page. I now believe that you guys are right. Thinks for the info. You guys probably saved me a world of trouble in the future.

    • profile image

      Tonia Cook 4 years ago

      Exactly! It's comparable to the mortgage scandal. The pressure to sign you up into something you do not want to go into so that they can profit is blatant. I originally wanted to get an associates degree in hotel/hospitality and since they only offered that online, I was pushed into going for a bachelors on campus. I'm not sure how it's done now since they received a lot of flack some years back, but it was just as so many described for me. I was doing other students work because of the team aspect and most were way below my level and that is pretty bad!!! But they received A's and even in individual work. I reevaluated and took a break, but ended up not going back. I figured I was in 2 years and deep, but if I went another 2 years; it would be worse and didn't seem worth it to me. I wasn't learning anything and now stuck in this for the rest of my life because I cannot afford to pay back and the interest keeps piling up. The collection calls try to threaten and are more aggressive than any other. I do accept responsibility, but at the same time I do not think it's right in this economy where people are trying to better themselves; but unfortunately fall easy prey to this scam.

    • profile image

      Franny 4 years ago

      Omg!! I got totally screwed over i was online looking to get a creative writing degree i am dyslexic and i wanted to work on my spelling i was 19 and well ignorant a man called me and was all flirty flirt pants even asked me for a picture and flirted up a storm told me i was approved for financial aid and enrolled me in an intro to online learning and a creative writing class i was so excited the first person in my family to go to college but anyway 2 days before my final i got a phone call from my financial adviser saying they made a mistake and i no longer had financial aid and if i continued to attend class id be charged 1,500 a class so i dropped out 3 months later i got calls saying i owe the school 2,000 dollars and that itd be turned over to collections if i didn't pay up my the guy who signed me up and my financial adviser disappeared and now they are on my credit report for 3000 dollars worse choice i ever made and i felt so stupid letting a sweet talking man fool me

    • profile image

      jemdoll137 4 years ago

      I attended UOP in Westborough MA on campus. I did not take one online course hoping it would be a different experience from what I read online. I was wrong. I did the Masters in Business Administration program and received my Masters in September. I was laid off a month later and have been unemployed since. When I was unemployed the last time I had at least three interviews a week. I have not received one interview yet. I agree with everything people are saying. I took my bachelors at Framingham State University in Psychology and loved it. UOP is a joke. You did not learn anything in class. All you did was talk about your work experience and how it can relate to the readings. The exams were a joke and half the information was not in the readings. I took notes on all the readings and had over 100 pages of notes and could not find half the crap on the exams. I have also been told by several people who work HR departments that they would not hire a UOP. Waste of money, waste of time. If there is any lawsuits going on please contact me.

    • profile image

      Ruth Ann Williams 4 years ago

      I am going through the same thing! If there's a class action suit, I want in! or!

    • profile image

      ccb 4 years ago

      My wife and I have also been mislead by UoP. Please contact me with information about a class action suit.

    • profile image

      Britt 4 years ago

      I feel completely scammed by the University of Phoenix, and upon feeling scammed I feel like the amount of money they want from me is outragious. I completed a year...possibly slightly under, I withdrew after having my child. They called me and asked for money or else it would go to collections. I paid $2,500 from a grant, and they said that's all I owe, and I paid it and was done. Now their linked financial institution Nelnet keeps calling me telling me I owe $7,000 something dollars, and I utterly feel like that amount should never be fulfilled. Because my education sure did not get fulfilled. I might compromise with them, but I am not going to pay that much money for a scam. Anyone know what I can do? Do I have options?

    • profile image

      Christie 4 years ago

      Me and my husband are being screwed by UOP, The financial aid department is a pure joke! And yes I have seen it with my own eyes, classmates plagiarizing and nothing is being done! Me and my husband have been attending UOP for almost 2 years for IT programming, and he is just now attending classes dealing with computers, the first year and a half has been a complete waist. I'm in for the suit!

    • profile image

      Tiffanie 4 years ago

      UoP is a joke! Plagiarism is all over the place and the "facilitators" lack any concern for the education of the students. The financial aide department has screwed me over big time. Lawsuit?....I'm in:

    • profile image

      melissacus 4 years ago

      I could write a huge paragraph explaining my reasoning for being here, but I have a feeling that everyone here reading this, already knows and can sympathize. I was duped by University of Phoenix and completely mislead by their representatives. That's all they were, they aren't adviser's or teacher's. They're people looking for easy money, and they're incompetent; knowing very little information on how to help their students. We definitely need to file some sort of dispute and form a class action suit. Please contact me at and I'll do everything I can to take them down and help all of us with the debt we owe for nothing. I definitely should have used more of my common sense before making the decision to put my faith in them. They feed off of people who have very little time, money, or options and that's bullshit. Let's fight em.

    • profile image

      Steph 4 years ago

      I wish I read these reviews and comments before I applied to the UoP such as waste of money I guess I need to drop out and pray that the credit I have now will transfer but thank goodness my debt is low because of you guys. I am totally all in for the class action suit, someone please contact me with the details @

    • profile image

      Angry UOP Student 4 years ago

      I enrolled at U.O.P. to complete my California Teaching Credential and my Master's in Secondary Education. I completed ALL courses for both programs, except that I decided to not do the the "student teaching" for my credential program since teachers were getting "pink slipped". I did not want to enter the profession of teaching in its state of instability. I do know that I did not complete my credential and I was okay with that since I decided to not teach after all. So, when I called U.O.P for my certificate for my Master's they said I did not complete my master's because I did not do the student teaching. U.O.P. and its staff never disclosed this to me. Completing my master's courses was not dependent on completing my credential program. I am angry that they are making all my hard work and monetary sacrifices be for nothing. I got loans for over $25,000 to pay for about two years at U.O.P. and I have been paying them ever since I thought I was a "Graduate" of U.O.P., but according to U.O.P. I did not earn my Master's so, to them, I am not a graduate.

      I have asked them to send me copies of their "policy" that I signed upon my enrollment stating that I had to complete all portions of my credential in order to earn my master's. So I am waiting to see what they will create. Since my request, the staff member emailed me saying that now I have the option to complete two additional courses in order to get my master's degree. So now, if I chose do take this new route, I would have to pay for two more courses which were never part of the master's program coursework just so that they can give me the degree I already earned!

      Do you have any suggestions or advice? I would appreciate anything.

    • profile image

      Phillip Robertson 4 years ago

      I am interested in a class action suit as story has already been told by a few of you here, let's suffice to say I attained my AA in Info Tech and left during the start of the Bachelor's program due to a huge, growing debt and inability to even be taken seriously when looking for work. Please contact me with any info regarding a suit. One thing worth mentioning as well, as I have since learned it was illegal for the advisors to do this...I originally expressed interest in music production, and was misled into thinking the IT program would provide this. It was not until much further down the line I realized I had been deceived.

    • profile image

      sarahmanley 4 years ago

      I can't believe how many of us got screwed. If there's a class action suite, let me know:

      I went there for the associate's program for human services management and think the degree is bullcrap. I'm in the last block of "classes" and can't even get my worthless diploma cuz the financial aid got messed up and I have to pay them $1700 to get my diploma, so I guess that was a waste of time.

      People need to do their research, this place is a diploma mill and we are all victims.

    • profile image

      rafaelespericueta 4 years ago

      I taught for UoP online for a couple of years, a decade ago. The class was called "College Algebra", but at California community colleges (where I've taught for a quarter of a century) the material is simply the second half of what we call "Elementary Algebra". This is highly misleading, and students never had to take a real exam (just open-book, open friend). They emphasize group work at UoP, which in math means the one who knows the math does the work while the others just go along for the ride. Nobody fails. They also pay their instructors about half of what one student pays to take the class; poorly paid instructors won't be very motivated. A diploma mill, that's about right. UoP is in it for the money, and the student gets a "piece of paper". Sad but true. Interesting by way of contrast are the new wave of free online courses taught by professors famous in their fields from such institutions as Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT, Caltech, Princeton, Harvard, and many others. Udacity and Coursera are two companies that offer these top-quality courses for free to everyone. I would hire a student who had taken lots of these free courses over a UoP graduate any day!

    • profile image

      Alicia 4 years ago

      I am a Pre- kindergarten teacher. I did a fair amount of research before enrolling into the University of Phoenix. The convenience was the major selling point for me. I work full time and would not have been able to attend classes at the local university. Many people in early education are often working and putting themselves through school. I am a great teacher working with a state certification and AA for early education. I, very much like an idiot, ignored the warning signs and decided to have faith in the Phoenix. I decided a BA in education would look great along with my little Community College AA and certification. I was misled like you all.

      This program is a cake walk compared to the gut busting curriculum I endured at my little CC. I have only had 4 instructors from UoP comment on and critique my work. When I ask for advice, I received a lot of avoidance and single sentance replies. It is a cold environment that runs like clockwork. I have almost completed my stint here. I will be thousands in debt for it. If I ever decide to go for an elementary teaching job, I will have to convince them that I am not an idiot, but a professional who is willing to quickly learn what her deadbeat university failed to teach her. I am hoping desperately that my moxie and tenacity will help me get a decent job in the future so that I can begin paying off a bit of this debt.

      The sad part is that there are many intelligent well meaning people who are being duped by UoP, myself included. Many of my classmates are amazing students and people.

      I would also like to see some of you should ease up on calling all UoP students stupid. Your frustrations with the system should not be directed at those who honestly aimed to give themselves a fighting chance. As a person who teaches small children, I am reminded daily of the power of words. While reading this thread, you almost had me convinced that I was stupid and incapable of typing a grammatically correct sentence. Way to go, you guys.

      It is not polite. Isn't it bad enough that we are all thousands in debt. My first big decision about debt(I don't own a car ,home, or two year cell phone plan or credit card) and it was completely wasted. Let that be enough.

