The 20 Best Direct Sales Company Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Updated on April 15, 2018
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Kierstin is a mom to two little girls, not a fan of Popples, and really, really good at removing crayon from practically any surface.

Looking for even more awesome direct sales companies to explore? Check out my list of 8 direct sales companies perfect for women who love beauty and fashion!

Also, a reminder: I don't work for any of these companies and never have, so the information I'm giving you is based off of what I can glean from the internet as a potential sales representative. I assure you that short of calling a representative, I've done thorough research to provide the best, most accurate information on each company. If I feel that a company is not being very transparent or not allowing their representatives to be transparent then I will state that. Not as a dig on the company or any individual who works with them, but because I think that anyone who has ever swam the vast ocean of the internet looking for information on direct sales companies can recall, it's a huge pain in the butt to feel like you have to dig through endless websites and questionable testimonies only to find you never really got your answer.

If you feel that I've misrepresented your company please leave a comment down below with clarification. That's what this article is all about: an honest resource to those in the market for income through direct sales.

20 Best Direct Sales Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

Beauty and Skin Care
Kids and Education
Health and Supplements
1. Arbonne
6. Usborne Books and More
9. It Works! Global
2. Watkins Company
7. Matilda Jane
10. Young Living Essential Oils
3. Rodan and Fields
8. Discovery Toys
4. Avon
5. Mary Kay
Style and Accessories
Candles and Housewares
Food and Edibles
11. Stella and Dot
15. Scentsy
18. Dove Chocolate Discoveries
12. Origami Owl
16. Mary and Martha
19. Steeped Tea
13. Chloe and Isabel
17 The Pampered Chef
20. Wildtree
14. Jam Berry

Just a Little Disclaimer

I do not work for any of these companies. In fact, as of right now, I've never even worked in direct-sales. So, though I have researched these companies, what I've written here is merely my own observations and opinions and a list of companies I personally deemed the most trustworthy after much time culling the masses. I'm not guaranteeing that anyone will find themselves rolling in sweet, sweet cash by joining any of these companies.

That being said, as a stay at home mom I find myself interested in direct sales companies. Besides the passive income I earn here on HubPages, I'm totally intrigued by the idea of expanding my income while still balancing life at home with my two daughters.

Beauty and Skin Care



Oh, Arbonne. In the past I have had several friends and acquaintances become Arbonne consultants. Some were successful, some were not. It really came down to the time and energy they were willing (and most importantly, able) to invest in this company. Those with young kids failed. It's time consuming and requires a lot follow up with potential customers.

As with many of these companies I just could not find an absolute starting price for joining the Arbonne team. It looks to be around $80 but there also seem to be a couple of hidden fees in there that will inevitably up the start up cost. It also seems that you must sell $150 in products within your first 1-2 months.

I have tried Arbonne products. They're not life-changing, though I'll admit they're not only beautifully packaged, but they somehow feel extra luxurious in comparison to anything at the drug store. Because of the price, I wouldn't recommend trying to sell to your fellow mommy friends who are probably already feeling guilt about the air-freshener plug-in they bought at Wal-Mart. If you decide to sell Arbonne, branch out to friends and family with older children or even try throwing parties with the high school crowd where everyone gets to experience a facial and a foot soak. That's how you really sell this stuff.

Tip for Direct Sales Success

Consider hosting a fundraiser party for guests. This will introduce them to the product while you get an opportunity to give back through your work.

Watkins Company

This is a personally beloved brand for me. I have always loved J.R. Watkins products and until now didn't even realize they offered direct-sales opportunities.

The Watkins Company sells naturally-based health, body, and food items (like seasonings and extracts) but I'm personally a fan from the limited amount of products they've sold in Bath and Body Works and hardware stores (quite the spectrum, there).

I looked around and couldn't find any solid information on how much it costs to start up with J.R. Watkins or what you must sell to remain active. However, I did find some information that suggests it's $40 just to become a "member" and the price goes up from there for start-up kits. My advice is to visit the site and request information on the appropriate form.

The products themselves aren't very expensive at all so you'd probably have to sell quite a bit to make a profit, and it certainly doesn't look like a get-rich quick scheme. To me, the benefits of being a direct-sales representative for The Watkins Company are A. a discount off your own purchases, and B. the opportunity to sell a cult-favorite that's difficult to find in stores--but familiar enough to be trusted by a wide-range of consumers.

You could certainly throw parties (try a tasting party with J.R. Watkins seasonings) but I also think the body and health items would sell themselves just through word-of-mouth and social networking. Give items as gifts and hook your friends and family.

Rodan and Fields

There are haters and there are devout followers of Rodan and Fields products but it's undeniable that this company is booming. It originated in department stores but was pulled nearly a decade ago and converted to a direct-sales company. If it sounds familiar that's because Rodan and Fields is the same company that created and sold the Proactiv line (which was personally heaven-sent for my crappy post-high school skin. Though I no longer need to use it, I credit the product with my now scar-free skin).

But let's get down to the nitty-gritty. This isn't a cheap product and it's expensive to become and remain a consultant. At minimum it costs $45 to join the Rodan and Fields team but it can cost a much as $995 (yeah, you read that right--almost a thousand bucks) depending on your start up kit. The average kit goes for around $400 so it's no doubt an investment. The compensation guide looks like a science text-book with tons of graphics and colors and numbers. I know from a consultant though that monthly fee includes $25 for your website and $80 for inventory.

This company also offers, among the majority on this list, one of the greatest opportunities for big money. Glassdoor reviewers give it high marks and those I know who sell the product really seem to enjoy doing so. But success with Rodan and Fields absolutely hinges on your ability to invest time, enthusiasm, and of course, money into the product. Social networking is a must. As I've said with a few of the other companies on this list, I also personally see a locale aspect to success in selling this product. I live in a place where most people earn a low-medium income and I know this stuff would be a hard sell--not because it doesn't work, but because most people around here wouldn't be able or willing to spend that much money on skin care. If you're in a predominantly wealthy area and network with people who really care about appearance and skin care (say, in a big city) though, this is a company worth looking into.

Tip for Direct Sales Success

Be okay with losing your investment. Don't expect to lose your investment, but be realistic with the idea that if you don't work hard and you don't network you will lose your investment. Thinking realistically will help you to put forth the effort needed to find success without losing yourself to magical thinking.


One of the oldest direct-sales companies on this list (it was established in the 1800's!) Avon also sells some of the more affordable beauty products offered by direct-sales companies, including their Mark line, targeted specifically at consumers in the 16-25 age range.

Here's the thing about Avon though--there are a lot of hidden seller costs, from the catalogs to the packaging you'll use-- while the start up fee at the moment appears to be only $15 (!!) I can't find anything on monthly fees or quotas. I do think there's opportunity for a small passive income with Avon, but anyone considering selling Avon would do best to research personal experiences and decide from there.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay needs no introduction. The make-up and skincare company has been an icon of American direct-sales for the last five decades. While a quick Google search brings up a smattering of both disappointed and dedicated independent consultants, success with Mary Kay seems to really come down to your interest in both selling and using the product.

Initial start up costs are $100 plus "shipping and handling" and consultants do seem to have a quarterly selling quota.

Kids and Education


Usborne Books and More

Ugh! THIS is a company I absolutely adore. As a former homeschool-kid I grew up with these awesome books and can personally vouch for the products offered by Usborne. From educational sticker-books to baby board books, Usborne is loved by both kids and parents.

A benefit to becoming a consultant for Usborne books in the US is that the company is based out of the UK and their product is not available in the states except for the limited titles found in brick and mortar book stores and the small (outdated) selection on Amazon. So by being a direct-seller of this product, you have a leg up on the retail competition as you'll be offering new titles at the best possible price.

Mini-starter kits cost about $70 and the full starter kit is somewhere around $120 plus tax. There is no inventory to stock so beyond the initial investment you're good to go and at the time that I'm writing this there appears to be no monthly minimum fee to remain active. In the past this fee was small.

