8 Direct Sales Companies That Are Perfect for Busy Moms

Updated on August 25, 2017
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Kierstin studied business communications at Northwestern Michigan College.


Right now, as I type this, my two-year-old is sitting next to me eating a giant bowl of Cheerios for dinner because I've spent the entire day working from home and still have to start dinner. She's covered from chest to knees in milk that's making its way onto the woven blanket I've carefully tucked around our couch cushions for exactly this reason. So, add "wash couch blanket and the toddler" to my list of things to do tonight, on top of dinner. And dishes. I'm busy, and I'm tired, and I'm juggling like ten things at any given time while also trying to pull in some extra income. It's a crunch, right? If you've ever thought about joining a direct sales company to help make ends meet but, like me, felt like you didn't have the time (or energy) to take on a time-consuming side hustle, then this list is for you.

Full disclaimer: I do not work for any of these companies, I don't work in direct sales at all. I'm being transparent in what I think of these companies and what I know about them to help balance what you might be hearing from friends or family who already sell for these companies. If you feel I've misrepresented a company please chime in below and let us know what your experience has been!

Busy moms can go live on Facebook or Instagram to market their direct sales business even while cleaning up after tots.
Busy moms can go live on Facebook or Instagram to market their direct sales business even while cleaning up after tots. | Source

1. Nerium International

No quotas, no inventory, and no shipping hassles are the reasons that Nerium International makes the top of the list for best companies for busy moms. Nerium's products include top of the line anti-aging and wellness products and supplements that appeal to men and women who embrace natural beauty and focus on health above all else.

This company isn't cheap to join: the least expensive kit costs a whopping $499 and goes up to $1000.00 from there. Each starter kit contains everything you need to start your business plus products to familiarize yourself with the line and share with friends and family as you build up your clientele. The compensation plan isn't too simple either and you'll want to fully look it over before committing to the company, but if you're ready to hustle your butt and put your all into marketing Nerium's superior products then there's great potential to earn a steady and comfortable income.

Along the same lines as other skincare and health supplement direct sales companies, you'll be able to share the positive results of these products with your social media followers while also making sales and conducting business all from your phone while you're on the go or just going to the bathroom.

1. Sass N Frass

If you thought candy or root beer when you read the name of this company, you're not alone. Either I have a sweet tooth or this company sounds like it sells sweets. AND it actually does (saltwater taffy, currently), among other things! Unlike other companies which focus on one or two product lines, Sass N Frass is like a kitschy boutique stocked full of novelty bath bombs with costume jewelry tucked inside, essential oil roll-ons, leggings in every size from girls to women, pie and dip mixes, adult coloring books, and more, all of which you'll bring to your customers via in-person parties or social media and all at a fair price point which in theory should keep your products moving along nicely.

It's only $10 to join, and if you want to buy a kit with inventory the price goes up from there, but not by much, and consultants earn 30% of sales. What I can't tell is whether you're able to sell straight from the site or if you're required to carry inventory, and my honest opinion is that you're not going to make a huge or steady income with this company because the product lines aren't refined enough to garner a cult following like some of the other direct sales companies out there. But I've added it to this list for three reasons:

  1. It costs almost nothing to join so there it isn't much to lose.
  2. These products can be sold from your phone, they're fun and make cute gifts, and with a low price point would probably move well during the holidays.
  3. You're allowed to sell with other companies while also remaining a consultant with Sass N Frass, and that kind of freedom is perfect for a busy mom like you.

3. Pure Romance

Ow ow! I meant that like DJ Tanner would if her favorite boy band was playing in her living room not like, "Ow, omg, what is this?!" which is my general reaction to sex stuff because I'm squeamish and a total recovering-youth group kid. All of this is to say that Pure Romance sells sex toys, if you didn't already know.

This is a company perfect for busy moms because you don't have to carry the inventory, you can sell it straight from your phone on social media. That being said, it's probably a good idea to carry inventory so you can host an in-person party when you have a spare moment or just want to get out for the night.

Pure Romance's product line includes basics like lube, creams, and women's health products as well as cosmetics and lingerie that rival Victoria's Secret. Diving into the fun you'll find vibrators, toys, role play accessories and games for both women and men to enjoy alone or with a partner.

Starter kits begin at $199 and go up to $919, depending on how much product you receive with each one. They include the basics you'll need to start your home-based business and offer a personal discount.

The website is easy to navigate, attractive (which isn't always the case with MLM companies) and offers products at a great price point and in a way that allows customers some anonymity as they shop straight from the site.

Here's what I don't like about the company: I can't find the compensation plan and that's frustrating. I think that prospective consultants deserve to know what their earning potential is before signing up, but I hear it's around 40% which seems fair.

Direct sales have changed a lot in even the past few years thanks to social media and technology. These companies give you the opportunity to make extra money from your phone while you wait at the bank or ride to the grocery store.
Direct sales have changed a lot in even the past few years thanks to social media and technology. These companies give you the opportunity to make extra money from your phone while you wait at the bank or ride to the grocery store. | Source

4. Fundanoodle

As I write this I'm just a couple of weeks away from beginning our first year of homeschooling and I'm so excited. Why? Because learning toys and activities are even more fun when you're almost 30, apparently. Fundanoodle is a company that gives busy moms like homeschool moms the chance to earn some extra income selling products they themselves use every day, including interactive books and activities that give kids a chance to practice their reading, spelling and writing skills along with other important developmental goals.