    • profile image

      Drea 5 years ago

      We need a class action suit.. I am a current student and they are holding my pell grant hostage.. I am ready to quit maybe I should seeing as my diploma wont mean anything anyway..

      count me in

    • profile image

      withdrawn student 5 years ago

      I just withdrawn for this school before my debt got out of control. I did get an associates in healthcare administration/medical records. Guess what I cannot get hired in the medical records department at all. I went through the motions of getting a mentor of course never heard anything but got phone calls on how they would look into this. I finally had enough and withdrew today after one week in my class, the financial advisor was not in the his office but as soon as I withdrew he was on the phone calling me with an attitude on why I was leaving, I'm tired of discussion questions, Learning Teams, and all we do is type papers and I'm so tired of it. After a week of class I left and was told that I know owe them and this was said with an attitude "you owe us 446.00 for the week you were in class or I will turn the bill into collections". I had a few choice words advised my new school who is not for profit and online about it and how I may not get my transcript in time for the new classes and she could not believe what I was telling her she then went on to tell me there is a lady who works there and left phoenix for their shady acts and will do what she can to help me. The grammar when answering discussion questions are unbelievable and I have had ENOUGH let alone the debt yeah I got sucker in but I woke up. I hope those who are praising phoenix online get what they need out to this scam but I think they will have to find out the hard way.

    • profile image

      Raquel 5 years ago

      I have only taken two classes and all I have to say is this school is a joke and I fell for it too. My gut was telling me something was wrong and I decided to do more research. I am glad I decided to do research and not work on my paper. The learning teams are a joke and the instructors are even worse. I sent in a late assignment with bad grammer, no spell check, and it was awful. I got a 90 are you kidding me. I was killing myself for two weeks and called my advisor to tell him I can't do this anymore. He told me I had to finish this class so I won't have to pay any out of pocket cost. My advisor told me to send in my assignment late, and don't worry about the rest. I am so glad this is the last week so I can get myself signed into a real university. The fact that my advisor said to me just send in the assignment late and basically half ass all my work really says alot about this school. It's a shame what they are doing and they are taking advantage of people.

    • profile image

      Dusty 5 years ago

      26k in loans and feel like I was ripped off, im all in for class action, please email info for suit

    • profile image

      JesusLopez 5 years ago

      Thankyou so much everyone Ive been on the phone with this asshole for the past hour about U of P enrollment ...What a bunch of Bullshit this guys feeding me he supposed to be calling me back in an hour to walk me through the aplication ...Thank God I did my reserch when he calls back im gonna give Steve a piece of my mind ...wish you guys the best on that lawsuit ...DRAIN THEM OUT OF BUSSINESS

    • profile image

      Sara 5 years ago

      I teach at a community college and HIGHLY recommend it over this crappy online outfit that should be put out of business. For a fraction of the money you can at least get your associates degree with dedicated and caring faculty, with considerations for working students. Nighttime and weekend course options are plenty. And transferable credits for legitimate 4 year programs. Average cost is about $30 per credit hour or less, so do the math.

    • profile image

      Roberto 5 years ago

      My Masters degree in Psychology (2009) at the UoP is useless and my debt is $ 40,500. I do not even qualified for a Case Manager for a non profit organization...i want to hang myself, I learn how to hate myself, I know how a stupid person looks like: ME.

    • profile image

      Instructor 5 years ago

      Take a look at some of the posts from UoP students and see for yourself how stupid they are. Take Missy for example.....using "there" instead of "their",,,,run-on, grammatically incorrect sentences...etc. This is the typical UoP student. It isn't just grammar....they can't understand basic logic and have virtually no intelligence about the world.'s not just the students. Many of the instructors are just as stupid and the administrators are enablers. Everything about this school is horrible.

    • profile image

      kettycalm728 5 years ago

      We should all get together. So our voice can be HEARD!!!

    • profile image

      missD 5 years ago

      I just graduated from U of P with my associates in early childhood education with no problems except for going through academic advisors and financial aide advisors like they were candy. I opted to enroll in there bachelors program and after attending 4 days of the bachelors program and becoming ill and having to have surgery to fix the issues, I dropped out and officially withdrew from the university and since I have withdrawn I have had several phone calls and nasty messages from U of P telling me I need to come back and that I need to pay them 444.41 for 4 days worth of classes, when I TOLD the lady that other universities give you one week to withdraw after being in classes because that from my understanding from Federal financial aid guidelines were that they were not allowed to charge for anything because it was the "grace" period, this counselor and finance advisor personal tried to tell me that it was absurd and that they have never heard anything like that in there 17 years of working for the school. REALLY 17 YEARS and you dont know the guidelines for federal aide? They told me they would take my credit card payment and such over the phone, I hung up on them and they continue to email me, I refuse to respond to them even with their threats of " ruining my credit" and sending out a credit report to the agencies to put a mark on my credit score because I WON'T PAY what they want for dropping the course. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?!?!



    • profile image

      Another UoP Instructor 5 years ago

      I teach online. This school sucks. The students are worthless turds. I work full time and wouldn't hire anyone with a UoP degree. I get paid about $7/ hr. I can work in my spare time at home so I haven't quit, but I think about it every day. The crap I put up with from the students isn't worth the money. Seriously, roughly 10% of the students are mentally retarded. The rest are just bad.

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      I am currently a student at UoP and 4 classes left till graduation with an associates degree in Psychology. I have already enrolled for the bachelors degree program, but after reading these comments, I think I will withdraw. This really sucks because I am currently expecting my third child and was looking forward to staying at home with him/her and finishing my studies. I am also interested in a lawsuit if anyone is looking for more people to join in. My e-mail is Please put in the subject line lawsuit:UoP so that I can make sure it does not get spammed. Thank you very much for this much needed information!

    • profile image

      leesaps 5 years ago

      Someone please tell me how to sign up a class action suit. These people (UOP AXIA) have started garnishing wages. If this is done I will lose my house. My story is the same as yours, aggressive counselors, lies about our grants really being loans, and threats to garnish wages. Help. What to do first? I am from NC. Thanks(I was in school 2008)

    • profile image

      Stepheny 5 years ago

      I can't believe this crap!!! I now see that I am not the only one that got screwed!!! I attended UOP 4 years ago, I was pregnant with my first child and taking care of my disabled father whole taking these "courses" and lost my father not long after I started. I missed posting one assignment because I couldn't get service at the hospital where he was and they failed me, not even giving me a chance to do make up work!!! Therefore dropped me from the school. Devistated I tried to put my best foot forward and had my daughter shortly after. They even sent me checks in the mail for books, how can I use the money to pay for "online" books?!!! I thought that was all included?!! They told me I qualified for financial aide or pal grant is what they called it. They have now garnished my checks, taken mine and my husband's income taxes for the past 2 years and I have added it up and it comes close to $10,000 dollars. When I contacted them, first they hung up on me and after trying 3 more times the lady tells me I still owe $4,000 dollars. She stated I had gotten a government loan and not a pal grant. I have a lawyer already and we'll see how much farther they really want to take this. I was told that I would have to fly to UOP to receive my diploma and pay an additional $75.00 to get it!!! Really not happy with this "so called school!" they have now left me finically stranded due to being on maternity leave and now can not go back to work because of the situation.

    • profile image

      Erin Ingram 5 years ago

      Wow! I too was scammed by them as was many others on facebook. Just started this page on fb!/groups/395216980494642/ and here's my story: All universities offer online courses and most are a lot cheaper and have much more valid credentials than U of P. I was supposed to be a social worker by now, according to the salesman who roped me into them. Toobad UOP isn't accredited by the Council on Social Work education (CSWE) or else I would be and in order to be a social worker you have to receive a degree from an CSWE acccredited institution. But they won't tell you that. Same thing for many professions such as lawyers, and many others. Go here to find out if your intended profession is one of them: Thanks UOP for putting me so deep into debt for a degree I cannot use!

    • profile image

      Candace 5 years ago

      After watching some of U of P's commercials I just wanted to know if they were legit... ha! goes exactly with what I found on youtube

      Many comments above said "our government should do something" - this is where you must inform yourself... Our government is NOT FOR US! They are all puppets that are against us... I urge you to inform yourself because going broke through education (and many other ways) is all by design... if you spent one day researching about who is really running this country you will figure out us 'sheeple' really need to wake up and take our country back...

    • profile image

      Upset 5 years ago

      I too have been scammed and I am unable to get a final transcript to continue my education because they say I owe them money....But when I withdraw my balance was 0...This has me highly upset and I want something done about this asap!!!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      All I have to say at the moment is UOP is the biggest joke of a fake school I have ever had the unfortunate opportunity to experience. Thank GOD I didn't take any student loans out to attend UOP dump! When a school goes so far as to commit academic fraud, I think it is very safe to say that UOP is a dishonest, diploma mill that places profit in front of quality and ensuring high quality education to it's students. The sooner society and the government do something about shutting this money pit down, the better off we all will be! Judgement day is coming UOP, and I don't think you are going to make the grade!!! I've been to real schools and UOP is definitely not a real school in anyway, shape or form.

    • profile image

      cjaks 5 years ago

      Oh my gosh! Thank you all so much! Was about to sign up and had a feeling I should do some research. Stumbled upon this page. I am so sorry for all of you and all that you have lost! Thank you for shedding light upon this scam! You just saved me thousands of dollars and tons of frustration and heartache!

    • profile image

      PAul 5 years ago

      What i am really concerned with, not the education, the way they like to hold your funding as long as possible so they can gain as much interest as possible, where is the interest of mine? i have to pay that back why are they keeping it?

    • profile image

      MPerez 5 years ago

      Hey, guys I wanted to say Thank-you for the information because I was very interested in enrollment of the UOP but now with your delightful comment I going to tell them I'm not ready to start online classes and that if I were going to start any classes I'll be calling you back (only for they could stop calling me). Again, Thank-You hope everyone solve the issues they have with loans.

