Can't Find a Seat at Starbucks? Here Are 7 Other Places You Can Work

Updated on March 30, 2017

Is Starbucks getting too loud for you? – Has working from home becoming too distracting?

With all these start-ups popping up all over New York, it’s no surprise co-working has become the latest fad taking the country by storm.

What the heck is Co-working? It’s multiple self-employed, work-from-home-people that share an office or suite and maybe even a coffee pot! It saves on the cost of rent, utilities, and employees into one daily/ monthly fee depending on your needs.

Why, you ask? I find when I’m at Starbucks or a library I work best when surrounded by numerous people doing the same thing. At home, I’m distracted by that pile of laundry or my boyfriend blaring the TV in the background. Needless to say, it makes it hard to get my mind right to create.

Maybe, it’s the energy of like-minded working people that give me that extra edge and focus on my writing. But, the down side of trying to work at Starbucks is most of them are super busy, loud, and no seats. Libraries are a good option sometimes, but on the weekend are always bustling, so where can you work?

Co-working is the answer! Sharing an office with people on the same wavelength who aren’t loud, kicking your chair, or fighting you for the outlet. Plus, they are always really nice and willing to help. As a writer, I’m not very outgoing when first meeting people, but I’ve found these co-working spaces have very friendly people (and coffee!)

Where? Here are a few co-working spaces in/ around Westchester, NY:

Ground Floor - New Rochelle. – Monthly packages available (Ranging from $300-750). Amenities: Wifi, Kitchenette, fax, event space, meeting space.

Serendipity Labs- Rye. Monthly & daily packages available (Ranging from $50-400). *Free Session for first timers* Amenities: Café, Lounge, Wifi, Receptionist, Meeting rooms, and free parking.

Purpl - Hastings. Monthly & yearly packages available (Ranging from$29-380). *Free Session for first timers* Amenities: Wifi, free coffee, printer/ fax workshops & programs

Koi - White Plains. Daily, Part time & Full time monthly packages (Ranging from$45-405). Amenities: Wifi, Printer, Kitchen, and conference center.

CARR – Harrison. Desk, office and suite packages available (Ranging from $120-499). Amenities: Wifi, event space, virtual space, & receptionist. (*Multiple Locations)

Spark Labs- NYC: Daily, Monthly packages available (Ranging from $49-550). Amenities: Wifi, Lounge, Receptionist, and kitchen. (*Multiple Locations)

Regus: *Multiple locations. Part & Full time Packages available. Amenities: Wifi, receptionist, kitchen, lounge, phone, access to airport lounges.

As you can see co-working is the latest trend taking off. When I first started out writing, I just didn’t have the funds to pay for something like this. (Sometimes I still don’t!) I do it as I can because how can you put a price on productivity?

Try it out and be sure to tell me what you think!


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