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Websites That Make You Money

Angela is a business owner and blogger who is learning her way through the professional world.

Money Making Fun!

Money Making Fun!

Make Money Online From Home

Many great sites claim they will make money online by merely joining them. Some are survey sites, some are marketing, some are writing, and some are secret shopping sites. I'm not going to claim that you can make a living using the internet, but I'm making supplemental income through these sites. The most important thing for you to understand is to make sure that they will pay, as many are frauds or make you jump through hoops even to make a small portion of the money. That is why I put together my list of sites I have had good luck using. Not a single one has made me enough money where I can make a living online, but I am only now coming close to making enough to substitute a part-time job. I will be honest, though. Most of my money has been online through Hubpages or my blog.

Legitimate Secret Shopper

One thing to understand about secret shopper sites is that you should not have to pay to get paid. However, there are sites like that will offer more opportunities to make money with higher payouts when you pay a membership fee. I have chosen not to take that route. My primary reason for not paying to get paid is because I am happy with the amount of secret shopping I have access to through these three sites:


Each of these has offered me at least one to two shops each week since I have joined them. They all have similar payouts. They range from 0 to 30 dollars for each shop that I do. The ones that pay zero usually compensate by paying for an item you purchase, whether it be an office item, food item, or any other product they may offer. It takes around a month to get reimbursed and your commission check after you do a shop. You get paid either through Paypal, check, or direct deposit. Not all three offer all three options, but you can be paid one of these three ways by each one.

Make Money Shopping!

Get paid to shop! Be a secret shopper.

Get paid to shop! Be a secret shopper.

Websites That Earn Money

MyPoints is the first website I enjoyed for the sole purpose of gaining money. I have been with them for nearly twenty years and am still involved with them because of their enormous success. You will not make much money, but you will get a 30-dollar gift card every six months for doing nothing.

How It Works: You sign up right on the website! You take a survey that allows them to know what interests you. Then you will receive ads based on your answers. You will earn five points for every ad you read. If you choose to purchase, which I rarely do, they will then give you an additional bonus for that as well. If you know something you want to buy, search their site to see if you would be able to get points for purchasing.

Once you receive a certain amount of points, you can trade the points for a gift card to places like Target, Old Navy, Applebees, Olive Garden, and hundreds of others. They span from book places, clothing stores, restaurants, grocery stores, magazine places, online gift cards, and so much more!

I like to print off their coupons; you receive points once you use their coupons, plus you save money!


Send Earnings is another excellent site, similar to Mypoints. I have already received a couple of checks from them. They use several different ways to earn money:

  • Surveys: You can prequalify for surveys. Unlike other sites, they provide a lot of various surveys, and I almost always qualify for at least one each time. They also save a lot of your information and notify you when they believe you may be eligible for a paid survey.
  • Promotional Deals: You can also go to sites you would regularly use anyway, and they will give you a certain percentage back. Sometimes you can earn up to 20 percent back on your purchase!
  • Games: I do not use these, but if you love to play online games, this may be worth it!
  • Coupons: You can print off coupons from this site, as well.
Writing with Hubpages is so rewarding in many ways!

Writing with Hubpages is so rewarding in many ways!

Working from Home by Writing!

Hubpages is my favorite online writing site! Having tried all these sites myself, I have found luck with Hubpages. Plus, there is an excellent network of people willing to help you, encourage you, and teach you! The articles are more easily searchable. Plus, within days, the traffic to my writing is much more significant than with any other site.

There are numerous sites where you can earn money online, although it is essential to be wary before you join, as there are fraudulent companies out there. Make sure you use a site that you know someone who has used before or have a way to verify that they are legit. Although you won't be able to stay home with most of these sites, you will make a little extra spending money.

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Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on April 28, 2018:

Those are definite concerns to consider that I had not thought of. Truth is, if you want to make money, you need to put the effort in to it.

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on April 27, 2018:

Thank you for these helpful suggestions :) very well written hub. A long time ago I did join a mystery shopper company, while the jobs were lining up week after week I was hardly ever available for them due to my work schedule and when I did have availablity they wanted me to travel more than 10 miles away which they did not reinburse for gas. My points sounds like a good option, but with ads there are cookies and more chance of data being breached. Still I' m looking at as many suggestions as possible. :))

peachy from Home Sweet Home on August 17, 2013:

have you tried bubblews?

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on May 24, 2012:

Glad to hear that!

Kelly Kline Burnett from Fontana, WI on May 23, 2012:

Wonderful presentation and practical advise. Rate up and I will return.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on November 16, 2010:

Hmmmm... I'll have to look into that one. Thanks for reading Alayne, have you yourself earned money on

There is a game one I used to love, but I can't remember the name of it. I loved it for like a year, and I got close to earning money, I should go back on there and see if I can get that money i was so close to earning. I wish I could have remembered the name of that site.

Alayne Fenasci from Louisiana on November 16, 2010:

This is great! I'm going to check some of these out right now. I found is another one that offers surveys according to the profile you create. The rewards add up and you can choose to "spend" them on different things.

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on August 09, 2010:

Thank you very much dallas, I think you are doing a really awesome job!

Dallas W Thompson from Bakersfield, CA on August 08, 2010:

Another informative hub. As a relative "newbie," I have much to learn...

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on August 07, 2010:

Thank you so much for the great compliment. :)

Garnetbird on August 07, 2010:

Nice, informative hub!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on August 04, 2010:

gqgirl, I know what you mean, I like when they have a percentage done or at least a bar that says, you are a quarter of the way, halfway, nowhere near done. LOL> :) These sites though have a lot more than just surveys, so even if you don't do surveys these sites will earn you money. Here's a secret, I stopped doing surveys years ago, but I still make money through these sites!

Sabrae from Georgia on August 04, 2010:

I hate survey sites for the simple fact that the surveys are never ending and you never can seem to know exactly when you are done. And even after 10 min on the same survey you still haven't "finished" the assignement!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on August 03, 2010:

Samson's, good luck getting your first payout. :) They really do pay!!!

Angela Michelle Schultz (author) from United States on August 03, 2010:

Good guy, if you write a hub on why you should not write for ezine, then I will link to it as well!!! I've never really tried that one. :)

Sam from Tennessee on August 03, 2010:

voted up & useful! very interesting and informative hub, well written and concise. Have used some of these, still awaiting my first payout...

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