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7 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Perfect for Parents

Carolyn is a stay-at-home mom and knows the struggles of trying to make money while still being there for her children.


As a parent with school-aged children at home, I have spent many nights thinking about how I can make extra money.

I homeschool my four children, and my husband is the only one working right now. Thankfully he has a job that allows him to work 100% from home. In recent years, it has become more expensive to take care of our family.

One way to bring in extra money is affiliate marketing. I've discovered that it's perfectly suited for parents like myself who have school-aged children in their families.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you earn money by placing an affiliate link on your website, social media account, etc., and have people purchase a product through your link.

An affiliate is a person or business who promotes a product or service offered by other businesses, and you become an affiliate when you promote an affiliate product.

An example would be Amazon sales, where you link to a specific item on your website or Facebook post and try to get people to purchase the item through your affiliate link. Amazon and other companies are looking for affiliates to promote the products and services they are selling.

If someone signs up through your affiliate link, you are then rewarded by the company for promoting their product.

This is what is known as a conversion. A conversion is when a person completes a specific action designated by the affiliate program. It may be when someone enters their email address on a company's website, when they make a purchase, fill out a form, or some other action through your affiliate link.

You can share an affiliate link with your audience in many different ways, such as:

  • By adding an affiliate link to your blog (you can do this by inserting a link within a blog post, page, email, etc.)
  • Promoting it on social media
  • Sharing it in a podcast or webinar
  • And more!

The 7 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is Perfect for Parents With School-Aged Children

Here is my list of seven reasons (there are many more, but I need to keep this article to a reasonable length!) based on many hours of research I have done over the past year.

1. Be Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Schedule

Have you seen any recent help wanted ads online or in person? Too many businesses want to pay minimum wage for you to work less than 20 hours a week but be available 24/7.

There's no way parents can work that kind of job. You can't pay bills or put food on the table working those kinds of hours for that low pay. No way.

What's even more ridiculous is that in all of the job postings I have read (and I've read a lot), they all require you to be available 24/7. They put this in bold letters or italicize it in the listing! It's not even an option if you can't work on a Saturday. Wow!

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Setting your own hours (like a boss) is perfect for parents with school-aged children.

  • You get to decide when you want to work.
  • You get to decide how many hours you want to work.
  • Want to work for a few hours in the morning before the kids get up? No problem. Save money on daycare costs.
  • No office attire is required! You just have to commute from your bedroom to your office area.
  • The majority of the work involved with affiliate marketing involves writing unless you plan on doing it through a YouTube channel.
  • Writing is something that can be done throughout the day. An hour or two in the morning, then maybe later in the evening when the kids are occupied. It's perfect.
  • You'll be able to help your kids with any homework they might have or school projects they're working on.

2. There Is No Limit to the Amount of Money You Can Make

My husband got a pay raise this year. Do you want to know what it was? I'll tell you. A whopping 1% pay increase.

Unless you work on commission at a job in sales, you're pretty much stuck with your wages/salary when you were hired.

Affiliate Marketing Is Like a Sales Job, Only Better

  • Affiliate marketing is similar to sales because you are, in fact, selling something to a potential customer.
  • Your commission is the percentage your affiliate program will pay you per customer.
  • As with any sales, the more, the better. You can have one person or one thousand people click on your link and purchase whatever it is that you are promoting. Pretty hard to serve 1000 customers at one time in person.
  • There is also no penalty for not selling a certain amount, although it's pretty standard to be required to make at least one sale in order to remain an active affiliate in a program.
  • You can't earn money in your sleep with a regular sales job, but you can using affiliate marketing.

Most affiliate marketers have a niche and usually stick to products that make sense in that given niche because they market through a website or blog.

If you do your marketing through Facebook posts or Instagram (or any other social media site), you're not tied down to a specific niche. You do want to market things that you use yourself personally or have used and can recommend to others.


3. You Get to Write/Talk About What You Love

How many people wake up and then have a long commute to work at a job they hate?

Most people work at their job because they have bills to pay and mouths to feed, not necessarily because they love it. If you do love the work that you do, congrats! Not many people do.

Finding Your Niche

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the best place to start is by writing about what you feel passionate about! When you find a niche you love, you can find affiliate marketing programs for products related to what you love to write or talk about.

There are countless affiliate programs out there, and some people have multiple blogs for each topic or niche they are passionate about.

There are so many niches you could do affiliate marketing in, such as:

  • Recipes, cooking, baking
  • Organizing, home decorating
  • Health and fitness
  • Finances, investing, making money
  • Fashion, luxury, designer items
  • Beauty
  • Education, learning, courses
  • Self-help, well-being
  • Collecting
  • Toys and games, gaming
  • Electronics, gadgets, technology
  • Travel
  • Blogging, writing, marketing, website creation
  • Baby goods, clothing
  • Books, ebooks
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Tools, equipment

It's hard to sit down and write about something you don't know much about or care little about. As a writer, I find it easy to write on a subject that I am very familiar with or feel strongly about one way or another. Being able to focus on a topic that you feel excited about will make your work day go by so much quicker, and you will be highly motivated to work too.