    • profile image

      PerkyJenna 5 years ago

      I too am interested in a class action lawsuit! I finished my Masters Degree in School Administration with UOP in 2009 and no one will hire me as soon as they see that I attended UOP. Now I have a HUGE student loan and have remained unemployed since I graduated. I'm very frustrated! I need some way to get this money back so I can clear my name! Please contact me -

    • profile image

      Jessica 5 years ago

      I can not believe what I am reading!!! I started UOP three years ago and I had a gut feeling it was a scam and (like an idiot) I listened to my academic nazi and stayed in the program.. I have not been able to get a job at all, I actually had a person tell me that he would have been interested if he hadn't seen "University Of Phoenix" on my resume. I thought I was doing a good thing I thought I was going to be able to get an education and a good career, but I was wrong.. If anyone is wanting to band together and start a law suit I am 100% on board.. My email is ALSO I too had noticed that no one in my classes were able to construct a sentence or paper that was anything short of a 4 year olds ramble.. It was shocking I could not tell you how many times I made my husband read someone's work just to see if I was crazt or not. University of Phoenix is a scam and only benefits those that work there..

    • profile image

      jeff 5 years ago

      Yeah, they got me too. Withdrew after four days, realized that UOP was garbage. Got stuck with one week of payments. No really mad at UOP though, I open the door and they came in. Now I'm kicking my own ass as I write this check. Should have done some research.

    • profile image

      Jeff D. 5 years ago

      Just op-out from UOP after just 4 days. Man what a rip-off, was told I owe 400.00. That's a hundred bucks a day for nothing.

    • profile image

      Bianca 5 years ago

      Reading all the above comments show that University of Phoenix is made up of scam artists, who are just out there to take people's money. This is total BULLSHIT! My heart goes out to the people who have lost their money trying to get ahead through education. I think that there is lots more to this scam that just through UOP...WHY IS THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?????

    • profile image

      C4b 5 years ago

      Seriously speaking, this is terrible. I can't believe that even the educational system has become infected with these kind of greed-loving parasites.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 5 years ago

      Currently speaking with lawyer about a class action Lawsuit!!! Anyone who would like to join please send information to

      I will pass this info to my Lawyer here in Ohio.

    • profile image

      Jamie 5 years ago

      My daughter has completed the two year degree in Health Care Administration and now a Junior at U of P. Now they want to charge her with Academic Dishonesty for plagiarism. I was there when she wrote the paper! She did not site references correctly. But Suspension? She has a good records and not a cheat. I am not sure what is going to happen or the outcome but I wonder how they became regionally accredited? If she gets through all of this okay, I think I will recommend that she transfer to another college. She needs to complete online with her young children.

      There is nothing wrong with online college/university. I am going to a Public University and work 45 hours a week. I lean much better this way. I hate to see young people or older for that fact trying to improve themselves and get stuck like this.

    • profile image

      amber 5 years ago

      I agree financially they act the same its funny how first they took so long to file my extra funds that I got denied and then was supposed to release my funds by this last Friday and instead received a letter stating if I'm qualified then ill received my excess funds in up to 14 days they are scam and I heard from a lot that they do hold on to excess funds when legally they aren't allowed to and that came from the mouth of my finance advisor! I owe two classes out these excess funds because they didn't approve my loan for being requested late but screw them I'm not paying for their mistake and I never agreed to paying them either!

    • profile image

      Mike 5 years ago

      I have a B. SC degree in IT and wanted to do my Masters Degree in Software Programming. Thank you guys!! YOU SAVED ME. Well as you all said I contacted one of the Advisors to help me out scheduling my classes and we almost done everything. But now after I read all these; I don’t want to buy a credentials with out having the proper Skills and knowledge. ….. please keep posting this truth… people need to know and be saved…..!!

    • profile image

      Daniel 5 years ago

      If only the American people could get congressional support "for the people", and not only "for the businesses". Lobbyists pay well to run their "FOR PROFIT learning institutions", and besides uniting as in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; there is not a lot that can be done on a large scale. Some of you who can get discounted lawyer fees may be able to get your money back; but most of us cannot afford attorney fees. The only other recourse is for The American Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officials (AACRAO)to change their minds concerning accrediting standards so that "For Profit" graduates can compete with "Non Profit" graduates on a regional level as well as a national level for jobs; because most regional businesses do not accept "For Profit" educational credentials.

    • profile image

      Bonnie T 5 years ago

      Thank you guys for posting these comments...I was about to sign up and start classes next month an hopefully transfer to the University of Washington after receiving my AA. I am a single mother of two boys and the idea of being able to not put them in day care an working around their schedule was the biggest enticement, but getting a false degree will do nothing to better my little family. So again thank you everyone for sharing your expierences, I am sure I am not the only one who has read this and re thought their plans.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      I started UOP in May of 2011, and after reading everyone's comments I am going to have to drop out. I can not afford to pay for something that will be no use to me in the long run, and now I have to start all over from scratch. I have to children to support. It is really a shame that these people can be so heartless.

    • profile image

      April 6 years ago

      Good Afternoon,

      I am so disappointed. I was enrolled at UOP for three years believing I could finally have the opportunity to raise my kids as a single parent, work full time and earn a degree. Convenience was the plus!! I managed to complete a BA of Science in Health care Administration in 09/2010. It is now 10 months later and I have yet to find a job. The only thing that I have is $40,000 in loans that is impossible to pay when I am still at square one when I started my first day of school at UOP!! Please help!!

    • profile image

      Tina 6 years ago

      Yirna, Wow, You must be a unique case considering there is 184 a complaints on pertaining to Axia or University of Phoenix. However, There has a been a Class action law suit and Private Investigations.

      This UOP or Axia College is major entrapment and they need to be stopped!

      I really could careless if your Counselor nothing in you're Profession is concrete in the study of Psychology.

      Don't attacks us as students due to our experience's. We all have legit documentation in our finding with this Bull S University!

    • profile image

      Susan Connelly 6 years ago

      Have you seen this?

      New Jersey Consumer Protection Lawyers

      Just another WordPress site

      You are here: Home / Class Action Lawsuits in New Jersey / For-Profit Educational Services Investigated in New Jersey by Class Action Lawyers

      For-Profit Educational Services Investigated in New Jersey by Class Action Lawyers

      June 22, 2011 By admin 1 Comment (Edit)

      Cohen Placitella & Roth P.C. of Red Bank NJ and Philadelphia PA is investigating claims on behalf of students who may have suffered damages as a result of For Profit “schools” engaging in improper and deceptive recruiting and financial aid lending practices. These for profit “schools” aggressively sell students on the dream of a better life, promising stable employment and good wages. They assure students that their tuition will be covered by federal programs, but also sign them up for private loans that they should not qualify for and can never repay. Most students end up with significant debt and a worthless diploma or no degree at all.

    • profile image

      A UOP Instructor 6 years ago

      I am a UOP instructor and find that what you say is so very true. As an instructor, we cannot give hard criticism or are chastised for it. The name of the game is to keep students in school regardless of how little they know or how badly they do in class. It is a shame that when students receive their grades, many cannot put together a simple sentence let alone write an academic paper. The academic counselors overstep their bounds by telling them they can do many things which are not in the student's academic best interest but it sure keeps them in school and bringing in the money.

    • profile image

      Tami 6 years ago

      I am currently in UoP. I received my associates in human services/management and I am now working on my BS in elementary education. I have not had any difficulties with my advisors, financial or otherwise. However, I am struggling with the other students. I am now in the 300 courses, and due to this I feel as though others in this course should have the ability to communicate what they have been learning within the discussion questions. Most of the mistakes that are made I learned in writing 101. I do not know why they are making these mistakes, I can only share my journey.

      To start off with, my husband is in the military. When he deployed to Iraq in 2007, I moved back to my hometown and enrolled in the near by community college. When he came home they stationed us in Germany. I was at a loss. I didn't know what to do, I couldn't go to a German college... so my only choice was online schooling. University of Phoenix works close with the Department of Defense (they even have a contract for students at UoP to do their student teaching in a DoDs school). I felt that I could trust UoP due to this relationship.

      I want to add, I work extremely hard. I work on school work from 12pm-2pm and then again from 8pm-2or3am mon-fri and then on the weekends, I sometimes work all day. I put a lot of thought and hard work into each of my assignments; however, when I come across students who do not share this quality it makes me question my achievements. I am confident in the education I have taught myself, though it really was not a result of the teachers. Their feedback is vague and the other students in a learning team do not do their work. In this group I am in now one guy does the bare minimum, the girl's portion looks like a string of quotes without transition sentences, and the other guy plagiarized well over half of his portion! As a junior, these should not be issues anymore! If these individuals are not learning anything and still "earning" a degree, they go out into the world and give their application and reflect the education that they received at UoP. This, in turn, tarnishes all of the degrees from UoP, even those who have worked hard and who have the ability to demonstrate their knowledge and apply it in a real world setting.

      I am very nervous right now. My husband is getting ready to deploy again and I am getting ready to move back to my home town. I want out of UoP because I am so nervous I will not be taken seriously as a candidate for a teaching positio. So, I want to transfer to another school in my state. After reading all of these posts, I'm worried that all the credits I have worked so hard for will not apply. I suppose I could always look into CLEP tests for some of the classes, though. Still, I'm nervous and I owe 20,000 dollars in student loans *sighs*. I will post a follow up of what will transferred and what will not, it might be about six months, though. Hopefully it will go more smoothly than I anticipate. (I have changed my name to protect my privacy, thank you. However, if needed in my next post, I will update my name.)

