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Should You Sign up for e-Rewards?

Older Americans on fixed incomes are attracted to ways of increasing their income. Here is an easy way to get credits toward gift cards.

e-Rewards is an easy platform to navigate with a host of retailers where credits can be traded to obtain coupons and gift cards.

e-Rewards is an easy platform to navigate with a host of retailers where credits can be traded to obtain coupons and gift cards.

What's e-Rewards?

e-Rewards is a great way to get a bit of extra income with a relatively small amount of donated time.

I have made over $400 in e-Rewards currency in the last 3 years. In fairness, there is some negative reaction to the program because of what is seen as a low payout for partial completion of surveys. But I hope to shed a bit of light on how the credits are earned and how easy it is to sign up and earn.

How to Become a Member

My invitation came from a credit card. I suppose my purchases brought about the invite, but whether it was how much I spent or what I purchased, I could not tell you. However, I figure some of you have been invited, and I wanted to share my opinion. This is not unlike what you do on e-Rewards—share opinions.

What It Is All About

e-Rewards solicits opinions, and in return for the time to complete a questionnaire, credits are accumulated. This online market research panel is returning data to marketers to determine customer attitudes. Some of the categories of rewards include hotel loyalty points, frequent flyer miles, and gift cards.

An email is sent to you within 24 hours of your sign-up. After that, emails are sent announcing opportunities to take surveys. Instructions and info regarding how data is used are found at each survey once a link is clicked. You always have the option of not taking a survey.

Payment for Surveys

e-Rewards advertises that survey activities range in credit from $7 to $20. I believe my average is around $10 of currency credit per survey.

This is one of the gift cards I received for Denny's. Generally they are sent in $10 increments.

This is one of the gift cards I received for Denny's. Generally they are sent in $10 increments.

Is It Worth It?

Obviously, if your time is worth a lot of money, e-Rewards may not be for you. But if you have some time to sit down for a 20-minute survey (the minimum seems to be about 10 minutes), then this could be an activity to partake in. Since I am retired and have some extra time when not writing articles or doing other activities that get me a little money, it is well worth my time. And in some cases, the surveys are pretty interesting, especially when soliciting info about political views, favorite consumer items, or even financial experience.

The survey sponsors seem to be looking for certain cohorts to get an idea of how they behave, view things, or their likes and dislikes. If the introductory questions indicate you are not in the cohort they want information from, you are told quickly and are awarded partial credit for your time. Partial credit is 25 cents (currency credit). I just imagine quarters dropping into a pickle jar! It's easy.

Major Brands Here

At last count, I found 54 major brands whose products could be purchased with currency credit. These include companies like American Airlines, People magazine, GQ, Starbucks, and Denny's. A web page featuring these companies allows you to click on any one of them when you have the required amount of currency credit. You are taken to a verification page, and once you are sure you want to exchange credit for a product, you are sent an email verifying the purchase.

Sometimes you get store cards in the mail while other times you get a bar code to print out. These bar codes are scanned when presented for some of the products. Sometimes these can be exchanged for a store card; I have done this at Starbucks.


When you choose to go to e-Rewards on your computer, you are taken to your dashboard. Here you will find your e-Rewards currency total, how many surveys you may take currently take, and what percent of your profile is complete. At times, you are prompted to update something in case changes have taken place.


e-Rewards gives out badges based on participation. Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond are the various levels that can be attained. Each is a measure of how much each member has participated. A diamond level means your profile is complete and the most tailored survey invitations will be sent to your email account.

For security, mobile verification is available.

For security, mobile verification is available.

Worried About Security?

One of the latest evolutions in e-Rewards is mobile verification. By entering your phone number when you're on a mobile phone, you get a unique code for validation. Entering the code allows you to make a transaction on your cell phone. The points you earn are of value, and security is nice to have.

What Else?

It's not just about surveys. On the platform, you can share your honest feedback in quick polls, test prototype products, discover your local area with real-world missions, and more.

Given how hard it is to make money online these days, e-Rewards is a great way to earn. If you are retired, e-Rewards is definitely an option for garnering gift cards for entertainment (magazines, travel, dining). Or, if you are between jobs and have a slice of time, you could earn enough to not only get a cup of coffee but a meal too!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on January 28, 2020:

I have ignored E Rewards up until now, so I appreciate all the information you provided as I am retired.