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How to Create an Online Fashion Boutique With Very Little Money

An experienced business owner in Jamaica, I have partnered with friends for a startup fashion boutique, and I hope my story helps others.

Starting a fashion boutique can be easier than you think. Just follow the easy steps listed below.

Starting a fashion boutique can be easier than you think. Just follow the easy steps listed below.

Many women and men dream of starting a fashion boutique. Stay-at-home moms, young entrepreneurs, self-styled fashionistas, and new retirees are all discovering that they can realize their dream of owning a fashion boutique online by signing up to become online affiliate marketers for large establishments, such as Amazon.

Let’s say that you are a fashionista with knowledge and experience in what to wear and what not to wear. You have extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and an innate understanding of colors, patterns, and textures. You can advise on style, items of wardrobe, and accessorizing. Your dream is to establish a fashion boutique and become a fashion consultant, but having no funds you can’t see how. Well, here’s how!

Style is my mantra

Style is my mantra

Starting a Fashion Boutique

Before I begin, let me refine the title a little bit by replacing "no money" with "little money." This is because things like promotion and developing a clientele are likely to require some funding for maximum effectiveness.

Creating a website will also be a cost for some people. There are tools such as WordPress and Wix that make this reasonably easy. I have used both quite successfully but I find Wix to be easier for the technology novice.

Your Online Fashion Store

A large online marketing conglomerate such as Amazon is happy to invite individuals to selectively promote their listings on their own websites. This is referred to as affiliate marketing.

Using this Amazon program, you can create the equivalent of a virtual store—e.g., Women’s Fashion Online or Men’s Fashion Online—from a selection of the Amazon listed items that you choose. This applies to any catalog that Amazon promotes, not just fashion. For instance, I promote Caribbean novels on my website. I select the specific books from the Amazon listing and insert in my website the product image and description generated by Amazon.

Let’s say that you are known to be a fashion guru with great ideas about what to wear and what not to wear. You would like to operate a boutique and boost your sales income by being a fashion adviser.

As an Amazon affiliate, you can do this. You will create a website to represent your online shop and also to serve as your platform for giving advice through blogs, videos, chats, and whatever other medium you may choose to use for communicating.

How Does One Earn From Affiliate Marketing?

First, you must sign up with Amazon for an account on the affiliate program. The affiliate link is usually at the very bottom of the organization’s official site, as shown below (see image in blue).

The signup process generates an ID that identifies you at the point when you select the product from the Amazon listing and again when visitors to your store click on the product from your store website, which then links them to Amazon’s purchase page for the product. Sales percentages are established for each actual sale that is made from this link back.

See where indicated

See where indicated

How Is the Affiliate Account Set Up?

Let me do a summarized description of the Amazon affiliate setup program. There are others, some listed below, and a similar principle applies. For detail of all the features and facilities of the affiliate program you choose, you will need to investigate the ins and outs of each, but there is sufficient information on the specific websites.

After opening the affiliate link (i.e., click on it) and signing in, the Amazon Associates screen is presented. Notice the Menu strip showing “Home, Product Linking, Promotions, Tools.” From here you will access the facilities available for setting up your online store or for promoting a few select items on your website. From the Product Linking dropdown, you may access any of the following:

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  • Product links—used to capture the HTML link supplied from Amazon for a specific product for the purpose of insertion into your webpage. This may include the image with a description or the description only—your choice. [Note: The HTML link may look like computer gibberish to some of you, but don’t worry; you simply need to copy it and paste it into your website. It works.]
  • Banner—as above, but this is a banner. In choosing your banner you can select the size of your banner and the category of products based on the list that Amazon site provides.
  • Native Shopping Ads—in my view, this is the selection that you would use to assemble a group of items on a page (e.g., clothing items). Native Shipping Ads is the affiliate option that I use to display my selection of Caribbean novels (see screenshot below). Amazon has some restrictions about the number of items that you can collocate on a single page and this is important.
  • Link to Page—allows you to create a link to an Amazon page. For instance, if you are advertising Kindle products, you may copy the appropriate Amazon page’s URL and use this to generate the appropriate HTML link for your website. Follow the given instructions.