Some options for selling Usborne books are home parties (which average only $100 in sales per party) and book fairs at schools (which have some real cash-earning potential). Needless to say, this isn't exactly a get-rich-quick company and the niche is small--not everyone needs or wants children's books! But for the right momma with the right circle of friends I think this would be a great company. You could also consider throwing Facebook parties around the holidays for extra sales and homeschool stock-up parties each season.

Matilda Jane

Straight up this is some pretty cute but pretty expensive boutique-style children's clothing. And Matilda Jane is another company I can't get an easy answer from regarding start-up costs. I do find that disappointing when a company doesn't lay it all out there for potential sellers, but I guess they want to get you working from the start.

From what I gather, to become involved in Matilda Jane, you've gotta host a Trunk Show--another name for the parties that most of these companies require to make money.

Considering the price and niche consumer market required to spark interest in the product, this is a company best suited for moms who are passionate about children's fashion, and who have the the right social-circle to sell to.

Sellers also receive a discount once they've sold a specified amount of merchandise.

Tip for Direct Sales Success

Hosting sales parties via Facebook is a great way to involve others in the product you're selling, whether or not they think they're interested in the first place.

Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys sells a variety of brightly colored toys aimed at sensory discovery and education through play (their products include toys and games designed for autism and special needs). If you have young kids or you homeschool then selling for Discovery Toys could prove dangerous--there's a lot of cool stuff here.

Start up costs are around $150 and there is a quarterly sales quota of $150. You don't have to keep inventory though it would be a good idea if you do decide to host home parties.

Health and Supplements


It Works! Global

You've heard of those wraps right? The ones you wrap around your post-partum stomach that magically transform your doughy middle into bikini-ready MILF abs? They're sold by It Works! Global and their team of distributors. Also available are supplements and health-shakes.

I can't get a super clear idea of how much it costs to sell for the company but it appears that packages start around $100 and can go up to $400 (UPDATE 3/2017 - It Works! representative Angela commented below suggesting that the startup costs are $99, not $100, however I still can't find a definite price on startup costs on the official It Works website and have since seen on other blogs that the costs can actually go up to more like $499. If someone can find a link from the official It Works website I'd love if you could post it below for clarification!)

After reading through reviews written by former and current distributors and users of the products it's clear that the products work--if only temporarily--and that selling for It Works requires an intense amount of motivation and work, without which you'll surely fail. This is more like a Work-At-Home career choice than a stay-at-home mom hobby. There seems to be an opportunity for serious cash here, but there's also opportunity to fail and lose money.

I'm personally not that motivated by health and fitness (I'm proud if I make a smoothie for myself in the morning and consider hauling my toddler up and down the stairs exercise enough...) so I don't think this would be the right company for me. But for someone who values those things and has the tenacity to truly sell and stand by this line of products, this looks like a great route. You may not need to throw parties to succeed (it's even suggested the you lose money at parties since you'd have to let guests try out the expensive products you've purchased yourself) but you'll stay plenty busy networking, advertising, and fulfilling orders. This is also a product you definitely need to go out of your own social-circle to sell. I live in a snowy, middle-sized town where my friends are much more likely to drop a hundred bucks on a pair of Patagonia gloves than a toning-wrap.


So, networking and social-media savvy are musts with this company.

Tip for Direct Sales Success

Give yourself space to work. Carve out a corner of your home just for you and your endeavor. Make it kid- and partner-free and fill it with whatever inspires you to work towards your goals.

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils offers just what you'd expect--essential oils, in all forms (from roll-ons to droppers for diffusing).

Start up costs range from $40-$150, depending on which kit you go for. I can't find anything about monthly costs or quotas.

Personally, this is a company that piques my interest for three reasons--I myself use essential oils, many of my friends use essential oils for their families, and finally, this particular company is sought-after for their product which hails as one of the more pure and trustworthy essential oil retailers in the U.S. These are products that sell themselves, but they're also not for everyone and you must keep that in mind if you do decide to become a consultant. This is a niche product that appeals to those who really value the benefits of essential oils.

Style and Accessories


Stella and Dot

To become a stylist for Stella and Dot, you'll need to put in an initial investment of around $200+ This cost includes the jewelry you'll be putting on display (and hopefully selling) at your initial trunk show (home-party). Stylists earn 25% of their total sales, so if you sell $100 worth of jewelry at your first trunk show you'll take home $25. Given the price of the pieces though, you'll likely make more if you host a large enough show.

Here's the really great thing about Stella and Dot though. From what I've found, at this time, it doesn't seem like they require a sales quota or selling schedule, so your income from this business really would be equal to the time and energy you can put into it each month.

Origami Owl

Founded by a 14-year-old determined to have enough money to buy her own car by sixteen, Origami Owl is a jewelry company that allows "independent designers" to throw "Jewelry Bars" where guests oogle lockets, charms, and blingy earrings.

Start costs start at $149 for the basic package and go up to $399 depending on how much you want to invest right from the start. To maintain an active status you must sell $200 worth of wholesale every six months. But at around $60 a pop this shouldn't be too difficult if you can host around two parties a month.

Origami Owl doesn't seem to be a real time-taker-upper and should suit busy or new moms just fine. Honestly, the lockets seem pretty youthful to me and many of them I can't actually see buying and wearing, even at twenty-five (but maybe that's also because my kids would yank that sparkly charm right off my neck) but they'd make a great gift for my middle-school-aged niece and the post earrings would work with my lifestyle. Origami Owl also offers charm bracelets and lanyards (say, for key-cards) and with a product that's so customizable, this would be a great opportunity for fun, bubbly sellers and their friends.

Chloe and Isabel

First off, props to Chloe and Isabel for their super easy to navigate FAQs. It's refreshing to see a direct sales company offering straight forward answers to potential sellers.

Chloe and Isabel is a direct sales jewelry and accessories company. This company intrigues me because most pieces price below $50, are on-trend and are often featured in prominent fashion mags.

Start up costs are $175, this includes the pieces you'll need for home parties. There is no monthly quota, but if you fail to sell for over six months you'll no longer be considered an active consultant.


If you've never heard of Jamberry Nails, the company sells nail wraps--these plasticy things that you melt onto your nails for an instant manicure. They're super cute and supposedly super durable. Perfect for washing dishes, wiping bottoms, and peeling potatoes without ruining your nails.

The wraps aren't cheap though, at around $15 per sheet. The company also sells nail lacquer with a similar durability guarantee for the same price.

The start up fee is $99 and eventually you have to pay a monthly fee for use of your own website. That fee isn't stated.

You could definitely sell this product through social networking. In the end, parties may cost you since you'd have to use the expensive products as demonstrations. I have never used the product myself but I have friends who do and most of them say with a little practice it's easy to apply--though not everyone agrees. Sell this product at your own risk and if it doesn't work out for you at least you have some sweet nail products to keep for yourself.

Candles and Housewares


Tip for Direct Sales Success

Ask friends who are or have been involved in direct-sales their best advice for breaking even, and if they have any connections they'd be willing to share with you.


You've probably heard of Scentsy -- the direct sales company that offers electric warmers, scented wax, and rooms sprays, among other good-smelly-things.

For me, Scentsy is an obvious and easy sell. Make my house smell like a bakery with the flip of a switch? Duh!

The start-up price is about $100 but you're also required to earn a certain amount of points (from sales, I figure) in a time frame that I don't totally understand because I'm very tired and way too full of mom-busyness to decipher the Scentsy code.

The cool thing about Scentsy is that while you can host Scentsy home parties (and probably should--since this product can't totally be sold without the sniff-test, right?) you could also see some success in virtual parties, especially with repeat customers. And a candle product with no flame appeals to fellow parents.

For a mom with small kids and not a ton of spare time this is a company that appears to fit the bill.