    • profile image

      Morgan 6 years ago

      If this Article doesn't convince you, the spelling and grammar of their students will. Read through some of their alum's comments above. I have had numerous resumes on my desk that claim degrees from University of Phoenix. They always stand out because they are the ones that are horribly formatted and misspelled. Some applicants that completed Masters level programs from this school write on a 6th Grade level. Almost all of the applicants have zero experience in the field or lack any real qualifications but will still apply for non-entry level positions. It amazes me that they think they can realistically compete with applicants that put in real work at actual colleges. It does make my job easier when hiring a new employee though. I see UOP on a resume and do not have to read any further. They go straight into the recycling bin.

    • profile image

      Elizabeth K 6 years ago

      I got my teaching credential from University of Phoenix and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I learned NOTHING in the program. I basically bought my credential for $15,000. Now I need to find a way to learn on my own everything I should have learned from my "professors." Such a rip off!

    • profile image

      sueuopnow41 6 years ago

      We are putting together a claim of fraud, misrepresentation, entrapment and other charges against the university of phoenix, we need more people to come forward please!!! they need to be stopped, we need to bombard the dept of education with complaints, the hlcommission, the office of investigator general and anyone else we can get to listen and shut them down!!!!! if you want to help us email I set up an email especially for this only instead of using my other one posted earlier in the month.

    • profile image

      A. UOP Instructor 6 years ago

      I currently teach for the UOP and I am applaud at what I see behind the scenes. I must say they do put you through a lot to teach there (I think it's to keep their "accreditation"), but it's all about money! I spend a great deal of time grading papers and providing feedback to individuals who struggle with writing a complete sentence correctly. I truly feel sorry for the students because as mentioned above, the academic advisor purpose is to get students to enroll even if an online setting is not appropriate. I have worked with students with seriuos learning disabilities and they want to do well, but they are unable to complete simple task. When students experience being evicted from their homes and are unable to access the internet, I have had students contact me to let me know that they have been advised to continue in the program and not to drop the class until they are in a better situation.

      When I am honest and provide constructive feedback I have students lash out at me in the main forum because I do not and will not "give" grades. I make about $3 an hour when you average the amount of time spent working with students and grading papers. When my concerns are voiced in regards to students skill set, I am quickly shut down. It is said that this "university" is taking advantage of individuals who are wanting to better themselves.......

      Also, another interesting bit of info.....people who go through their teacher ed program are placed with.......where can I do my internship placement? Local universities do not take students into their program at that point for them to complete their internship and does the online program offer this?

    • profile image

      rambot2010 6 years ago

      Im an IT graduate from UoP from 2005. No IT job so far. No doubt that UoP is scamming us by not telling "particular" students about the lack of jobs out there upon graduation. I know that their nursing students are getting jobs because there are a shitload of nursing jobs out there because of the nursing shortage. But IT and Business students dont get jobs because there are very few.

      The problem isn't just the school. Its the government authorities and employers who are selling out American jobs to foreigners, whether through immigration, both legal and illegal, and outsourcing jobs. I have vast experiences working with several employers and Ive observed what they do. If they cant outsource a job to India, then they will hire an illegal for almost half the pay of a typical American worker.

      UoP profits on our hopes. They sell dreams and we fall for it because we all want better and higher paying jobs. But it doesn't work for us because the jobs arent there. UoP doesn't tell us this because they want our money while the employers are saving money by giving away our jobs to foreigners.

      Notice the thousands of IT jobs listed on job websites like Monster and USAJOBS.COM. Ive sent hundreds of resumes to these employers with no replies. I believe these jobs are bogus. I think they are listed to fool us into believing these jobs exist and invest tons of money into college degrees. Thus, I think that the schools are listing these jobs to keep people coming.

      Colleges are big business. They are making huge profits. You know a college is making a lot of money when it has a stock exchange. And its the stockholders that demand that the stocks go up and the UoP will do whatever it takes, including lying to people to invest, to keep the money coming in.

      Consider this: UoP isn't even penalized if you dont pay your loans because you get the loans from third-party banks. UoP gets the money as soon as you are approved for the loan and you are then only in debt to the lender. Its completely risk free to UoP, whether you pay your loans or not. And the lenders feel little risk because they are usually backed up by the federal government that will threaten your assets, such as homes, Social Security, garnish wages, garnish tax refunds, and seizure of bank accounts.

      I haven't paid my loans in six months and so far I have received some nasty-grams in the mail threatening these things I previously mentioned. But Im standing firm to the end because I feel sold-out to a system that had me believe since kindegarten that earning a college degree from an "accredited" college would land me a better and higher-paying job. Well, that was an oral contract and they breached the contract. So therefore Im not liable for paying the loans.

      So that's the game Im playing folks. Take what you can get out of my experience and good luck to you.

    • profile image

      Jim 6 years ago

      The simple fact that most students posting comments here cannot even spell simple words, much less properly construct an English sentence, tells me everything I need to know - which is that a University of Phoenix "degree" is worthless.

    • profile image

      kalcata82 6 years ago

      I completely agree with everyone! I am currently in a situation with the UoP about my placement for student teaching. To make a long story short, I did my interning last spring. My contact at UoP left and I had a new one who didn't get to me and relay any of the information I needed for my internship. Needless to say, THEY pulled me out 8 weeks into my 12 week internship and I had to start all over! AND to make matters worse, even though I passed my class, they withdrew me because THEY pulled me out of the program, thus it was considered a failed course and I am currently on academic and financial aid disqualification! I had to write a letter of intent to the school and jump through hoops just to get enrolled back into the student teaching program! NOW that I am on financial aid disqualification because of my "failed" course, I had to pay out of pocket for one of my classes - almost $1600.00! Mind you, my husband just got laid off of work, and I can't look for work because I am waiting on these people to place me in another classroom! Which, by the way, they have apparently been trying to do since September 1, 2010. Currently it is almost the end of February 2011 and I still don't have a placement! I have sent over numerous school choices and they have YET to find a classroom for me. How can I look for a job if I am in limbo waiting on them to do their job?! Oh, and it gets better... I did have a placement for 2 weeks until I found out that they had to pull me because the Cooperating Teacher they were going to put me with didn't teach ALL the subjects I needed. Basically, they didn't look into the secure position needed for me to receive my credit! So, they wasted 2 weeks dealing with a school I couldn't even work with when they could be finding me a secure placement at a school that I am able to do my interning with. This is after I met with the teacher, met the principal, and went through the 300 plus pages of paperwork needed for my internship! This school is a joke. I have had nothing but problems with them and I am OVER it! If there was a way to get in on a class action law suit for their lack of education, training, and overall suckiness of the school and how they constantly screw over their students, I'd be first in line!! Ideas would be helpful about right now... what did the rest of you do as a result of crappy service or lack there of with a university you gave tons of money too??

    • profile image

      SAMANTHA 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Tay 6 years ago

      From all the websites and all the forums/blogs that are out there in regards to complaining about UOP, I am arguably the biggest threat and pain in UOP's aorta. Why? Well for starters, I had very high marks in high school and I was placed in AP English during my junior and senior yrs and I was solid in math as well. You see incompetent people are less likely to expose UOP. But that's just the beginning....

      To say I had bad luck is not only a massive understatement; it’s also pretty degrading to use it as a cop out. I was on the verge of attending a California state university after I finished my 2 yrs general education units from a JC in the SF bay area. The problem was that I wanted to enroll in an accounting program either at San Jose State, SFSU or Cal State East Bay (formerly Hayward) but I was in need of financially supporting myself. With the demands of accounting courses and its busy schedule I knew that it would be difficult to balance work and college. To cut to the chase, UOP came to the rescue, LOL. Their schedule and class layout coupled with their assurance that it’s an accredited institution with smooth reciprocity with other universities, catered for me and fit me like a glove.

      I began my accounting program and midway I knew something smelled fishy. Firstly, the curriculum seemed pretty legit and it felt like I was embarking on some challenging accounting courses, but as I soon realized the most incompetent people were getting the same marks as the students who actually tried. I was also taking some accounting courses simultaneously at a JC and without any exaggeration, those JC courses made the UOP courses look like special education classes. Secondly, the instructors repeatedly would tell us in a very conniving way that "You guys shouldn't knock down UOP cause it’s only gonna affect your opportunities and tarnish your employment and credibility". My fellow classmates and I were totally flabbergasted after completing advanced financial accounting (which comprises primarily of mergers and acquisitions) and not understanding a single concept yet most of us not only passed but got A’s.

      2 years later right before I graduated, I was applying for internships at regional based accounting firms. One prime example was when I had a very good contact working for a well known CPA firm called Perry-Smith in SF. One of the controllers whom I connected with through networking referred me for an interview. I impressed the HR people with the preliminary web based-questionnaire and email correspondences that we had. Next I was selected for an over the phone interview, in which the partner said he was really impressed and wanted to see me for a face to face interview. He then looked at my resume and after the resume he emailed me to say they didn't hire me due to lack of recognition with respect to my degree.

      Thereafter, I wrote an email to a former uop "instructor" of mine whom I presumed to be a friend and someone I could talk to openly with and confide in. She was a CPA and concurrently worked for Stanford Univ. I mentioned some major complaints and concerns that I had to her regarding employment and issues that employers had with my degree, etc. I threatened to sue the university. The very next morning I got a call from one of uop’s regional directors in San Jose. He wanted to speak to me personally. He said he was concerned with me wanting to bring a lawsuit on the university. He tried to coerce me in not going ahead with the suit by insulting my intelligence saying things like I was responsible for my difficulty finding employment due to my lack of resume development skills, etc. He didn’t know I went to a highly qualified and very expensive resume developer who happened to have a PhD and worked for Robert Half for over 10 years. With frustration, I just left his room and till this day wished I went ahead with the lawsuit. It was the same feeling when a bully took my lunch money and cornered me in the boy’s bathroom. You can’t do much of anything really.

