Making Money With Perk: Is It Worth It?

Updated on August 10, 2017

Is Perk Worth it?

Perk is a slightly different style of money making website: it has a few different ways to make money, from viewing videos to taking surveys and even playing scratchcards. But with so many ways to potentially make money, can you actually make anything?

The Apps

There are several different Perk apps available to download, there is Perk TV, Perk Pop Quiz, Perk Scratch & Win, Perk Word Search, Unlock and Win, Rewards Reader, Jetpack Journey and Apptrailers (this is a different app, but your rewards can be converted into perk points)

Perk TV

Download this app and you will get paid one perk point per video that you watch, one perk point is worth around 1/2 a penny. You have to sit through the ads and it now takes a really long time for any videos to load.

You can use more than one device, but Perk is totally unclear about how many you are allowed to use as their terms and conditions give no clear number. So as a result, some users have been banned for using 3, whilst others report using 6 with no problems.

If you plan to use Perk TV at all, be warned, you get a message about once an hour that asks "Are you still watching?" and you have to press yes in order to see more videos. Clicking the thumbs up icon after a video will earn you 1 coin which can be used to play games.

You can use PerkTV on your desktop, but you have to make sure adblocker is disabled, I wouldn't recommend it though as it's slow and really not worth the time.

Perk Pop Quiz

This is actually kind of a fun app, you get points for answering pop quiz questions and you can challenge other people for more points! It's fun, but you would need to be doing it literally all day in order to make any money from it!

Perk Scratch and Win

This is an app where you get to use the coins you have collected throughout your Perk life to play scratchcards, where you can win more useless coins, the occasional perk point, or mostly, nothing. Wins are few and far between and this app is at best a fun waste of time.

Perk Word Search

You can earn around 1 perk point per word found and it's not actually as easy as it sounds. There is quite a small time limit so you have to be really quick! This is another pretty much pointless app from the folks that brought you Perk!

Perk Unlock and Win

All downloading this app will do is make unlocking your phone a 2 step process. You unlock your phone, and then you have to unlock it again to earn coins and points. Points are awarded around every 5th unlock, but the longer you leave it between the 4th and 5th unlock, the more points you will get. It's still not worth messing your phone up like that for it though.

Rewards Reader

This is an app that gives you a few points for reading certain news and trending stories, you have to stay on the story for a certain length of time and you will be given between 1 and 5 points for doing it.

JetPack Journey

I never made even one point with this game, but I am sure there are plenty of people who did.


This is another app, but you can convert your Apptrailer points into Perk points, that is assuming you are ever actually awarded any points and if you are you actually get paid them. Apptrailers don't have a good reputation and it's not just me who had my payment withheld for no reason.

Is it Worth it?

No, not unless you are a US user where reports are much better, but if you are in the UK, I would say no. Don't waste your time, your energy bills or your phone's memory on any of the apps.

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      • Shehiree profile image

        SherryHiree 3 months ago

        Well these type apps will not make you a millionaire these all are the games of paid promotions.

      • Claire-louise profile image

        Claire Raymond 3 months ago from UK

        Thank you! It's definitely not worth the time or effort.

      • K S Lane profile image

        K S Lane 3 months ago from Melbourne, Australia

        Seems like a waste of time. Thanks for sharing this, otherwise I might have spent a day or more on these useless apps!

      • Claire-louise profile image

        Claire Raymond 8 months ago from UK

        Definitely Glenis, everyone has more important things to do!

      • Glenis Rix profile image

        Glen Rix 8 months ago from UK

        Mmmm. Life is probably too short for perking - it certainly is in my case.