Free Printable Garage Sale Signs

Updated on August 3, 2017

Earlier this summer a couple neighborhood girlfriends and I decided to declutter our homes and have a garage sale. Mainly, we had loads of kiddie stuff to get rid of, but you know, all of us could stand to purge our homes once in a while. Do you really need 27 coffee mugs?

Each of us had tried garage sales on our own before and none had much success with getting traffic to our sales. If we were going to put forth the effort this time, we had to get people to our sale. No way, no how were those “treasures” coming back into our newly pristine homes!

We wanted to have a little fun, so I hit up Pinterest for some inspiration. With two little kids at home though, there was no time for me to pull out the poster board and sharpies. Oh no. I was gonna print those puppies out!

Here are a few signs I made. Feel free to download them and print out yourself. Just write in your details in the blank space with a dark colored permanent marker.

We got a few good laughs out of them from our guests. I hope you do too!

Hey Girl, I'm Headed to This Sale

Who wouldn't go to a sale Ryan Gosling is headed to?

OMG Becky! Look at Her Sale, It's So Big!

Baby Got Back!

I Like Big Sales and I Cannot Lie

Get people driving by "sprung" to come to your BIG sale!

Put Our Junk in Your Trunk

Well, do it now!

Best Junk Ever!

Make them think they need your junk!

Hoarder's Paradise Ahead

Grab the attention of those who just can't pass up a deal (I know I can't!).

Classy Crap This Way

It might be crap, but it's still classy!

Multi-Family Garage Sale

This one isn't so fun, but people like big sales and this is a given!

I Don't Always Go To Garage Sales But When I Do..

The Most Interesting Man in the World strikes again!

Yaaaaard Sale

A pirate cat? Now this sale is bound to have good stuff! Hopefully an eye patch.

Garage Thale

Even Mike likes a good sale.

Garage Sale, Hmmmm...

Yoda is contemplating a good sale too.

This Is The Sale You're Been Looking For

If the legendary Jedi Master says so...


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