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20 Best Freelance Writing Jobs That Pay $100+ per Article

I've been a freelance writer for over 20 years. I enjoy writing about anything from non-fiction self-help to fiction thrillers and mysteries

Learn how to make $100+ by writing freelance articles!

Learn how to make $100+ by writing freelance articles!

Tired of Working for Pennies?

Finding freelance writing jobs that pay more than pennies can often be a challenge. It seems as if most publishers feel that freelance writers don’t deserve more than a penny per word.

At that rate, a 500-word article will pay $5. Even if you are a fast writer, you would need to write four of those articles per hour just to make a decent wage. Those earnings do not include any time spent on research. Research always comes out of the writer’s pocket and can often take more time than writing the piece.

But It Doesn't Have to Be That Way

Plenty of good publishers love their freelance writers and aren't afraid to show it. Namely, magazine publishers. Many magazine publishers, both online and offline, take freelance writers seriously, and they pay serious wages, some as much as $100 or more per article.

Some even pay $1 or more per word. A freelance writer can generate a decent annual income on a dozen or more articles when writing for magazines that pay decent wages.

I've Been All Around

As a freelance writer for 20+ years, I have been all around the Internet searching for real, legitimate, good-paying writing jobs. I’ve taken low-paying jobs (my first paid writing job was a weekly newspaper column for $10 per week), and I’ve had high-paying magazine article jobs. I prefer better wages. After all, writing is a job, and it’s hard work. I deserve to be paid a fair amount of money. Right?

So Where Can You Find Those High-Paying Jobs?

Everywhere there are magazines. Magazine publishers pay some of the highest wages to freelance writers. Here are 20 of the best places for freelance writers:

1. Cosmopolitan Magazine

Per their guidelines, "Send us an essay of no more than 800 words about a memorable, crazy, hilarious, or touching college experience. Stories about friends, class, dating, partying, studying, working, interning — anything that happened to you or around you in college is fair game. (Or: Tell us why you didn't go to college, why college is bullshit, what you're doing instead... )

If we publish your essay on, we'll pay you $100 — and hit you up for future assignments."

2. A Fine Parent

"A Fine Parent is an online community for parents who believe that Great Parents are Made, Not Born." Pay is $100 per article.

3. Reader's Digest

They will pay writers $100 for a 100-word personal, true story. Everyone has a story, right?

4. Carve Magazine

They seek good honest fiction and pay contributors $100. There is a $3 submit fee.

5. Boulevard

Their website states, "Boulevard strives to publish only the finest in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. While we frequently publish writers with previous credits, we are very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise. If you have practiced your craft and your work is the best it can be, send it to Boulevard."

They pay $100–$300 for prose and a minimum of $25 for poetry with a max of $250. Submissions are accepted from September 1 through May 1.

6. Clarkesworld

A science fiction and fantasy magazine; they accept submissions of 1000–16,000 words at a pay rate of $0.08–$0.10 per word.

7. Chicken Soup for the Soul

They look for inspirational stories about "ordinary people who have extraordinary experiences". They pay $200 for a 1200-word article.

8. Cicada Magazine

A young adult magazine, they accept submissions from teen writers and adults. They pay up to $0.25 per word with a max word count of 9000.

9. Power for Living

A weekly publication for adult Christians, Power for Living accepts submissions for feature articles on a variety of topics that are inspirational and "show the power of Christ at work." Pay is $125–$375.

10. Big Grey Horse

If you live in Texas, Big Grey Horse accepts submissions on almost anything Texas. They pay $125-$200 per article.

11. Puritan Magazine

They are an "online, quarterly publication based in Toronto, Ontario, committed to publishing the best in new fiction, poetry, interviews, essays, and reviews." Pay is $100 each for essays, interviews, or reviews. $50 for fiction work and $15–$60 for poems.

12. The Upper Room

Pays $25 for a 250-word Christian meditation.

13. Bitch Media

Per their website, "We're always looking for pitches that speak to feminist responses to pop culture. Our definition of pop culture is broad, encompassing cultural attitudes and myths, phenomena of the popular imagination, and social trends, as well as movies, TV, magazines, books, advertising, and the like. We are looking for discussion-provoking critical essays that are well researched with evidence to back up claims, timely statistics, and connections between one's personal experience and larger social forces. Interviews with feminist culture-makers are welcome, as are book, film, and music reviews and nuanced analyses of particularly horrifying and/or inspiring examples of pop culture."

Payment is $40 - $200, depending on the magazine section you're writing for.

14. Sports Spectrum

They look for Christian freelance writers who have a sports background. They pay 21 cents per word.

15. Wow! Women

Women on Writing offers their readers the chance to publish their work and also gives tips on writing. Well worth looking into. They pay anywhere between $50–$150, depending on the article type.

16. Scary Mommy

An online parenting website for imperfect parents. They pay around $100 per piece.

17. The Sun Magazine

If you're an expert on an interesting topic, The Sun Magazine accepts written pieces from their readers. Payments are anywhere from $100 to $2500, depending on the piece.

18. AARP

The magazine is dedicated to people over the age of 50. They accept articles about a variety of topics that are thoughtful and timely. They pay $1 per word.

19. Babble

Accepts submissions about pregnancy, mom, baby, body and mind, and relationships. Although the website doesn't disclose payment amounts, sources say they pay $150 for a 1200-word article.

20. Transitions Abroad

They are looking for submissions about working, living, traveling, studying, and volunteering abroad. They pay up to $150 per article.

Just a small slice of the pie!

Just a small slice of the pie!

There Are More

This list of 20 is just a small slice of the pie. There are many more magazines and websites that pay writers good wages for producing quality articles. A simple Google search can help you find more.

How Do I Submit to These Magazines?

Simply use Google to search these magazines. Just enter the name of the magazine along with the words "Submission Guidelines" or "Writing Guidelines." Be sure to read and adhere to each publisher's guidelines exactly so that you have a better chance of being published and getting paid.

The Dreaded Query Letter

If the guidelines indicate that a query letter is needed and you're not sure how to write one, there are plenty of places that will teach you how. Here are a few websites that can help you draft a convincing query letter:

  • Writer's Digest: A great site for writers. If you don't already have this site bookmarked, I highly recommend it. They have a vast amount of information for writers. Go to their Articles section and search the term "query letter."
  • Offers free sample query letters specifically for magazines.
  • Make A Living Writing: A wonderful website that gives a ton of information for freelance writers. They have a great piece about sending query letters.

Freelance Writing Can Be a Wonderful, Lucrative Career

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of places for freelance writers to submit their work. Writing can be both fun and financially rewarding. The key is versatility. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Submit to several magazines at once and, most of all, write each and every day.

After finding a magazine that's of interest, be sure to read a few of their current issues so that you know exactly what types of articles they publish. If you're not familiar with the magazine, they will know it. Show them that you know their magazine, their style, and what their readers will enjoy.

If you're stuck for ideas, there are plenty of helpful sites for that too. Again, use Google to help. Happy writing!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2015 Michelle Bentley

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