Should I Sell Avon? 10 Reasons to Become an Independent Avon Sales Representative

Updated on April 12, 2018
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Katleigh is a Business major and a makeup and skincare enthusiast, as well as an Avon Representative.

Avon is one of the most successful direct sales businesses in the world - and you're invited to join! Here are 10 reasons to become an Independent Avon Sales Representative.

Reason #1: Be Your Own Boss

One the top reasons people choose to become Avon Representatives is the chance to run their own business. It brings them independence and peace of mind that other jobs may not have. When you become am independent Avon Representative, you work with, not for, Avon to meet the goals that you set.

There are so many opportunities to earn, between direct sales, your personal eStore, team-building, and even fundraisers, that you can work your way to your desired income on your own terms.

Even though you work for yourself, you aren't alone. You also have a team of people dedicated to your success who are willing to help you in any way they can.

This is Boss Life - Avon Commercial

Reason #2: Work Your Own Hours

Family, education, and social activities don't always work 9-to-5; why should you? When you become an independent Avon Sales Representative, you decide your own schedule. This gives you the opportunity to work around the important things in your life.

You can sell while doing the things you already do and schedule your deliveries around your commute. You can pack up orders while you're catching up on your favorite shows. You can make calls to your customers while you're making dinner for your busy family. It's your business - work it your way.

Reason #3: Decide Your Own Paycheck

As a member of direct sales, your salary is decided by you. Your strategies, customer base, and passion for the products determine your bottom line, and the effort you put into sales that campaign is a direct reflection on your commission. While this may be intimidating for some, for many representatives, it is empowering to hold your future in your own hands.

Instead of a 9-5 job, Avon runs on a system of commission. I've made upwards of $50 in an hour without breaking a sweat by handing our brochures and taking orders on the spot.

Reason #4: Support Great Causes

Avon is the company for women, and it's shown in the Avon Foundation for Women. The Breast Cancer Crusade and Speak Out Domestic Violence, funded by the Avon Foundation, work to better the lives of women and everyone around them.

One of the many perks to being an Independent Avon Sales Representative is the great discounts on our products.
One of the many perks to being an Independent Avon Sales Representative is the great discounts on our products. | Source

Reason #5: Amazing Discounts

While Avon is a viable job opportunity for those who work for it, many representatives join Avon merely to get discounts on products they already love. Depending on your sales rate, you can get up to a 50% discount, not to mention early access to amazing new products.

I'm strictly a part-time representative, but I have still managed to get all of my personal products for free based on my sales.

Reason #6: A Supportive and Diverse Community

Our independent Avon Representatives are as unique as the products they sell. Avon welcomes people from all walks of life, from career men and women to hobbyists who simply enjoy the brand.

Reason #7: Rewards and Recognition

Feeling under-appreciated has always been one of the hardest parts of having a "regular" job. I'm a college student, but I've kept a part-time job since I was 16, and it felt like I didn't make any impact. I have never felt that way since I started selling Avon. I've had loyal customers right off the bat who love the products and personal service.

Reason #8: Get Paid to Socialize

If you love to entertain, then Avon is for you. One of the most popular and effective methods to sell Avon products is through parties. For those of you who prefer a more passive approach, social media is a great opportunity to direct customers to your eStore.


Reason #9: Fund Your "Why"

We all have financial goals. For some, it's being able to support your family, for others, it's paying for textbooks and pizza night. Whatever your "why" for joining Avon, there are plenty of resources and tools to help you.

Reason #10: Support Your Lifestyle

When you own your own business, your earning potential is nearly limitless, and with Avon, you have multiple ways to earn. From face-to-face sales to leadership opportunities, the opportunities to grow your business are nearly endless.

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