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How to Make Money on Quora Without Writing

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Haley earns passive income through the Quora Partnership Program.

A screenshot of Quora's Request Answers module in dark mode

A screenshot of Quora's Request Answers module in dark mode

I see a lot of articles explaining how to make money on Quora by asking questions or utilizing the new Quora+ Revenue sharing feature. However, if you're in the Quora Partnership Program, there's an easier way to make a few pennies on the site.

These tips may not create a passive income stream to support you in retirement, but a little bit of low effort passive income is always appreciated, especially near the holiday season.

So what's the secret? Request answers for other user's questions.

Can I Really Make Money on Quora Just by Requesting Answers?

Can you make money on Quora just by clicking a few buttons? Yep. Enough for pizza money once a month for me, and I only use Quora about 30 hours a year.

Part of the Quora Partnership Program is making sure that questions don't just exist on the site but that they're receiving plenty of high-quality answers that will bring in traffic from search engines.

Once you're a part of the Quora Partnership Program, it's as simple as clicking the 'Request' button on any question and selecting 25 of the suggested high users.

If any of the requested users answer the question, then you'll be rewarded. You'll also be rewarded more based on the number of views of the answer. So it's not a one-off payment.

4 Tips for Requesting Answers on Quora

While all you need to do is click a few buttons, there are a few tips that will help.

1. Request From Users Who Have Already Answered Similar Questions

If a user has already answered 200+ questions about a WWII aircraft, they are probably passionate about the subject. Passionate people love to talk about what they love and are more likely to answer the question.

My general guideline is to only request people who have answered at least 20 questions on the topic.

2. Know How Many Answer Requests That You Get a Day, and How to Increase That Number

Quora doesn't want its users to get spammed with answer requests.

Each question has a limit of 25 requests per user per day. However, the total number of requests that a user can send in a day varies. The exact data doesn't seem to be public (if it is, please leave a comment), but the community seems to agree that new accounts can only request a total of 50 answers in day, but 'trusted' users can request up to 2,000 times a day.

This doesn't mean that you can request 25 answers for 50 questions. This means that you may only have 50 total requests at the beginning. So if you're maxing out your requests for each question, that would only be two questions a day.

Being a more trusted account will garner more requests. Here are a few tricks to get more requests per day:

  • Do more than just request answers. Give back to the community. Share some posts, upvote posts, ask a question or two and answer a question or two. You don't need to do this every day, but it immediately makes an account seem less spammy.
  • The more requests that you send out that are answered shows Quora that you're asking the right people.
  • Don't spam folks. If you're requesting answers for a smaller topic, you don't want to request the same person every day for different questions.

3. Make Sure That You're Requesting Active Users

If a user hasn't been active in months (or years), they probably aren't going to come back just to answer your question.

It takes longer, but by navigating to the user's profile, you can see the recent activity of that user. Have they asked or answered any questions in the last three months? If not, skip them, and save that request for a different user.

4. Don't Rely on the Suggested User List

Sometimes a topic has a smaller user base. When this happens, you may not have 25 suggested users who have answered enough questions to suggest that they're an expert in the subject.

Thankfully, there's a semi-simple solution. Use the search bar in the Request Answers module.

If the question that you're requesting an answer to is a legal question, search for 'lawyer', 'attorney', or 'law'. This will show a list of users who have that term in their tagline.

These types of users may not actively answer similar questions, but they would be the experts that you would prefer to get answers from. An answer from a legal professional is likely to be higher quality than if you requested an answer from my Aunt Linda who likes to give very poorly thought legal advice and has no legal background or knowledge.

Do These Things, Especially If You Ask Questions on Quora

The above steps are great if you want to earn some passive income based without writing, but they work especially well if you are asking questions as well.

Make sure to request answers to your questions on the site. This will increase your earnings by increasing the number of views on the question, as well as getting rewarded for the requested users answering your question.

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