Mary and Martha

This "faith based" home décor company may be kind of a niche market (the majority of it's products are plastered in bible verses and spiritual inspirations) but marketed towards the right social circle, Mary and Martha home parties might appeal to brides-to-be looking to decorate their new abode or you might try throwing virtual parties around the holidays.

Start-up fees are between $100-$150.

Tip for Direct Sales Success

Choose a company that sells products you would be willing and excited to buy. If you can't see you or your family using the product than how are you going to convince anyone else that they need it?

The Pampered Chef

Like Mary Kay, The Pampered Chef is one of those companies that has a cult-following. The start-up fee is $160+ and consultants must sell $150 a month to remain "active" though it looks like that's kind of a loose standard--supposedly you can go six whole months without a sale and still become "reactivated" with $150 in sales.

Because of the popularity of the product though, it looks like this is a pretty time and energy consuming direct-sales job. Consultants seem to do their best work at home-parties. However, there are consumers who seek this product out so hosting virtual parties and keeping an online presence would probably benefit a seller too. It seems that the key to success with Pampered Chef products starts with personality, specifically an outgoing and bubbly one.

Personally, I think it's a good sign that this company not only made it through the recession, but that the company seems to be thriving as a whole.

Food and Edibles


Dove Chocolate Discoveries

You don't necessarily need to be passionate about chocolate to sell Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Chances are most people that you'd be selling to already feel pretty great about chocolate. The thing is, you can pick up chocolate at the gas station, so why buy direct?

From my research of DCD, it seems that this is a company and product that would best suit a mom with older kids who can stay behind for chocolate-tasting parties since it seems pretty hard to sell the product through social-networking alone or in your own limited social-circles. I think that some of the products would sell well in an office setting too--say as holiday gifts from the boss at a large company.

Start-up fees are $100+ and to remain an active consultant you must sell $600 in six months.

Steeped Tea

Steeped Tea is a fairly new (2012) company specializing in loose-leaf teas. Of many of the companies I'm writing about here, this is admittedly one of the few I've actually heard of prior to my research. I was invited to a Steeped Tea party last month but thanks to debilitating morning sickness (yay) had to decline the invitation. It sounded fun though, a bunch of friends getting together to try flavors like Birthday Cake and Almond Chocolate Torte. The start-up kit is only about $150 but you are required to pay a monthly fee of near $13 to maintain your active consultant status.

Although virtual parties would probably see some sales, this is one of those products you really need to sell at home-parties and through in-person-networking to break even. I personally can't see myself buying a gourmet edible product like this without sniffing it at the very least, and it might be a hard sell if most of your friends are still in the pregnant/breastfeeding stage since many teas and herbs are kind of a no-no during those times.

That being said, I think this product has a lot of potential. Tea and accessories can be touted as perfect Mother's Day and birthday gifts, and these parties would be fun to throw and attend during the cold, blustery winter months post-Christmas when most direct-sales companies are probably experiencing a lull in sales. Plus, on the flip-side of coffee-madness, there's a ton of devout tea-drinkers and it comes with the quiet promise of relaxation and me-time -- a mom's greatest fantasy.


Although I'd honestly never heard of this company before my research, with hard-work and a commitment to tasting parties, it appears to be one of the most lucrative direct-sales companies around. Why? Because Wildtree is offering products that people actually use on a daily basis.

Syrup, gravy, and salsa are just a few of the products offered by Wildtree under the premise that their condiments and spices are, "free of preservatives, additives, fillers and promote a healthier lifestyle." ... which is probably how they can convince you purchase a $12 spice blend. After looking through their product catalog and their business model I do think this looks like a good opportunity for those who have the time and the energy to devote to the company and selling Wildtree products.

Wildtree parties require "tastings" which requires cooking, so if you're not actually comfortable with cooking or making yourself at home in someone else's house (I would be totally freaked out-- ummm can I touch your stove? Is that cool?) this probably isn't the right company for you. You will also need to set up and take down your parties so as not to leave your host or hostess with a mess.

So, if you've got kids in diapers, seriously just move along.

If not, listen up. Wildtree offers a product that others will actually buy without much hesitation. Unlike earrings and body-wraps, you don't need to convince potential consumers that they need food. They do. And though the blends offered through Wildtree can look expensive, in reality it would take far more to create those blends at home. You're also opened up to a greater consumer-base than some companies can reach since men and women of all ages and all walks of life eat and therefore, cook.

The initial start-up cost appears to be $50 but you must meet $350 in sales each year. With the price of these products, this seems reachable after a few good-sized parties.

Looking for More Direct Sales Companies?

After doing a lot of searching for companies to add to this list, I realized I needed more lists! Check out my other direct sales list articles (and reviews) for even more direct sales companies that are perfect for stay-at-home moms or anyone else interested in a starting their own home-based business.

Do you have experience with any of the companies I've listed or with direct-sales? Share in the comments!

Comments are moderated and only comments that provide helpful information or transparency to those who are looking for a company that fits their lifestyle will be approved.

Derogatory comments will be deleted and abusive comments from anyone claiming to be a company rep will be reported to the specific company.

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  • Molly Heisler profile image

    Molly Heisler 3 weeks ago from Maryland

    I have a full time job and go to school online and Scentsy sells itself. Of course, follow-ups are necessary if you want repeat customers, but it isn't a hard product to sell. In order to remain active, you have to sell $200 worth of product at least once every three months.

    The best thing about Scentsy, compared to other Direct Sales businesses, is that no inventory is necessary. The price to join is $99, which comes with over 80 scent testers, bars, a warmer, a kids product and catalogs, labels, order forms and brochures so you can succeed.

    Right now, you are able to join for $49 if you have a qualifying party ($200 or more). When you reach this $200 party goal, you will then get $20 in free product and a half-priced item, which you can either sell at full price, or use as a demo.

    Scentsy also offers great incentives for those who do well! I have recieved a warmer that only Consultants who reach specific goals can earn, as well as a charm bracelet, and $125 in free product - just in my first 3 months.

    The first three months of your Personal Web Site is free, and after that, the price is only $10 per month. I hope this information helps clarify the way Scentsy works!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 2 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Hey anonymous! Nope, I have two children and wrote this as a mom - moms can be good whether they're comfortable taking on a huge workload while they're home with their kids or not.

  • profile image

    Anonymous 2 months ago

    I think you have an issue with women with children. Women with children selling products for whatever the home based business is would do well wether the child is in diapers or not. Most family have ways around that and if your a good mom you can do both.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 2 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Hey Reader82, thanks for stopping in!

    I did research this article quite a bit actually, and regularly update it when I get new information about the companies I've written about here. What particular questions do you have about which particular companies? I would be happy to find out and respond back to you with the answers.

    I'll definitely take a look at PartyLite! What are your favorite things about selling for PartyLite?

    I do make money writing these articles and you're welcome to join HubPages and give it a shot too! Unlike direct sales, I won't make any money for referring you and I won't try to sell you anything but I think you would do really well here because you seem to like writing and researching. You can join for free and then if at any point you want some guidance you can ask the community for help. We all work together here! It's an awesome platform and even if a reader is unhappy with your work you still get paid so it's a solid situation.

    Good luck to you as well!

  • profile image

    Reader82 2 months ago

    This was the most useless, uninformative, article I have wasted my time with. I'm scratching my head right now, as I thought I was clicking on an article that someone actually did research of "the top 20 best direct sales company's", not : "um, I know nothing about direct sales, nor did any research but I will name 20 companies, I may or may not know anything about".... numbering them, then writing paragraphs of blah, blah, did not even bother googling company for facts, but you could, as I'm not that smart. I really hope you don't get paid for crap like this and if you do .... please share that secret. I would love to write articles (I would even do legit research and be knowledgeable) and get paid doing so. ** 100% serious if you are making $$ off this article please share your secret, as this is a very disappointing, misleading article full of paragraphs of crap nonsense from you. I initially clicked as I was an independent consultant for Partylite (surprised not mentioned however knock off cheap quality scentsy was) and looking if PL was still the best option to make $ PT and possibly get information on 20 companies that "are the best" with info like start up costs, commission %, pyramid formed companies vs non, web site maintenance costs, consumer interest, background info more specific than they have been around since the 1800s?!? SMH... what a waste of time to read this. If I Google PL it gives me that info and you misled me to think you did the research for me. So please let me know how I can make $ after I do it by writing a better article then this. Good luck!

