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How to Earn Easy Money With Dailybreak

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Is Dailybreak worth your time? Read on to find out!

Is Dailybreak worth your time? Read on to find out!

Dailybreak is one of those websites that seem to specialise in celebrity gossip and the like—and while I usually don’t participate in these websites in general, this one does actually look kind of promising. It has been around for some time and the community around it seems to be quite supportive of the website, as it rewards people for basically reading through all those little lists that other websites like to come up with, such as “The 20 Hottest Female Athletes” and so on.

I’ve been paid out several times by them and made a fair bit of money, so it is indeed legitimate.

In the beginning, you are limited to doing 10 “breaks” a day, which means you can only view 10 of these stories, games and/or lists or quizzes and be credited so many points for each—the points vary per item. Eventually, once you go up in level, you’ll be able to earn more points per break, including bonus points, and eventually at the top level you can do as many breaks per day as you wish, and you’ll be credited with even more points per break.

As I mentioned before, you can also earn points from bonuses that are granted within breaks—for getting all answers to a quiz correct or completing games in a set amount of time/moves, for example, and you can also get bonus points for levelling up, getting badges, and for doing spins.

You get one spin of a one-arm bandit-type app a day, and you stand a chance to win so many random points, with the big prize being 25000 points. The more often you log in, the more spins you’ll unlock. Log in to Dailybreak every day and you’ll get a maximum of 5 spins each day (it used to be 7, but changed). If you miss a day, you go back to 1, and have to work your way up again.

There are promotions, or sponsored breaks, which are often worth more points, and up for a limited time (usually around 30 days or so). Here you usually get more points per break, and you can also stand to win prizes (prizes will only be shipped within the US though), but you typically have to do more work, and through several stages of the break to get there. You might also get other promotional goodies like vouchers or discounts at various stores which might require a sign up to a newsletter or service of sorts.

Badges include logging into the website every day for a month, for three months, and even a year; leaving so many comments on breaks, referring new users, getting all quiz answers correct on 25 breaks (the next level is all answers correct on 200 breaks), confirming your breaker status by filling in your personal details, setting an avatar and custom username for your profile, and more.

Most badges aren't worth as much as they were once, but the Grand Slam badge, logging in every day for a year, is still worth 15 000 points.

Dailybreak Sweepstakes Prizes


25 points


50 points

Medium value giftcards, crockery, cutlery

75 points

High value giftcards, electronics, appliances

250 points

Very high value giftcards

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Dailybreak Store Rewards



500 to 10 000 points

Magazine subs, donations, low value gift cards


13 000 to 30 000 points

Dailybreak mug (US), medium value gift cards


45 000 points

High value gift cards

It takes 10000 points to win a $5 Amazon gift voucher (it used to cost 7000 points), 30000 points for a $25 Amazon voucher (Weekend Breaker tier used to be set at 12500 points), and 45000 points for a $50 Amazon voucher (Spring Breaker tier used to be set at 20000 points).

If you’re willing to put in the time necessary, your best bet is to reach the unlimited break level where you can get more breaks and more points per break. If you did as many breaks as you can at that level and get all possible bonus points from spins, quizzes, badges, etc., you could get the number of points to afford a $5 Amazon gift card a month—but whether there are that many breaks on the website that you can do is another matter.

Older breaks are up for so long, but might not be available later on (especially sponsored ones), so the more time you spend on the website, the harder it becomes to earn points once you have done all the breaks, gotten all the badges, and more. Then it's just done to grinding through the breaks every day until you reach the reward level you want which could take some time.

There’s also the matter of points per break resetting after you’ve spent them on a prize (to prevent one from climbing back up too quickly), and there’s a limited amount of gift cards on Dailybreak—they might restock once or twice a month, and you have a limit of 2 purchases per month. The point cost of prizes and the purchase restriction were implemented more recently.

There are also sweepstakes. You can spend as many points here as you wish, and be entered into draws to win prizes, including items that you buy from the store.

However, the real appeal to me about this website is that I think it’s the way to go forward.

Bigger websites will be slow to embrace this, but instead of going the paywall route, which some are considering, I think they should rather reward people for visiting their website, and give something back—this could either be combined with advertising, or a subscription/membership fee, and I think websites would benefit from doing this, rather than making their content exclusive. i.e., paid for—which is a stupid idea considering that people can just go elsewhere for the news, gossip, etc.

And on top of that, you'll never be out of the loop again when it comes to what's going on in the news, celebrity gossip, and more.

Try It Out!

So try out Dailybreak. On your first day of breaks, and bonuses (spins) included, you probably won't make much, but stick with it and it could mean a nice way to not only take in the latest news, but also a good little way to earn a few dollars here and there.

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