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Tips on Driving for Uber Eats

Joshua Hurtado has been driving for Uber Eats since August 2018 and has an Associates in Paralegal Studies.

Could you make some extra cash with food delivery?

Could you make some extra cash with food delivery?

Can You Make Decent Money Driving for Uber Eats?

Yes! You can make decent money driving for Uber Eats. I made $699.12 in under 40 hours between October 26th and November 2nd, 2020 while delivering for Uber Eats.

In my experience, there are three things that you should keep in mind if you want to make this work. These are practices that I have implemented myself.

1. Pick Your Location

This is possibly the most important aspect of driving for Uber Eats judging from my experience. To start, there are only certain areas that Uber serves for its food delivery program so you will want to make sure that you are operating in an area where Uber Eats is operating. I used to live in a small town which was definitely a bit on the rural side (there were literally farms within 10 minutes from my house) and Uber did not yet serve my area, so I did my due diligence and found another city nearby where they did offer their service.

There is another aspect to keep in mind when it comes to location, and that is your location in relation to nearby restaurants. There have been several times when my wife and I were hungry and decided to put in an order with one of our local restaurants only to have our order turned down because there were no couriers nearby. If you want to maximize your earnings on the platform make sure that you are near several restaurants while you are online in the app. If you are too far away from the restaurant, then the request will go to a different driver who is closer.

2. Pick Your Time

This is almost as important as being in a good location. Remember, people generally eat meals around certain times of the day. This means that if you want to maximize your earnings you should make yourself available during the times when people will be wanting to eat.

I personally find that driving during the lunch and dinner rush tends to be the most lucrative. The lunch rush goes from approx. 11 am-2 pm and the dinner rush goes from approx. 4 pm-8 pm in my experience. However, it is important to note that these are approximate times. Sometimes I make more driving in the morning because I hit the coffee rush than I do during the lunch and dinner hours, but typically I make most of my money during the lunch and dinner rush.

3. Be Prompt and Communicate

Have you ever been standing in line and were not sure if the employees have even noticed that you were there? It is definitely a better experience when one of the employees acknowledges you and lets you know that they will be with you shortly if they are not able to assist you at the exact moment. Well, communicating with your customers through the Uber app is no different.

Remember, the customer is at home watching their app and cannot see what exactly is happening if their order is taking longer than expected. If you get to a restaurant and you have to wait for more than a few minutes to pick up the customer's order, it is not a bad idea to send them a quick message saying that there was a slight delay with their order. I have had this happen several times and customers have complimented me for letting them know that it will take a little longer for them to get their order. This keeps them from wondering what is happening you are more likely to get a thumbs up from your customer due to good communication. Plus, they may be more inclined to increase your tip amount as I have personally experienced.

Another thing to remember is to be prompt. I know that it can be tempting to take your time getting to these restaurants or drop-off locations but I would strongly advise against this. Remember, if you want to make decent money you have to take it seriously and keep yourself motivated. The sooner you complete your pick-ups and drop-offs, the sooner you will be available for another order.

Hopefully, this article has helped to answer some questions you may have, and while this list is not the end all be all I have personally seen the payoff for these good practices and I suspect that you will as well.

© 2020 Joshua Hurtado


Kalpana Iyer from India on November 08, 2020:

An interesting read. Some good tips here!

Miranda Hurtado from Morgantown, WV on November 06, 2020:

This article is very helpful. Thank you!