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Best Ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment

A part-time freelance writer who is trying different ways to earn money online.

It's possible to earn money online for free. Discover some ideas in this article, from blogging to reviewing music to designing t-shirts.

It's possible to earn money online for free. Discover some ideas in this article, from blogging to reviewing music to designing t-shirts.

Are you looking for the best ways to earn money online without investment? That's understandable: not everyone wants to spend money to earn money. Honestly, I haven't spent a single cent for this purpose, even though I have worked online for years. I hope this article will help you find new ways of earning money online for free.

1. Start a Blog

You can make money with a free blog even though a paid blog makes the process easier. You can use affiliate marketing or Google Adsense to monetize your free blog. Remember that blogging is not easy, and it will take hard work and patience to make money this way. Following are some platforms that you can use to start your free blog.

Blogger: This platform is owned by Google, so it is easy to monetize your free Blogger blog with Google Adsense.

WordPress: You must remember that you can’t monetize your free WordPress blog with Google Adsense, but you can still use other monetization methods.

Tumblr: This platform has attracted a lot of people who like to share their photography, art, etc. It is very easy to set up a blog on Tumblr, and you will have no issues, even as a beginner.

2. Freelance

You can offer your freelancing services on freelancing websites and make a whole lot of money. You can offer freelance writing, programming, graphic design, translation and many other services. Here are a few freelancing websites that you can use to find work and earn money online without investment.

Upwork: This is my personal favorite, even though I don’t think that you can earn the maximum amount for your services on this platform. The advantage of this platform is that it has a lot of jobs, and it is not so hard to find work if you have a great profile.

You only get a limited number of free bids due to the changes made in 2019. Now, you have to buy bids if you fail to get the job with the free bids. This is really unfortunate, and it makes it harder for beginners to earn through Upwork.

Freelancer: Freelancer cannot be ignored if freelancing websites are being discussed. You must have heard of this website as it is very well known.

Guru: Guru is not as popular as Upwork or Freelancer, but it is a good website for finding freelancing work.

Fiverr: I have only made $5 from Fiverr, even after being a freelancer on this website for almost two years. The issue with Fiverr is that it is very competitive. Unless you have something unique to offer or you have a way of getting orders, it is going to be very difficult to make money.

3. Self-Publish Books and Ebooks

Self-publishing a book or an ebook is free if you do everything on your own. It is not easy to get your book or ebook noticed in the competitive environment, but content is still the king. There are many places where you can self-publish your ebook or book for free. I recommend using CreateSpace as Amazon owns a lot of the market share, and it is easy to get published through CreateSpace.

4. Name Companies

It is possible to earn money online by naming companies and brands if you are creative. I have personally seen people who have made $10,000 or more just by naming companies on a naming website. I know you are maybe wondering how it works. It is really simple. A company that is looking for a name posts a contest on a naming website, and people like you try coming up with a name according to the requirements of the company. The winner of the contest normally gets $100 or $200.

Here are a few websites that allow you to participate in contests where you can name companies.

Squadhelp: In addition to participating in naming contests, Squadhelp also allows you to participate in logo design and tagline contests.

Naming Force: Naming Force focuses exclusively on naming companies, and their market research prepares a list of the best names for the clients. You need to be a U.S. resident to join as a namer, which can be annoying for people who live in other countries.

CrowdDoodle: The money that you can earn from CrowdDoodle varies from contest to contest, and some contests pay $25 while others pay $200. Like Squadhelp, you can join from any country, and you can also participate in logo design contests.

5. Design T-Shirts

This is one of the creative ways of earning money online, like naming contests. The competition is tough as there are many designers that design high-quality t-shirts. Regardless, I don’t think that there is any harm in trying and learning about designing t-shirts. There are many free tools that you can use to come up with your own unique design. Here is a list of some of the best websites for designing t-shirts and making money.

Teespring: The fact that their t-shirt designer is easy to use and they are available all around the world makes them worth trying. You will need to collect a few pre-orders if you want your t-shirt to be printed, so it can be a little tricky for newbies. You can collect your payment through PayPal.

Threadless: Threadless is an online store that sells t-shirts, and it also has a challenge where you can submit your t-shirt designs. Your t-shirt design will be rated by their community of designers, and the best designs will be printed and sold. If your design is selected, you will not only get a cash reward, but you will also get royalties as long as your design is sold.

