How Does Poshmark Work For Sellers? A Newbie’s Guide With Pro Tips

Updated on April 5, 2020
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I’ve been reselling for over a decade now, since about 2008. I’ve bought and sold just about anything and everything.

Poshmark is one of the fastest-growing online sales platforms, especially for used clothing, shoes, and accessories. Listing items on Poshmark is easy and not any different from other marketplaces; Poshmark has a great platform that walks you through the process. But selling on Poshmark is a little different. This is a very basic guide to help the newest users get a better understanding of how Poshmark works and help you get your Closet sold faster.

Poshmark's Algorithm

Poshmark uses some type of algorithm to determine which sellers are placed above other sellers and what items are ranked higher than other items. If you want to be a successful seller it’s important to rank high. Newer listings are displayed before older listings, but there’s a lot more factors than this. Poshmark's actual algorithm isn’t public, but a lot of experienced sellers think they know the keys.

Their algorithm obviously considers time—how long ago the listing was posted, and the last time it was shared, commented on, or liked—but it seems to take in a lot more information than that.


It is generally believed that the more “active” you are on the platform the higher you will rank in Poshmark‘s algorithm. Activity on Poshmark is basically anything you do, it doesn’t have to be on your own Closet or your Profile, in fact it’s highly recommended that you visit other seller‘s Closets and Profiles and Like, Share, and Comment on their items. All activity helps boost your ranking!

Social Selling

Poshmark is, or at least wants to be, more than just a selling platform. The idea is to have an online community of buyers and sellers that come together and socialize. They do this mainly in four simple ways; liking, sharing, commenting and following.


Liking is quite simply clicking that little heart ❤️ shaped button you see on each listing, but there‘s a lot more to it. As a seller when someone Likes your listing Poshmark gives you the ability to send all Likers a special offer, this is a discounted price(it must be a minimum 10%, plus a shipping discount) that is only offered to Likers, no one else, and it‘s never public. Keep this in mind when listing items, you want to list at a price that attracts but also leaves room for negotiation. It seems common knowledge that if you Like an item you will get a discounted offer within hours(likely minutes).

You want to create listings that catch the eye, as to obtain more Likers not only so you can send more offers, but also because it is believed that the more Likers a listing gets the higher it will rank within Poshmark’s algorithm(s).


Sharing helps boost an item‘s rank on the Feed and search pages of Poshmark, but not all Shares are the same. When you Share one of your items or someone else’s, it sends that item higher in the Feeds of all of your Followers. So when someone else Shares one of your listings it sends it to their Followers. This means that if a Posher Shares one of your items and they have a million followers . . . well you get it. However, when you Share your own items, the algorithm seems to like this more and appears to rank these items higher in Feeds and search results.

So it’s debatable, but the overall belief on Poshmark is that Sharing your own items is the best way to keep them high in the rankings. However, there may be reason to believe that Sharing other seller’s items will help boost your activity and therefore boost your rankings. You should spend some time Sharing other seller’s items but not as much time as you spend on your own.


In general Comments should be in reference to the item only, Comments are not for advertising your own items or Closet! It’s okay to Comment on an item to complement the seller for their great pictures, or to let them know you like their item. Comments are also used for general questions.

Again, activity matters and we have reason to believe that being active in the way of Commenting on other seller’s items will help boost your ranking on Poshmark. Furthermore, always be sure to reply to any/all comments on your items as quickly as possible!

Poshers Love Discounts

Everyone loves getting a deal, and Poshers are definitely in high favor of discounts! Poshmark has a few different ways to offer discounts and entice buyers.

The first way, as discussed briefly, is the private offer to Likers. These offers are only sent to people who Like your listing. The offer must be at least 10% less than the lowest price you’ve ever sent (this applies to each person individually) and include a shipping discount. For the shipping discount you can choose to pay $2.12 or $7.11, where the buyer would then pay either $4.99 for shipping or receive free shipping. The shipping discount comes out of your profit and Poshmark shows you the amount you will receive.

Bundle and Save

The next way to offer discounts on Poshmark is to utilize the Bundle tools. Poshers(buyers) that like your items can save them to a Bundle. This way when they Bundle multiple items from your Closet and purchase them they only have to pay one shipping fee. When someone creates a Bundle from your Closet you can go in and offer them a discount; this is similar to sending an offer to Likers but it’s only visible by this one person. You can also Comment on Bundles, and even add items you think they may like and offer a discounted price for everything!

Have you bought or sold on Poshmark? What was your experience like? Comment below...

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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