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How to Make Money on Wattpad

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Wattpad's logo

Wattpad's logo

Wattpad is a platform that connects aspirational writers with avid readers from all over the world. Over the past decade and a half, Wattpad has grown tremendously. By 2020, it had over 65 million users. The site has a wide reach, so it is a perfect place for writers to earn money.

What Is Wattpad's Paid Stories Program?

Wattpad was founded in 2006, but the Wattpad Paid Stories Program was not put into action until 2019. Writers on the platform can now earn income by publishing their stories.

If a story is selected to be a Paid Story, the writer will be notified of this option. They have the right to refuse if they prefer their work to remain free and accessible to anyone on the site. However, they also have the right to accept, a choice that most writers prefer.

When a story becomes a Paid Story, a couple of chapters, usually the first few, are offered as a "Free Preview." Other chapters outside of the free preview need to be unlocked with coins.

Readers who want to unlock the remaining chapters with coins can obtain them in two ways:

  1. Buying them through an Apple or Google Play account
  2. Watching videos

Either way, writers with Paid Stories can earn money according to the number of coins they receive.

What Is a Wattpad Star and How Do I Become One?

First and foremost, you need to become a Wattpad Star to earn good money on the platform. This status is denoted by a small star in front of a circular orange background beside your profile picture. In the past, Wattpad stars had not been a popular title, and many users did not even know about the program unless they were scouted. Nowadays, the more popular mode of becoming one is by filling out a form.

As of 2021, there are a few criteria that users need to meet before being eligible to become a Wattpad Star.

  • Over two stories completed with more than 50,000 words
  • The genre of your stories cannot be fan-fiction, classics, non-fiction, poetry or random. Unfortunately, this means that half of the users on the site who write fan-fictions cannot earn money through their current stories.
  • The writer must have started on one story in the past 365 days.
  • The writer must have added a part to a story or modified a story in the past six months.
  • The writer must have logged in onto Wattpad in the past 60 days.

Once you check all of these points, you can apply to be a Wattpad Star by filling out the application form. However, only some applicants are hand-selected by Wattpad staff. Being a Wattpad Star has many perks, including a plethora of resources and tools to help you grow as a writer, a community of fellow writers (who are as dedicated to writing as you are) for you to connect with, and, as you might have guessed, access to the Wattpad Paid Stories Program.

A few of Wattpad's Paid Stories

A few of Wattpad's Paid Stories

Once you are a Wattpad Star, you can go ahead and apply for your stories to be added to the Wattpad Paid Stories Program one at a time. Once again, you will need to fill out a form. Wattpad receives hundreds of these forms a day, so they need some time to go through each and every story to evaluate how suitable they are for Wattpad, so do not be discouraged if the consideration takes a long time.

There is an array of things they look for in both the story and its author. Wattpad looks for stories with originality, quality, and the ability to compel their audience to read—and pay—more. The author has to be dedicated to Wattpad, meaning that they do not go on random hiatuses throughout the year and continue to contribute to the platform positively.

The great thing about Paid Stories Program is that your story does not have to be popular to be a part of it. It does not need to have 230K reads or 110K likes in order to be considered for the program. All stories are considered equally and fairly by the site's experienced and professional staff.

Simple, Right?

Once your story becomes a Paid Story, be sure to promote it on your social media accounts, blogs, and to your family and friends to ensure that your audience continues to grow. This way, you can earn money from your books on Wattpad. Happy writing and publishing!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Anny Taylor


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