15 Great Etsy Alternatives for Selling Handmade

Updated on April 22, 2016

Choosing an Online Marketplace

For whatever reason, you may be looking to expand your audience past the realm of Etsy. There are some Etsy great alternatives available around the world for selling your handmade goods. Below we've included some of the top handmade marketplaces, including all the essential seller information that you'll need to consider.

Etsy Fees & Information

Slogan: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: 20 cents

Commission: 3.5%

Unique Visitors: 6,800,000+

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Etsy Alternatives

1. Artfire

Slogan: The Premier Artisan Marketplace

Monthly Fee: Pro Account $12.95/Month

Listing Fee: Free

Commission: None

Unique Visitors Per Month: 675,000+

Additional Details: Artfire provides 40 exclusive tools and options to help manage your shop. With 10 images per listing, global editing, and a customizeable shop template, they definitely offer more to you and your customers. In terms of popularity, this alternative comes second after Etsy.

2. Big Cartel

Slogan: Crafted By Artists, Uniquely Yours

Monthly Fee: Gold (Free - 5 Products), Platinum ($9.99 - 25 Products), Diamond ($19.99 - 100 Products), Titanium ($29.99 - 300 Products)

Listing Fee: None, but limited amount of product listings based on your package

Commission: None

Unique Visitors Per Month: 930,000+

Additional Details: Big Cartel has a great inventory set-up, for the sellers who need multiple sizing, colors, etc. You also have the ability to fully customize your store. Unlike most handmade marketplaces, Big Cartel does not have a social community on their website. Perhaps this is something they may introduce in the future.

3. Bonanza

Slogan: Find everything but the ordinary

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: Free

Commission: 3.5% on items up to $500, $17.50 + 1.5% of items over $500

Unique Visitors Per Month: 930,000+

Additional Details: Bonanzle, an Ebay alternative, recently bought 1000 Markets, renaming it Bonanza. 1000 Markets surpassed their name, and now have 300,000 registered users with over 3.4 Million items for sale.

4. Cargoh

Slogan: A curated marketplace for D.I.Y. Designers

Monthly Fee: None (subject to change)

Listing Fee: None (subject to change)

Commission: 3.5% on all items sold

Unique Visitors Per Month: 6,500+

Additional Details: Sellers must register and submit their application in order to list on Cargoh You have the option to add a Facebook Like Widget for your fan page to your Cargoh store. Cargoh is still in beta, as they continue to test more excellent tools.

5. Coriandr

Slogan: Buy and Sell Handmade Gifts and Supplies

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: 20 pence (approximately 32 cents)

Commission: 2.5% on all items sold

Unique Visitors Per Month: Not Available

Additional Details: Coriandr is a UK based handmade marketplace, but a site that many sellers around the world are now using. They have what they call "seedlings" which are promotional tools to help you build a shop into your webpage or blog. They're very big on promotion, so it will soon be gaining speed.

6. DaWanda

Slogan: Products with Love

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: None

Commission: 5% on all items sold

Unique Visitors Per Month: 25,000+

Additional Details: Germany based DaWanda is slowly gaining momentum in the handmade marketplace. Their homepage looks like a more modern Etsy, with many options for finding the perfect item. Their social community is vast, with forums in English, French, and German. Because this site is available in multiple languages, it opens up a huge scope for sellers.

7. Folksy

Slogan: Products with Love

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: 20 pence (approximately 32 cents)

Commission: 5% on all items sold

Unique Visitors Per Month: 35,000+

Additional Details: All fees are in UK Pounds Sterling, so remember this when listing and selling! The website is very simple and clean, with the usual forums and blogs. They also have a "making" section with handmade tutorials - a great way to bring in traffic.

8. iCraft

Slogan: Creativity without Borders

Registration Fee: $25 CAD

Monthly Fee: Free (1 - 5 Products), Starter ($5 CAD - 5-50 Products), Professional ($10 CAD - 5-100 Products), Elite ($15 CAD - Unlimited Products)

Listing Fee: None

Commission: None

Unique Visitors Per Month: 4,000+

Additional Details: All fees are in Canadian Dollars. If you choose to pay your fees upfront, you'll receive a 10% discount. You also have a chance to earn free months through their referral program. All sellers are referred to as "creators", which is a really nice touch.

9. Made It Myself

Slogan: Think it. Make it. Sell it.

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: Listing fees are currently being waived.

Commission: 3%

Unique Visitors Per Month: 4,000+

Additional Details: Made it Myself is still in beta, which is good, because it currently looks a bit clunky. Although all the tools are there, the look isn't as up to scratch as some of the other handmade marketplaces. Time will tell if this one is a definite keeper.

