Is It Worth Doing Surveys to Make Money?

Updated on March 19, 2018

Making Money With Surveys

If you find an article anywhere online about making money from home, I can pretty much guarantee that you will find at least one link to a survey site, with the author claiming that they make at least $80 a week on this one site for only a couple of hours work per day. And they may well make $80 per week, but it won't be down to a couple of hours work. $80 a week would be down to pretty much constant, all day answering of surveys without getting kicked out or rejected once, and as anyone who has ever spent any time taking surveys knows, you always get rejected at least twice a day.

The Maths

With the average survey in the UK paying around 60p for around 20 minutes work, you would need to answer 20 surveys per day in order to make £12 a day or £84 per week. That works out at around 6.6 hours per day spent taking surveys. Not exactly the two hours per night the author of the article tried to convince you it was.

So Why Lie?

The simple answer is, referral programs, a lot of survey sites have referral programs that mean, if someone joins the survey site under someone's referral link (the ones you always find on the websites) then the person whose link they used will get a percentage of that person's earnings for as long as they are active. This is normally around the 5-10% mark, which doesn't sound like a lot, but if you get a lot of traffic to your website then it can really quickly add up to a great deal of money.

So of course they want to try to convince you that you can make easy money with these sites, so they bend the truth just short of snapping in order to lure you in.

Can You Make Money With Survey Sites?

Yes, I have made a few hundred from various survey sites, so I am in no way saying that they are scams, it's just not as easy as people would have you believe, it's also not very fun either, you spend most of your time answering demographic questions to rule you in or out of the survey. And sometimes you will be accepted, other times you won't, and if you are on a decent survey site, you will be rejected fairly near to the beginning so that you don't waste too much of your time.

But there are other, less reputable sites (I am naming no names!) will let you continue and fill in almost all of the survey before telling you that you don't meet the required demographic, so they have essentially stolen your information without crediting you the reward that you deserved.

How Often Will I Be Kicked Out Of A Survey?

That depends on a number of factors like your age, whether you have children, your gender, or even your broadband provider. The survey companies are looking for a vry specific set of people to answer the survey, and if you don't fit the profile they need, you won't get the chance to take the survey.

I Have Been Thrown Out Of A Survey Near The End!

Contact the support of the site you took it on, you might get the response that you are looking for, you might not. The chances are you won't as you are normally fobbed off with reasons like "we can't be held responsible for you being timed out" Or "it's the survey company, it's out of our hands" But sometimes, when the wind is in the right direction, you will get credited the money you earned.

How Much Can I actually Make?

That depends on how many surveys you are willing to take, and whether you are willing to risk being thrown out of a survey three quarters of the way through. You can make a bit of extra cash, but if you look hard enough, there are things you could do that could make you more money, with much less hassle. things like data entry, transcribing and even small task sites can all make more money than taking surveys.

Which Are The Best Survey Sites?

I would personally say that out of all of the survey sites, the best ones are Valued Opinions, My Survey UK and Opinion Outpost. I have been paid by all of these, as well as Swagbucks and One Poll. But again, depending on your age, sex and location, you may find different sites better.

Should I Take Surveys Online?

If you want to make a little bit of extra money each month then yes. But don't expect that it will be quick or easy. Be prepared to answer a lot of boring and irritating questions for very little reward.


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      DDE 5 weeks ago

      I haven't tried survey sites. It is not as simple to make money online. Most are scams. An informative hub and certainly one can learn from your input.