Buying and Selling on Ebay in Pakistan

Updated on February 16, 2018
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Fortunately for you, there are some ways that can give you the power to use eBay in Pakistan. Selling and buying on eBay whilst being in Pakistan is difficult (due to the restrictions imposed by Paypal) but not impossible. You can employ a few shrewd ways to see if it works for you.

Ebay Pakistan
Ebay Pakistan

Selling on Ebay in Pakistan


Skrill can be used to accept payments from a limited number of buyers and money can be cashed out to a local Pakistani bank account at a nominal charge.

Debit Cards

MasterCard or Visa cards of any local bank can be used to receive payments from buyers. You won't be required to open a Paypal account for this.

What can you sell on eBay?

You can try eBay to see who will pay the best price for your branded items or precious collectibles, things that are best to sell for Pakistani sellers may include:

  • Handicrafts
  • Gemstones
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry
  • Leather goods

You may however find it difficult to beat the competition on eBay for other products because of high postage prices which will add to the price of any product you will sell.


Buying on Ebay in Pakistan

Check out the following methods and see which one you can try. Few of them are quite risky and may result in money being lost.


Aside from Paypal, Skrill is the second most popular online payment processor which also offers its services in Pakistan. Uploading funds to your Skrill account from a bank is free. Funds can also be uploaded from a Visa or MasterCard of any local Pakistani bank for a small fee. To date, Skrill is not very popular on eBay and very few sellers (mostly European) are currently accepting Skrill so this method has limited usability but it's cheap, risk-free and your purchase will be covered by eBay money back guarantee.

Debit Cards

Virtually all of the sellers accept credit cards and debit cards on eBay so you can use your Visa or MasterCard but as these payments are processed through Paypal there is always some risk of payment being blocked.

A detailed procedure for this method is explained here.

Look for this logo
Look for this logo

I suggest you use Payoneer MasterCard or Virtual Credit Cards (Google it) as they are based abroad to overcome the country restriction imposed by Paypal. Note that you will not find Pakistan in the country drop down menu on the last page so I am not sure Pakistan-based cards will work or not but Payoneer will definitely work. I am still searching for other viable alternatives and will post as soon as I find them.

Important Tip

Always try to ship your parcels via express mail or registered post. That way you will have a tracking number which will help you trace your parcel, so you will know when it gets into the customs and then you can personally go to the customs of your city and get it cleared.

Third Party Paypal Account

This is another safe and secure way however for this you need a loyal friend or relative living abroad. Easy and simple:

  • After you complete the purchase ask the seller to send a payment request to your friends Paypal account.
  • Ask your friend to pay it.
  • Remember to notify the seller about your shipping address because the seller will automatically get your friends shipping address.

Paypal Itself!

What else could be easier than this (you won't get your money back if Paypal catches you!)?

  1. Make a Paypal account with a fake name and address using a fake IP address, few people in Pakistan are operating stealth Paypal accounts so it is not impossible for you to get one up and running.
  2. Load some funds into it.
  3. When making an account on eBay for purchasing you must ensure that your Paypal name and address match with those on eBay.
  4. Notify the seller of the correct shipping address and Pay.

Other Ways

You can contact the seller through a message and ask him to accept payment via some other methods which are not allowed on eBay however for this you will have to trust the seller and it is not recommended. They Include:

  • Western Union
  • bank Wires (Available in Pakistan)
  • sending cheques through the mail

What Can You Buy?

Things that are hard to find in the local market can be found on eBay. Sometimes you can find cheap secondhand items as well.

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      Waqas 9 months ago

      I just want to know how much money can you make on ebay maximum monthly?

    • profile image

      Nuzzo 2 years ago

      Even though PayPal isn't supported in Pakistan, I actually contacted Auction Essistance to have them help me open an account in a different country.

      So far it has been working great as of recent.