Making Money Online With Spare 5: A Quick, Honest Review

Updated on January 22, 2018
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What Is Spare 5?

Simply put, Spare 5 is a website that allows you to earn cash by completing tasks online. You can either do the tasks online, or use the Spare5 iOS app (sorry, there currently isn’t an app available for Android). The tasks are pretty simple – basically, they require you to identify things that humans can identify but computers cannot. Think of the Human Intelligence Tasks (or HITs) that other websites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turks offer.

Each task pays a couple cents, ranging from 1 cent to sometimes as much as 5 cents each. Not much, admittedly. On average, the tasks that I did paid 1 or 2 cents, and mostly involved labeling photos or writing short sentences or questions. However, the good news is that these cents do add up over time, and you can rest assured that someday you will reach payout.

Spare5 pays only via PayPal, and the minimum amount needed to reach payout is only $1. When I signed up, the minimum amount was $5, but they changed their policies in late July 2017, making it now only $1. They send payments every Friday, so once you reach minimum payout by Wednesday, you’ll receive your payment the following Friday.

Before you can start doing tasks, you have to complete a few "qualifiers" - these are unpaid tasks that are examples of what is to come and act as a sort of “training session” for new users. They are all very simple, like labeling objects in a photo, writing short sentences and descriptions, or answering simple questions. The more qualifiers you complete, the more tasks will become available to you, so it makes sense to do as many as possible.

The great thing about this website is that it’s available internationally, and not just for people in certain locations or countries. This was a major deciding factor for me to join.

How long did it take to reach payout?

Ahh, the big question – How long did it take for me to get my first payment? And (more importantly) how much did I get?

Well, like I said, I joined in late June 2017, and I did tasks frequently, as an experiment to see just how long it would take to get my first payment. Like I said, when I signed up, the minimum payout was $5, and after three weeks of doing tasks her or there I had reached about $3.17. Then luckily for me, in mid-July 2017, Spare 5 changed their payment policy – instead of having to reach $5 in order to receive payout, they lowered the minimum to only $1, making it a lot easier to be paid more quickly. I was then able to receive my payment the Friday after the policy change. So now, as of July 2017, you only need to reach a minimum of $1 before receiving your cash. Thanks, Spare 5!

How much do you make?

Let me say this upfront – you’re not going to become a billionaire overnight with Spare5. The whole idea of the site is to earn a few cents here and there which will add up over time. I was quite happy with the few dollars that I made. I did a little dance when I saw the deposit on my PayPal account. Woohoo!

I find it best to just keep it in an open tab in my browser, and I check it every now and then during my browsing. It also helps if you keep refreshing the page. Also I check the app while I’m preparing to go to bed.

There were some days that no tasks were available. However, on the days that tasks were available, I did as many as I could. TIP: You have to be very fast at clicking the tasks! There are others users who are also searching for tasks and it seems the site runs on a first come, first served basis. So whenever you see an available task, CLICK!

The amount of money you’ll potentially make depends on the amount of tasks available, and how well you do the tasks. Obviously you should try to do the tasks to the best of your ability (like everything else in life, right?). If you continuously send in sloppy work or poorly completed tasks, you run the risk of being banned from certain types of tasks, which can ultimately effect the amount of money you make. So just do your best as much as possible. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask in the Community panel, or even shoot Spare 5 an email. They respond very quickly.

Is it worth it?

I’d say yes, Spare 5 is definitely worth signing up for. The tasks are simple, the payouts are frequent, and you don’t have anything to lose.


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      Janisa 2 weeks ago from Earth

      Seems like a great alternative to online surveys! Thanks for the suggestion