How to Make a Profit Selling Christian Louboutin Shoes on Ebay

Updated on August 25, 2019
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Carolyn was once had an eBay business selling new and used designer fashions and accessories.

A beautiful pair of Louboutins I have sold on eBay
A beautiful pair of Louboutins I have sold on eBay | Source

One of the Best

Selling Louboutins on eBay is not for the faint of heart. Authentic designer shoes can be hard to find depending on where you live and can be even more difficult to make a profit on.

When I did some research I discovered that Christian Louboutin shoes were the most popular and sold for a high price on eBay year after year consistently.

I'm a woman and though I don't love shoes the way some women do, I can certainly appreciate a beautiful pair and Louboutins are a beautiful shoe. I also wanted to specialize in selling only high end designer shoes so I figured Louboutins were the best way to start. Though I don't sell them anymore (they are hard to find where I live) I certainly learned some valuable lessons that I want to share with anyone who would like to re-sell Christian Louboutin shoes on eBay so that they can make the most amount of money possible with the least amount of headaches.

I would say that a good shoe is exactly like a good wine. These shoes are going to stay and last for a long time.

— Christian Louboutin

Getting Started

To keep this article short I'm going to assume you already have an eBay seller's account and have a general understanding how selling on eBay works. If you are truly a newbie to all this eBay has really good articles and videos to walk you through the selling process and can show you how get started.

These are the basic items you will need to get started:

  1. Christian Louboutin Shoes (more on how to get these later in the article)
  2. A decent digital camera or iPhone/Smart phone with some kind of tripod or stand for your camera.
  3. A computer or laptop with Internet access.
  4. Access to photo editing software online or on your computer/laptop (more on this later)
  5. A good source of natural light from a window or a photo box (more on this later)
  6. Shipping supplies (I will discuss these as well)
  7. Some shoe care supplies (also to be discussed further)

Why Louboutins?

Why are Louboutins so darn popular the world over? There are many, many reasons but I think it starts with the fact that a lot of popular female celebrities wear them. As a result, many women want to emulate their celebrity/fashion icons by owning an iconic pair of these red soled shoes. It's like instantly elevating your status in the world just by wearing a pair of Louboutins.

What celebrities are wearing them? Here is a fantastic link to a website called My Louboutins with a dedicated section on celebs and their Louboutins.

Here are some other reasons why Louboutins are popular:

  • They are iconic. As in they will likely never go out of fashion.
  • The prices of these shoes will only continue to go up
  • It's a status symbol for women
  • They make women's legs longer, leaner and sexier
  • They ooze femininity
  • Christian Louboutin's attention to detail is the best in the footwear business
  • They are unique
  • They are high quality

School Yourself

I almost wish there was a course online on how to spot a pair of fake Louboutins. It would have saved me time and some money. Sadly I don't know of any but there are some excellent websites with detailed information to show you how to spot a fake (see below).

Before you even consider purchasing your first pair to sell, you must, must, must do some research and study all about Louboutin shoes. The colors, the styles, the details and so forth. Why? Because let me tell you, there are a lot of fakes out there and because these are very expensive shoes, you don't want to waste your money on garbage. Serious buyers on eBay (yes, even some celebrities shop on there) know what an authentic Louboutin looks and feels like. It's illegal to sell counterfeit items anywhere but especially on eBay. Nothing will shut you down quicker than someone reporting your auction of fake Louboutins. You get ONE warning to take your fake crap down and if they find you doing it again it's good-bye Charlie. Believe me, counterfeit items are reported all the time and do you really want negative feedback before you even get going?

Ok, enough with the lecture. You get the idea. Just type into google "How to spot fake Louboutins" and you'll get a bunch of great results to get you started. One that I used was A Basic Christian Louboutin Authentication Guide on the website Lollipuff.

What makes a fake Louboutin?

  • Cheap gaudy accents
  • Clunky shape and design
  • Bad quality (studs, glitter, sequins are less than perfect)
  • Poor workmanship (jagged cuts of leather, asymmetry of toe boxes, etc)
  • Heel tips in a plastic baggy, authenticity cards
  • Hard, plastic looking red soles

How to Spot a Fake Christian Louboutin Shoe in 3 Parts

Finding Inventory

If you want to know whether you can sell Louboutins on eBay you need inventory. This is where is gets tricky and honestly, this will be the deciding factor as to whether or not it's worth your time and effort to try and sell Christian Louboutin designer shoes. If you can't find a pair then you can't sell them, can you?

