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Is Blasting News on Its Way Out? 4 Potential Red Flags

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Scoop is familiar with multiple online writing platforms and enjoys providing their opinions of each.

Is Blasting News on its way out?

Is Blasting News on its way out?

Blasting News is a news website that allows regular people to write news articles and generate income from them. Basically, it's a revenue sharing website. See the video below for a more detailed explanation.

Has Blasting News fallen on hard times and are they the next revenue sharing site getting ready to shutter their doors to writers? I think so, and there are a few reasons why I believe this is the case. Keep in mind that this is only my observation and opinion, but I have been in the whole "making money online" niche for a very long time and can spot certain things.

If you're thinking of writing for Blasting News or you currently write for them, then you'll want to read why I believe (again, my opinion) that the site will not be around much longer, or at least will stop allowing writers to earn revenue.

1. Bye Bye $3 Per Article

Months ago, Blasting News introduced a new pay rate for writers based in the United States. The new rates was $3 per article that got published. Months later, (in the month of November 2017) Blasting News announced a survey that writers could take. The survey was in regards to whether writers should continue to get paid $3 per article or one of the other ways.

I can't remember what the other choices were, but I do know they weren't choices that involved being paid a set rate. They were pay-per-view options. Supposedly writers chose one of the other options, but I highly doubt this was actually the case. What I believe happened was Blasting News couldn't keep up with the demand of paying out $3 per article. It wasn't sustainable.

2. Trouble Paying $3 Payouts

Those who didn't reach the $15 threshold before the changeover to the new payment plan were told they would be paid what they were owed shortly. Blasting News said the finance department would eventually get around to paying writers what they were owed. In my opinion, they are struggling to pay the amounts owed.

3. Account Closures?

In an email that was sent on either the 14th or 15th of November, Blasting News notified writers about a "slight delay" in payments. It also mentions how if writers haven't received their $3 per article, then let them know so they can close their account and pay them within 10 days.

So hold up . . . is Blasting News already struggling to pay writers the new rates (whatever the pay-per-view rate is) and struggling to pay the writers whatever they earned prior to the changeover? Sure sounds like it and this is a major red flag.

4. Potential Traffic Manipulation

This is just an opinion, and only an opinion, but I find it odd that you can't track your own views via Google Analytics. There was a site called Bubblews in the past and it was obvious at one point they slowed down traffic to people's post or put up misleading stats to avoid paying out members. Is Blasting News doing the same thing?

I can't say Blasting News is doing this, but then again there's no proof of them doing it or not doing it. Maybe give writers peace of mind and let them use their Google Analytics accounts?

Final Verdict: Wait It Out

My advice is to wait things out. Maybe Blasting News will last, especially considering it is ranked very high in Alexa. However, there are a few red flags that make me think Blasting News won't be around by the end of next year or they will stop paying all writers full stop. Only time will tell.

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David Komolafe from United States on June 20, 2020:

Blasting news? i have written for them


Earn up to $20 per 1000 views from Twitter an Facebook

Nice editing team that helps people with bad English


Poor customer support

Payment delays is high, the promise to pay 10-15 of the month but expect 26-30 of the month.

No payooner cant support other 3rd world contries.

A. P. on December 06, 2017:

I feel that the person who wrote this article doesn't understand how Blasting News works. I've been writing for them since March, and I've never had any issues.

Furthermore, some points in this article make no sense. There is not one website I know of that gives its writers Google Analytics stats. However, my Facebook pages allow me to track clicks, and I can say for sure that Blasting News tracks them correctly.

Lastly, the person who wrote this article is obviously not a good writer. My guess is that the author of this article is just frustrated with Blasting News because of the removal of the $3 per article. Many bad writers used BN just to post poorly written articles and get $3 easily. I wouldn't be surprised if the author of this article is one of them.

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