There are other features on the menu strip under the headings "Promotions" and "Tools," which you may explore for further information.

Similar affiliate programs are offered by eBay, Shopbob, Zappos, Rosegal, Zulily, JNCO Jeans, Banana Republic, Boohoo, Nordstrom, Reebok, American Apparel—and more.

Note that your earnings as a percentage of sales will vary significantly from company to company and in some cases, from product to product.

Created using Native shopping ads

Created using Native shopping ads

How to Promote and Advertise Your Store

Promoting and advertising are critical to the success of your online business. Potential customers will not know of you unless you find ways to engage with them. Employ some of the Internet marketing and promotion schemes that are available—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (which is excellent for visual promotion), free promotional YouTube videos.

After operating for a while, you will realize the need to create paid ads on some of the social media sites and possibly from Google. When your website begins to attract traffic you are in a good position to invite operators like Google to place promotional content on your site and pay you. This is an added potential for another stream of income.

Even though this is strictly an online business one can engage traditional offline methods for further promotion particularly among friends and established clientele mail-outs; WhatsApp groups; include your website URL on your letterhead and business cards; create e-brochures for specific events such as new listings, Black Friday discounts, Mothers’ Day specialties . . . Keep updating your website content.

Not only will you have a visual shop but also you will want to give advice and discuss fashion, trends, the season’s selections, and any related topic that your clientele may be interested in. Having an active online business is one way of exposing yourself to other related business possibilities, such as an online fashion consultant if that is your business area.

"Content is King" is a phrase that continues to reign! After operating for a while, you will find that it is in your interest to run "ad. campaigns" on platforms like Google and Facebook to expand your market and to better understand how that market is segmented. This will enable you to target your customers.

In this article, I have deliberately focused on the online fashion store because this is a vast industry and a number of people both young and old (mostly women) ,are eager to be players in it. There is an extensive amount of online shopping, fashion online, shopping online for accessories. The same is true for other industries to a greater or lesser extent—sports gear, exercise equipment, health store, specialised books, to name a few.


If fashion is your business choice, it may be prudent to decide on your specific areas—women’s fashion, men’s fashion, kids' clothing, accessories, dressing for the workplace, casuals, handbags, etc. You may think that you need to cover the whole range of interests in order not to leave anyone out, but that could be a mistake as we found out in our own fashion boutique City21.

We attempted to stock ladies' shoes with a view that shoes accessorised the clothing. However, we found that shoes required its own focus and concentration, and simply tacking it on to clothing resulted in a significant loss. Accessories (jewellery) along with clothing proved to be quite a success. Our focus became ladies' casuals, party dresses, and accessories of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


فروشگاه اینترنتی لباس from ????? on January 21, 2020:

thanks for sharing

Doreen Mallett (author) from Jamaica on April 01, 2019:

Read my article titled above and see if the information is useful to you.

Peggy on March 31, 2019:


I was thinking to start online fashion boutique,but I don't have enough fund.

How can I start?


Doreen Mallett (author) from Jamaica on February 08, 2018:

Diana wrote...

"Hi Doreen, I'm Dana. I read your whole article. The part I don't understand is the Amazon part can u enlighten me a but with a shorter version. Don't wanna send u through anything. But I was on Shopify. And dont that do the same thing Amazon dose. I Just don't understand stand it. Thank you. "


1. go to and click on the link 'become an affiliate' at the bottom of the page. Create an affiliate account

2. Log in as an affiliate. You can do so from the same link above.

3. On the AmazonAssociates page which comes up on loggng in select from the 'Product Linking' drop menu. My selection is 'Native Shopping Ads'

4. From the top of the ensuing page I select 'Custom ads'. This gives me a page to set up my adverts. I my case I am promoting Caribbean writing selected from the Amazon listing.

5. Select your amazon listed products as shown on the amazon page. I think up to 8 items are allowed in any one selection

6. To the right of the page you will see the html code which you will copy and insert into your web page at the place you want your listing to appear.

7. Clink on this link to see what my book catalogue looks like

You can do something with anything sold on amazon including fashion items.

I hope this answers your question. Thanks for asking.


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