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How to Be Successful on Poshmark With 10 Poshmark Selling Tips

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I’ve been reselling for over a decade now, since about 2008. I’ve bought and sold just about anything and everything.

Tips for selling on Poshmark

Tips for selling on Poshmark

Poshmark isn’t your typical list-it-and-sit-back-and-wait type of website. Becoming a successful seller on Poshmark requires a different approach than most other selling platforms. The listing process is essentially the same, but there are some key differences to selling that make Poshmark a completely different experience. The tips outlined in this article will help you better understand how the platform works and what you can do on a daily basis to help increase your activity and your sales.

If you are brand new to Poshmark and you want a better idea of how the platform works, I suggest you first read my other article, A Newbie’s Guide to Selling on Poshmark.

1. Like It? You Bought It!

When someone Likes one of your items on Poshmark, you have the ability to send them a private offer that only Likers will receive, and no one else can see it. Successful Poshers send out private offers daily. Poshmark only sends an offer to a Liker if the offer price is at least 10% less than any offer ever sent to them, so if you have an item you want to get rid of, drop your offer price another 10% and re-offer it to all Likers!

2. Hurry Up, Sale's Started!

You can offer sales like 3 for $25, or even BOGO if you want. The Poshmark platform doesn’t currently have a great way to offer sales, unfortunately, but you can work around it.

The first step is to decide what items you're going to put on sale. If you’re going to offer your entire Closet, it’s much easier, but if you’re only offering select items you’ll need a way to distinguish them. A lot of Poshers will simply edit the title of each listing offered in the sale and include either a short term like “3/$25” or “BOGO” or you can even use an emoji.

3. Super Shipper

Everyone loves a fast shipper, and Poshmark is no exception! It’s expected that all sellers ship items within two business days, but if you ship faster, you’re more likely to get a 5-star rating from a happy customer.

4. Your Main Photo (You Only Get One)

All of your pictures should be good quality and well done, but the first picture is the most important one! Make sure your main photo is well lit and clear, and you should have a background that contrasts with the item.

Some Poshers like to use accessory items in their main pics; for instance, you're selling a pair of shoes, but you style them on a fur rug. Others like to show off their items on themselves; this is a great way to show the way some items fit, or you can use a mannequin!

Try to be creative! Pose your items in ways that show off their side. Keep in mind that Poshmark uses square photos, so set your phone camera to take square pictures. You can also try switching your main photo around and see which one gets the most attention.

5. Keywords Are Key

You always want to choose a good descriptive title but one that’s not too lengthy or bulky. You can throw some keywords into your title, but don’t overdo it. I think a lot of the initial grab on Poshmark is the photo more than the title, but it is a good idea to include some additional keywords in your description.

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6. Follow Me

A big part of Poshmark is Following. It’s basic Posh etiquette that if someone Follows you, you should Follow them back. You can search Poshmark for New Users or Sellers of any Brand you like, and more. Simply go to your main dashboard and click Find People.

It‘s a good idea to Follow other Poshers that sell the same brands as you because their Followers may then find and Follow you, but also that seller should reFollow you and may even Share your items. You can also click on other seller’s Followers, and you can Follow them as well.

7. Absolutely 100% Perfect Condtion?

Don’t oversell, or in this case, over-describe your items! If it is absolutely 100% perfect condition, then fine, but be realistic. If whatever you’re selling isn’t perfect, be sure to let everyone know, take good pictures even of any defects, and accurately describe any flaws.

Also, be sure to include any additional information that may be helpful to know, such as the waist and inseam measurements of a pair of pants. Or you may want to describe the way that silk scarf feels in your hands, because pictures don’t do it justice. As long as you accurately describe the item, it's hard to overdo it.

8. Updated 3 Seconds Ago

One of the most important things you can do when selling on Poshmark is to keep your listings fresh! When you update your listings, they move closer to the top of search results and higher in the Feed. There are two ways to update your listings.

One, Share it either with your Followers, to a Posh Party, to an individual Posher, or via social media.

Two, edit the listing and “relist” it. This second option does not require you to make any actual edits to the listing; as long as you go to edit the listing and then finish listing the item like you would with any new item, it still updates the listing.

On Poshmark, there is no such thing as too much Sharing. You can literally Share your entire Closet every minute if you want. Remember, Poshmark has millions of users both looking for items to buy and Sharing items for sale. If you want to keep your items fresh, be sure to Share Share Share!

9. Are You There?

Consumers hate waiting! Everyone wants a fast response. It's a good idea to have the Poshmark app on your phone and turn on notifications. That way, you can respond to questions as soon as possible. The quicker and more responsive you are to questions, the more sales you should see. This will also help increase your overall rating and likelihood of getting a 5-star review.

10. Posh Parties

I’ve already talked about keeping your listings fresh by Sharing, but I think Posh parties deserve a tip all of their own. Parties bring a large number of Poshers to the app. There are four parties every day, each two hours long.

You should try to share your entire closet as much as possible during these parties; even if your items don’t match the party theme, you should still share them with your Followers. Personally, I have noticed higher responses, in the form of new Followers, Shares, and Likes, during Posh Parties than most other times.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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