10 Beginner's Tips on How to Bid Online

Updated on August 30, 2016

1. Inspect the item(s)' condition.

Look at the description and images of the item(s) provided by the seller.

2. Check when the auction expires.

Leave yourself ample time to make a thoughtful decision.

3. Check the payment methods.

Make sure that you can pay the seller with the prefered payment methods.

4. Check where the item(s) can be shipped to.

Make sure the seller can deliver the item(s) to your location, and that you can get the delivery.

5. Check the seller's ratings and reviews.

A seller's online reputation can tell you much about how he packages items, responds to interested buyers, etc.

6. Calculate and evaluate the total price.

Sum the selling and shipping prices together to make sure that the total price is within your budget.

7. Watch the auction.

Get notifications in your e-mail(s) and/or in the e-commerce's mobile app.

8. Talk to the seller before the auction ends.

Learn as much as you can about the item(s)' condition.

9. Gauge how heated the competition is.

Check to see how many bidders want the item(s) and how much they are bidding.

10. Determine whether or not the listing is worth overbidding for.

Stepping outside your budget is a risky move, so bid with caution.


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