Where to Look

Always start close to where you live, as in your neighborhood and then spread out. The best is if you can physically touch then and examine them close up because you need to determine the condition and authenticity.

The best local source when you're getting your feet wet and you don't want to end up with a fake pair is a reputable designer consignment shop. It's in their interest to sell authentic designer pieces and most have qualified staff that use due dilligence to make sure their items are authentic. Again, make sure it is a reputable shop and not some sketchy, shady looking operation out of someon's basement.

My very first pair of Louboutins I bought at a consignment store just 10 minutes from my house.

Local sources:

  • Classified ads
  • Estate sales
  • Designer/luxury consignment shops
  • Friends, acquaintances, co-workers

*I should note that the chances of finding an authentic pair of Louboutins in a regular second hand store like Goodwill stores or Value Village is pretty much nil so I wouldn't waste your time going there. There are some other designer goodies like jeans and such there should you decide to expand your inventory to include other designer items.

If there are no consignment stores close by and nobody is selling their Louboutins through classified ads you can always purchase them online. Most of my purchases were all online.

Online Sources:

  • Reputable online consignment stores (see note)
  • eBay
  • Online classified ads

Buying on eBay

Make sure to know your Louboutins and if the auction has poor quality pictures don't bother or ask for better ones. Ask plenty of questions. Check the seller feedback score and read the comments. If they have an established feedback history that is really high then that is a good sign. Many who sell Louboutins sell other designer shoes or designer clothing. If the seller has things like plates and cheap trinkets (junk) for sale and then a pair of expensive Louboutins, they most likely are fake, but you never know. There are a lot of fakes on there, I know because in my haste I bought a pair. It was a good lesson for me and luckily I was able to send them back and get refunded!

The demand for Louboutins can get crazy, especially if you happen to find a pair for a really good price! A trick I liked to use is to type Louboutin misspelled and in different ways. So instead of typing it the right way you would spell it Cristian Louboutin or Christian Laboutin. This way your shoes are off most people's radar when they type in the search bar the right spelling.

I also found that most people in the USA primarily buy from US sellers. If you're willing to look at international listings, you will find shoes with far less competition in auctions or less views for the listing which can help you get a pair for less than everyone else.

*Note: Most large online consignment stores that are well established are usually pretty safe but there have been cases of fakes now and then so that's why it's important to know how to recognize a fake or if the shoes look a little sketchy to be safe rather then sorry and pass on them. I would be extra leery of sellers in online classified ads. See if you can check their feedback or history (how long they have been on a particular site).

Also worth noting: I find that online classified ads are a haven for people selling counterfeit designer goods (a good tip-off is that their prices will always seem too good to be true). Don't write them off, I once found a pair of authentic Manolo Blahnik Hangisi in blue that I more than doubled my money on. That was a sweet find! So have a little patience and be willing to comb through the ads every few days, you just never know!

Authenticating your Louboutins

There are several different ways to truly authenticate your pair of Louboutins. The best is if you can do it before you buy them. You might also consider doing it after you bought them using a paid service if they are a very expensive pair and you are looking to establish yourself on eBay as a trustworthy seller. Most website or places that offer these services at a cost will also provide you with an authenticity certificate. I personally have done both.

One of the best sites I have found for having "experts" analyze the photos of your prospective Louboutins is through a forum on a website called The forum is called Purseforum and it's specifically for people requesting to have their photos of Louboutins authenticated as real or fake.

The other service that you must pay a modest fee can be found on the website Lollipuff. For $20 US they can authenticate your pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and for an additional $25 you can acquire a certificate that says they are authentic if they are. They do this by having you send in specific photos of your shoes from various angles (I think at least 6 pictures if I recall) don't worry they tell you how to photograph your shoes so they can best examine them electronically. They will email you a pdf file of the certificate afterwards that you can print off at home.