4. You Can Work From Anywhere

As long as you have a way to connect to the internet, you're good to go.

Being able to be mobile and still work makes affiliate marketing a valuable option for those of us who have to be out and about since you don't have to be stuck in one location only.

If You Have to Be Mobile Because of Your Kids' Schedule

  • You can technically work anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection, such as a coffee shop or a library.
  • You don't even need a computer. Many people use social platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc., to do affiliate marketing and don't bother with a blog or a website.
  • If you need to take your children to hockey practice or swimming lessons, you can do some work while there if you need to.
  • If the internet goes down at your home, you can find a coffee shop and work there if need be (my husband has had to do this the odd time).

Of course, if you only have a desktop computer, then this will be a bit more difficult. Almost everyone has a cell phone, and there are many apps that allow you to write word documents or speak, and it will write it for you. You could also do brainstorming and just take a few notes on your phone for later.

5. The Start-Up Cost Is Very Low

The affordability of affiliate marketing is another reason it's a great way to grow your income. You don't need to create any products or spend time building a product.

If you do decide to have a website, that can also be relatively affordable because starting a website doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

What You Need to Get Going

  • Internet service
  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone
  • A website or blog in your niche (not always necessary)
  • Affiliate products to promote

It doesn't cost anything to sign up for any affiliate marketing program. However, most programs require you to have a website or social media account. Some even require a certain number of followers or page views.

You can have your website hosted for less than $4 a month or even cheaper. You can use WordPress and find a host for it or use WIX, which hosts your website and gives you the option of choosing your domain name for free. You do not want to use the free blogging sites.


6. Your Income Is Passive

Alright, it's not 100% passive. You will need to build some kind of following either on social media or your blog, publish content consistently, build trust, and more.

However, you can earn income from one affiliate link or one blog post for a long time, with little work needed to maintain it.

Affiliate income is great because you can create a post, review, etc., and that post could earn you money years down the line with minimal work needed to maintain it.

When you are a parent with school-aged children, you don't want to have to work long hours just to make ends meet. With a source of passive income from affiliate marketing, you can work fewer hours and still make just as much money, if not more.

You Can Generate Cash Flow

If you've ever read Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad, then you will understand what cash flow is and how important it is.

Cash flow is the amount of money that comes in and goes out of either your business or your personal bank account.

Each article you write on your blog to promote an affiliate product, for example, is like a piece of real estate, only it's digital real estate. Rather than a down payment, it costs you the time it took to research and write it.

Once you have finished an article and published it on the internet, it can continue to bring in revenue for years with minimal maintenance.

Your article, if it does create cash flow, becomes an asset. The more assets you have (in this case, articles that contain affiliate marketing links), the more cash flow you will generate.

The cash flow that your articles create is passive. You can earn money while you sleep!

The only way you can earn money at night with a regular job would be by working a night shift. That's not easy to do when you have school-aged children, and not at all possible if you're a single parent unless you have family that can help.

7. Affiliate Marketing Is Recession-Proof

According to

"Recession, in economics, is a downward trend in the business cycle characterized by a decline in production and employment, which in turn causes the incomes and spending of households to decline. Even though not all households and businesses experience actual declines in income, their expectations about the future become less certain during a recession and cause them to delay making large purchases or investments."2

How is affiliate marketing recession-proof, and why does that matter?

  • Affiliate marketing is recession-proof because there are thousands of products, services or companies that you can promote.
  • As a wise investor, you wouldn't put all your money into a single stock, would you? Of course not; you would diversify. The same principle applies to affiliate marketing. Diversify!
  • You can also watch the trends and see for yourself where people are willing to spend their money during hard times. Use those opportunities to promote things that people are going to be interested in buying, even during a recession when people are less likely to spend their money.
  • Being recession-proof matters because in order for you to make money as an affiliate marketer, you are dependent on not just people clicking your affiliate links but clicking on them and then making a purchase.
  • When you have school-aged children, you don't have time to be constantly looking for a new job because you were laid off due to a recession.

In other words, you still need people to spend their money on something in order for you to make money.

It's much, much more difficult to suddenly switch jobs than to switch up what you are promoting via affiliate marketing.

Being flexible is the name of the game for being able to bring in income to support your family during a recession.


Here are the seven reasons I have listed in this article as to why affiliate marketing really is perfect for parents with school-aged children:

  1. Be Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Schedule
  2. There Is No Limit to the Amount of Money You Can Make
  3. You Get to Write/Talk About What You Love
  4. You Can Work From Anywhere
  5. The Start-Up Cost Is Very Low
  6. Your Income Is Passive
  7. It Is Recession-Proof

I do wish you all the best, and I hope that you find this article useful!

Thank you!



This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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