      I have cousins who have authorized to practice law with jurisdiction in Chicago and Florida but not California; otherwise they said they would want to take up the case for me. I really couldn’t afford the fees so I just shrugged the whole thing off. I live in Australia now where my wife is from and have started my own business and am doing quite well. I am going to try to apply for my CPA here but I am afraid my suspicions will become true here and that they will not recognize my degree here either.

      The lenders are constantly heckling me via email and are trying to call my previous residence in Calif. I can't believe this is allowed to take place on such a large scale. It is a bloody mafia that these people are running. They are Illuminati; after all they have some partnership and affiliation with the Carlyle group.

      In conclusion, I feel genuinely obliged to help out in any way possible in order to prevent these thugs, crime lords, from preying on vulnerable young students who actually have a fair shot in life if they apply themselves but are fraudulently deceived into thinking that UOP can help them in their endeavors. This information needs to get out on a mass scale because it’s destroying peoples’ lives, literally. I was on the verge of divorce because I was $30,000 in debt and unemployed for almost 2 years due to my degree being equivalent to a counterfeit passport. Externally everything looks good but it’s only after they further inspect your residency status that you are illegally authorized. I applied to jobs for over a year and this was when the economy wasn’t as bad as it is currently. THE UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX IS EQUIVALENT TO ROBERT MADOFF’S PYRAMID SCAM. AFTER YOU UNFOLD THE TRUTH, YOU REALIZE PEOPLE ARE NOT PROFITTING ANYTHING. UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX GRADUATES ARE NOT FULLY EQUIPPED AND COMPETENT ENOUGH TO BE ALLOWED IN THE WORKFORCE.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      The University of Phienix is bullshit this school lies and cheats. All the comments above are true I'm experiencing it now. Don't get sucked in.

    • profile image

      Kara 6 years ago

      University of Phoenix is not a school but a company. The sales pitch is so sweet, go to school finish early, work at your own pace, but in actuality they are not concerned about the students academically put financially. They lied about the cost of tuition per year. I was told the tuition would be $8600 per year. In actuality the tuition is $11750 per year. The counselors and financial aid reps are not knowledgeable on anything.

    • profile image

      Yolanda 6 years ago

      Crystal and Cody I'm having the same problem. I have always had problems with them. The finanical aid process is full of shit. I have filled complaint after complaint and nothing gets done about it. I'm all for it. My contact information is

    • profile image

      Cody Hendrix 6 years ago


      This is shocking! I am a prior military vocational rehabilitation student, and therefore am lucky enough NOT to have to pay for school. I just started classed, but, I too have been getting a run around about my disbursement. I am supposed to getting all of my loan money back, along with my Pell grant money, about 14000 dollars, half of it at a time. I am about 3 months into school, and STILL haven't received a penny from them. This is some bullshit! I am so pissed. I am going to forward this site to my finance counselor and academic counselor, and see what they have to say for themselves. My aunt, uncle, and cousin all work for U of P. I wonder if they know that this shit is going on. All i know is that I was told by the Army that they WOULD take my degree for OTS. If my degree is worthless otherwise, I might as well go to a regular university and put in a little more work.

      Email me ay with any lawsuit info, or other helpful advice on getting my disbursement. I am also contacting a senator that I know to see if he can get anything done.

      My heart bleeds for everyone :(

    • profile image

      helen b 6 years ago

      i have been scammed uop failed my class online to make me pay extra money and they rip me off on my financial aid overcharging me 9000.00 for 2 class i also heard that they keep your money to draw interest off it i will go in on a class A lawsuit with anyone who want to go for it u can email me at:

    • profile image

      Peggy 6 years ago

      I to have been scammed by UOP. I had to quit doing online courses due to personal reasons. I contacted the proper people and now they are saying I owe for classes that were already paid for through my student loan. They also did not send me the money from my last schedule of classes that were overpayed. The remaining money from those classes are nowhere to be found. They have sent me to collections (even though I have been paying what they say I owe). I still don't think I owe anything due to the fact that all classes were already paid for. Can anyone point me in the direction to filing a claim against them for monies owed to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • profile image

      Crystal 6 years ago

      Man I feel so bad for everyone, but I hate to say at least i aint the only one. I have heard bad story after story about this school and their petty financial aid process. Here it is halfway through 2010-11 school year and we have no pell grant. This is ridamdiculos. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. Nothing works. I am really consdiering filing a classs action law suit againt them. I cant do it alone, but what would help is if we had people all over the US to join in to crack this university down. University of Phoenix can seriously go to hell and I hope they fail. I would encourage anyone not to go to this school and encourge the next person. They are a scam and are being investigated by the feds. Please help stop this school they are full of shit! Have a great day!

    • profile image

      Raymond 6 years ago

      I completed the MBA program at UOP in Franklin TN. A first rate scam. I know nothing more than I did going into the course work. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. My degree is worthless. I owe $30,000.00 and cannot find a higher paying job. I have taken UOP off my resume. I often look for a class action lawsuit in hopes of nullifying my debt.

    • profile image

      SCAMED 6 years ago

      I am in collections, my credit is ruined, i have completed a lot of credits with Axia of UOP, and UOP. I started in 2005 when I graduated High school. I have no degree and owe a total of $16,058.00 to AXIA and UOP, I need help in getting the word out there about them. They are not who they say they are. I tried to go to a community college, and they wont accept any of the classes I took. I dont know what else to do! Please someone out there help me!

      e-mail me

    • beepboop profile image

      beepboop 6 years ago

      Please check out - - more illogical and unethical practices by the University of Phoenix - Axia College.

    • Lita P. profile image

      Lita P. 6 years ago from Chicago/ Midwest

      Thank you all of you, for this valuable information. If nothing else, your experiences will save others from experiencing the same heartache and financial hardships you have to suffer. By writing these things, you are saving lives.

      Thank you, and I am so sorry you have to go through this. My heart breaks for you.

    • profile image

      A victim of the scam as well 6 years ago

      I two am a vitim of this scam and all is true about this school. I graduated this year in july of 2010 with a Bachelors in Business Administration and did not know this was going on till recently. You all are right, the teaching is poor, the students rely on one person in the team to finish the assignments, they are way too expensive then all of the other universities. I too also was charge and hit with $50,000.00 in debt. I thought the school was very poor as well with instructors not answering their phone and not responding to their emails. Some even got smart or fustrated with you when you ask them a question, they act as if they do not want to help you out. Also, when they do respond, they barely even know the anwers themselves to what you ask them. I had one instructor could not even answer my question because she didn't know the answer to it. I ended up still didn't understand until I figured it out by myself. I also had several out of pocket expenses when they told me that all of my fee was covered with my financial aid. I still had to pay them oput of pocket fees. I am so disappointed in this school, and I thought I was getting a good education when I enrolled. NOT!!!

    • profile image

      Tamara Jameson 6 years ago

      I'm interested in the class action law suit. Please let me know some information or numbers so I can sue UOP. They have charge me out pocket money and I can't for the life of me understand how. I have financial aid and loans that supposed to be covering my materials plus tuition. I had them take the portion and send me the rest because I wanted to pay my debt. I thought I was doing the right thing but I see they fucked me without vaseline. They say I have to pay $1,100 for one class before starting my next classes on Oct.4,2010, I told financial advisor I could afford that and how much is it going to cost to receive my associates degree ( this is after six classes) she stated estimating around 24,000, I'm already at 8,000 for four classes. I had her on speaker phone were my fiancé was listening. She didn't like that at all. She stated that she can not talk to a third party, bull ----. She didn't want another person listening to that sales pitch and I haven't heard from her since than. Also, I dropped out because I didn't want any more money being tact on to the outstanding amount I'm going to owe. I need help. I try so hard to keep my credit in good standings and they have me right where they want me. I'm scared and upset. My credit is going to be hit and I have to start all over because my credits is not even transferable. I live in Detroit so having the opportunity to go to school online was a plus but now counselors are talking numbers instead of what classes that will help me succeed in my academic career. Today they sent me email stating that they dropped me from the school because I did pay for the classes and I have documentation that those classes was paid for. If anybody knows an attorney that will represent me in the Detroit area please let me know. Thank you!

      P.S. My email is

    • profile image

      RIP OFF 6 years ago


    • profile image

      almost duped 6 years ago

      I was considering going to the UofP and emailed them about an hour ago. So I already felt that something was amiss. I decided to look up on google the number of employers who consider a degree from online institutions creditable. Then I find this website. I am to say thank you for all of you comments and suggestions and glad that I have not made the mistake of enrolling in any of their courses. I remember all of the things the lady told me over the phone. She said that all my credits earned from their school would be transferable. So I called the admissions office of a few institutions in the state of Texas. I was met with a quick no and a pause. I guess the old saying that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is applies here.

      I have around 34 hours from my local community college but had to drop out with WF because of a situation I was involved in my GPA fell below a 2.0 because of this. After considering all of this I find it in my best interest to pay out of pocket for a class or two a semester to get my GPA back up and resume my education on a Pell Grant until I receive my associates degree and can transfer to a four year learning institution to finish up my bachelors degree.

    • profile image

      just me 6 years ago

      I also am having problems with them, just like most of these other posts say, the work makes no sense half the time. They are giving me the run around with my disbursment. I got an A in a class I know nothing about, and still know nothing about. Why bother finishing these classes when we won't even be able to get a decent job after we graduate! I already owe a bunch of money for loans. I have a family and I cannot afford to be just throwing my time and money away! Please, if anyone knows what we can do, sue them, whatever, please post it! It is sad that these people will lie to you about trying to better yourself!