*Note: Lollipuff also sells Christian Louboutin shoes. The website is in the US so all prices are in US dollars and the majority of the sellers are from the US. Some will ship to other countries such as Canada but it's up to the sellers. There are some sweet deals on there and the bonus is that all auctions have their shoes authenticated before being allowed to be active so you don't have to sweat whether they are fake or not. Being in Canada, with the exchange rate on the dollar they were not worth it for me to purchase as I would barely break even if I listed them on eBay. Good to keep in mind if you're looking for an additional source of inventory at reasonable prices to help you make money.

Bandita platform boots
Bandita platform boots | Source

She Cleans Up Beautifully

In my ongoing quest for Louboutins at fabulous prices to turn around and re-sell on eBay for maximum profit I discovered something. Shoes that are in less than perfect condition typically sell for a lot less than the same pair of shoes in better condition. Why does this matter to you? It matters because depending on the "damage" to the shoes, with the right tools you can clean them up and make them look amazing and increase your profit margin thanks to a little elbow grease and know-how. Most people don't want to spend money on shoes that require a little TLC, they want to be able to wear them ASAP. I can't tell you how many women would message me telling me they need a particular pair of shoes I was selling by Friday because they had a big party to go to and they needed those shoes as soon as possible!

The best shoes to look for with scuff marks (of any color) or scratches or stains are the patent leather shoes. You'd be amazed what a magic eraser (or even a regular pencil eraser) can do! The next best material is smooth leather and the most difficult to clean up is suede or fabric. I usually passed on suede and fabric as you can do more damage than good I found and you don't want to destroy an expensive pair of Louboutins. Smooth leather can be tricky if it's an unusual color but if it's nude or black (black being the easiest to fix up) it can be cleaned up no problem.

Clean up items you can use:

For the inside of shoes

  • baby wipes
  • soft cloth just slightly damp with warm water

For patent leather:

  • rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer gel and cotton swabs
  • regular magic eraser (use a VERY light hand, just barely touching the leather as it will remove too much of the shine otherwise)
  • microfibre cloths or "shami" cloths and Windex glass cleaner to bring out the shine
  • regular white pencil eraser (do not use colored ones)

For smooth leather:

  • cold water and white vinegar (50:50) on a cloth for stains
  • to condition leather- shoe cream that is neutral or matches exactly
  • Vaseline and a paper towel for scuffs (and a little elbow grease)

For suede leather:

  • a stiff bristle brush or old toothbrush
  • white pencil eraser
  • white vinegar and an old cloth

I had a cobbler who did amazing work on leather and charged me next to nothing. I had many of my expensive leather items (shoes and purses) cleaned and conditioned by him. You would be amazed at the difference. Having your shoes professionally cleaned and conditioned can make them look like new. Just be sure to take into consideration the added cost. Most items that I took to be cleaned were $500 in value or greater.

How to Clean & Maintain Louboutins

The Red Soles

Regarding the bottom of the red soles, I personally do not recommend buying the red shoe paint that people sell on eBay to paint the bottom of your Louboutins before re-selling them. It's dishonest in my opinion and should only be for your own personal pair that you yourself wear.

If the bottom of the soles are in really bad shape you can have part of them re-soled or have some rubber sole covers put on them. Do not purchase these on Amazon and try to do it yourself! Get a professional cobbler or recognized Louboutin shoe repair place do it for you.

Do You Need an eBay Store?

The answer is: probably not.

The only reason you would benefit from having a store is if you had more than 50 items to list in a month. The discount you get from having a store with only a few items do not add up especially if you add in the monthly cost of having the store.

When I began I made the mistake of opening a store because it was more professional looking and I wanted to be able to compete with other sellers out there who sold Louboutins and other designer clothing and shoes. If I could do it all over again, I would have not bothered and then I would have saved myself some money. It doesn't seem like much, $20 a month but it's all the little costs that eat away at your profit margin. Watch your pennies and you'll have a healthier bottom line, trust me.

If you want an eBay store:

Now if you still feel certain that having a little eBay store is what would work best for you then I would recommend ensuring it looks professional.

There are pre-made eBay templates that interesting looking (to put it nicely), at least the ones that are affordable. Most websites that have professional templates will look amazing but cost you hundreds of dollars (one website who shall remain nameless charges $699 for one of their eBay store templates!).

