How to Bid on Upwork: Easy Tips for Success

Updated on May 12, 2020
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A part-time freelance writer who is trying different ways to earn money online.

Bidding on Upwork can be confusing. Here's how to do it the right way!
Bidding on Upwork can be confusing. Here's how to do it the right way! | Source

Surely, it is great to make money as a freelancer while you sit in comfortable clothing inside your home. The only issue is that there are many people that want the same thing that you want. This is the issue with all good things in life. In this blog post, I am going to show you how to bid on Upwork so that you may get what you want.

Before I begin it is necessary that you realize one important thing. I am strictly against decreasing your price to get the project. Your price should depend on how much you think you deserve for the job and nothing else. You will miss some opportunities because of not lowering your price, but you will be much more successful this way.

The only situation where you can lower your price is when you don’t have a portfolio. I lowered my price, in the beginning, to get started, and I understand if you are a newbie. If you have some experience, I don’t recommend lowering your price.

Tips About How to Bid on Upwork

Before we get into how to bid on Upwork, there are a few tips that you would want to keep in mind. Here are the tips for bidding on Upwork.

Understand the Client and Their Business

You cannot just bid on all jobs and expect to win those bids. It is important to bid on relevant jobs and avoid bidding on jobs where the client is not sure about what he or she wants. Vague or copied job descriptions and poor reviews tell a lot about a client. If you can, avoid bidding on jobs where the client is too lazy to write a proper description as well as the important requirements.

You have the right to choose the client like the client has the right to choose any freelancer so exercise that right. The title also tells a lot about the client. Clients that are looking for an expert in a specific niche state that in their title only. They are also willing to pay a high amount of money for a niche expert, and these are the clients that you should target.

It can be a big advantage to find out more about the business of the client through a simple Google search or through their website link in the description. You can even use tools like the Moz Keyword Explorer to understand the position of a client’s website. Simply enter the URL of the client’s website and press enter.

Don’t Ignore the Description

I am not going to focus too much on this as this is something that you might already know about. You need to read the description twice to make sure that you understand the needs of the client. The description will also give you an idea about the skill level needed to complete the job. If you think that you can’t do a job properly, then it is best to avoid bidding for that job. Trying to do jobs that you aren't sure about can lead to a negative review.

Remember the Name

If a client has a history of hiring on Upwork, you will find reviews of freelancers about the client. Read through those reviews and try to find out the name of the client. I recommend that you go through multiple reviews to confirm the name as sometimes the client’s profile may be used by more than one person. Make sure that you address the client by using his or her first name to form a connection immediately.

Never Use Pre-Made Proposals

I am not denying that you can apply to multiple jobs within minutes by using pre-made proposals, but you will rarely get hired. It is best to write a proposal from a scratch based on the needs of the client. You can use templates to write a proposal quickly and use different templates to see which one works the best.

Interview on Skype or Call

It is very important to mention in your proposal that you are willing to interview on Skype or call. This can be a huge game-changer in some cases because not everyone is ready to talk to the client. Simply discussing the project with the client can allow you to form a connection. If the client finds that you are good for the job, he/she might hire you immediately.

Be Niche Specific

I saved the best for the last. If you want to get paid top dollars, then you have to be focused on a niche. Niche-specific freelancers are high in demand and they are paid really well. Choosing a niche is a different topic, and I am not going to include that in this post. You can easily find a lot of help online if you are confused.

Finally, How to Bid on Upwork

Before you place your bid on Upwork, it is important to see how much the client is willing to pay. You will find information about it in the description and if this is not the case, then the client is unprofessional. This is a negative sign, and I personally don’t bid on such jobs.

If you find that the client is willing to pay as much as you want or higher than that, then you can proceed. The bid should be placed normally in the beginning, but you need to keep increasing it periodically. A 2 month period is good for increasing your bid amount as you gain more experience and authority. Make sure that you also follow the above-mentioned tips before placing your bid.

Pro Tip: Hourly jobs are better than fixed-price jobs because you will get paid for hourly jobs even when you have to spend extra time to do the work. On the other hand, you will be paid a fixed amount at a fixed price job even if it takes extra time to do the job.

I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to comment your thoughts below.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2018 Kshitiz Gaur


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    • Abhi Gaur profile imageAUTHOR

      Kshitiz Gaur 

      2 weeks ago from Jhalawar

      Thank you, Eugene.

    • profile image


      2 weeks ago


      Easy to understand and gave me protips within short times.

      Hope your success

    • Abhi Gaur profile imageAUTHOR

      Kshitiz Gaur 

      4 months ago from Jhalawar

      Thank you, Mandela.

    • profile image

      Mandela Githaiga 

      4 months ago

      Nice article Kshitiz Gaur.


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