    • profile image

      Ive been scamed too 6 years ago

      I've been attending the U of P for almost two years. Its funny, when I first started they called me everyday, they were quick to reply to emails and phone calls. Now its a different story! They wont respond at all! I have three classes left and I am in a lot of debt! I have read these posts and all of them reflect what I have gone through. I pay them a lot of money, you would think they would have better customer service and knowledgeable staff. They dont! My financial aid counselor doesn't seem to know anything!!!! That's probably the reason I never get a response. Im very upset with how I have been scamed. How do they get to stay in business? With as many complaints they have against them why isn't the government doing anything?

      At this point, with three classes remaining, Im afraid to drop out. I have been threatened in the past and the last thing I need is to have this crap on my credit report. Does anyone have any ideas? Perhaps we can all pull together and get something

    • profile image

      Brian 6 years ago

      I've been a student (if you can call it that) since february of 2010. I've wanted to earn my degree for quite some time, so I enrolled. After reading all of this, I am truly worried. This is a ton of money to owe for as worthless piece of paper. I must be honest, I'm working hard, but learning nothing...(If this makes sense) My first school year will be up in January, but they had me apply for my loans and Pell grant this past August. Then I receive a letter from Wells Fargo, saying that they have sold my loan to the Department Of Education. I feel like I am wasting time and money. I am going to do more research, and if all of this is true, these people need to be stopped! I remember when I was considering this as an option, Jon called me non stop for days, several times a day too. I'm worried now. I'm worried now. Time to set this straight.

    • profile image

      May 6 years ago

      University of Phoenix is a big huge scam the amount of work is dumb and the work does not make sense its all a joke all you learn is how to use microsoft word and apa format!lol JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE

    • profile image

      Veronica 6 years ago

      So, I lost my job about 3 years ago so I spent all day and night looking for a job, when I notice an ad online from University of Phoenix I was desparate so I called the same day they called me so we could meet the next day that same day they gave me my date for my first day, after being there for two years they tell me I have to start paying out of my pocket because financial aid is over I said "But Im close to finishing school" They said that I would have to drop and pay the fee or else It would show up on my credit score. How can you hurt inoccent people that do not have money, now I have to start all over lost two years of my life.....Thanks UOP!

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      Hi, I'm writing an article for a large college newspaper and academic website. If any current/former UoP students or employees could email me regarding a) the rigor of the classes and b) the honesty of fin aid or enrollment officials the info would be very much appreciated. You can give your name or remain anonymous. srujacobs at gmail dot com

    • profile image

      Angel 6 years ago

      Same issues ith "U" of P(hony)

      Withdrew online, after only 6 weeks and never received a confirmation although "U" of P says it will be sent in 3 days. My financial aid is now being held hostage and I can not apply to another school. BTW I was made to fail a class because although I officially withdrew July 6, I was never dropped from the class. I informed everyone I had withdrawn. Now according to "U" of P I owe them money and have been sent to a collections agency. Also, I am on Financial Aid Probation.

      I have filed a complaint with the ED Office of the Inspector General:

      The "school" is a RIP OFF/SCAM!!!

    • profile image

      WISHIWOULD HAVE KNOWN 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Confused in Connecticut 6 years ago

      I really believed these people. I have recently started in April 2010. I have two sisters and three close friends that are attending UofP. What they are doing to people is not right. We must all come together and stop them. I had no knowledge of any of this. Erica posted a comment two weeks ago stating,"PLEASE JOIN WITH ME AND LETS TAKE THEM DOWN.....WWW.LIEFFCABRASER.COM....MAIL@LCHB.COM......I AM WILLING TO GIVE MY INFORMATION AS WELL JUST IN CASE SOMEONE WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT ME TO GET THIS HANDLED ASAP." I will be getting in contact with her. Please, I am begging anyone who has been victimized to the same.

    • profile image

      James 6 years ago

      I work in human resources here at a major Minneapolis company, and every single time we get an applicant that went to the "University" of Phoenix, or any other for profit school the first place we put the resume/application is in the garbage.


      Please, for the sake of your education, and money please go to a real accredited college. (A state University, or community college) Your degree will be worth more in the real world, and will also be transferable should you want to return to school.

      Stay far far away from for profit schools!

    • profile image

      Screwed! 6 years ago

      Man I thought I was doing the right thing. I wanted to do something with my life. I knew when I started I was not being taught the right way. The teacher or INSTRUCTOR was very repetitive in her questions. I have took 2 blocks enough to eat my pell grant! They really pray on the low income that's for sure! I hate that we are so dumb to think that we had the chance to do this. Its sad that there are people out there that can do this to others. I am hurt now that I have to wait to get in to another college. A real one! Dumb! I feel so Dumb! Really did we think that we could move up a few notches so easily? Its sad how the world can be so evil. Help us up not hold us down! LOL,,I have to say Im and I have to know if this school is not legit why does the government give it our grant money if they know it is not real? Isn't the government and state watching out for us and where they spend their money. That's how the school hooks us by getting that grant. Crazy! WE have to stop them! Where do I join???

    • profile image

      lorie 6 years ago

      All i have to say is i wish i read and did my homework before attending this "school". They are so unprofessional they call me at 11:00 at night and my financial advisor never answers her phone. I took two classes and i was going to withdraw cause it was sketchy as hell..but my couselor convinced me to stick it out and that i could get sooo much money in grants and how important my education is! what assholes. So i signed up for my next block of two classes and i coudlnt sleep at night i knew i had to withdraw...they were extremely sketchy...they beat around the bush for DAYS telling me how to go about dropping my classes so i would stay logged in and keep racking up $. I eventually figured it out myself on the university website and dropped it myself. My counselor said it would cost $100 each for both classes i started (4 days of class). My financal advisor calls me 3 weeks later and says "your current balance for the two classes you started is $300 and you are 54 days late and will be sent to collections." I start freaking out because #1 i did 4 days of class and that costs 300??, #2 I left 14 messages on her answering machine begging her to let me know what my balance was so i could do payments and sent back my loans and #3 I dropped the class 3 weeks ago how could my balance be sent to collections? i am 24 years old and if they even attempt to ruin my credit i will somehow figure out how to sue them. In the mean time, i owe about 2,700 for TWO CLASSES!!!!!!! is that unreal or what? i get to work 5 days a week to pay scam artists and i still dont have my degree and my "financial advisor" still hasn't called me with the amount i owe...that is just what im figuring. Im sure it will be racked up to 4,000. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!! this place is a scam in a half.

    • profile image

      don't matter 6 years ago

      I am currently a student with UOP and I wish I would have read this site before enrolling with this school because I saw on abc news where people was talking about the university of phoenix cheating people out of their money. I have also been cheated out of plenty of money my last loan was supposed to had been $2,289 and all I got was $70.00 then I got a $2.25 check if someone know where we could complain and file a lawsuit please let me know because it is not fair.

    • profile image

      Lady J 6 years ago

      If you have been graded unfairly by the Unoversity of PHoenix join a class action suit. Send an email to

    • profile image

      Stacy 6 years ago

      I have been enrolled at AXIA. I dropped my class of Race and Ethnicity due to my instructor neglected to grade my paper or even look at it. She graded the paper 100% as I check my percentage for the week I was at 46%. Obviously, she was too busy to do her job and got caught. She regraded my paper and deducted 26 points leaving me with a whopping 4 points for the paper. I was irate and demanded my first graded paper. I had to drop the class which messed up my financial aide. I am dropping out of this joke before I owe way more money than I should. Then I will sue this joke of a school.

    • profile image

      Bee 6 years ago

      I am not currently being defrauded by UoP. I attended a graduate school for a year before I had to leave for medical reasons. I looked into UoP because it was easier for me to attend online courses to complete my Masters. Within moments of filling out the information request, I had a counselor call me. He did so everyday until I conceded to meet with him personally. After some consideration, I decided to enroll. Within a week of enrolling, my advisor was fired. I got calls from various UoP counselors everyday all day. My advisor, my financial aid coordinator, my degree facilitator, etc. I applied for financial aid (in grad school you only get loans) and I was told that it was "processing" but to go ahead and take classes. I was uncomfortable with this and let my advisor know. She assured me, everything was fine and the processing and reviewing stage was something everyone went through. I took about three courses, which I was automatically enrolled into. I was still worried about my financial aid and called my counselors. They stopped returning my calls and calling me, unlike before when they constantly called me everyday to get me enrolled. I was then told my financial aid was in review because I could not be classified as a graduate student. Which isn't true. I already had one year of grad school at a legit university and a four year bachelors degree from another. They told me to wait a little longer. I told them I could not continue taking classes because the money was not there and I did not want to rack up balance. I was then told if I withdrew, I would owe them. I asked how can I owe them if they were reviewing my financial aid. My counselor then said that if I was not enrolled continuously, they would stop my financial aid review. I didn't understand, it had been 4 months of me taking courses and you were still reviewing? I decided to take my chances and withdraw. At least the balance wouldn't get anymore out of control. I went back to my former grad school and was given an award package in minutes, after my counselor there explained to me how UoP was a scam. Now I owe them 2500 for classes that I couldn't even transfer had I stayed in the program. I have emailed my financial aid counselor and called her repeatedly, but she is "always out of the office". My 2nd advisor is no longer with the University. It's all a big scam!

    • profile image

      misty 6 years ago

      i have attended the university of phoenix for the past year. 2 classes before graduation i have they have done gone through my intire 20,000 in student loans and grants and expected me to take out aditional loans to complete my final two classes. i decided to withdraw and enroll into a local college to find out that my credits are earned are not even worth the paper they are written on. so no i am going further in debt to further my education. the entire time iu have attended the work has been common since, and consisted of writing papers and checking out web sites. i can honestly say that i have not learned anything that would have prepared me for a future employment in the medical field. i would have to say before any one enrolls into the university of phoenix they should do their home work. i just wish i would have before being scammed. there is a large number of complaints with consumer complaints agianst university of phoenix, and they have recenly made the news for their fraud.