I have a better solution. Use Fiverr. Try to figure out the colors you like and maybe a basic layout beforehand and find some pictures you like to include if you want any in your logo. I used Creative Commons to search for free pictures that I could legally use and chose the colors myself. I found a wonderful web designer that was able to put my template together in less than 3 days (including back and forth correspondence). The cost? Less than $50 US. Please note that prices will depend on a person's expertise and every offer is different so shop around.

My eBay store photos

My store icon
My store icon | Source
My eBay store header created on Fiverr
My eBay store header created on Fiverr | Source

Photographing Your Pair of Louboutins

I won't go into too much detail about how to photograph for eBay as this would take too long. So instead I have a brief list of important things to consider when photographing your shoes:

Key Points Regarding Photographing Your Louboutins for eBay:

  1. Lighting. You MUST have good, adequate lighting. Natural tends to work best. if you don't then please consider purchasing a lightbox
  2. Use a tripod. This is not optional unless you are very good at photography and have a steady hand. I do all my photos with one to have crisp, clear pictures.
  3. Take too many pictures. Take from all possible angles (examples of the kinds of pictures you should use in your listing are below). Standing on your head while photographing is not necessary.
  4. Contrast the background with the color of your shoes. For example, if you are photographing white shoes, use a darker background, same for black shoes. You want your shoes to stand out in your listing.
  5. Make sure your shoes are as clean as possible before you take pictures.
  6. The main photo to be used in your listing (the one that shows up in the list of search results) should be your best photo and the one that includes the Louboutin shoe box and bag if they come with the shoes.
  7. Always include close up photos of any scuffs, flaws or damage.
  8. After loading your pictures onto your computer/laptop be sure to use some kind of photo editing software either on your computer or online. You should properly crop and adjust all your photos before inserting them into your listing. This will make them "pop." I use PicMonkey.
  9. One other option for your photos is removing all the background from your photos so there is just white in the photo (like in many stock photos you see in eBay listings). I'm not a big fan and it's not free either but that's just my personal choice.

Before and After Photo Editing

Before photo editing
Before photo editing | Source
After with photo editing
After with photo editing | Source

Example of Photos used in an eBay listing

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Money Shot (main photo used in your listing)Front view of shoesInner view of shoes from the frontOuter view of shoes from the sideBack view of shoesView of the bottom of solesClose up on the Christian Louboutin logo on bottom of sole
The Money Shot (main photo used in your listing)
The Money Shot (main photo used in your listing) | Source
Front view of shoes
Front view of shoes | Source
Inner view of shoes from the front
Inner view of shoes from the front | Source
Outer view of shoes from the side
Outer view of shoes from the side | Source
Back view of shoes
Back view of shoes | Source
View of the bottom of soles
View of the bottom of soles | Source
Close up on the Christian Louboutin logo on bottom of sole
Close up on the Christian Louboutin logo on bottom of sole | Source

Auction or Buy it Now

Which one will make you more money? That is the question.

In my experience, unless it is a rare pair of Louboutins, you will do better using the "buy it now" option with a chance for people to give you an offer.

I have seen people get way less than they should have on a pair of Louboutins that were auctioned than people who were selling with "buy it now."

Overall, it tends to work out the same but you put yourself at a big risk in auction unless you have a higher starting price. However, having a higher starting price tends to not attract many bidders. The other option you have is to have a low starting price in your auction but have a reserve price so you don't lose money. Again, I have found that reserves on auctions tend to turn people off, but it's up to you.

How to Price Your Louboutins

If you're new to selling on eBay then you probably aren't sure how to price your shoes. It's not complicated. Here's how you do it.

Type into the search bar "Christian Louboutin" along with the style and color of your shoe such as Bianca Nude Patent. That's it.

Then in the sidebar to the left you want to select the condition (new or used), and check the "sold" box under Show Only.

This should bring up all the Louboutins that sold matching the description you provided. At the top sort by "Price Highest first." As you scroll down the listings you will see a variety of prices that the shoes sold for. Depending on how many sold you will see a pattern that is typical with items sold on eBay. A few very high priced items then a bunch around the same price point and a few bottom dwellers that sold for a low price for whatever reason. If you want to sell quickly and still make a good profit you want to price your shoes in the middle range.

