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6 Ways to Make Money Writing Fanfiction

Krzysztof is a 10+ year YouTube researcher who spends hours researching, analyzing, and uncovering YouTube trends, challenges, and media.

Fanfiction has developed into a popular and profitable genre of writing.

Fanfiction has developed into a popular and profitable genre of writing.

How to Write Money-Making Fanfic

If you think writing utter garbage is so easy a baby can do it, then you're probably right.

It shouldn't be too hard writing something that everybody would love to hate, but how does one go about doing this?

Fanfiction already gets a bad rap for being pure smut, but hey, if a Twilight fanfiction could be turned into gold, then there's no reason why your awful Justin Bieber "fic" can't do the same, right?

Follow me on a short journey into internet fandom, and let us discover the money-making possibilities that remain undiscovered. Trust me, by the end of this article, you'll be an expert at writing crap-fiction.

Bella & Edward from "Twilight"

Bella & Edward from "Twilight"

Fanfiction is designed to be written about your favorite character or person (real or fake; dead or alive) in a new, intriguing, and mind-numbing fashion.

Your best bet would be to pick a popular celebrity or internet celebrity that's trendy.

So people like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift are cool choices, but even Vine and YouTube celebrities like David Dobrik or Pewdiepie have been immortalized through the fanfic.

Don't know who those people are?

Don't worry, neither do most people over 15 (Google or Wikipedia them), but by God, do you realize how many fake stories are written about those individuals?

No, seriously, the number of teenage girls writing about them on Wattpad and must be in the hundreds, if not thousands. The readership and views on those topics are in the millions.

Talk about utter hormonal insanity!

Of course, you don't have to go the celeb route, but it would be wise to start off with a popular niche topic that is hip and current.

The characters are what drive a good novel or story.

The characters are what drive a good novel or story.

2. Make the Characters Insane

The characters are what drive a good novel or story, but even a bad story needs a bunch of interesting, unstable people

You could incorporate known traits from real and fictional characters, but you should also add new elements and twists to their personalities. I'll include some examples below:

  • Turning the hypochondriac girl into a sociopath
  • Changing the singer into a mud wrestler
  • Transforming the outgoing stripper into a solemn nun
  • Change the Christian into an Atheist (or vice-versa)

There are limitless possibilities, and the crazier they are, the more likely people will read and pay attention. The more readers you have, the more likely someone from high places will notice your fanfiction and turn it into a nasty, smelly diamond.

Don't hold back on the characters! Include as many crazy personality traits as possible to make them extremely interesting to readers.

3. The Plot is Secondary

I've read some therapy-inducing fanfiction in my day, and I can't remember any of them having an actual plot.

What I remember is the stories having a collection of events that sprout up randomly, with none of them having any connection to the main story. From this, I realized that the less plot something has, the more likely people would buy into it (at least in the fanfics).

Nobody wants to read about a poor, dying girl who's pregnant. They want to hear about a pregnant girl who meets an alien, has the alien eat her baby, and then a random cowboy shows up because he's actually her adult son from the future.

I mean, "WOW," now that's some bad writing!

There's no plot, there's no linkage, and there's no connection whatsoever: PERFECT

If you're reading this, then you better forget about the plot and write down as many comatose ideas as possible. Remember that you can never have too many psychotic ideas in a fanfiction.

4. So Bad That It's Good Dialogue

Fanfiction would not exist without dialogue, and I'm talking about painful, awkward conversations.

These quotations have to be so dreadful that you'll want to rip out your hair and pull a Van Gogh with your ears.

The real trick is to pretend the dialogue belongs in an Oscar-winning Best Picture Film that should really belong in George Lucas' Star Wars prequels. I'm still debating whether fanfiction writers came up with the dialogue for those movies.

You have to think of your fanfic as amazingly terrible movies like Troll 2 or The Room. Those movies had brainless ideas combined with dreadful conversations that made you want to cry and laugh at the same time.

I know fanfiction can be amazingly good sometimes, but let's be real, most view it as passionate smut.

So why not play up to that stereotype and give your readers something they've never read before? You'll be glad you did.

5. The Art of the Dirty Fanfic

Again I've read and heard people read fanfiction and a lot of it is deplorable, and that's me sugarcoating it.

Some of the things that I've read from those fictional sites would make a grown man cry, but you know what? It gets views. The sickest, dirtiest, filthiest content has found its very own niche audience on the internet, and people want more.

They want more filth, more dirt, and more of that dark side they've come to love so much. That's certainly one way to get people's attention, isn't it?

My personal tip on this matter would be to push the boundaries as far as they can go and be creative. I'm not saying you should write explicit content, but I'm just letting you know that it sells (oh boy, does it sell).

Share your content on all social media platforms.

Share your content on all social media platforms.

6. Don't Forget to Share Your Content

Whenever you're writing content on the internet for profit, then it's a no-brainer to share it as much as possible.

Post it on Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, websites, and pin it on Pinterest. Those are just a few examples, but obviously, there are many more social media platforms you could use to share your content.

The good news is a lot of those fanfiction websites already have their own built-in fan base, so you'll have a nice core of people potentially reading your stuff. However, to take things to the next level, you'll want to keep spreading it around.

Social media will increase your chances of going viral and attracting high-end publishers/authors to use your stuff.

I know online content and social media go hand-in-hand, but there's something special about sharing good fanfic. Sometimes the people you write about actually read your stories on their own channels (how awesome is that), but most importantly, you get to be creative.

Very few other platforms give you as much freedom as fanfiction websites. They push the imaginative level so far up that no other professional authors can touch.

Innovative fanfic could also show off your writing skills, which will come in handy throughout different writing programs.

Fanfic isn't Shakespeare, but it has legions of fans.

Fanfic isn't Shakespeare, but it has legions of fans.

List of Fanfiction Websites

Other Fanfiction Websites

You can find even more popular fanfic sites here.

In addition, you can publish your own short books and stories for free with Amazon's Kindle Direct self-publishing service.


Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on August 18, 2015:

Thank you very much; I greatly appreciate your feedback. It's definitely an interesting platform that some might want to consider at least for fun.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on August 17, 2015:

OK! You had me rolling on the floor. But, I have to admit, it's something to think about. I enjoyed reading this and learned a lot.

Krzysztof Willman (author) from Parlin, New Jersey on July 30, 2015:

Thank you so much. I know a lot of beginners or amateurs start off writing fanfiction before moving on to higher platforms. Heck people have earned a living through fanfics themselves.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 29, 2015:

Helpful and useful. I've heard of fanfiction but never tried it. Perhaps now would be a good time. :)