Wyndham Resort Timeshare Scams - The Lure of a New Car

Updated on November 19, 2015
Wyndham resorts uses the enticement of winning a new car to lure people into time share presentations. This is a form of 'bait and switch'
Wyndham resorts uses the enticement of winning a new car to lure people into time share presentations. This is a form of 'bait and switch' | Source

"Did I win the car?"

It was a Saturday morning around 9 AM that my phone rang, I answered it, and a man named Nick was on the line. He asked me if I had filled out an entry form to win a new car at the Potomac Mall and I said “yes.” I had filled out an entry to win a car a few weeks earlier. While speaking with Nick, I thought to myself, 'did I win a new car?' I started to feel the excitement rising inside of me. Nick went on to explain that I was still in the running to win the car, but he has another exciting offer. My emotions were running high, just because someone called me and told me that I kinda sorta won. Nick said that I am eligible to receive 4 airline tickets to both national and international destinations and that all I would have to do was attend a time share presentation (this is the bait and switch). Now I started to become skeptical. I had been to a time share presentation once before and the hard sale tactics where just ugly and exhausting and seemingly endless. As I recall, I must have been there for around 3 hours even though they promised that it only takes 2 hours. It felt like being held hostage and they have you as a sitting duck until they have drained you and then they give you the prize.

Definition of bait-and-switch:

the action (generally illegal) of advertising goods that are an apparent bargain, with the intention of substituting inferior or more expensive goods.

Airline tickets to many possible destinations are meant to lure unsuspecting people into attending hard sell timeshare presentations
Airline tickets to many possible destinations are meant to lure unsuspecting people into attending hard sell timeshare presentations | Source

You won 4 airline tickets!

— Nick - Wyndham Resorts

Anyway, I was still wrapped up in the excitement of winning something; this must be some kind of primal instinct. Winning the prize, any prize, must feed into the human ego somehow. Nick was feeding me the line, telling me what I wanted to hear and I went along. He said that the airline tickets must be booked through a certain travel agency who would “conveniently” book my hotel as well, but their rates were competitive. He also explained that I would be responsible for some taxes. Wow, I still liked the idea of the free airfare, even with some taxes. I mean, how much could the taxes be, right? I was envisioning some vacations in my mind; maybe a trip with the kids to London, the thought was highly enticing. Nick also threw in a dining card valued at $50. That seemed to make my time more than worth the while even though I wasn’t interested in a time share.

An offer too good to refuse, or too good to be true?

I agreed to attend this meeting and pushed aside my skepticism. I remained in this dreamy mental place picturing my future travels, but this dreamy place soon had some holes in it. A few hours later I checked for my email confirmation and began reading the details of the “Fly Away Getaway” vacation certificate the one with the airfare. Reading the details of this offer caused me to question the pitch I was given. It was explained in the email that in order to use the 4 coach-class round-trip tickets I would need to book them and a minimum stay at a hotel through “First Priority Travel.”

I began to realize that the minimum stay was the catch. If I was to stay at a hotel of their choosing then the benefit of the free airfare would be washed out in the likely expensive cost of the hotel. If I really wanted to travel to a destination I would be better off looking for a package deal and skipping this “offer.” I called to ask about the minimum stay and found out that for most national destinations the minimum stay would be 4 or 5 days and for international destination the minimum stay would be 7-14 days. This is when it became perfectly clear to me that this travel agency would turn their profit on the hotel which in turn wipes out the free aspect of the airfare. I would simply be paying for a vacation that I might as well book on my own, if that is really what I want to do.

What are "dining dollars" anyway?

The final straw was when I clicked on the link for the $50 dining dollars card and found out that it wasn’t actually a dining card but rather a 50% discount card. That is not exactly the same thing.

Another Wyndham scam is the concept of "dining dollars"
Another Wyndham scam is the concept of "dining dollars" | Source

My “friend” Nick over at Wyndham wanted me to sit in on a long hard sale presentation for a 50% off meal card and the lie of free airfare. With this in mind I am sure that my answer is “no.” If this isn’t a scam, I don’t know what is. The dinning card is another example of bait-and-switch. I was led to believe that the value was $50.00 when it was really a 50% off card.

Definition of Scam:

A dishonest scheme; a fraud especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

I promptly emailed Nick and his partner in crime, a woman named Chantea who also emailed me to remind me to bring my credit card, even though they insisted they wouldn’t be actually using it. I was very polite and declined the offer.

Oh well, we live and learn. I am usually pretty skeptical, but this time I fell for it, almost.

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      • profile image

        Piketru 17 months ago

        Just got a call for this 4 free tickets this morning. It started to sound too good to be true when I realized the 4 tickets didn't include the hotel. Did a google search to see if anyone else has "won" this contest. Read the fine print in the email they sent, seems I was NOT picked randomly in a raffle but they looked at the raffle ticket for people in a certain age and income bracket and martial status.

        Oh well. It's not too far away to go pick up the package and I think there is the $100 restaurants giftcard 2 free show tickets and dinner tickets. There is supposed to also be a mini 2 night/3 day vacation. I've never been to one to of these timeshares so maybe it won't be too bad.

        I remember the raffle, some of the other prizes were gift cards which I was really hoping to win. Atleast next time I fill out a contest I know to not put certain income, age, martial status.

        Just strange and seems very much like a scam making someone think think they are "winning" a prize or raffle instead of being straight out honest about what it is.

      • profile image

        Tyler 19 months ago

        Just did this because they approached my lovable but gullible girlfriend. Complete waste of time and energy. Extremely turned off by the Wyndham brand now and will avoid them when possible.

      • profile image

        Wisam 20 months ago

        Wyndham are scammers

      • profile image

        paul 2 years ago

        I have been to many time share sales pitch and have traveled the world on them and it has been great. I have not purchased either so go for it.