  • profile image

    Nelly 2 months ago

    Umm...ever heard of Amway? No direct sales / mlm list is complete without it. Founded in 1959, they are (and by a significant margin I might add) the largest global direct sales company in the world...#1. With over 450 exclusive products, 750+ patents and counting, best selling vitamin and nutrition line, top 5 skincare and makeup line, plus the legacy home products...come on now.

  • profile image

    Tina Burlingame 2 months ago

    I'm surprised not to see Perfectly Posh on the list. They offer natural, and vegan skin care and pampering products that are budget friendly. The startup is only $99, no inventory requirements, low 6 month minimums, and a minimum of 20% commissions with reachable promotions in rank and pay. You get a ton of full size products when you sign up, plus a free website, and other marketing support materials. The sisterhood and teamwork is like nothing else I have ever experienced.

  • profile image

    Anila 3 months ago

    Please add independent Bemer distributors in this list as well for next year

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 4 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Celeste, thanks for letting me know about Paparazzi Accessories. A 45% commission and free website gets a big thumbs up from me!

  • profile image

    Celeste 4 months ago

    In regards to jewelry the better choice would be Paparazzi Accessories. You get 45% commission no gimmicks and there’s never any pressure for customers to buy. Free website and you have three options of three amounts of kids that you can buy. What you see is what you get

  • profile image

    Ellie Hughes 4 months ago

    Sseko Designs is an amazing ethical Direct Sales company that helps provide dignified jobs and educational opportunity for women in Uganda. Women in the U.S. can sell Sseko Product for competitive commission while they contribute to real social impact! Would love to see Sseko added to the list, the products (sandals, jewelry, apparel, leather bags..) are STUNNING!

  • profile image

    Michelle Tesch 4 months ago

    A little clarification on Avon.

    1. 25.oo

    min to join

    2. NO min sakes rewuirements to stay sctive

    3. 20%-40% commission off sales. 2st and 2nd (150.00 in sales order qualifys 40% in eafnings)

    4. FREE online store website

    5. VERY LOW COST business supplies which count towards sales volume

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 4 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Hey Ashley, thank you for sharing that information on Scentsy! It's kind of a bummer to me that reps don't get any kind of discount on the products.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 4 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Wow, Trunk Keeper, this was one of the most transparent and informative comments I've had here. Thank you so much for sharing the costs and the info on the monthly sales requirements. Knowing what the monthly sales requirements are for a company are pretty key in deciding if it's a good fit or not.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 4 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Let me know what you think, John! I'm still interested in getting involved with Usborne for the ease of access to their amazing books!

  • profile image

    Trunk Keeper 4 months ago

    Re: Matilda Jane costs.

    It currently costs $2500/season and up (twice a year,) to join Matilda Jane. You also have to buy their display rack (around $300) and all hangers ($8.50+ for each 5 pack) order forms (they keep going up - I think they might be as much as $10/pk right now.)

    The trunk cost has varied a lot since the company started just 11 years ago, and there have been seasons it was as much as 4K for the 4 month selling season to purchase the trunk - which is *samples* of what they sell, not inventory. You get one of each piece (does not include home, toys or luggage.) the sizes are varied and the same for all reps - you don’t get to select the sizes you want your samples in.

    As you build a team and increase your responsibility for supporting others below you, your sales requirements actually go UP. A lot.

    Initial requirements are $1500/month in sales to stay. At Team Meader level that minimum goes up to 4K per month to get paid on your downline at the appropriate percentage for your rank.

    You also cannot work for other direct sales companies if you work for Matilda Jane, at least not if you think you may be even moderately successful in that other company.

    If you achieve even an entry level leadership rank with that company - or already have one, they will cancel your contfact and keep any deposit you’ve paid, regardless of tenure with MJC.

  • profile image

    Ashley 4 months ago

    Scentsy you join $125.77 tax/shipping and all for u kit u have to make $200 in sales to stay active (u buy all ur stuff on the store books sales promotions and testers and more DOES not count as ur $200 goal.) u have to pay $10 for ur website each month and u can join warmer of the month or scent of the month ranging prices between $65-$85 plus tax shipping...(cause its under $200 to gain free shipping) u get no deals for being a scentsy sales person if u personally buy...u pay same as others would 20 pec commission

  • GoldenRod LM profile image

    John R Wilsdon 4 months ago from Superior, Arizona USA

    Very good tips and recs. I will be looking into Usborne Books and More. Thanks, and well-written hub.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 4 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Cheryl, it's awesome to hear from someone who no longer sells the products but swears by them. That, to me, is a sign of a great company!

  • profile image

    Cheryl Tylenda 4 months ago

    Kierstin, I used to sell Posh, but let it go this year due to being too busy to keep up. I will forever be a user of Never Grow Up Serum and Creme, Moisture 911 and many of the other products!! I have been complimented on my fine line wrinkles around my eyes going away from using these products. I love them all!! Mask, lip balms, lip scrubs, BFYHC, and more!! GREAT COMPANY and LINE OF PRODUCTS!!!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 4 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Hi, Paula! I've heard great things about Perfectly Posh and will definitely look into this company :)

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 4 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Thanks for sharing, Brad! I just checked the inventory out and it definitely reminds me of brands like Tea Collection. Very cute!

  • profile image

    Brad Goodyear 5 months ago

    Hi, My daughter just joined an amazing company that offers direct sales of Children's premium clothes. great products and a great opportunity. Its brand new in the USA so get in now and your be at the ground floor as it were.

    Check it out!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 5 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Thanks for letting us know, Tessa!! I'll take a look.

  • profile image

    Tessa 5 months ago

    Discovery Toys has kits starting at $89 and sometimes runs promotions ($25 to join in September). Also, no sales quotas!

  • john000 profile image

    John R Wilsdon 5 months ago from Superior, Arizona

    Interesting hub. I like to read about direct sales, but I am also one who is slow to sign up. The startup costs seem similar; the yearly earnings seem varied. Good writing.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 8 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Hi, Leslie! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I honestly had NOT heard of SevenPoint2 but after looking at the site and the products, I wouldn't be hesitant about joining just because it's not super well-known. That might actually make it a great opportunity to join before the company becomes over saturated with consultants, giving you a chance to build a client-base and team early on.

    Another thought - this has nothing to do with direct sales but as an RN there are actually some pretty lucrative work from home opportunities that you might want to look into if you're interested in using your education, just not having to deal with the commute. Two of these are working from home as a nurse auditor or a care advisor. Basically, you can use your knowledge to give advice remotely and get paid well to do it. One site I use to look for work-from-home jobs is FlexJobs, but there are SO many out there (and many that don't cost anything- FlexJobs requires a membership). Indeed is another place to look.

    Whichever path (or paths!) you take, good luck!

  • profile image

    Leslie M 8 months ago

    Hello, I loved reading all this info, it was so helpful. I want badly to get out of the 2 hour commute and hours of being stuck in an office. I am a maker, a fiddler, I need a change. I am an RN and very interested in great health products. I want to find a company I can love and be proud of the products. I have seen something called 7.2 wellness ( 7point 2) but have not found anyone actually using it or selling it. Has anyone heard of this one?

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 9 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Maria, thank you for sharing Pink Zebra with me! I LOVE that your company is reaching out to hurricane victims and sharing the wealth. It's easy to get excited about a company that does good for others.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 9 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Anna, would you be interested in supplements/health products or something educational? I don't necessarily think you have to be passionate about the products you're selling but I think you have to be at least excited about what you're promoting. Jordan just suggested Amare Global which is a new company and focuses on mental wellness products :)

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 9 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Thanks for letting me know about Amare Global, Jordan! I'm very interested in the idea of a company that focuses on mental wellness.

