5+ Ideas for What to Write About Online

Updated on May 22, 2020
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Amber is a web writer whose articles focus on beauty, skincare, health, wellness, and—of course—food!

Want to Start a Blog or Write Articles Online?

The world is full of untapped talent. There are millions of people that want to be a writer, but there is one thing that stops them: They don't know what to write about.

Telling someone to write about something they know is helpful, but people are full of information. Sometimes, they know so many things that it can be difficult to narrow it down. People are also full of talents that they do not even realize are talents.

The biggest mistake is assuming that you have nothing to contribute. Instead, remember that everyone knows something that can help someone. Everyone has a hidden article inside of them, just waiting for them to write it. If you are stuck in between wanting to write and not knowing what to write about, this article is for you.

1. Beauty, Fashion, Makeup, and Skincare

Every girly girl loves a good beauty article. One of my better articles is about how to apply eyeliner. It gives basic tips on how to hold your eye so that you can easily apply the eyeliner.

If you know how to apply eyeshadow, you can write an article. More complicated techniques, like how to contour for beginners, are gold. There are thousands of people that want to know how to contour their faces like movie stars do, and there only seems to be a handful of people that know how to show other people how to do it.

This category isn't limited to cosmetics. You can also write articles about hair, nails, or how to make an awesome DIY face mask. If you know how to french braid hair, write an article about it. This is one of the most popular search categories, so the competition may be a bit steep, but the point is to start writing, not to try to write that single gold article right off the bat.

2. Parenting, Children, and Education

Parenting articles are another great idea if you can't seem to beat writer's block. There are a few good things that come from parents writing articles. First of all, every parent has different experiences. One parent may know a few tricks to potty train a child, while another may know how they got their child to quit being scared of the dark.

Either way, there is another parent somewhere that is having the same problem. Instead of trying to discover the secret to making millions from articles online, make a commitment to help other parents with common parenting problems.

The only requirement here is that you need experience being a parent in order to help other parents.

Some great parenting topic ideas are:

  • Potty training in ten days
  • How to get your kids to clean their rooms
  • Healthy summer snacks
  • Bullying in the classroom: what should parents do
  • How to have the puberty talk

If you've been through any of the above, all you have to do is write about your personal experience, the problems you faced, and how you handled it. There is a parent out there somewhere that will appreciate it.

People love recipes, crafts, and DIY decoration ideas for the holidays.
People love recipes, crafts, and DIY decoration ideas for the holidays.

3. Holidays, Celebrations, and Traditions

Everyone has a favorite holiday, and I'm sure that you do to. Parents are always looking for new crafts to do with their children, Every year people are on the hunt for a list of the hottest toys for Christmas.

That doesn't include the recipes that are used, how to decorate for the holidays, and ways to make memories with kids on holidays.

If you need a nice writing prompt, it can be as simple as thinking about your favorite holiday. Then, go from there. Here are a few ideas that can be applied to any holiday:

  • DIY decorating tips
  • DIY crafts for the kids
  • Easy recipes
  • Recipes for busy moms
  • Affordable gift list
  • How to decorate for (insert name of favorite holiday here)

If you have some knowledge about any holiday or a favorite family tradition, that may be all it takes to beat writers block.

4. Your Job, Career, or Occupation

That's right; you can write about your job. A mechanic can easily write about how to fix cars. There are thousands of people that want to know how to fix their car without having to spend hundreds of dollars at a garage. People want to know how to troubleshoot certain problems, how to change a tire, or even how to wire up a kill switch for their neon lights. The list of things to write about is endless.

This does not only apply to mechanics. Hairstylists can write about how they style hair. For example, if a customer came into the salon with a particular style in mind, a hairstylist could write about how they styled their hair to perfection. They can also give tips for a DIY hair cut, how to dye hair, or how to cut your own bangs.

Case managers can write interesting articles about how to write memos or case-management notes. They can also write articles about mental health disorders, such as how to live with a person with bipolar disorder.

If you have a job, you have something to write about. Even a person that works in a factory can turn that into an article. For example, how to make time for family when you work 12 hours a day.

Take some time and put some thought into what you do at work on a daily basis. There is a certain amount of information that you had to learn to get that job, and there are more than likely other people that will be interested in it.

5. Love, Dating, and Relationships

If you've been in a relationship, you have the experience necessary to write an article about it. Girls want to know what it means when their boyfriend doesn't pay attention to them, and men want to know how to deal with an abusive girlfriend because they feel powerless.

If that relationship was with a sociopath, and you think you have no advice to give, you're wrong. Women need to hear those stories when they are going through a similar situation. They need to know that they are not alone and that they can become a survivor of abuse instead of remaining a victim.

Think about your past relationship or your current relationship and the struggles that you have been through. Then, write about how you overcame those struggles. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the relationship category:

  • How to tell if he's cheating
  • Living with an angry partner: how to make it work
  • How to spice up your love life
  • How to increase communication with your partner
  • Making time for each other after the new baby arrives
  • Awesome date night ideas
  • How to get out of a relationship rut

Keep in mind these are just ideas. You're welcome to use any of them if you want to, but if they remind you of something to do with your relationship, then go with that idea.

What would you want to know as a reader? search for questions you may have and see if the answer is already out there. If it's not, write it!
What would you want to know as a reader? search for questions you may have and see if the answer is already out there. If it's not, write it!

Still Not Sure? Browse the Web!

If you can't think of anything to write about yet, the key to finding something to write about may not be in random ideas or keywords. Maybe none of these ideas pique your interest. If that's the case, don't give up hope. Take some time away from looking at writing prompts and how to write articles, and just browse the internet. Go wherever your mind takes you.

Maybe you'll come across a picture of an orange, and it will remind you of the time you planted a garden with your grandmother when you were a child. This can then turn into an article about how to plant a garden or how important it is to spend time with grandparents.

Browse through the articles here on HubPages and look at pictures. Take some time away from the computer and visit a local art museum or go on a hike. Basically, stop trying to figure out what to write about. Take a break from looking at a blank screen.

Instead, the key to breaking through writer's block and figuring out what to write about may be to simply take a break and let your mind wander for a bit. You'll be amazed at what you come up with when you aren't even trying.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      that became my problem before. friends told me I should write and submit article to a magazine, but I really didn't know what to write. Then a friend gave me a magazine about pets, and told me to submit in that article. Then I decided to write about my dog's ailment and that started everything...


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