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Updated on September 10, 2017

This marketing method is one that has been around for years, and it does work if it is done right. Ads are very effective. We all can be drawn in to buying a new product or trying something new out.

The problem lies in the fact that most authors don’t research and focus on the cost and nothing more. They reject the idea of ads before they can give them a chance.

Value of Ads

Ads are valuable in that people do see them and read them. Whether or not they act on them is a different story. It depends on how the ad looks and the offer you have going. You have to give the reader something to entice them to purchase your book. So the value of ads varies. You might have some that show no return while others bring in tons of traffic and sales. The key is not to place an ad just for the sake of placing an ad.

The value comes from strategy. Any old ad will not do. If you go about it that way, they will be of no value except for whose pocket you put your good money in. That is just throwing it into the wind and watching it fly away.

So, how do you make them valuable? Get strategic.

Where to Place Them

Location is important. Think of the big billboards you pass as you go to and from work. They are just put up anywhere. It is all planned out. Someone looks at the lay of the road and how people are driving. They number how many cars go past a certain point and who they might carry. Placement is intentional after much research.

Ads can be placed in many places. With the Internet, the possibilities are almost endless. There is the obvious Facebook and Google, but the results from these have not proven great for writers. It did in the beginning until the flood of writers became a tsunami.

Check out sites dedicated to writers and readers. It can be a blog or a site that sells products for book lovers. Make sure the site gets the traffic that makes the money you spend worth it. You can place your ad directly on their site. No, they won't get as much traffic as Facebook, but they will get more traffic that will see your ad.

Remember that it is strategic. Placing your ad generically on Facebook gets you lost. Placing your ad strategically on sites where people will actually see it will bring you more chances of success.

The Cost

All ads will cost you money. If it doesn't, I'd be extremely wary of it. So many good things are free today, but ads should not be one of them.

I have seen good ad space as low as $5 and as high as several hundred. These prices can be per day or per month. Make sure you read the fine print and understand what the details are and what is expected of you and the place where you are looking to place your ad.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before placing an ad, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why are you placing an ad?

  • Will the right audience see the ad?

  • How much can you spend?

  • Is the site the right place?

  • Have you done your research?

If you cannot answer these with solid confirmation and reasons, you might want to reconsider where you are placing your ad. It needs to be purposeful, intentional, and strategic. Make it worth the time and effort.

Evaluating Ads

Just because you might have found great places for your ads doesn't mean you can just forget about them and move on. You need to monitor them and evaluate their effectiveness. Some ads might work for only a season. When they are no longer effective, then it might be time to consider removing them and finding fresher territory or even fresher ads.

Remember that this is a business if you want to be a serious writer. You have to keep on top of things such as your ads. Periodically review them and make changes where you need to. There are new places for ads coming about all the time. Try them. Evaluate them.

Don't waste your time and money on ads that will not benefit you. You want to see results that benefit you.


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