  • profile image

    Anna Jacquard 9 months ago

    I have been selling Norwex for 3years now.I just found out there is 21 norwex consultant. Way to many in my area. So I'm looking for something else but not sure what.. I don't want to sell jewelry or makeup,there are alot around. Is there anything new coming out.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 9 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Connie, I thank you for all of that updated information on Avon, it's really helpful! My favorite thing to hear in all of this though is that Avon offers health benefits. That is amazing! And something that stay-at-home moms should really consider when choosing a company, because that is a major day-to-day factor for so many of us. Awesome to hear.

  • profile image

    Pam K 9 months ago

    I have joined L'BRI Pure n Natural which is all aloe based skin care and makeup. I joined because the products work and saved my chemo radishes skin. My only regret is I did not know about this product earlier in my treatment. The Aloe Jelly is perfect for radiation burns. My desire is to get the word out to as many cancer patients as I can to help them through their treatments like it helped me.

    There are two kits that can be purchased for start up the skin care only ($99) or the full kit with makeup and everything ($350) else you need to present at gatherings. There are no quotas, and a small fee for your personal website ($6.95).

    Free samples are offered for a s&h charge only. Free shipping on orders over $60, and a money back guarantee if you don't like the product. But you will, I guarantee it.

    I LOVE these products!!

  • profile image

    Michelle Whitcomb 9 months ago

    Kierstin, Thank you for this article. I am desperately trying to be successful on my own.

    I would love to be a successful blogger!! My writing skills are terrible though. I love to share important information or funny things to my Facebook friends. Things that I love etc...

    Any advice?

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 9 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Christi, I feel like these days almost any of these companies can be rocked from home, but one I keep hearing great things about is Beachbody. Have you looked into them at all? Thanks for reading, by the way :)

  • profile image

    Christi Garcia 9 months ago

    This article was soooooo helpful. Nice to have info to have a subjective perspective. I'm looking to move to another country and looking for something that can be done completely remotely. Any suggestions?

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 10 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Lisa, thanks for the recommendations! I will definitely look into Beach Body and Color by Amber - I actually just published another article today titled "8 Direct Sales Companies That Are Perfect for Busy Moms" based off research of companies listed here in these comments. So keep 'em coming! :)

  • profile image

    Lisa Crichton 10 months ago

    Thank you for a great list! I know a few of these comvpnaie and they are great! I would like to see you research Beach Body and Color by Amber. Two wonderful companies for SAHM!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 10 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Ranay, thank you for sharing this company with me! I just checked out the products and will definitely keep them in mind for a future list. I love the plug in wax warmers! With kids, I can't have an open flame but I love tarts, especially for the fall.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 10 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Alexis, thanks for reading :) I hope it helped you to narrow down your decision!

  • profile image

    Alexis 10 months ago

    This was a GREAT article!! I have been interested in at home sales and your article easily broke down some details that I was interested in!!! Thank You!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 10 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Thank you, Nikki! I will fix that :)

  • profile image

    Nikki 10 months ago

    Great article, thank you! The Company, Steeped, however, is actually called Steeped Tea.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 10 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Kristin, thank you for the information on Scentsy, that's very helpful! I will update with this information :)

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 10 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Sharon, thank you for reading! I've started creating new lists because there are SO many companies out there, they won't all fit on one list. I would love to research dōTERRA International for my next list!

  • profile image

    Sharon McDonald 10 months ago

    Great article! Truly a blessing to create a business and be self sufficient. Thank you for your grace.

    We proudly said no to Network Marketing for 23-years because of the way it was done by others. When we finally chose-- we chose carefully and try to lead gracefully in the 32-countries we support. This truly is a profession of the future. It will be anazing to see who aligns themselves in upcoming years to build retirement. With 49% of people in the US alone living paycheck to paycheck, this profession is on the verge of exploding.

    As a side note. I was sad to see that dōTERRA International was not on your list, especially because they are the #1 Essential Oil company in the world. Perhaps you could update your profile listings?



  • profile image

    Kristin Leonard 11 months ago

    Just wanted to give you a little info on Scentsy, since it wasn't super clear (and is an AMAZING company to work for)!

    First, it's $99 to get started. That includes everything you need to get your business up and running, including catolog and products to try yourself or sell. In order to stay an active consultant, you must be active ($200 in sales) one month in a revolving 3 month period (ex: if you were active in July, you would have to have another active month by the end of October at least). And after your first 3 months, it's $15 a month to keep your website up.

    This is a great company for stay at home moms- I quit my job in November when my daughter was born, and I'm loving it!

    If you'd like more info, please email me or check out my website!

  • profile image

    Adrienne Moore 11 months ago

    If I may, I would like to add some facts about Jamberry that were missed. ♡ The starter kit is $99 and includes everything that you need to get started...even nail wrap samples. It is never expected that a consultant use or buy inventory to use as samples. Jamberry does not require inventory.

    A sheet of wraps is $15...and that one sheet has enough wraps to do 2 mani's AND 2 pedi's (at least). Our wraps are vinyl based, not polish based so, they don't dry out and can be used months after the package is opened.

    The website is free for the first 3 months and then it's $15 each month thereafter ... however, Jamberry gives us the option to be a "Hobbyist" (meaning - you can place orders and still receive the discount, but not sell regularly), and not pay the website fee.

    Most people find them extremely easy to apply. With that said, after one or two applications, the process becomes much easier and faster. They last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. The key to getting a great application is proper nail prep. Please consult with your consultant if you are having problems or need help with your application. We can't help if we don't know. ♡

  • profile image

    Rachael 11 months ago

    Thanks for the great, unbiased article. Even more telling than your findings, are the comments. They really give the outsider a clear picture of the kind of people who associate with some these DS/MLM companies. Looking forward to the next installment!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 11 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    mlw831 thanks for sharing that insight! I'm actually sort of shocked that the Avon model is so...ancient? In my experience buying from direct sales companies, most makeup companies send the product directly to the customer and the representative simply does just that - represent, without holding any kind of inventory or having to do any travel other than parties they can plan in their own time (and they're not even necessary). Good info for anyone considering Avon who may not have the time or energy to hand deliver each order.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 11 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Lexie, that's too funny because the next direct sales article I'm writing is for people who love to cook and drink wine!! I will definitely check out your company :)

    Sorry you haven't seen growth with Avon but it sounds like this new venture is the right fit for you. You've got me excited about it and I don't even drink!

  • profile image

    mlw831 11 months ago

    As an Avon rep for 7 yrs now, I have to say yest I've scrapped together enough earnings to say I've made money. BUT am I really? I spend an average of 20 hrs on any given campaign (every 2 weeks). I busted my tail to get #1 in the district for sales. How much money did I actually make after running all over kingdomcom for $8 orders....Figure wear & tear on my vehichle, buying bags, brochures and don't forget the samples that everybody wants but don't want to buy the product. Now the shipping fees are killing me. Avon focuses on the people that are super high sellers. So they give them these lavishly expensive trips to thank them for ordering as much as they do. Now the secret behind the scenes deal.....MOST of these women will order say 200 eyeliners, 100 mascaras, 50 of the skin care that's on sale and guess where it ends up....STOCK PILED in a room in their house or garage. I talked to a lady this last weekend online, she told me she has an average of 300 items for EACH product she has stockpiled. She has a room devoted to storing her stash. Now HOW is this making you any money? Just because you get for 50% off does NOT mean you are making money on it. IF you sell 5 of those face creams you MIGHT make your money back on the 50 you initially purchased.

    To Andra how much stuff is stockpiled at your house?

    Avon forgets about the people that only submits orders for $200-$300. They have to realize that WE are the BACKBONE of the company. If we all QUIT where would the New Avon be?