10. Not on the High Street

Slogan: One basket, hundreds of unique shops

One-time Fee: £550

Listing Fee: None

Commission: 25%

Unique Visitors Per Month: 23,000+

Additional Details: The site boats only accepting 10% of sellers who apply to sell with them, guaranteeing that you will sell with a good company. Depending on how high of a price point your products are, this will determine if joining is worth the investment.

11. Silkfair

Slogan: One basket, hundreds of unique shops

Monthly Fee: From Free to $24.99/Month depending on the shop extras, like Google Base submission and using your own domain name.

Listing Fee: None

Commission: 0% with a free Account, 3% otherwise

Unique Visitors Per Month: 10,000+

Additional Details: There is a 14-day trial on their custom stores. Afterwards, fees range from $7.99-24.99 depending on the package you would prefer. They have sections dedicated to wholesale and eco-friendly items, which is very handy. Silkfair's marketplace items are much more in the style of a charming craft fair than an upscale boutique.

12. Storenvy

Slogan: The Social Store Community

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: None

Commission: None

Unique Visitors Per Month: 65,000+

Additional Details: Yes, it really is free, free, free! Everything is fee free, including commission! Storenvy makes money from their printing service and run the site based on the profits. Amazing! This fun and colorful market is very user-friendly. Amongst all the categories available to buyers, they can also sort by "best selling", "newest" and "alphabetical".

13. Supermarket

Slogan: Great design. Straight from designers.

Monthly Fee: None

Listing Fee: None

Commission: There is a commission taken after an item has sold based on the percentage of your sales.

Unique Visitors Per Month: 9,000+

Additional Details: Similar to Not On The High Street, sellers need to apply to sell on Supermarket. Their website is clean and organized, making it easy for buyers to find you. Because the sellers are selected and items are curated, you can avoid your items being lost within the crowd.

14. Yokaboo

Slogan: Your Own Store

Monthly Fee: Ready Free (6 Products), Steady £14.99 - approx. $24 (50 Products), Go! $24.99 - approx. $40 (500 Products)

Listing Fee: None

Commission: None

Unique Visitors Per Month: Not Available

Additional Details: Launched in 2009, Yokaboo is the newbie on the block. They boast that the site is "Granny-proof" whereas any techonophobe can use it! The stock manager easily keeps track of stock, buyers, and payment methods.

15. Zibbet

Slogan: Handmade Artisan Marketplace

Monthly Fee: Basic Free (50 Products), Premium $9.95/Month (Unlimited Products), Premium YEARLY $69.00/Year = $5.75/Month (Unlimited Products)

Listing Fee: None

Commission: None

Unique Visitors Per Month: 35,000+

Additional Details: Zibbet offers a huge range of seller tools, including coupons, gift certificates, Facebook App, Etsy importer, 8 images per listing, Google base and findit listing, and more. This is definitely a big competitor for Etsy, as many existing Etsy sellers are also listing on Zibbet for maximum exposure.

Unique Visitor Stats are based on December 2010 via www.compete.com

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      • johnmiller256 profile image

        John Miller 11 months ago from USA

        I wish to inform you that there is an Artisna Marketplace which is the best place to sell and buy handmade goods. It has more than 100 categories of handmade products. You can visit to know more.

      • profile image

        Mabattiley 12 months ago

        I am neither an artist nor a crafter so not sure which site is best to sell but, as a customer's point of view, Etsy may not be the best platform to use in terms of customer services though it has the greatest selection. I've recently had experience buying a coin purse for my girlfriend from this site called Puerlla. shipping was a bit delayed as it was coming from Asia and about a couple of days later after the expected delivery time the site operator sent me a personal email to apologize about the delayed shipping and said he would help check with the seller and offered to send me a discount coupon for my next purchase. I thought the operator involved a little too much into the actual transaction but it gave me a peace of mind and trust. Their selection seems a little thin at the moment but I will definitely shop again if I find something I like.

      • profile image

        Dum Spiro Spero 20 months ago

        Thanks for this great resource!

        Anyway another alternative to Etsy, for Tarot card readers, is Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) dot com is sooo yesterday, lol.

        At https://dumspirospero.world/ you can sell services such as tarot and angel card readings and you can also sell downloadable items of your own including pdf oracle card readings and what's more you can also sell things that need to be shipped, such as crystals and candles.