Spreadshirt: Spreadshirt allows you to make $12 on a t-shirt that is sold for $20. It is free to sell t-shirts. They even allow you to open your own online shop, but I recommend selling on the marketplace if you are a newbie.

6. Become a Social Media Influencer

Who would have imagined that social media would allow you to earn money online without investment?

Social media influencers are people that have high credibility and a large audience, allowing them to influence the decisions of a lot of people. There are many ways of making money once you become a social media influencer. In the beginning, you will struggle to grow your audience, but it would certainly be worth it if your audience grows well.

7. Teach

There are many platforms that exist only for the purpose of allowing people to share their knowledge and make money in the process. If you think that you know something that others can benefit from, then you can start selling online courses.

You can get started for free if you have a decent quality phone with a good camera, and you can buy a camera later when you make more money. Here are a few platforms that you can use to teach.

Skillshare: According to their website, top teachers make more than $100,000 a year. The best part is that it is passive income as a quality video will continue to earn for a long time.

Zeqr: There are live classes on this platform with a maximum of 8 participants. So you need to be comfortable with teaching the topic live if you want to do well.

8. Write for HubPages

If you are a beginner and want to earn money for free by writing content that you love, then HubPages is a great option. The entire idea behind the website is that you can write about your passion or anything at all. They have a network of sites so that similar content can be kept on the same website for a higher rank on the search engines.

It is much easier to rank on search engines through HubPages for beginners compared to starting your own blog. There are different monetization options, like Amazon's Affiliate Program or Google Adsense. The only downside is that they take 40% of your income.

9. Review Music

I like listening to music, and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t. It is really cool that you can get paid to review music. The pay is not the best, but this is something that you can do in your free time for extra money.

Slicethepie: This website pays you based on your star rating and the quality of your reviews. There are some complaints against this website, but it is still worth a shot if you love music.

HitPredictor: You earn by rating music that is yet to be released. The website pays gift cards for rating songs. The drawback is that they have a limited selection of songs that you can rate.

10. Get Paid to Search the Web

There are many websites that pay you for doing what you normally do, and that is searching the web. Here are some of them.

Qmee: You will have to download an add-on and start searching the web for making money. It is only available in the USA and UK right now, but there are other options that you can try.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a well-known website, and you can redeem the money that you earn through PayPal.

InboxDollars: This website pays you for doing qualified searches, which are searches that you do naturally. Instead of getting cash paid directly, you will be rewarded with progress on the Scratch Off bar. When the Scratch Off bar is full, you will get a Scratch Off Card that will allow you to scratch for your chance to win a prize.

Personally, I don’t recommend that you try making money online by searching the web as you will not make a good amount of money this way.

11. Start a YouTube Channel

The largest video-sharing website can become a source of income for you. YouTube is more competitive than ever, but the audience is also larger than ever. One channel that I follow went from 10,000 subscribers to 800k in less than a year. The point is that you can earn money and grow your channel quickly if your content is great. You can use affiliate links in the description to earn money, as ads don't pay a lot.

12. Submit Stock Photography

Stock photography is a great way to earn some extra cash or even make a full-time income online if you are really good. There are plenty of websites that you can join for free to submit your photos.

Shutterstock: This is one of the most popular sites to sell stock photos. The pay is also higher than most websites, so it is definitely worth looking into. You can also sell video content and vector illustrations on this website.

iStock Photo: This website is owned by Getty Images, and they also accept stock photo submissions. They give at least 15% commission to contributors, which is not bad.

Alamy: They give a 50% royalty payment and also allow you to sell the same image on other websites. They have already paid over $180 million to their contributors.

13. Try Paid to Click Websites

My personal experience with paid-to-click websites has been negative. It takes a lot of time to earn a substantial amount, and most of the referrals I had were not active. I don't recommend PTC websites, but you are free to join one if you want.

Neobux: Neobux is certainly one of the most trusted PTC websites. They payout on time, and there are other ways of earning money available as well.

ScarletClicks: ScarletClicks is a lot like Neobux, but it doesn't have rented referrals like Neobux. The pay is $0.01 per click, and the minimum payout is of $2.

YouGetProfit: YouGetProfit is a little different from the other PTC websites because you can earn through it by buying advertising packs as well. Buying advertising packs will give you traffic and also allow you to get dividends from their revenue-sharing program.

14. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

As a search engine evaluator, your job will be to see if the search results are relevant and high-quality. There are limited companies that offer this sort of work, and they may already have enough workers on board. The pay is around $12 to $15 per hour, which is good for someone who is working from home.

Leapforce: Leapforce offers search engine evaluator positions in various countries. They require you to attach your CV or resume while filling out the form. It will not be easy to be accepted by them because they are one of the big names in the industry

Lionbridge: They may have limited positions, and the work may not be consistent as well. You will need a PC as well as an Android-based smartphone if you want to work for them.

Appen: Appen is for those who are serious because they require you to work for four hours at least five days per week. Before they hire you, they will conduct testing and training, which can take weeks.

15. Stream on Twitch

Twitch is a website that is known for live streaming video games. If you are a video game fanatic, then you might have already heard about them. You might also know that the live streamers earn money through this website as well. It is not easy to get started, but getting paid to play video games is a dream for many people.

The competition is high, and the famous games are already being played by a lot of people. You will need to stand out from the crowd if you want to earn enough money to make this your full-time job.

16. Join Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates allows you to promote products that are listed on Amazon and make money when they are sold through your referral link. There are many people that have Amazon affiliate websites for earning money through promoting products. The pay is not as high as many affiliate programs, but still, people are earning $1,00,000 or more through this affiliate program.

All you have to do is drive traffic to Amazon, and the website will do the rest. You will have to apply separately for different countries, which can be a painful process. They also require you to make a sale in your first 180 days before they consider your application. So if your website is new, you may want to wait for a while before applying.

17. Sell on Amazon Merch

I have already mentioned websites where you can design and sell t-shirts, but Amazon Merch deserves a special mention. The market is dominated by Amazon Merch, and it is not easy to get accepted. I had to wait for more than a year to get accepted. So if you want to start earning by selling t-shirts right now, then Amazon Merch is not for you.

18. Submit Articles

There are several websites where you can submit articles and get paid if they are accepted. Even if you are interested in something specific, it won't be hard to find a website to write for in most cases. The pay is also better than what the average freelance writer earns on freelancing websites.

Normally, you will have to pitch your idea and send samples before you can submit your article for review. If you are a beginner, then it might be tricky to do so. Here are a few websites that pay you for submitting high-quality articles.

IncomeDiary: IncomeDiary accepts articles about creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media and making money online. They have high standards, and they also pay $200 for an article that meets those standards. They have been around since 2009, and the best part is that you can subscribe to be alerted about paid writing jobs.

Listverse: There are some simple rules that you have to follow, and this website will pay you $100 for writing a list of at least ten items. You can write on any topic, like ten ancient mysteries or even ten ways to earn money online. They also allow you to promote your blog, book, or Twitter account at the end of your list if it gets accepted.

FreelanceMom: This website will pay you between $75 to $100 if your article is accepted. First of all, you will have to pitch the idea behind your article, and then you may get an email asking you to submit the article. There is no guarantee that your submitted article will be published, but you can increase your chances by reading the guidelines given on the website.

Cracked: Cracked gives you the opportunity to write list-style feature articles, and they have examples that you can refer to. The pay is great as they pay $150 for your first four articles and then $250 from your fifth article onward.

19. Earn Money by Selling Your Art

You can sell almost anything online, including your art. So if you are an artist or aspire to be one, then maybe it is time to put your art to the test. Here are a few websites where you can earn money online by selling your art.

ArtWeb: ArtWeb doesn't charge you any commission if you make a sale, and they also have a free website builder. You can make your own online art gallery by using the website builder and use a domain name that you own for this purpose. They have a community of artists to provide support, and you can easily sell the art online because of the credit card integration.

Saatchi Art: Saatchi Art will charge you 35% on every piece of art that you sell. It is easy to make an account, and it is free as well. They will handle shipping, and you will only have to pay for the packaging of the art. They charge such a high commission because they promote the art through various means and increase the chances of making a sale. They also have artist protection to save you from getting scammed.

AbsoluteArts: They offer different options, but you can use their free art website option to sell your art for free. I couldn't find if they charge a commission or not, but I think that they might charge a commission, especially from those who make sales through their free website option.

Final Thoughts

I will continue updating this list of the best ways to earn money online without investment. Not all of the ways of earning money online are recommended by me. You have to think about your skills and your interests before making the final decision. I would recommend you to try earning from more than one method if you are going to do this full-time.

If you enjoyed reading, then share it with your friends on social media so that they can find newer ways of earning money online. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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