    Here's an example by the way:

    Order submitted: $319.42

    Shipping/Handling: $12

    Books & samples: $13.68

    I pay Avon: $231.82

    How much do I end up with? $82 NOW I have to run all over the place to deliver it so subtract another say $20 in gas.....$62 for now divide that by 20 hrs....comes out to $3.10 hr. I'm not facturing in the bags I already purchased to this....So you tell me, is $3hr worth your FREE time?

    Ya they will probably close my account now.....

  • profile image

    Nicole 11 months ago

    Just a quick comment about the Rodan and Fields info...the initial sign up fee is $45. The other "options" are business kits, for people who want to purchase products. The monthly $25 for the website is optional as well. And the $80 is for products that consultants use personally, also an OPTION. We NEVER CARRY INVENTORY! All sales ship direct to the customer from corporate. So, minimum is $45...the rest is all optional!

  • profile image

    DAN 11 months ago


  • profile image

    Andra 11 months ago

    I have been with Avon for 20 years and I have loved every minute of it! The start up fees are actually $25. $50, or &100. Your choice which kit you purchase. Also, we have one of the most lucrative earning plans since we can earn from 20% all the way to 50%! We have had people come and go, the people who stay, as with any other direct sales company, are the people that treat it as a business instead of a hobby. I like Avon because we have a little of bit of everything, and we will be adding a health category next year! Cannot wait to learn about this next month at rep fest!

  • profile image

    Raen 11 months ago

    SeneGence is another great direct sales company. Only $55 to sell a liquid lipstick that lasts 4-18 hours and is smudge proof and waterproof. I've only been in it about 2 months and have had huge success. 20-50% profit and no monthly minimums. Find my group Logan's Lips on fb if you are interested in the product LipSense or in selling an amazing product that is super easy to sell because who doesn't want smudgeproof lipstick as well as tons of cruelty free and vegan anti aging skin care!

  • profile image

    Courtney Janicky 11 months ago

    Loved the article! I am an independent representative for Jamberry. I noticed you said they are expensive at $15 a sheet. Many people don't know that one sheet is enough to do two manicures, two pedicures, and accent nails. So really $15 is way cheaper than going to the salon. Also if you buy 3 sheets you get one sheet for free so it's an even better deal! I'm totally addicted to them and so is my little girl. They also carry gel and hand/foot care products. Thanks so much for writing such an informative article.

  • profile image

    Beverly 12 months ago

    Hello, i am a Avon Representative and have been in it for more than 30 years total..i have had times where i have made good money with it and times when i haven't.

    It is true there is a $15.00 start up cost,But all of your supplies you pay for including brochures flyers etc.I really love Avon products and because it is so well known it literally will sell itself. The problem with Avon is that as many reps that there are out here selling you have just as many that won't stick it out.

    I myself am also thinking about working with another direct seller and have been reading up on what is out there now.

    I wanted to say Avon has been in business for 125 years and they have the best prices for make-up and skin care. In today's economy saving is a must.Oh and there are no monthy fees just a lot of incentives to help you along. You get your own webpage like most companies do now and it is so easy..

  • profile image

    Barbara D'Orazio 12 months ago

    Excited to hear that Watkins is one of your faves. More n more I am loving my Watkins business and family. Our sign up in June is a mere 29.95 and that includes personalized website. You are free from there to do whatever you wish with no stressful monthly quotas or autoships. We are soon to celebrate 150 years in business - now that is legitimacy and longevity hard to match. Thanks for your article and your endorsement of Watkins!

  • profile image

    Chrissy Marriner 12 months ago

    Kierstin, this is one of the best direct sales company reciew article I've seen! Love your writing style too!

    If you ever write one again I would love to connect.

    I'm one of the Founders of Sweet Minerals. We have a cool story and a great Comp plan paying up to 40%.

    We are a manufacturer and have full quality control over our products.

    The website is and my direct email is

    Much love

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 12 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Carol, I will look them up right now :)

  • profile image

    Carol Price 12 months ago

    Jordan Essentials should be on this list too. They are fantastic products.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 12 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Ah, jh, thanks for the update on WildTree!

    Lindsay, I'm sorry! I will totally look into Norwex. I AM going to write another updated list here, but we're in the throes of moving. Once I'm finally settled in I can delve into researching all of these companies :)

  • profile image

    Lindsay Mercer 13 months ago

    Ahhhhh! I can't believe Norwex isn't on this list!!

  • profile image

    jh 13 months ago

    Wildtree was great but they changed their model. You now have to sell $350 every 3 months, so you need to invest some serious time into tasting parties and freezer meal workshops. Not for a casual direct sales seller.

  • profile image

    Christina McDonough 13 months ago

    Statistics show that Mary Kay Consultants are the highest paid business women in America. 70% of the women in America who make over $100K/yr have a MK business and 2% of Americans are self-made millionaires and of that 2%, 80% are men and 20% are women. Of that 20%, 80% are with Mary Kay. The stats don't lie. They are also one of the ONLY companies that do ALL of their formulating, designing and creating in Dallas, TX. So, American made and all done in-house. They do not pay a third party to create their products for them. Pretty incredible, I'd say. This company also has 2 skincare lines that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, meaning GH tested it and everything that the product claims, it actually sad that only 1 other skincare line outside of MK can make that claim???!!! REALLY?? Shouldn't ALL skincare lines be able to make that claim?? MK also has the lowest attrition rate of all of the direct sales companies. Let the facts speak!

  • profile image

    Vickie Frayser 13 months ago

    Hello. I have enjoyed reading about all these companies. My question is I went to serveral purse parties. Name brand purses. It was a party no around wanted to miss. But I think the lady passed away, I know she had cancer. But hope shes fine. But I want to do this if you can find out anything. I have tried but I'm not the greatest on a computer. Thank You, Vickie

  • profile image

    Kate Brown 13 months ago

    What do you know about Beauty Counter please?

  • profile image

    Justine 13 months ago

    Premier Designs Jewelry is also a great company for moms! They offer 50% commission on retail sales, no quotas or inventory and 10% on the downline 3 levels deep!

  • profile image

    Stephanie 14 months ago

    Thank you for the read. I found this article helpful as I search for the right company to invest in.

  • profile image

    brittany 14 months ago

    what about paparazzi?

  • profile image

    Tania Studer 14 months ago

    You should check out SeneGence. The company has been around for about 20 years now, but it is really getting a foothold in the beauty industry now. We have grown 2000% in the last 12 months and are up to over 125,000 distributors now. It costs $55 to sign up and that gets you a 20-50% discount on the products, based on cumulative sales each month. The opportunity to make money is great, as you can make money on retail sales and commissions (straight commission and group sales volume bonus). Worth a look!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 14 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Jessica, I will totally check out Thrive :)

  • profile image

    Jessica Willden 14 months ago


    You definitely forgot Thrive by Le-Vel. Premium nutritional supplement line. Weekly commission, no promoter fees, free cloud office, training at your fingertips, free customer accounts, great demand for health right now more than ever. I have never felt better in all my years as a mom. I decided to promote because of the product and how it made me feel. Though all teams within the company may not be as great as my team, it is a wonderful company! My team...we are like family. Always there for each other. I love promoting Thrive!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 14 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Mae, thank you for taking the time to comment with this information! I'll update this article asap :) It's awesome to know that you don't actually have to cook at parties to sell the products because I think that for some people that could get really tricky, so I'll make sure to update with that information as well.

    I love your name, by the way, it's oldest daughter's middle name. So pretty.