        Anyway check us out, we really need sellers, so we can take the site to the next level + we promise to always treat sellers with the respect and courtesy you very definitely deserve !

        Best vibes from the Dum Spiro Spero team !

      • profile image

        วีรภัทร ถิรนิธิกุล 22 months ago

        How do promotion ?

          Price from 650 baht to 400 baht a month, we would like to offer promotions.

      • profile image

        craig weiss 2 years ago


        I enjoyed reading your article on etsy alternatives.

        I own and operate a website that caters to artists that sell their handmade art. The name of my company is Artyah.com. We are similar to etsy, however we also run auctions, no listing fees, no membership fees. We have an attractive, elegant design. We offer a sellers gallery with options for sellers sellers to add avatar, store policies, ability to feature their items.

        I am hoping I can get interest about my website to help out artist that are looking for an etsy alternative.

        Any help would be very appreciative.

        Thank you,

        Craig Weiss



      • profile image

        Martin-IAMA 2 years ago

        Hey all, we've recently launched a marketplace called "I Am Attitude", aimed strictly at the alternative fashion scene (think pinup, punk, goth, metal, rock, etc!)—hand-picked, high quality boutiques and designers only, including lots of handmade and currently commission free. Check it out at www.iamattitude.com

      • profile image

        Miranda S 3 years ago

        What about Hatch.co? They're a more premium and curated version of Etsy and focus on curating well-designed products from high-quality makers.

      • reviewraters profile image

        reviewraters 3 years ago

        Etsy is definitely something to look at if you are selling handmade products. However, I recommend selling on Etsy and opening your own online store for the most exposure to your products.

        You can check out this article: http://rijalda.com/etsy-alternatives/

      • profile image

        denis 3 years ago

        I tried indigoly.com and it is great. It is special for African handmade products and everything is for free for now. Really great! Got a couple of sales in first ten days as well.

      • profile image

        Mike 3 years ago

        I think the best place to sell is Shippi.com You choose your own url and they take care of the shipping so you don't need to deal with UPS or Greyhound.

      • kkemper1 profile image

        kkemper1 3 years ago from az

        Etsy, by statistics, has lots of store owners and fewer than 5% earn

        a profit. Why then, does anyone use it?

        OR do you not use/conduct market research?

      • profile image

        aftcra 4 years ago

        Although the newer kid on the block, you can check out aftcra (http://www.aftcra.com). We are a handmade-only marketplace for products made in America. There is NO listing fee for uploading products.

        We will be refreshing our site in a bit to reflect some of our user's requested updates ... so stay tuned for those awesome changes :) If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!

      • profile image

        4 years ago

        You should add this one to your list...Trinksy. They are fairly new, but free as well. http://youtu.be/zPp_FLGlwas

      • profile image

        Ave 21 Marketplace 4 years ago

        Crafters and Artists Wanted to Sell on Ave 21 Marketplace. Free Store - No Listing Fee - No Minimum Number of Items - Paypal Shopping Cart - We get 3.5% only after a sale. Take A Look

        ave 21. com

      • profile image

        Joanna 4 years ago

        You should definitely add MISI to your list! A great handmade marketplace and a beautiful crafters network with heaps of fun on the forums!

      • profile image

        RS 5 years ago

        Also, goflystar.com. They charge $6.75 per month, no other fees, and you can list as many items as you want. You also have the option to list for $0.85 per item, if you sell one or two items, once in a while.

      • profile image

        LovedHandbags 5 years ago

        Another great alternative is TrEmbu.com you can sell and list FREE, no monthly fees and ONLY $5.99 a yearly membership fee. I opened a store after Etsy suspended me and to my surprise I am having sales at trembu! come and check out my store. Easy to use too.

      • profile image

        Ana S 5 years ago

        There's another very new Etsy Alternative that specifically targets Men. They allow new designers, boutiques, artisans etc showcase and sell their products in the marketplace but it is governed by them, you would have to apply and they review the applications before allowing you to sell.


      • profile image

        Jason 5 years ago

        I found a better alternative, it's http://www.brandrow.com, they just launch recently, and it seem extremely intuitive and easy to use, good experience so far.

        Theres a free plan too, good to try it out

      • profile image

        Lisa Astrup 5 years ago


        just a note, the "Folksy" site only accept you if living in UK :(

        I'm in Denmark, too bad.

      • profile image

        Monica 5 years ago

        I have been searching alternatives to Etsy for the past few days as I wish to close my shop there. I've been doing a lot of research: reading at site terms/policies/fees, looking at other shops and items in my category, testing site searches.