    • profile image

      ERICA 6 years ago


    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      University of Phoenix is sucking the money out of the government by taking advantage of the American people stupidity. University of Phoenix has the lowest retention rate of freshmen, only 7% moving on to the next year. University of Phoenix has only 27% graduation rate and over 18% default rate. Having worked for one of the top 3 US banks in the student loan industry I have witnessed the scam tactics they use to get students and I have talked to those students who were defaulting and were unemp

    • profile image

      chelle 6 years ago

      I have been in this school since Jan 2009 I was suppose to graduate in feb 2011... I have soooo many problems with my finance counselor, she doesn't call me back, no emails, until it's time for my disbusements and every time it's time for my disbursment she tells me i have to finish another why wait until the last for the instuctors i really haven't had any problems and some of you say they just pass you, since i have been in this school i can't say that's true, ive had some hard core teachers and i always have to do APA and even though i have the APA set up box, they keep telling me it's wrong I use the SOn of Sam..I always have over 700 words for an essay on a 2 paragraph reading which is impossible. I regret going through this school and I want to take my credits somewhere else...I have never failed any class's or been on probation and its always an issue when my disbursements are coming out.. i was even told i had to pay on a class that was already taken last year. the bank told me that i should not have to pay this because they send in my checks, but if i didn't pay it i couldn't finish my class..

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      Aren't you glad you finally get vindication tonight on ABC with Diane Sawyer on World News tonight 8/19/10. It took long enough. And maybe they will have to pay you back.

    • profile image

      Rob 6 years ago

      I withdrew from UOP because I wanted the traditional in class experience. I am so glad I did! During my time with UOP, I found the work load to be extremely easy. I left UOP with a GPA of 3.87 and 36 credits. The grading process is a joke, and teachers are very quick to give A's. I know this for a fact because I submitted an essay filled with spelling and grammar errors. I received an A on an incoherent essay! I decided to drop from UOP and applied to NYU. The entrance exam was tough, and I had to take placement tests for math as well as writing. Also, I had to write an essay about my goals, and what I expect to gain from attending NYU. I did pass, NYU accepted 24 of my 36 credits, and the tuition is the same! Do yourself a favor and go to a REAL university. UOP is a waste.

    • profile image

      Anna 6 years ago

      University of Phoenix is just taking money only... one of my frid is following IT degree, now its more than 3 ys, always have some issue... he lots lots of money...

    • profile image

      Angry Redhead 7 years ago

      I attended UoP/Axia College last year and earned half of my Associate's degree until I had to drop out of school due to Cancer. The UoP employee/counselor turnaround should have been a warning sign to me. In the time I attended, I had 3 different Financial Counselors, an Enrollment Counselor, and 2 Academic Counselors. They were horrible in returning my phone calls and/or emails and I even had to find general phone numbers to try to locate their managers to speak with. After I had to drop out of school I was pressured and basically harassed by these people. They would not respect my health issues and would do just about anything to get me to commit to coming back to school. This all occurred in late 2009. In March of this year I received a notice out of the blue that I owed them over $2,000 and my account was past due. (Apparently that was the fee for not completing my last 2 classes). They never told me I was going to have to pay a dime back to them except for my Fed Loans. I tried to work with various "counselors" to pay off my debt on some sort of payment plan but they said they would not hold my account and it had to go to a collection agency. I got a call from the collection agency today (6 months later) even though I had been making a monthly payment via my student website and the agent informed me I either had to pay this full amount in 2 large payments or the UoP will file this as a negative action on my credit and will take legal action against me! The collection agent told me he thought I should contact a lawyer since the state I live in will garnish wages, etc. (Not sure for the proper terminology but you get my point). Needless to say, I had to come up with a huge chunk of money today so these fuckers won't sue me. Pardon my language but I am really mad about this. Out of the blue they want this money and aren't willing to work with people who are willing to diligently pay back their debt. I feel like such an ass for even thinking this school was legit. What can we do to put a stop to this so others are not victims?

    • profile image

      Darrell 7 years ago

      What a SCAM! I received a degree in Psychology from the UOP and then decided to transfer to Washington State University. Out of 16 classes I took at the UOP that is supposed to be accredited, only 4 classes transferred. The thing is, they only transferred as "Electives". Even my local Jr. College said that the classes at the UOP do not meet most of the requirements for transferring to a Jr. College therefore almost all of my UOP classes are worthless in continuing my education. I spoke about this to several students at graduation and every person in the Bachelors and Masters program said the same thing... DO NOT continue here at UOP. It is not worth it nor will you gain anything but a HUGE student Loan Debt. These classes are a joke and so are the diplomas they issue. They don't even display the area of study on your diploma. They told me "that's just the way it is" Even if you earn honors for your efforts they will not let you wear an honor cord because "it's not fair to the others who didn't earn the award" That's what I was told at my graduation.

    • profile image

      Darrell 7 years ago

      I received my degree in Psychology but the diploma will NOT indicate it. I told the UOP that the degree does not display that I received a degree in Psychology and they said to refer to my transcripts. I said we as students do NOT display transcripts. Diplomas are designed to display a students achievements and in what area. That's the purpose of a diploma. Transcripts are for legal verification, employments etc. They told me... "that's just the way it is". I have gone in circles with the UOP and no one will tell me why except, "that's just how it is"..."that's our policy". I even showed them that some other students in my class received their diploma and it DOES state that on their diploma but they said, "but yours will not". The only somewhat answer I got was it was based on the "day" I signed up for class even though I took ALL the same classes and graduated the same time as these other students. They wouldn't even allow me to PAY for one that says it. It looks like a "basic" degree diploma even though I tool all the extra required courses for Psychology. Another example of how the UOP is only there for money and not the students. We may only be one person at a time to expose their crooked ways and lack of consideration for their students but if enough can band together to create one large voice, then they may have to listen. If anyone hears of any lawsuits or action toward the UOP, I am IN! Please forward any information to There is power in numbers and the UOP thinks they are above the law. I've only been told "I'm sorry you feel that way but that's not how we operate" "we are here for the success of the students' That's a bunch of bull otherwise they would have more graduates in retrospect to the amount of students who start with the UOP.

    • profile image

      Renee 7 years ago

      I wish I had known that before NOW. I know something was up, ESPECIALLY as far as financial aid is concerned. I should be receiving more for my Pell grant than I am getting and to make matters worse, I have NOT received ANY FUNDS as of yet for these last block of classes. The school received the disbursement from my loans on the 7th of July. Here it is, July 19th and the only excuse they can give me is that they are waiting on my Pell grant to be disbursed to the school Shouldn't the grant have ALREADY been disbursed. Something is really wrong with this picture.

      I have NO CLUE as to what I am going to do after reading all of these comments. I feel llike I am working hard FOR NOTHING when the time that I wasted @ UOP, couldve been used at another LEGITIMATE SCHOOL.

    • profile image

      Meegan 7 years ago

      I graduated with a BS/IT in 2001 before all the hype and bad press University of Phoenix was generating. At the time I had all ready 5 years experience in my field which was Information Technology with a focus in web application development and project management.

      Up until recently, my experience spoke for itself. I acquired work without problems, no one gave a second look at my degree because of the amount of experience I have. Now, I’ve been solidly denied work due to the fact I have my degree from UOP despite my solid experience. This is unbelievable. People are actually telling me I have solid PM experience but they require a “solid degree” to take me seriously. IN fact I’m having conversations with people who tell me not display it at all, like I don’t even have a degree.

      In this job market with over 15 years experience, to be denied work because of the degree I thought was obtained from an accredited school because the school itself is being irresponsible by creating such a bad reputation I can’t get a job anymore. UOP is now causing a backlash and now I have a worthless degree.

      With Intel, Cisco and many other companies that won’t touch me because of the degree, this means UOP shouldn’t be offering degrees that mean nothing in the field the degree is meant for. They’re taking money for a document that is worthless even for a person like myself with years of experience. I can’t imagine what it is like for newly graduated people.

      If you’re attending QUIT NOW. That is the only advise. It doesn’t matter if the work is hard or it’s accredited. I have recommendations from people who worked alongside John Chambers from Cisco and that still didn’t matter. The companies want to be able to tell their clients or customers what school their project managers went to without cringing.

      You will find it hard to find a job with a degree from UOP > That’s the only GUARANTEE you’ll get.

      So where do you go? UMASSONLINE, Penn State, and there are online classes you could attend to get your general ed with West Valley College in CA and others. THey are real schools. These options were not there for me in 2001. I’m glad they are now.

      The truth about UOP:


    • profile image

      Audrey 7 years ago

      I am looking to join a class action lawsuit - is there one in progress out there at the moment? I got my Bachelors degree and it is completely worthless - They are not accredited fully like they claim. I have to retake over 6 classes to even sit for the CPA exam!!! Please let me know about any class action lawsuits that are open.


    • profile image

      Tammy 7 years ago

      Please, I urge everyone to check to see if the community colleges in their state offer online degree programs. Many 4 year public and private non-profit universities also offer online degree programs with credits that are likely to transfer. Community colleges and public universities are much cheaper than most for-profit schools. The private universities that are expensive at least have a great reputation with employers. Please also research to see if your program of study could benefit from programmatic accreditation. For example, those seeking business degrees should go for programs accredited by either AACSB or ACBSP. Most medical licenses require a degree from a school with programmatic accreditation and I believe technology degrees need ABET. If you can't get a license right away, you will have to find someone who will hire you without one so you can work for 1 year before you can test for the license. The state of Texas has a distance education website that let's you choose an area of study and the degree you are looking for and it will give you a list of Texas colleges that offer a program completely online. Also, it's cheaper to go to a school in your state of residency and Texas has extra grants for those who attend Texas schools further reducing the amount of money you have to borrow.