  • profile image

    Mae Ryan 14 months ago

    I am a Wildtree representative. I just wanted to let you know that we don't actually have to cook anything at the tasting parties. We have sample packets that we provide to the host/hostess ahead of time and they prepare the food. If a host/hostess wanted us to prepare something to show how quickly and easily you can make a healthy dinner with Wildtree, I don't think anyone would say, "No." but I've been doing this for over 3 years and I'm yet to cook in a kitchen during a party. We also provide meal planning and meal prep/freezer meal parties. No cooking, just planning and prepping. I just don't want anyone who was considering Wildtree to be scared away with that information. :)

    The requirements to stay active have actually changed as of January 2017. It's $350 every 4 months. 1-2 parties in that 4 months and you will meet the requirements. There is also a monthly fee to have your website active. It's $12.95 a month.

    Thanks for looking into all of these companies. I am a stay at home mom of an almost 4 year old and a 1 year old. I started with Wildtree when my oldest was 9 months old and I get out of it what I put into it. Some months work out well to do parties and work harder on my business. Other months, my family needs more of me and my business goes on the back burner...and that's okay. People are still using the products, therefor running out, and reordering more.

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 15 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Hi, Angela! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment :)

    First off, I think it's awesome that you and your friends are earning so well with It Works! As I mentioned in my post "selling for It Works requires an intense amount of motivation and work, without which you'll surely fail. This is more like a Work-At-Home career choice than a stay-at-home mom hobby. There seems to be an opportunity for serious cash here, but there's also opportunity to fail and lose money." It sounds like you've been diligent to work hard, hustle your products, and really own this business and that's the energy and effort it takes to make big bucks in any selling career. I did use the word "fail" but the context was in a person not applying themselves to the product. I think you would agree you've had to apply yourself because that's the nature of marketing and selling.

    I have an acquaintance who sold It Works! for a couple of years and she did an amazing job updating her social media daily, answering questions, and offering deals. She is actually the person who (though she probably doesn't know it) really inspired me to write this post because she was so enthusiastic she made ME curious about the company and the products, and other direct-sales opportunities.

    I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed in this post, however the idea behind this article was actually to come from the perspective of a stay-at-home mom so it is indeed an opinion and not necessarily a "fact based" article. You're right, from what I can find currently, the startup price to join It Works! is $99, not $100. I will update that in my article. I found that information on an unofficial It Works! blog called where I read that the best starter package retails for $499. When I checked out the official It Works! website I was unable to locate any information directly from the company that indicates the actual startup costs of joining the company which I find frustrating as I'm sure others do as well. Would you mind posting a link to that here so others can find quick and clear information on It Works! without having to dig?

  • profile image

    Angela 15 months ago

    Im not sure where you get your information but you are wrong on It Works. I have been with thr company 3 years now and have paid off all my credit cards and paid off my car in full. The start up cost is only $99 which you would know had you actually reasearched and looked at the site. Your comment about being sure to fail is way off. I haven't failed, my team hasn't failed and neither have those that I know personally making $100,000 per month. It Works is a Billion Dollar DEBT FREE company. Our CEO is awesome. Had you done full research, you would see the truth about how great of a company this is. Like ALLLLL DS companies, you get out of it what you put into it. If anyone says you're sure to fail, they failed themsleves, the company didnt fail them. Im very disappointed that this type of blogging isnt fact related but simply opinion bases.

  • profile image

    Julia Ryan 15 months ago

    What a great article! Never in my life would I have considered joining a MLM because of the shady practices of some companies in the past but I have been blown away by the legitimate companies who have embraced this sales model in the last five years.

    I'm a Senior Manager for Beautycounter, a company devoted to providing high performing and SAFER personal care products. Makeup, sunscreen, body wash and skin care shouldn't been full of harmful ingredients.

    We've just celebrated our Four Year Anniversary this month and are already getting major recognition from Vogue, NY Times, and have partnered with Target and J.Crew! Our other mission is transparency--both in our products-- in our mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone--and in our sales model. Every single cost and detail is laid out on the website!

    I'm happy to share any other information if anyone is curious about the for real absolute legit costs and profit potential :)

  • profile image

    Briana 15 months ago

    Hello Kierstin!

    I love the article. I actually am an owner of a new direct sales company, we have just over 200 consultants and I would love to speak with you. Could you please send me an email?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  • profile image

    Jess Miller 15 months ago

    Thank you for the read. Insightful, fair and comprehensive. Avon reps - if you could share about hidden fees I'd love to hear more. I've seen this in a few articles and would like to know more before committing.

  • HoneyBB profile image

    Helen Laxner 15 months ago from Illinois

    Great article! Tons of valuable info to get people going. My daughter recently became a Young Living Essential Oil Representative and she loves it so far. Her sons have autism and the oils work great to help calm them down and also she rubs some on the belly of the one who has gastrointestinal problems and it helps him so much! My daughter made an awesome explanatory video about two of the start up kits. One was 160.00 and the other was 200 and something. I can see the difference in my daughter and my grandson who both smile a lot more. Thanks for sharing.

  • profile image

    Kelly H. 15 months ago

    Just an FYI, Usborne Books has a branch here in the USA, based in Oklahoma, called Usborne Books and More. Great company. Great people running it!

  • profile image

    meredith 15 months ago

    loved your notes..... great opportunities are for everyone and anyone. It's not about being black or white, rich or poor, fat or thin, educated or dropping out, it's about taking a chance on yourself, ......ask questions, make friends, get new fun experiences and earn a few extra dollars too. I tried a few, stuck with mary kay 12 years....when I worked, it worked,.....when I did nothing....well you know. Pray and ask GOD where you need to can do anything.

  • profile image

    vicki ingram 16 months ago

    Has anyone had experience selling L'Bri or used it? It's been around for many yrs. It's skin care/cosmetics/bath and body products that have aloe vera as their 1st ingredient in all products. I'm contemplating becoming a consultant. Seems like reasonable prices, great products and a good company. Anyone???

  • profile image

    Cari Flynn 16 months ago

    Norwex is only $9.99 (nine dollars and 99 cents) to join and is practically recession-proof, because when people tighten their belts on other luxuries, they still have to clean! Since Norwex microfiber cleans and removes up to 99% of bacteria with just water, it is perfect for those on a budget! Cari Flynn - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 16 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Hi, MLHP, I'm working on it :) Specifically, what aspects do you find outdated?

  • profile image

    MLHP 16 months ago

    Very outdated, I know this site said is was being updated...when is the timeline for the update? Thank u!

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 17 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    This comment came from Bethany Raymond last month regarding Pampered Chef:

    What a fun post! I loved reading your perspectives about all the companies and reading through all the comments. I found you while doing internet research on "best direct sales companies."

    One year ago, I would have told you I wouldn't be interested in or successful with a direst sales company. Like, AT ALL. I've had quite a few friends post TONS on their Facebook profiles about their businesses, and while I root for them and am happy to support them if they have a company with a product I could use, I'm just not one for tons of "have a party with me" calls or FB posts. Plus, I have five kids and we homeschool, so extra time isn't really in spades around here.

    However, I have been a Pampered Chef customer on and off for over fifteen years, and when I saw a few products online last June that I was interested in, I messaged the only consultant I knew (met once several months before) and had a online party. Then, on a whim, I signed up. Not because the consultant badgered me (barely even mentioned it). But when I realized the starter kit came with everything I needed (including catalogs and paperwork) and that there were no hidden penalties or fees if I didn't sell "enough" I though I'd try it for the summer just for fun. I had zero parties lined up and I decided ahead of time that I was going to make ONE post to Facebook about it and not rely on family members to make my business happen. And I'd just see from there. Seriously nothing to lose except the kit fee, which I got product for, at least. (side note: new kits came out recently and cost between $109 and $249, depending on which you choose. Plus, you can get $25 or $50 credit toward your kit when you host).

    Six months later, I seriously am astounded at my business (or even just the fact that I have one, since I only intended it as a hobby for sixty days or so). I've made at least $300 each month since I started, and three of those months I made over$1,000 (not to mention bonuses and free products). I am so not spammy, I'm not into begging or pressuring people to have parties, and I still don't even consider myself a sales person. I do love helping people connect with products that will help them reach whatever their goals are in the kitchen (from heating up canned food, to creating a beautiful charcuterie platter). I find that I don't have to sell the products, really - guests share with each other when they talk about what they use and love. And mostly, my bookings come from my parties. (I got four new bookings from the last party I had this month. I guess people have fun!)

