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10 Ways to Make $100 in a Single Day (Online and Offline)

Craftybird is a stay-at-home mom who works from home. She enjoys writing about motherhood and easy ways to make money.

Learn how to make $100 today!

Learn how to make $100 today!

How Much Do You Make in a Day?

With a lot of persistence and a little bit of creativity, it's easy to make $100 in a day. Here's a small list of ways you can make money, both online and offline, easily.

1. Claim the Money You're Owed

NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property) is a free government website that allows you to find any unclaimed funds via the National Association of State Treasurers. Just visit their website, enter your name and search any state or province where you have resided. Millions of dollars worth of unclaimed payroll checks, overpayments, and unclaimed inheritances are waiting to be claimed.

2. Create 20 Posts on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great website where people will pay you $5 to do just about anything. Some examples include providing tips and advice, teaching over skype, creating a video for someone, promoting a product, and more. The posts range from obscure to just plain crazy. Be creative and earn money!

3. Freelance Your Way to the Top

There are a lot of freelance websites that allow you to bid on projects or services that you can complete for employers, all from the comfort of your own home. Check out websites like Elance, oDesk, and Guru. Projects can include writing, data entry, virtual assistance, and more. You can easily make up to $100 a day by providing your services.

4. Sell Something Great

You probably already know that you can sell unwanted items on

5. Provide Lodging

If you live in a highly sought-after area of the world with a high tourist population, then offering out accommodation for the night could be a great way to earn income. You can post your place online on websites like Short Stay Apartment, where tourists can view your apartment and details, then book online. You can also rent out your space more long-term to students or young professionals, which can work out in both your favor.

6. Recycle for the Better Good

Have you ever seen those crazy people who go through trash bins on the side of the road? Are they really crazy or just plain smart? Recycling depots will pay great cash for your paper, plastic, cans, and anything else that can be recycled. If you have a free afternoon and a car, try it out. Bang on your neighbors' doors and see what they're willing to part with. It's not only great for your wallet, but it's beneficial for the environment, too.

7. Sell Unused Gift Cards

Do you have any unused gift cards laying around that are going to waste? Why not sell them online for profit? People will buy your cards at a discount on websites like Plastic Jungle. And maybe then you can buy something at a store that you actually like.

8. Pamper a Pooch

Pet owners will pay top dollar for you to take care of their little ones. Offer your services as a dog walker and earn up to $15 per walk. If you can walk up to 7 pooches per day, you're on your way to a $100/day income.

5. Write, Write Write

There are many, many ways to make money by writing online. From websites like Hubpages to writing and selling your own eBook. Content websites like and are always looking for freelance writers. Some are looking for high-quality writing while others are looking for question-and-answer type articles. Some employers may also be looking for researchers, forum moderators, and social media posters. You can also write content for HubPages! The possibilities for writing are endless.

10. Passively Profiting

Some great ways to make money online are by residual income like AdSense, book royalties, and affiliate programs. By doing a lot of hard work initially, you'll be able to make money with little or no effort later. Write and build websites that will bring traffic and views, also bringing in earnings. Many online marketers claim to make more than $100/day, but this will depend on your effort and talents.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

How do you plan to make $100 today?

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Shaun on December 21, 2016:

Thanks Samantha!! I gave a shot at NAUPA and turns out Experian owned me $23. Now I do remember reading their mail about this years ago and discarded it back then.

Samantha on November 02, 2016:

Wow! Try the first one. After I read the comment above about a girl finding a paycheck her old job at mcdonalds owed her. I looked. Turns out I have a $74.00 paycheck I never claimed from Walmart. I worked there ten years ago! Just check. You never know! Took me a second. I had to enter my name and city. That was it.

KN on September 21, 2016:

Wow, I actually decided to look at the missing money website and didn't expect anything - but thought it would be fun...and instead I found a paycheck I hadn't picked up from a job at McDonalds gosh like...10 years ago LOL. I'd quit my job and immediately moved out of state, without an address to give them, so it must have been my last paycheck. Sent in a request to claim the money. I never would have even thought to look. Probably only a few hundred bucks but anything helps in this day and age lol.

Dave on September 05, 2016:

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Melanie Casey from Indiana on October 27, 2013:

Great Hub! Marked up and useful. Between a few writing sites and blogging, I am making a few dollars a day, but I want to try Fiverr to see if I can make more.

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DNemesis on April 05, 2012:

We have so many ways to make money on the Web... too bad most people use it only to update their Facebook status.

I recently published my current income report and overall journey online. It's good to find ways to make money both online and offline. Anyway, excellent article and to the point!