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YouTube Niches: Making Nature Sound Videos

Gary Bourgeault has owned and managed several businesses and has been a financial adviser. In his spare time, he loves writing about music.

Many viewers on YouTube seek out videos with soothing, relaxing nature sounds. These videos are surprisingly easy to make.

Many viewers on YouTube seek out videos with soothing, relaxing nature sounds. These videos are surprisingly easy to make.

Niche Nature Videos on YouTube

Even though there are a lot of places to view videos these days, YouTube remains a popular site for viewers to watch videos in their favorite categories. I'm always on the lookout for niches I can pass onto my readers, and I've found another interesting topic that attracts millions of views on YouTube: nature sounds!

What's amazing about this niche is that you don't need a camera or any type of equipment to make videos—just a computer or other device that can be used to put together some sounds and music to create a specific mood. You don't even need to have an image in the background if you don't want to. The focus is on the atmosphere being created for the listener, so you can use a black screen to make sure the listener doesn't get distracted by visuals.

In this article, I'll share some tips about websites you can use to make the audio mixes. I'll also show you some examples of YouTube videos that are very easy to make and can drive a lot of traffic.

What Viewers Want From Nature Sound Videos: Relaxation and Meditation

The targeted audience for this niche is people who have trouble sleeping, who need to relax for a period of time, or who need calming background noise to help them focus.

Some of the sounds that can be accessed for these videos include the following:

  • Light or heavy rain
  • Tropical rain
  • Rain and thunder
  • Rolling thunder
  • Distant thunder
  • Ocean waves
  • Birds singing
  • Flutes, chimes, or other gentle instruments

Again, the purpose is to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere to help people meditate, rest, fall asleep, or calm their minds. Nothing does this better than the sounds we hear in our natural surroundings.

Should You Include Images?

As mentioned before, because these types of videos are to help people relax, many viewers will prefer a still image or a solid black screen to a slideshow of images or a moving video. This is so they don't get tempted to interact with their device as they lay down to rest.

That said, many people do like to have at least one image to associate with as they listen, so I think it's a good idea to include a still image. However, you can attract viewers without one.

You might include a relevant still image as the background for your video, like a beautiful waterfall for a video that features the sounds of falling and rushing water.

You might include a relevant still image as the background for your video, like a beautiful waterfall for a video that features the sounds of falling and rushing water.

How Do You Create a Nature Sounds Mix?

I used to use a terrific site called Nature Sounds for Me, which provided an online mixing board tool to create many specific sounds. However, this tool operated via Adobe Flash, and since Adobe stopped supporting Flash at the end of 2020, the site is no longer a viable option. Browsers like Chrome and Safari no longer support the Flash plug-in.

There are many other sites that allow you to create nature sound mixes, but in order to download those mixes, you usually have to pay something. Be careful when you're investigating different sites, since some of them only offer sounds for personal or private use—meaning that you can't monetize them in a YouTube video.

Audio Site Example: Ambient-Mixer

Ambient-Mixer offers a huge library of sounds, including environmental and nature sounds, that can be combined to create audio atmospheres. You can listen to premade mixes for free without an account and even make adjustments to those mixes. However, if you want to download a mix as an MP3, you'll have to pay for it.

To create your own mixes from scratch, you'll need to create a free account on the site first. Even with an account, though, you'll still need to pay for downloads.

The sounds on this site are licensed under Creative Commons, so while it's legal to use them for commercial purposes, you'll need to cite the authors of each sound file you use in your video. (You'll want to give credit to the Ambient-Mixer site as well.)

How Do You Finish and Upload a Video?

  1. Prepare the audio. First, create your audio file. If you use a mixer website that produces a format that doesn't work on YouTube, I recommend using Audio Online Convert to change it to MP3.
  2. Prepare the visuals (optional). Once that's done, go to a royalty-free image or video site and grab some visuals to use with the audio, if you want. Remember to cite the creators of any images or footage that you use in your final video.
  3. Edit the video. After that, all you have to do is import your video clip or image, along with the audio track, into your video editing program. You can even use Movie Maker, if that's all you have. One challenge with Movie Maker is that it doesn't have a loop feature, so you have to repeatedly add the audio and video to the platform to make it play longer.
  4. Render and upload the video. Once your files are in the program, simply allow them to loop for an hour or so, and then render them. Your video will be ready to upload to your monetized YouTube account.

Examples of Nature Sound Videos

I'm not going to describe the sounds of the nature videos below in detail; I'll let them speak for themselves. The main thing to keep in mind is that different people have different sounds they prefer for resting or sleeping, and these preferences are catered to in subtle ways in the videos below.

Relaxing Music and Water

This is a relaxing sound video that includes paced music and water. I like the way the music sets the pace of the experience. It definitely puts you in a quiet and reflective mood—one that could easily lead to sleep. This 2-hour video has received nearly 5 million views.

Sound of a Small Waterfall

This is a nearly 2.5-hour video featuring waterfall sounds, and it's had more than 13 million views. To create a video like this, you just loop the sound and allow the GIF to remain for the duration of the video. You don't even need a GIF; using a photo of a waterfall would work as well. Still, the animation is a nice touch.

Sound of Rain in the Woods

This is what I consider a niche sound. For a video like this, you simply include an image of rain falling in the woods, add the sound of rain, and allow the imagination of the listener to create the ambience. This 10-hour video has more than 9 million views.

Relaxing Waterfall Sounds With Music

This video shows how a combination of music and nature sounds can work very well. Viewers think so as well, since this 4.5-hour video has more than 47 million views.

Rainstorm With Thunder and Lightning

Many people prefer to listen to more aggressive sounds when they're trying to relax or sleep, and this popular 10-hour video of thunder and lighting has done the trick for millions. In fact, this video has more than 125 million views!

Bird, Forest, and Flute Sounds

Here's a nature sound video created by an acquaintance of mine. It's a simple video that was easy to create; they said it only took about an hour to make. (It can take even less time once you get used to doing it.) The creator added a flute to enhance the sounds of the birds and forest and to give the video a different feel.

Why I Love These Nature Videos

Creating nature sound videos for the purpose of helping people relax or sleep better is a lesser-known YouTube niche that generates a lot of views for content creators. Not only can the audio tracks be used for videos, but you can also include them on your website, in your podcasts, or anywhere else you share content with other people.

All of this and you don't even need a video camera, special microphone, or other equipment—just a connection to the internet and a computer or device to work with.

My Top Tip for Making Unique Videos: Add a Twist

One thing I recommend is to have a little twist for the videos you create. While this niche isn't overly crowded yet, it will be as people do more research into what drives views on YouTube.

An extra twist will help you develop unique videos to cater to even more specialized viewers. In other words, while everyone likes to have sounds available to help them relax, rest, or sleep, many of them have secondary interests as well. When you understand these interests, you can tap into them.

For example, the viewer may be a dog lover who would like to see a dog photo while listening to rain. You could even include an image, GIF, or video clip of a dog running around in the rain. You get the idea—just think of specific niches within this nature sounds niche, and you can zero in on a variety of interests beyond soothing and healing sounds.

Good Luck With Your Videos!

If you want to generate some extra income but don't want to invest in a lot of equipment, this is a great way to do it. Just be patient, work at it consistently, and remember that it'll take time to build this up as a business, if that's the direction you want to take it.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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