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Make Money Online With Hubpages: Your First Steps

I'm an experienced online content creator with several streams of passive income from my writing. I'm here to share my secrets.

Becoming a HubPages writer means the opportunity to get paid for your writing.

Becoming a HubPages writer means the opportunity to get paid for your writing.

How to Sign Up for HubPages: a Step-By-Step Guide

As a writer on for many years, I have built a library of money-making online articles that pay me five figures a year. In this brief and concise article I will walk you step-by-step through the HubPages sign-up process. It’s not complicated, but there are a few rules and requirements that you will need to understand if you, too, want to make money as a HubPages writer.

HubPages has emerged as the number one user-generated content site.

HubPages has emerged as the number one user-generated content site.

Step One: Visit the Site

You can get started right away on HubPages with their simple, free, no-obligation sign-up form. It’s the first step to making it all work, but if you sign up and decide to never visit the site again, that's fine, too -- there are no strings, and no one ever contacts you. Signing up is a basic process that won't pose any problems for the average person who is used to being online. The landing page and instructions are easy and clear.

You do to choose a user name, and this requires a little thought. It's not terribly clear from the instructions, but you need to know that once you choose a name, you can't change it. HubPages suggests you simply use your real name or a “real sounding” fake name, and in most cases this is the best way to go. Many writers choose a pen name, which is kind of part of the fun, in my opinion.

I Wish Someone Had Told Me…

The name on your account cannot be changed. I made a basic mistake early in my HubPages career and had to start over with a new account, all because I chose a name that wasn't a good fit for the kind of writing I wanted to do.

Step Two: Write Your Bio

What do you want others to know about you? Your bio should be a brief, well-written, general paragraph. Not many people will read it, but it's still worth spending some time to choose your words carefully. Mine is very simple and straightforward, with minimal details about myself.

Here are a few tips:

  • Be very careful about grammar and spelling, because you will be judged by those who want to know if they should trust you.
  • Don't make grand claims about your experience or expertise.
  • If you have specific experience that bears on your writing, do include that.
  • Be honest and straightforward.
  • Avoid writing in the third person. Some good writers do this, but I find it to be a little pretentious. Just use "I" and don't pretend someone else is writing about you.
Writing your own bio can be fun -- but you have to make sure it's accurate and uses perfect English!

Writing your own bio can be fun -- but you have to make sure it's accurate and uses perfect English!

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Step Three: Connect Your Website and Social Media Accounts

Like your bio, the rest of your profile does not need to be complicated or cute. If you have a web site or social media accounts that you wish to be public, include them here. Choose your email address carefully, because profiles are public, and it's possible that other writers may contact you with questions.

Becoming an established writer on HubPages takes time and effort, but it's worth it!

Becoming an established writer on HubPages takes time and effort, but it's worth it!

Step Four: Connect to PayPal.

This online finance site is where your payments from HubPages will be sent. If you are in a country where PayPal is not available, then your income will all come through AdSense, which is an option HubPages provides to those who can’t, or choose not to, use PayPal. PayPal is a sister site to VenMo, and they work the same way, as a place to send and receive money with nothing but an email address. Ebay uses PayPal, too. I have never had a problem with this site in over 5 years of being paid by HubPages.

I Wish Someone Had Told Me…

PayPal is a pretty great place to accumulate your income. I fussed around and wasted time wondering if I should sign up, but it’s very easy. PayPal is nothing more than a secure online saving account where you passive income from HubPages will automatically deposit on the 28th of every month.

Step Five: Start your required time in “Writers’ Boot Camp.”

New writers are expected to complete a kind of apprenticeship before they are granted full status as a HubPages writer. You will need to have a certain number of quality articles in your library before you graduate to full status; however those articles will stay in your library and have the potential to earn money along with everything else you write. Once you graduate from Writers’ Boot Camp, you will be a bona-fide member of the HubPages writing community!

Writing Can Set You Free -- And So Can a Little Passive Income


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It's a big mountain -- let's start climbing!

It's a big mountain -- let's start climbing!

PT Richard: About Me

I wrote my first online article eight years ago, for a now-defunct site called At the time, my goal was to make money as an online writer -- $100 in one month was a target that I thought would be pretty easy to hit. I wrote at least one 1,000-word article almost every day for several weeks, until I had an online library of over 50 articles. I wrote on many topics: men’s health and fitness, style, and outdoors topics like camping and fishing.

But making money as an online writer proved to be more challenging than I expected. At the end of my first year of focusing on making passive income from writing my online articles, I had made less than $10. Failure! I had two choices: quit, or get mad and try harder. So I did what any clear-thinking young entrepreneur would do: I quit.

A year later, I came across a really good article about SEO, keywords, and writing intelligently for online audiences. I thought back on my earlier efforts, and my problem was Immediately 100% clear: I had been an idiot. I had been ignorant of the most basic techniques for getting people to read and like my online articles. I picked myself up and started writing again, reworking my old articles and writing new ones that incorporated the SEO rules that I was learning.

Today, I am more successful as an online article writer than I ever imagined. Once I learned some basic rules of online writing, I wrote constantly. With almost 200 quality articles on a variety of platforms, I enjoy streams of passive income from a variety of sources.

These articles are meant to share with you those things that no one ever told me when I started out. I hope that my hard work will help you make your own way in the challenging world of earning passive income by writing online articles!

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