You can take a chance and try and sell them for the highest price someone paid for it. I tried that and all that happened is that my shoes sat in the listings for a long time with one or two people watching and then at the end of the 30 listing I would have to re-list them again. When I priced my shoes in the mid-range I got much quicker results.


Always keep track of what you paid for your shoes including taxes, shipping (if you ordered online), any duty, repair work, etc., and be sure to factor that into your pricing. Shipping supplies and postage should be included in your costs if you are offering free shipping.


I don't know for sure that offering free shipping ever increased my sales. But if the Louboutins I was selling was greater than $300, I would offer free shipping and include the shipping cost in my asking price. It's up to you what you think works best. Overall as a general rule, most people don't want to pay much for shipping. I find that if you absorb it into your asking price and offer free or a very low shipping rate, people are far more attracted to your listing.

This brings up an important point. You need to have a digital postal scale in order to properly determine how much it will cost you to ship your shoes. Also important is measuring tape, either the kind in a sewing kit or the kind you find in a hardware store. Either will suffice.

Depending on where you live (US or Canada, etc.) you go to your postal service website that you will be using to ship your parcel and look for a link called "find a rate" or something along those lines. Enter in the dimensions (length, width, height) and the weight. They will then give you a listing of all the ways you can send your parcel, the cost, the speed and whether tracking and insurance is included. (for US citizens) has much better and cheaper options for shipping your package. Here in Canada where I live, we don't have those options.


I have bought Louboutins on eBay and they arrived in a bubble mailer. I was not impressed to say the least. If you want happy customers and positive feedback please properly ship your shoes in a box and wrap them in either tissue paper or bubble wrap. All of these supplies can be purchased at an office supply store. I bought mine at Staples. I learned how to properly ship my shoes when I ordered a pair from a reputable online consignment store.

Shipping to other countries

It's not necessary to sign up for an account on every eBay site in the world in order to sell your shoes on that website. Under the International Shipping section, under "ship to" select "choose custom location." Here you can check off the country you are willing to ship your shoes to such as Germany, France, etc. Then you select a shipping service you wish to use and enter the amount you will be charging (if any) for shipping. This makes your listing visible for that country's eBay site.

Pink suede daffodils
Pink suede daffodils | Source

Best Sellers

While there are classic Louboutins that will always be in demand and therefore a "safe" choice if you are new to selling on eBay, in reality any pair of shoes can be a best seller. I have found that in the US the beige (or nude), and black versions of the classic Bianca, So Kate, Daffodil, Simple Pump and Pigalle to be the most popular styles as well the strass version of each of these styles. But over in Europe, it tends to be the opposite. Slingback styles tend to be popular in bright vibrant blues or hot pink .

If you are going to sell in Europe or anywhere else besides the US be sure to visit the other eBay sites and look at what has sold there to get an idea of what is popular.

You should make it part of your daily routine to go on eBay and really get to know what is selling day to day in for Christian Louboutin shoes and most importantly for how much. Why? Because if you are shopping on online consignment websites you can sometimes come across an amazing opportunity to make lot's of money!

As a very general rule of thumb, these traits tend to make some shoes sell for more and quicker than others.

Louboutins with the following features do well (safe bets):

  • A platform of some sort, the higher the better
  • Strass of any kind increases the value and are more rare on eBay
  • The higher the heel the more popular
  • The colors beige/brown (nude) and black leather
  • Black leather boots with a thick platform- the taller the boot the more popular they are
  • Leather instead of fabric
  • Shoes with both dust bag and original box sell for more, but having any one of these helps too.

My Experience

The Bandita platform boots (pictured in this article) were selling for $1100 on eBay when I found a pair on an online consignment website but they were only selling for $479. I was shocked! I double and tripled check that I was not crazy but there they were. They were in very good condition so I bought them. Sadly they were sold in the US so I paid a lot in duty and taxes but that only brought it to $700. I then sold them for just under $1000 on eBay and made close to $300 profit just on that pair alone. It pays to pay attention. I noticed that they have since changed what they charge for that style on their website.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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