The price to join starts at $115, and you'll need some math skills to break down the compensation plan which starts at a measly 20% commission but goes up based upon sales.

Sell these products on your social media or host "playdates" to get families familiar with the products and how they work.

5. L'Bri Pure n' Natural

Here's another skincare and makeup company. This one is totally perfect for busy moms who don't have time to shuffle products, carefully pack boxes for shipment or even host parties, because L'Bri's does it all for you while you hustle from home, on the road, and between your kids' appointments. If you decide to host a party, though, you have the potential to earn even more by pampering your hostess and guests with samplings of your own products, giving them the chance to experience L'Bri's natural lines of makeup, anti-aging serums and sunscreens.

The earning potential here looks promising, you can make up to 40% commission as you build your downline, but beginners can make "up to 23%" which means...?

6. Norwex

If you're a weirdo like me who gets excited about a great deal on microfiber cloths, or feels the warm fuzzies while filling up a rustic galvanized bucket with chemical free suds, then you're going to love Norwex. From dryer balls and mattress sprays to chenille mop pads and cutting boards made from rice husks, Norwex's home and personal products offer something earth-friendly for everyone in your green-centric circle.

It looks like the starting price to join is around $200 and since these are products that most of us purchase you won't need to convince your customers that they need them but instead you'll focus on why they need Norwex and though you could probably sell these products through social media, it looks like they do best in home parties. But here's the awesome thing about busy moms selling cleaning products: if you host these parties in your own home, you're getting paid to clean your house. Invite your friends in after you've cooked dinner so they can get the full perspective on how these cleaners and tools work around the house.

A negative: I can't find clear information on Norwex's compensation plan.

Companies like Norwex give you the chance to sell products that help other busy moms simplify their lives with easy to buy, green home cleaning solutions.
Companies like Norwex give you the chance to sell products that help other busy moms simplify their lives with easy to buy, green home cleaning solutions. | Source

7. Gardenuity

I have this recurring daydream that my two young daughters and I will spend our afternoons tending to our container garden on our back patio, watering the soil with pastel watering cans, tending to the delicate leaves and reaping the crisp, juicy harvest come autumn.

Except we don't have a container garden. We have one strawberry plant that our cat ate (thanks, Meredith). Gardenuity, a company that ships the container garden straight to your door, gives me the hope that one day this daydream will be a reality. Customers can choose from indoor herb kits or outdoor veggie gardens with which they'll receive their plant, container, soil, compost, plant food and (here's the the best part) concierge service which means they can panic call customer service to troubleshoot issues common to those who lack a green thumb.

This company seems really awesome to me as a busy mom because obviously you're not going to hold inventory or even parties (unless you're also going to market Gardenuity's small "Garden Inspired Living" line of teas, home decor and home fragrances). The stock seems seasonal, giving customers a reason to peek back each season to see what they can grow next. So, your compensation is based on your ability to market the brand/product and from there you'll earn a percentage of the sales. But what IS that percentage? It's not clear. I have a message into the Gardenuity customer service and will be back ASAP with an update.

8. Buskins Leggings

Lu La whaaa? If you love bright, flashy and fun leggings then take a look at Buskins Leggings which sells patterned leggings for a fraction of the price of other MLM clothing companies and offers customers the opportunity to find and buy their favorite prints from the your own personalized Buskins website. That means you don't have to spend days sorting through inventory and creating outfits out of mismatched patterns and sizes and hope that they catch one of your FB friends' eyes and budget before shipping off bundles of product. You're busy. You don't have time for that. (Time is money, remember?)

Their product lines also include girls and toddler/baby sizes. But here's the bad news: consultants only earn a 25% commission so if you sell around three pairs of leggings in an order you're only earning about $13. If you can hustle your products and remember that that's all of the work you really have to do unless you decide to also host trunk shows, then the potential to earn a steady side-income is there.

Do you or have you ever worked with one of these companies? I'd love to hear more in the comments below. (Just please don't post links, the spam filter hates them!)

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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      • profile image

        Phil Ramos 

        10 days ago

        Hi good article and info on some good companies. My business is in health and wellness and is perfect for busy stay at home moms. I have been a busy stay at home dad in direct sales now for 10 years (with other companies) and I share Happy Coffee! It is the only nootropic infused coffee that activates our happy hormones. $99 to join, No starter kits required to buy, No recruiting, No quotas No inventory, No expos, shows, home parties or hotel meetings required. As a matter of fact 85% of the reps in my company are women! I did not add my link at your request.

      • profile image

        Molly Jordan 

        2 months ago

        KEYLIME Athletic Wear is a new to the US direct sales company. Checkout http://www.keylimeusa.com for more info! 25-40% earnings and free shipping for reps.


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