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12 Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Sal Santiago writes about travel, minimalism, philosophy, and living an alternative lifestyle.

The benefits of working for yourself

The benefits of working for yourself

1. No One Can Fire You

You have already fired them. Your job is protected by your ability to keep working and growing, to manifest your vision from a dream into reality. You call the shots. No one has power over you. And there is no one abusing that power and making your life a living hell.

2. Minimal Stress

There will always be a certain low level of stress involved in day-to-day living. But the greatest stressors come from other people. Usually co-workers and managers. A large part of our stress also comes from the feeling of uncertainty. Worrying about how we are going to pay the bills, keep a roof over our heads, and put food on the table. When our livelihood is uncertain and threatened, which it often is by various characters with power over us, then our life is in a precarious situation.

Often at root is a personality conflict, and it has nothing to do with our ability to do the job and do it well. When you work for yourself, you eliminate these petty and ridiculous conflicts. Your stress level is greatly reduced. High-stress levels will destroy your health. Let's take care of ourselves and have the best health we can. Being your own boss is a great step in this direction.

3. You Wake Up Every Day Motivated and Excited to Do Your Work

What could be better than this? Instead of dreading the day ahead and scheming how you might drive your car off a cliff, you are happy and energized and can't wait to get to the work ahead. This boost in morale and improvement in mental health will carry over into all aspects of your life.

The feeling of confidence and joy of building something that was your idea and which gives you meaning and purpose cannot be matched. And if you are helping people and providing value to their lives, the sense of gratification will be immense.

4. When You Need to Take a Sick Day, You Can With No Issues

No extra stress of having to call in to your job. No worries that you will be doubted. That they might think you're faking it just for a day off. You make your own schedule. If you would like to work more in the morning or prefer working into the evening, it is entirely up to you. Once again, we have control over our time, and this leads to greater productivity and improved health.

5. Your Work Has Purpose and Meaning

No more sitting in a cubicle all day doing tedious tasks for someone else without meaning or any sense of personal fulfillment. The sense that you are building something and possibly making a difference replaces the overwhelming sense that you are wasting your life. The motivation you will feel from having a sense of purpose will energize you throughout the day.

6. There Is No Cap or Limit on What You Can Build and How Much You Can Grow

And how much you can make. When working for someone else, you are limited by the hourly amount they are paying you by the number of hours they have allowed you to work. Someone else is controlling your place in life and the heights you are able to rise to. They have put a cap and a limit on this. When you have your own business and work independently, you take the control back into your own hands. No one can tie your wings behind your back.

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7. It Is Extremely Rewarding if You Are Providing Value for People

The best jobs, the ones worth doing, give you this feeling. In our society today, many jobs are useless, uninspiring, and cause a sense of depression and low self-worth. Take back your power and restore your good mental health.

8. The People You Meet Through Your Business May Be in Tune With Your Values

You walk in a similar realm, possibly sharing more of the same interests. This can lead to true friendships. You will be surrounded by people who inspire you and with whom you can share ideas. This will lead to more personal growth and the growth and health of your business.

9. The Feedback Loop of Motivation and Inspiration Keeps Growing

With time and dedication, the positive feedback loop will continue to expand.

10. Live on Your Own Terms

Yes, I have personal experience with this. In retrospect, I can thank them for providing some of the motivation to fire my bosses and start working on my own thing. A toxic work environment can and will destroy your mental health and your life.

11. If You Can Build Passive Income Streams, This Will Greatly Help as You Grow Older

Who knows if we can depend on social security or any kind of safety net (here in the U.S.), and pensions only exist for a small percentage of people. Having an income stream from something you created will allow you to keep freedom and financial control over your life.

You will have a stronger sense of security as you grow older, regardless of what happens with the social security program. This will be priceless during the years when you should be allowing yourself more time to relax, take care of your health, live stress-free, and keep doing the things you enjoy.

Many people who reach retirement age often don't know what to do with themselves. Your business is something you can continue to do at any age, and the activity and purpose will continue to motivate you and bring you joy.

12. You Are in Control of Your Life and Can Act on and Fulfill Your Vision

What could be better than seeing your vision and dreams come to life? Creating something that didn't exist before, at least not without your own personal stamp. No one is holding power over you and threatening your livelihood and life. Having control over your time and how you decide to spend it each day. You are the artist, and your days are the blank canvas.

Determining how to fill up the space, which composition and colors to bring into the world. There is no feeling quite like being the master of your own universe. You have total control over your time and a sense of purpose and meaning. Positive mental health, well-being, and joy.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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