How to Earn Money Taking Surveys on Prolific Academic

Updated on July 11, 2020
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Eric often uses online programs to earn money and gift cards. He loves to share these programs with others, so they also can earn rewards.

The Prolific Academic login screen.
The Prolific Academic login screen. | Source

Earn Money Taking Research Studies

Prolific Academic is an online research study website. Users take surveys on the website to earn money.

I am going to explain how you can make the most money on this website.

Is Prolific Academic a Trustworthy Company?

Prolific Academic is a legitimate company.

The reason companies are willing to pay for this kind of research is because of how viable it is. Also, universities pay for research to make sure they get enough responses.

You will never get rich taking surveys, but it is a nice income and a way to earn a bit of extra money. I often save my funds for my online game purchases and to buy things on Amazon.

The First Steps to Earn Money on Prolific Academic

First you need to sign up for the website.

After that you will want to complete the About me section. While this is boring and takes a while you will get more surveys from answering these questions.

To cash out from this website you need a PayPal account. So if you don’t have a PayPal account you will need to create and verify one.

You don’t need to spend money with PayPal if you only want to use it as a way to receive and transfer money to a bank. I send money on my PayPal account to my checking account that I linked to my bank.

The About You section on Prolific Academic.
The About You section on Prolific Academic. | Source

Complete Surveys

To earn money, you will need to complete surveys! The amount of money you earn varies. Some surveys are more complex and involved than others.

Surveys will ask many types of questions. Often Prolific Academic surreys are academic. But I have done some marketing research surveys as well.

A description of a survey from Prolific Academic.
A description of a survey from Prolific Academic. | Source

Advice on Taking Surveys

You will need to complete most surveys on a desktop computer. If you complete surveys on a mobile device, you might not be able to complete all surveys.

Be honest! Remember, this feedback is very important, and lying does not help researchers.

Make sure to pay attention. Surveys have attention checks to make sure you are not picking random answers. Researchers may refuse to pay you for completing surveys if you fail these checks.

Some surveys may also ask you questions about what you read during the survey.

Surveys will often want you to write out original answers. These kinds of questions can be boring and time-consuming. But remember to give a good answer!

Answer feedback questions. Any feedback or advice you give helps the researchers a lot.

Watch your time! If you do not complete surveys fast enough, you will not be able to submit them.

You have ten minutes to decide if you want to reserve a survey. Then you have time to complete the survey.

A survey description.
A survey description. | Source

How Prolific Academic Pays You

Every time you complete a survey, the funds become pending. The researcher will need to approve the survey first before you can cash out these earnings.

The researchers then have about three weeks to deny or approve your submission.

You can cash out when your balance has five British Pounds. Prolific Academic sends money to a PayPal account you provide.

If British Pounds is not your primary currency, you will need to convert them. I convert this currency into US dollars before sending the money to my bank.

A cashout on Prolific Academic.
A cashout on Prolific Academic. | Source

How to Earn the Most Money Taking Surveys

You will need to complete as many surveys as possible. You want to be consistent. Don’t worry about how money each survey pays.

I always do the surveys with the least number of spots remaining first. Because once a survey has all its slots filled, you are not able to do it.

You want to do surveys as quickly as possible. To do this, you will need to check surveys often. But there is an easier way.

Use the Prolific Assistant extension. This extension will notify you when new surveys are available. You can also click on these notifications to start the survey.

You can download Prolific Assistant for Firefox and Google Chrome.

Some surveys will want you to record your voice or make videos. You will have chances to take part in long term studies that pay more. If you want to make the most money complete all studies.

Also, remember to keep up with your About You page. Always answer the questions here. These questions will determine eligibility in future studies.

Some surveys will require you to record voice or video on Prolific Academic.
Some surveys will require you to record voice or video on Prolific Academic. | Source

I Am Not Getting Any Surveys!

Check for surveys often. Keep in mind, surveys are first come, first serve. There will not always be surveys available.

I recommend using Prolific Assistant to make sure you see surveys as soon as possible.

© 2020 Eric Farmer


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