      I did attend Western International University/Axia College (sister schools of UoP). Afterward, I decided to go to a community college online. The quality of education at the community college was waaayyyy better than UoP, only $50 per credit, and my credits are transferable to any Texas university. I can honestly say I learned absolutely nothing at UoP. Their textbooks are horrible and the writing assignments are more about getting APA formatting right instead of actually learning something. The community college I went to didn't require me to do team learning with mentally challenged and lazy people. I had to read good and informative textbooks in order to pass quizzes and exams which, I wasn't required to write a whole bunch of pointless essays that don't test your knowledge, and I had to take proctored exams where I could not cheat. I even had to do real programming and actually create software using Visual Basic.

      I was 19 and naïve when I requested information from UoP and allowed them to rush me into starting school with them. Even though I had no college credits to transfer, UoP didn't even bother to check to see if I had a high school diploma or GED. Anyone with a pulse can get into that school. UoP needs to be shut down because it takes advantage of people who don't know better and it's wasting taxpayer dollars. They will even send back the loans of people who drop out or fail a class to avoid federal loan defaults and charge the student directly for those classes. Too many loan defaults will cause them to lose Title IV eligibility which the school needs to survive. Studies have shown that students who don't finish their programs of study are more likely to default on their loans.

      What UoP is doing with federal student loans is illegal; that is why they are facing a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit is supposed to cover every student who attended UoP from 2004 to 2008 and had their loans sent back to their lender.

    • profile image

      Shala 7 years ago

      WOW! So glad i read this! i was gonna sign up Monday!

    • profile image

      dr pepicello 7 years ago


      I've just been appointed to the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity.

      As much as I hate to admit everything discussed here is basically true I would still like to welcome all former and

      future students to a big slice of douche pie.

    • profile image

      Lisa M 7 years ago

      I went to University of Phoenix and while I agree with you that it is a fraud (especially in the area of "financial aid"), I contend that I worked extremely hard. I did not plagiarize anything and spent hours compiling references and turning my work in on time. I feel that I did earn my Assc degree in business but that I taught myself everything. The "instructors" are a joke. I had to print everything and read everything and never had anyone to ask for any help. I am also very angry that the degree was supposed to cost $6000 and ended up costing $22,000! On top of that I was told that I would get help with job placement but that was untrue. I have been looking for a better job for well over a year and still can't find one. I am also subjected to snide comments about getting a degree from a substandard school.

    • profile image

      Current Student 7 years ago

      I know the complaints are right, finance has been messing with my money I get. I have fed grants, Pell grants, and also sub and unsub loans from outside education loans from wells fargo and chase. Which is that way so I could get extra money to pay for housing, computer, etc. because I am disabled and and on permenate disability. Because of receiving outside money from one of the creditors and federal grants at the same time they returned 6, to payee and used the funds from creditor, which now left me with no extra money for needed items and to help with daily living. They do not keep up to date finance records available to students on your account page unless you complain many times. They also will change invoices adding upcomming classes and widdle the funds down to nothing. I know they are just charging you for classes as they should and I might just be upset here. But I have been going to UofP for 4 years got my AA/IT and now working on my BSIT/MVC All this time every disbursment period I would receive extra funds after paying for classes, each period I would have extra funds to help. The last time I received any excess from them was in April of 09. Since then I have not received any excess funds. Each class is around 1,600 plus materials of 85.00 I have taken two classes since April 09 they have received over 10,000.00!! from all monies awarded me! Where is the extra? they sent some back 3,500.00 but do the math 2 classes = 3,400.00 sent 3,500.00 back. 6,900.. leaves 3,100.00 left over right? Wrong they say 00 credit coming to me!! Where is the money? they wont return email sent to finnce or academic couneseler and haven't returned any messages left on their phone mail.

    • profile image

      Tom 7 years ago

      Hahah, John. I wonder how much they paid you to say that.

      UOP is a giant scam and you know exactly what everyone's complaining about.


    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      I have been an enrollment advisor for the last year at the University of Phoenix. I agree with all of you! This school is nothing more than a glorified pyramid scheme. We are pressured beyond belief to enroll students at any cost. We are even told to talk students into other degree programs that we offer, and talk them out of their other options. I am severely disgusted with the way that they do business. We are all required to hit our "monthly goals" so even though we are not on commission we might as well be because if we do not enroll a set number of students per month we can be fired. In fact if we do not hit our goals for a total of 3 months we are fired. I got into this position bewlieving i would be helping students achieve their dreams. A year later i have come to the realization that I lie on a daily basis and deceive students into signing their money over to that horrible company. The stress of not being able to live with myself has caused me to go into a deep anxiety which I am now being treated for by a dr. I cannot believe how they are still in business and accredited by the higher leraning commission. They need to be stopped!

    • profile image

      Former UoP Student 7 years ago

      Considering most, if not all, state universities refuse to accept transfer credits from the University of Phoenix speaks volumes. Despite boasting "accreditation", If one's college credits are not recognized by well known and respected institutions, would it be reasonable to assume those credits are worthless? A thorough due diligence should be required before investing any time or money into the University of Phoenix.

    • profile image

      Marie 7 years ago

      All I can say is "me too!" I am so outraged by this scam of a university. Can anyone tell me if there is class action law suit I can join? What can be done?

    • profile image

      Daphne 7 years ago

      Thank you all (except Nick) for saving my time, money and sanity. As for you others who are still in the dark and are taking these statements as simply opinions, Google "University of Phoenix lawsuit"!

    • profile image

      lorie 7 years ago

      I was recently victimized by this degree mill. At the time, I was unemployed at the time, and was doing online job searches. One of the search engines re-directed me to the UOP site. I blindly filled in my informantion and was contacted by phone within MINUTES. I feel that I was basically railroaded into the school by a smooth talker. I am usually very careful about things of this nature. He may as well have been selling me a pyrimid scheme; I'm sure he would have conned me. After completing hours of paperwork for enrollment, the so-called classes began. I quickly found out that this was no school, whether accredited or not, the format sucked. I have a year of college already under my belt from a REAL university, so I know the ropes very well, so to speak. Posting comments in a thread is hardly considered coursework to me. There are no books, and what really kills me is that they never even asked for my diploma or offered any placement testing. This was one of the stupidest mistakes I have made in my lifetime, but fortunately I only owe them $170 or so in tuition for my 3 weeks in this joke of a "school."

    • profile image

      sickOFuop 7 years ago

      UoP are scam artists and fakes 100%!!! I could only attend for three week because my son became ill and was in the hospital. In that time I apparently earned 3 credits in 3 weeks and had a C average even though I was in the hospital...not in class. Then 4 years after I withdrew I found that they signed me up for a criminal justice program that I would never take just so they could take more money from a loan. They ruined my credit and I have been fighting this since I found out about it 8 months ago. Apparently it has been affecting me since 2004 (5+ years) and I didn't even know it.

    • profile image

      michael 7 years ago

      Hello I am in the same vote i completed the classes all but all but a math class. I completed in 2006 and still have not got a job, so i went further and got microsoft certified thinking this would get me that job. wrong answer now as the economy has turned the jobs are scarsed and getting worse i feel i have been cheated out of something good as well and paying back alot money i dont have.

    • profile image

      thomasw655 7 years ago

      As a current UOPX student in the Masters program I urge potential students to consider all of their choices carefully.

      The standards set by the instructors at UOPX are ridiculously low. Individual papers are 700-1000 words with no APA formatting or citations required. In an average week about 1-2% of public discussion board questions use citations or references. The sad fact of the matter is most of the instructors don't care and are too lazy to enforce anything or even make constructive suggestions to students. Most of the instructors barely comment on your grades or participate in discussion boards.

      The work generated in the cohorts is nowhere near graduate level quality. Be advised that while this is not a diploma mill that you may be disappointed and discouraged by the lack of academic challenge in the program.

    • profile image

      Tommy 7 years ago

      People, please sympathize with me here or your children/yourself would be the victim like me today. I been got trick and trap by this website here. First off all, i was looking for the Ultra sound technician as i was get tin he adverstise through my email. then i click in this link and it ask me to leave the name and number then they would call me back. Next day, they they call me up and meet me at the office in Fairfield Califnornia, then told me that they do not have the program like i was asked for, however they refer me the other programs but it has to be Bacherlor degree, etc...and not to worry about the financial problem because the Government financial aid will help you to cover that... "However, you could be the whatever project mananger ... after i graduate..." (they said and promise me with the good and better future). Then i choose the other program which i like beside the Ultra Sound Technician such as "Computer Security Information". At the first class, my feelings told me something wrong with this school, i tried to drop and not continuous with this school, then they were threaten me and said it too late now because I have been sign the contract and paper, and I could be in debt with colector if i tried to get out with this school. Then they offered me to take one more class so the financial will cover your classes tuition... Now, at the end situation, i am in debt with more then $7, 211.00 for those 2 classes...

      In my conlusion, this school are trick and trap for all of us here. Myself, you or may be even your children could be a victim right now and future. I hope our government should shut down this school for good, or otherwise they will continuous to trick and ripe off the other people like me.

      P.S: I was learn nothing from this school, what i was doing in this school was attend online 1 or 2 hours every day from Mon-Sat and talk all B.S to whatever subjects as teacher and students posted, beside nothing relate to my major. So, it looks like we use the money to buying our degree... And i beleive most students from this school after they graduate they would have no skills at all to their major study beside chit chat online, , , , , , , , However, i was learn my lesson which is $7, 221 for these 2 classes at Phoenix Univerisy. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AT HOME, AND PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO BE LIKE ME.!!!

      I am laid off and have no job... i do not know how i would paid them back with this BIG AMOUNT of money. PLEASE HELP ME OUT TO TALK ABOUT THIS TO OTHER PEOPLE, AND PLEASE DO NOT BE A VICTIM LIKE ME.

      I am laid off and have no job... i do not know how would I could pay off for this debt with this BIG AMOUNT of money.

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