    How about the time factor? Well, so far it's working great for me. I do a combo of online and in-home parties - and both are really successful. I like that I don't have to leave home for online parties and I can have them with people far and wide, not just local. But I love in home parties for the face-to-face fun. Within the company, we have lots of people who exclusively hold online parties - even high-level leadership - which is doable and successful when you aren't spammy and have a good outline (I make my own outline each month and share it with my team members).

    And did you see that? Team members? I'm about to promote to Director in the next month - just six months after starting. And again, not because I've been badgering people to join, just because I'm connecting with people who love the products and, for whatever reasons, want to become a consultant. I have one team member who has a $150/month deficit in her current budget, but she is a single mom and need something she can do on her own timing. Another wants to learn to cook better and loves the products. Another lady just retired and needs some extra income and wants to get out and meet people still. I'm super grateful for the team I signed up with as well. They've been great to work with, super helpful, and don't pressure me to do anything other than reach my own goals.

    I think with direct sales, the most important things to consider are: (1) research into the company, it's policies, fees, and requirements; it's history and reputation (2) connecting with a team that will help you and cares about your own goals for your business, not their goals (3) finding a company that you are excited about and have confidence in the product and mission.

    Thanks, Kierstin, for your post - and for inviting us to share our experiences!

    For follow up questions, you can reach me at

    bethanywithpamperedchef (AT)

    [Unfortunately I have to leave out Bethany's direct PC link because that's what's getting caught up in the spam filter but I'm sure if you're interested in signing under her, her Gmail account would be a good place to get in contact with her about joining.]

  • Kierstin Gunsberg profile image

    Kierstin Gunsberg 17 months ago from Traverse City, Michigan

    Unfortunately, some GREAT and informative comments are not making it through our spam filter here so I'm going to copy and paste them individually so others can learn from them :)

  • profile image

    Renee H 17 months ago

    Scentsy consultants need to maintain a minimum of $150 sales in a rolling 3 month period. A company called "Perfectly Posh" is straight commission based on however amount of sales you have. There is a quota to meet but it is based on $300 in sales over 6 months. And I believe it's a total of $300 over 6 months. Where as a direct sales like Scentsy requires $150 in sales total for 1 month. Total sales cannot equal $150 in sales done within 3 months. Gotta love these quota rules, they'll get cha every time. One way or another..

  • profile image

    Jennamarie3 17 months ago

    I sell Pink Zebra which I would like to add to the list. Our signature item is our scented soy wax "Sprinkles" (melts) and we have much more. Our products are different than others on the market, trendy and unique home decor. The sign-up goals are attainable and worth it! You can move up quickly and there are many incentives to succeed. Customers love the wide variety of products we offer and also the versatility. You can mix Sprinkles together to create your own unique scents. Curious? Here's my website:

  • LactConnect profile image

    LactConnect 17 months ago

    For nursing mamas wanting to dip their toe into direct sales, Amamante Nursingwear​ offers risk free Nursing Pajama Party Packs. Here is the link:

  • profile image

    Mindy Wofford 17 months ago

    You should check out Le-Vel. It's a vitamin supplement company that has revolutionized the health industry with their simple 3 step program. They have been featured 3 years in a row in Success magazine.

    There are no start up costs and customers and promoters get a free website.

    Customers and promoters can earn free products by referring 2 people who place orders on autoship.

    Promoters can earn fast start bonuses in the first 2 weeks and the company has 3 amazing trips you can earn throughout the year. No inventory required. To stay active, you must have $100 in sales each month but that also includes your own personal orders too.

    As with any direct sales company, your success will depend on your effort but the support from this company is amazing!

  • profile image

    Cheryl P 17 months ago

    I have been with Premier Designs Jewelry for 2 1/2 years. They are a biblically based company founded 32 years ago. Our commission is 50% commission, no quotas or inventory. $195 to get started. A great business for single, married, moms, college, retirement age! Something for everyone!

  • profile image

    Chris 17 months ago

    My wife has been a Mary Kay consultant for a little over a year and loves it. It does cost $99 for a starter kit, which is a one time purchase, and an order of $225 in inventory once every quarter to stay active. Staying active means keeping a 50% discount on any inventory you order. This means a 50% commission on anything you sell. Compared to a 25% commission selling Rodan & Fields. I am not bashing Rodan & Fields I was just using them as a comparison. I see a lot of negative opinions about direct sales companies and even sites devoted to bashing Mary Kay and I just don't get it. If you decide Mary Kay is not for you for any reason they will buy back all unused inventory you have a home for 90% of what you paid for up to a year. In what other business in the world can you risk so little for a possibility in a new career or part-time income. I have sifted through online comments from new Mary Kay consultants giving up completely after one party gets cancelled or doesn't go well. When you join Mary Kay you become a small business owner. People need to do their research and not be so bitter when they themselves fail or give up.

  • KiaReid profile image

    KiaReid 17 months ago

    Hi Kiersten,

    Thanks so much for the article. I've dibbled and dabbled in direct sales for a few years, but never truly found any company that I was passionate about. Like a few others have posted already, you really need to pick a company where you can stand behind their product.

    After months of research, I finally decided on Fundanoodle and became a Fundanoodle ambassador. Fundanoodle is an education readiness program (selling activity books and games) geared towards 3 - 7 years olds to develop motor skills and prepare them for success in school. The products were designed by pediatric occupational therapists and elementary school teachers. This product is a hit with the homeschool crowd, and many parents with children with special needs especially ASD have found these products to be very useful. However, Fundanoodle products are designed for all little learners!

    Before I made a commitment to the company, I tested the products and activity workbooks on my four year old to see if liked them. Not only did he like them...he loves them! That made my decision easier. It's not a get rich quick, you have to put in some work. But as an educator, former tutoring company owner, and a mom, I really wanted a quality product to sell with a small monetary investment. An important thing about Fundanoodle is the support from the company's owner and the other Fundanoodle ambassadors. I've have never witnessed a more kind and supportive group of ladies that want everyone to succeed.

    Perhaps you'll be able to add Fundanoodle to your 2017 list.

  • profile image

    Suzanne 17 months ago

    I've been with Young Living for 2.5 years and thankfully have not experienced anything like what Beth posted above. My team is incredibly supportive and willing to share and help. You technically do not ever have to make a purchase after your initial purchase. However, to remain an active member to receive the wholesale discount, you need to make a $50 purchase within a year of your initial order. Of course there's more to it than ordering $50/year if you want to build a business, but there aren't any secrets or hidden fees.

  • frugalblogger profile image

    Fashionably Frugal 17 months ago

    Hi Kierstin, this is a great list of DS companies. I researched a lot of these before signing up with Lilla Rose, whom I have been with for 18 months now. I just couldn't make myself pay a company for a website or have to sell a minimum quota each month regardless of my real job. I am a single mom with a full time job and two little ones (really little) so I wanted something that I would actually use and could sell to people with the purpose of sharing something that I genuinely think is awesome. Some months, I didn't have time to promote my product so I wanted a company where I didn't have to sell a minimum amount or have to maintain a website

    I am over a year in and I am making almost half my income with this little hair jewelry company. A word of warning to others though, DS is not a get rich quick scheme. I put in about 15-20 hours a week after my kids go to sleep promoting this product. It is a job. A job that has made it possible for me to pay the bills and spoil my kids a bit, but yes, a job.

    My advice to someone looking into DS is to find something that you actually love and know that you could share with other people, not sell it to them, but share with them why you love it. I do fairs and events and I share with people how amazing these little hair clips are. I get excited about them and it shows. 90% of the women who try them on, end up buying them because they love them. So find something you LOVE and not something just to sell.


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