Author Marketing Tip - Use Business Cards

Updated on October 7, 2017

When you go to a new business or meet someone who you might want to follow up with later, what do you do? Typically, you get their business card. It is how you obtain contact information for future reference.

Do you have a business card to hand out to people? Most people don’t especially authors. But they are a good idea. Did you even think of getting one? You might need to look into this asset.

Why Have One?

Let’s say you are at a school concert for your child. Someone you are talking to discovers you are an author. They want to know more. They ask for your website. Why not have a card with you that has that on there so you don’t have to worry about misspellings or such? Plus you look even more professional with a business card showing yourself as an author.

What to Put on It

Have a business card that has your author name prominent on it. Put your website on it and/or your email address. List out your latest and/or most popular books. It needs to reflect you as an author. Some put phone numbers or social networking links. You don’t want too much on it, but enough where someone with the card can easily get in touch with you.

Keep in mind that you change your design anytime. You’re not stuck with what you have. As new releases come out, create new business cards.

You might even want to put some discount code or such for a free book. Make your business card a way for people to reach you, find your books, and want to know about them.


They don’t cost a fortune. You can get a thousand for as little as $10. Check out places such as VistaPrint. You can get good prices and great deals many times. They have many styles or you can upload a design of your own. There are tons of options.

Ask other people where they got their business cards. There might be other places with great deals. You can even make your own for only the cost of the paper and the ink.


Here are a few things to consider as you design your card:

- It needs to be readable. I have received several business cards that had coloring and font that were hard to read. It might look cool, but if you can't read it why have a business card.

- Be professional. I'm not saying you can't have fun with it, but avoid anything crude. You might think it is funny, but others might not.

- Make it simple. I've seen business cards that were too busy. Keep it simple so people can find the necessary information.

- Colorful. There might be some great cards that are just plain black and white. I've seen them, and they work. But many of the cards I remember and don't lose are the colorful ones. They caught my eye and kept it.

Where to Use Business Cards

Keep them with you at all times. Why? Because the times to use them will appear when you least expect them.

Casual meetings - You never know who you will meet and where. By always having your card with you, you'll always be prepared. I have met people at the mall while shopping and wished I had my business card on me. You might get to talking to people at the grocery store, coffee shop, family gathering, ballgame, or anywhere you go outside your home. If you have business cards with you all the time, you can use them when opportunities arise. Trust me in that you'll never truly be able to anticipate when those moments will occur.

Restaurant giveaways - I see these everywhere I go. You put your card in a bowl for drawings that usually include a free meal. That means people see your card. Always keep one around. If nothing else, you might get a free meal out of it.

Community Boards - Libraries, grocery stories, and even coffee shops have community boards where you can pin your card for someone to see. You never know who will wander by and see your name.


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