        I've decided to try Handmade Artists Shops


        Currently there is only a subscription fee of $5/mo or $50/yr (a discount of $10, no listing or commission fees, no limit on number of listings or expiration of listings.

        I've looked at their user forums and support seems very timely and responsive to user needs. I also contacted them with some questions/discussion of their site. Their admin, Andrew, was very responsive and patiently answered all of my questions over several emails, and I learned that the seller has some control what information is shown on their sold items screen. Overall, I was pleased with the information he shared with me, the fact that he was as responsive as he was.

        The site looks pretty clean and easy to use, so I'm going to give it a shot and will report back on how it goes.

      • profile image

        Lois Waggoner 5 years ago

        iCraft is rife with non-handmade items and I tried to report one and the form is broken. I am disappointed that the Etsy alternative I was looking for is not them.

      • profile image

        Levi Rosol 5 years ago

        Full disclosure, I am a co-founder of Goodsmiths, the marketplace for makers.

        We went fully live this month, and are getting tons of positive feedback from our shops.

        We have NO listing fees, NO monthly fees, and an Etsy importer. Making it a no brainer to cross promote your goods or fully migrate over. The only fee associated with a Goodsmiths storefront is the 2% transaction fee, which was lowered from its regular 5% transaction fee through the rest of 2012 in celebration of our launch.

      • profile image

        Scott 6 years ago

        Articents.com lets you list items for free and it does not charge commissions on sales. It's still relatively new, but there's great potential.

      • craftybird profile image

        craftybird 6 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

        Yes, Artfire charges $12.95 every month. Some sellers find it affordable and worthwhile, while others don't.

      • profile image

        tt 6 years ago

        Here artfire says $12 per month, means I have to pay $12/ month or what?

      • profile image

        Marie 6 years ago

        Don't forget Isupportamerican.com they only allow American made crafts which is very important to me. No listing fees o% commission and $5 a month for 500 products. I've only been on their site a few weeks but they are very proactive in promoting individual products no idea of traffic they get but sold two pieces in my first week which more than covered my subscription for a few months.

      • profile image

        Scott Pine 6 years ago

        There is a very different ecommerce marketplace called Ubokia.com. People Post what they Want and Sellers respond to qualified Buyers. People might want to take a look.

      • Susan Starts Now profile image

        Susan Starts Now 6 years ago from California

        I didn't realize there were so many sites for selling handmade creations on the Internet. I plan to check them out as I start my Christmas shopping. Thanks for the suggestions.

      • craftybegonia profile image

        craftybegonia 6 years ago from Southwestern, United States

        Thanks for the hub! Nice tips and I love the list of outlet possibilities!

      • profile image

        Stenciled Signs 6 years ago

        I really have to say great information, I have been searching for a few new paces and your information really helped.

      • scibior25 profile image

        scibior25 6 years ago from New York

        Wow! i had no idea!

      • profile image

        Kim 7 years ago

        You might want to mention that Folksy is only for sellers based in the UK. When I saw the list I thought maybe they had changed their mind and opened to all but nope. A bit disappointing as the site is lovely to look at.

      • profile image

        CopperSonja 7 years ago

        i do have an dawanda shop also, because i'm original from germany, my writing gets way better in my home language :)

        i aslo use the french and english possibility.

        listing on dawanda is only free for the out of europe people. germans do pay a listing fee if they sign up on the german site with a german address.

        i also do have an folksy shop, so far, i sold on either of this sites on piece of jewelry to a great price :)

        i have to admit that for me the dawanda with german buyers is easier to use, germans don't love credit cards and many don't use paypal. its verry common in germany to just move the money from one bank account to an other and my daughter lives there so i get the money on her bank account. transferring money is quick, save and easy in germany. so that's why.

      • profile image

        A Crafty Arab 7 years ago

        Another fantastic thing about Zibbet is the Admin presence. It really is unbeatable that emails actually get answered and they are in the forums responding to ideas, questions and giving support!

      • craftybird profile image

        craftybird 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

        Julie, you're right! I've made the changes, plus there is a $25 registration fee which has been added. Thanks!

      • profile image

        Deitra 7 years ago

        Efreeme is also another alternative. I think it's still in beta as well.

      • profile image

        Julie 7 years ago

        Great list! I just wanted to point out that icraft only has the monthly fee, it doesn't have a listing fee as indicated above.

      • profile image

        El at Tantalizing Stitches 7 years ago

        Thank you for sharing. Whenever I have some down time I do research on more places to sell. I have slowly branched out within the past four years and am glad to see this list.