5 Ways to Earn Christmas Cash on eBay

Updated on May 25, 2020
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Abe is experienced with using eBay and enjoys sharing quick money-making strategies.

Read on to make a little more cash for Christmas shopping.
Read on to make a little more cash for Christmas shopping.

Oh, the Wonderful Things You Can Do

I'm a creative person that loves to make things; in fact my whole family is artistically inclined.

What I love about eBay is that you don't need to be a web guru to get fast results with a product that is unique and fun.

There's a certain thrill that buyers get when bidding on something they might win for a good price. It's like treasure hunting! Compare this to Amazon; fixed price and no room for bargaining.

I'm sure you've already used eBay in some way, so I won't get into much detail about technical parts. My advice is based only on what I know has worked for a stealth entrepreneur like me.

Every year I add a few extra gifts under our tree, bought with money from sales on eBay.

I hope you find something useful and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Kitsch is niche: Funky and quirky are good sellers.
Kitsch is niche: Funky and quirky are good sellers.

1. Decoupage

Any object covered with folky or obscure vintage Americana can suddenly become intriguing and wonderful! What this requires is a little research into different designs and trendy images that might stand out from other listings.

When I make something from scratch with a decoupage design, I usually stick with what I know: Vintage and Art Deco Themed Typography, however, you can choose any style or period you want.

Turning an old notebook or mason jar into a fabulous Vaudeville art piece is a treasured process that I enjoy for the simple love of crafting.

People everywhere love Art. It's a huge niche market, not only on eBay but other places like Etsy. I have written about decoupage journal (notebooks) before on my blog. This is my secret! They sell like hotcakes and are extremely cheap to make.

Rugged and shabby are great keywords.
Rugged and shabby are great keywords.

2. Pallet Wood

This is my favorite! (My wife is the designer, I am the builder.)

We have come up with so many simple, cheap things that totally shocked us when the auction ended! The price on some pieces were 10 times what it cost to build!

We've had great luck with pallet wood cutouts (i.e., fish shapes, odd folk art roosters, cows, etc.)

Working with stain and adding rustic touches is always a fun process that can be done anywhere. We sold our first set of pallet wood cut-outs while living in an apartment! I cut the designs with a jigsaw on our balcony and stained/prepped them outside.

It's not impossible to work with wood objects, even in tiny spaces. Any guest room can be converted to a small woodshop (choose a room with both window and adequate airflow if you paint or stain.)

Painted Bible Scriptures and customized pieces with Quotes from Cult Celebrities are big hits!

Homemade ornaments are the bomb!
Homemade ornaments are the bomb!

3. Homemade Ornaments

As Christmas approaches, unique handmade Christmas ornaments sell like hotcakes!

They can be made with clay, polymer, resin, wood, or even paper mache and painted any color. What we have found is that the weird, eclectic pieces sell the best!

Because ornaments are small, they are also super easy to ship! Also, most customers don't mind paying a little more for priority shipping if the item is breakable.

We made a set of Minecraft Christmas Ornaments last year that sold for $75! Not bad for the price of paint and clay at Target that cost less than $15!

Anytime we sell hand made or home crafted objects, buyers are always quick to leave positive feedback. People appreciate the time and hard work put into making things.

Wire woven jewelry is hot!
Wire woven jewelry is hot!

4. Eclectic Beads and Jewelry

You might see a lot of beads and jewelry sold from Overseas on eBay, but the real money is in handcrafted jewelry that is whimsical and different.

If you have a sharp eye and steady hand, jewelry can be sculpted out of just about any medium including; wood, clay, and even soft minerals like flint.

My wife has made more money selling her wire twisted broaches and headbands than any other crafts.

People love minerals (synthetic minerals are affordable and simple to work with.)

The materials can get expensive, so try and buy from online bulk retailers when at all possible.

Don't toss your hand-me-downs! Quilt pieces are big!
Don't toss your hand-me-downs! Quilt pieces are big!

5. Hand-Me-Down Quilt Squares

You may have a hard time selling your old faded clothes, but before you toss them to the curb, cut any savable colored or design shirts and denim into quilt squares!

My wife had a collection of 100 squares with various Texas logos, team names, and art saved. She had planned to make a quilt with them but was curious to see if there was any interest on eBay for them.

Her auction ended at $95! Not only would it been impossible to try and sell the very same shirts she cut the quilt squares from, but shipping would also have been a mess!

This is a great way to use up any old curtains or material that could possibly make a nice addition to a quilters thread arsenal.

We have always been blessed with the best buyers who loved our work! Some of them have followed us from eBay to our blog and became repeat buyers! Never underestimate the connections you can make on this interesting website. If you have a flair for art and some extra time to put these things together, you can have spending money for Christmas in no time!

I hope these have been helpful and inspiring to you. Good luck with your sales!

Abe is the father of two kids and husband to the world's most beautiful woman.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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