Review of Listia, an Auction Site to Give and Get Free Items

Updated on October 8, 2017

Listia-Give and Get For Free

What Exactly is Listia?

Listia is an auction site like no other. Buyers and sellers deal not in cash, but in credits instead. The main idea of this site is that users are able to give and get items for "free." The site is set up like any other auction site with categories, sub-categories, browse and search box options. Listia is free to join and basically free to bid on and list items. It is very user-friendly and I feel most people would get the hang of the site fairly quickly.

Credits Instead of Cash

When I first came across this site I was a little put off by using credits instead of cash when bidding on items. I am a long time eBay user so using credits was new and different for me. It was easy to figure out the credit system though, and for the last couple of years I have "bought" and "sold" many items on Listia.

The creators of Listia have devised a formula to interpret exactly how many credits equal a dollar. I have no clue what it is or how they do it, but it seems to work. Just like the actual dollar the amount of credits that equals a dollar fluctuates and changes. Back when I first started on Listia the ratio was roughly 1,000 credits to a dollar. Now that credits are much easier to earn it has risen to 27,500 credits to a dollar (at the exact time of this article). This amount is updated daily on the Listia site. At first it can be weird thinking of an item in the form of credits instead of dollars, but you get used to it. One of the many things auctioned on Listia is gift cards. If you see a $10 Amazon gift card going for over 200,000 credits it can seem a bit odd. Then you take into account the credit to dollar ratio and realize that is actually a good deal.

Why Pay When It Can Be Free?

What can you get?

Almost anything is the simple answer. I could make a list, but it would be too long and you wouldn't make it to the end. Think of other auction sites and what they have. Those are the exact same things you can win on Listia. Clothes, electronics, collectibles, antiques, toys and so much more. When I first started on Listia I joined because I wanted to grow my coin collection. To this day I still "buy" and "sell" coins on Listia. I also like to go on for holidays. I can nab up some fun gifts for my kids and even stuff my wife likes. I've seen everything from a button being auctioned to a car, yes a real car that you can drive. Every single day new items are being listed. If you are looking for something in particular just keep on searching and I'm sure it will pop up eventually. The only items you will never find are illegal items (drugs), weapons, sexual items, and recently I believe they just got rid of coupons.

People get creative of Listia, it's not just items from stores you will find. Many people have a hobby or a passion and they sell those items also. It's not odd to see listings of hand drawn pictures or hand made jewelry. If you can make it and think people might like it, it's up for grabs. It can be fun scrolling through the listings and seeing what others have to offer.

What can you "sell"?

Again the answer is almost anything. Most new and used items are accepted. If you have a secret family recipe you can put it up or when your kids grow out of their clothes those can go up. Every spring a lot of seeds go up for growing and most of them are from plants the seller grew themselves. If you are a crafty person why not try to auction your creations? The only items I have ever listed are coins and paper money because that is my hobby. Just remember when posting that you can either pay for the shipping and get a more viewed listing or make the winner pay for shipping and get less views. All of my listing are always free because it costs me one stamp to ship them.

Like before lots of people sell their hand made objects. That box of crafts you made five years ago, why not get rid of them. Those knitted scarves and hats that are taking up room in your closet, auction them off. Can you make a sculpture out of twisty ties? Sell it to the highest bidder! There aren't many limits to what you can auction off and since it is free why not try? With thousands of users going on everyday there is sure to be at least one who will think your button mosaic is truly a work of art.

Are You Ready?

The ease of setting up an account and navigating this site makes it a great site to join. I know not everyone will like it, but I can guess many of you will. I have a lot of fun "buying" and "selling" on Listia as well as just browsing and seeing what is there. The site grows bigger and better all the time with new people like you joining. Listia wouldn't be what it is today if new members didn't join and if those already using it didn't take full advantage of what it has to offer. I think it is time you jump on board and become a Listian! I have and I love it. If not, at the very least, check it out and see what you think. My opinion is just that, my opinion. You will have your own opinion, but will never know what it is if you don't check it out.

My reason for joining was to find an alternative to eBay. At the time I wanted a new way to auction items that I didn't want or need anymore. The only drawback I found was that you don't actually make any money from "selling" items. After looking into it more closely I figured out that it indeed was a site for me. Although I do not make money from it I do get to bid on items that I actually do want or need. I am a coin collector and by auctioning the coins I do not want I am able to bid on coins that I do want.

Fun For All

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