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Goodnovel: Is It a Legit Author Platform?

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Is Goodnovel Legit, or Is It a Scam?

Goodnovel is not a scam. However, it doesn’t follow the common business model that most authors are aware of. Yeah, I’m looking at you independent and traditional publishing. follows a chapter-by-chapter pay-to-read template popularized by South Korean and Chinese web novel companies. To unlock bite-sized chapters, you’d need to buy or do simple daily app-based tasks to get Goodnovel coins.

If you’re familiar with Webnovel, Goodnovel is a bit like that but more focused on the romance genre. It is a lot younger, less convoluted, and more friendly. And yes, they pay authors what they earned and promised.

Goodnovel Platform: Its Authors and Market

Goodnovel’s authors are quite diverse. Their authors are of all ages, colors, and gender. I have friends in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the US, etc., writing on the platform. Some are writing full-time, while others are writing as a side hustle.

If you’re planning to become a Goodnovel author, here are the pros and cons of the platform to read first.


  • Writer rewards for word count milestones
  • Low entry barrier
  • Good writing tutorials and workshops
  • Awesome and non-toxic author community
  • Simple and easy-to-navigate author interface


  • Relatively new in the market
  • You must release chapters 25 days/month to get writer rewards
  • Slow growth for non-romance novels

Content and Market. Goodnovel’s readership is simple. They love romance novels. And when we say romance fiction, I mean every genre in it. From billionaires, mafia, werewolves, vampires, angels, devils, or whatever scratches your writing switch.

If you’re not writing in the romance genre, Goodnovel might be hard for you. But there is still hope! I heard they had launched an off-shoot author platform dedicated to novels not in the romance niche. It was called Meganovel, a writing platform focusing on fantasy, thrillers, and horrors.

Availability. You can check them out on their website or on their Goodnovel app available on Google Play and the App Store.

How to Get a Contract in Goodnovel?

Simple. Go to and click Create (upper bar of the website). Fill in the basic details of your novel. Write and upload your first 5000 words. Apply for the contract and wait for their reply.

The application usually takes 15–30 days based on the experienced of my Goodnovelist friends. But if takes longer, try emailing them with respect. Based on what I heard, they have tons of novel applications ongoing and limited staff. Be patient.

You’ll also need to choose between exclusive and non-exclusive author contract. But remember, their business model isn’t like traditional or indie, so it’s better to lower your expectation for that big payout. Without further ado, here’s the basic gist of Goodnovel contracts.

Exclusive Goodnovel Contract

Signing the exclusive contract means you can only publish your novel on Goodnovel. Technically, they’re saying your copyrights are in your name, but they’d manage it for you. A gentler way of saying they have your copyrights. Ugh, this is web novel industry standard and might be the reason most web novel companies are being treated as scams.

But in exchange, Goodnovel will give you better author benefits. You’d get a 50% profit-share net revenue from readers unlocking your chapters and future adaptions. Plus, you’d also get a slightly higher signing bonus. An exclusive-only monthly attendance bonus (MAB) and novel completion bonus.

Non-Exclusive Goodnovel Contract

The non-exclusive contract offers you the standard 50% profit share of net revenue. Plus a $50 word-count-based reward. In exchange, you can go wide to other platforms.

You still own your copyrights, but with limitations. You can put your novel on other web novel platforms as long as it is not free-to-read. Of course, as a non-exclusive novel too.

Goodnovel Offered Me an Exclusive Contract, Should I Sign?

Alright, now there’s a contract in your hands. What should you do now? Sign immediately? Wrong! It is time to think it through and ask yourself questions.

Contracts are binding and difficult to get out. In business, it is sacred. Entering an exclusive contract is like marrying. Marrying your novel to a writing platform. It requires your serious attention. Thus, you must first read and understand every part of the contract.

So do you agree with the contract terms? Can you meet the demand? Do you have time for it? Yes, receiving a contract is an ego boost, but we don’t decide with our ego.

If you don’t like the contract and feel it is a poor match for you, then don’t sign. Remember, Goodnovel isn’t forcing anyone.

But what if you like and understand the contract? Then sign ahead. I welcome you into the exciting world of writing, sleepless nights, and responsibilities. Or wait, is it only me?

How Much Do Authors Earn in Goodnovel?

Alright, let’s get into the question everyone is waiting for. The money matters. Based on the data I have gathered within my author circle, a consistent Goodnovelist earns around $150–$2,000 per month. But I trust it’s more than that since I don’t know how much their top authors earn.

If you’re still living in emerging economies, this kind of pay might be great and even big enough to live well. However, if you’re in the United States or other high-income countries, it’s a bit on the low side.

Goodnovel authors’ earnings also differ depending on their effort to churn out content, popularity, and novel back-list. The more novels you have written and published, the higher your earnings would be. Heard of compounding interest? Yeah, like that.

What Is Singapore New Reading Technology?

Heard of this company before? Singapore New Reading Technology is the one operating the Goodnovel author platform. Technically, they’re the same thing, so don’t panic if you see it on your contracts.

Which Is Better? Goodnovel vs. Traditional Publishing?

Choosing between the two is a matter of perspective. If you like professional validation, higher quality work, and possibly bigger payout, traditional publishing might be for you.

But if you want to enter the fray faster, choosing the Goodnovel platform is for you. It has a low barrier of entry and a lower editing requirement, unlike traditional publishing. You won’t need to wait super long to publish your online novel.

Which Is Better? Goodnovel vs. Indie Publishing?

Again, it’s a matter of preference. But personally, I’ll choose indie publishing. After all, independent publishing empowers you to wield your intellectual properties as you want. The copyright is yours, and you can put it everywhere your way.

You can go narrow with Kindle Unlimited. Go wide with various platforms such as Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Amazon Kindle, Scribd, etc.—your choice. But of course, it also means you must also do the work. Lots of it.

I Signed a Goodnovel Exclusive Contract, but I Want to Back Out Now. What Should I Do?

This is the reason I encourage everyone to make sure they understand their contracts before signing them. I knew lots of new authors that had this issue.

So what can you do now? Read your contract and look for clauses if you can buy back your copyright. Not there? Ask the writing platform if you can buy it back. Get a copyright lawyer to help you if possible.


Joining any author platform (Goodnovel included) and writing for a living isn’t a joke. As an author myself, I know writing continuously and daily for web novel platforms requires gargantuan effort and bottomless dedication. There are times writing will be easy. But most of the time, it won’t. Days when writing will somehow feel like climbing a foggy, ragged mountain. Difficult to bear.

I’m not discouraging you, but don’t expect instant success once you get your first novel out there. It’s not magic unless you luck out. Instead, enjoy the journey and write.

So far, Goodnovel has been good for most of my friends. But of course, not everyone. The author platform has been great for those who stuck with their deadlines to the end. And remember, is a business, not a charity.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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