Making Money With Opinion Outpost: Is it Worth it?

Updated on July 18, 2017

Opinion Outpost UK

There are probably hundreds of survey sites available to use online where you can take surveys in exchange for money, some are legitimate and sadly some are total scams. But opinion Outpost is a very popular and totally legitimate survey website that I can confirm does pay, and very quickly I might add. But even though it does pay, is it worth using?

Please note that as I am a UK user, I am referring to Opinion Outpost UK, not the USA version, I have no experience of that site, so I would not like to comment on it.


There are a lot of surveys available on Opinion Outpost, which is great because some survey sites will only offer you one or two at most per day. But with Opinion Outpost I tend to get at least 8 or 9 per day.

The surveys vary in length and reward, some surveys are long but they have a smaller reward, and some shorter surveys have a really high reward. You will be asked a few questions before you start a survey, and these tester questions will determine whether you are an appropriate match for the survey that they have in mind. The tester questions don't take long and if you don't qualify for that survey, there is normally a different one waiting for you so it's no big deal.


The rewards are pretty good at Opinion Outpost, 1 point is equal to 5p (when converting to PayPal) and most of the surveys I take are around the 10 point mark so at 50p per survey it's pretty good!
You can choose to withdraw using a range of vouchers, PayPal cash, Amazon vouchers or iTunes.

Being Timed Out/ Survey Problems

The Opinion Outpost admin will respond to your emails about survey fairly quickly, you won't get the response that you wanted, mostly you will just be told, "sorry but sometimes this happens" Occasionally you will be compensated for a frozen survey, but not for being times out, even if you think it was an unfairly short time, they always seem to stick by it.

Being Paid

I have only ever withdrawn through PayPal, but I have never had any problems, the very first payment took a couple of weeks, but after that it was always within the same day and mostly within the hour.

Is Opinion Outpost Worth it?

Yes, definitely, you are never going to get rich from taking surveys on Opinion Outpost or any survey company, but if you have the time, I would definitely recommend signing up and doing as many surveys as you can manage.

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